Michael Jackson TwinFlame Dream Report 12th – 13th August 2016 *WE ARE ONE SOUL DANCING THE DREAM* © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog

We Are One Soul Dancing the Dream- Special Dream Diary Report 12th to 13th August © Susan Elsa- Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog
We Are One Soul Dancing the Dream- Special Dream Diary Report 12th to 13th August © Susan Elsa- Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog

Dear Readers

I feel so, so happy right now, still feeling the vibes of last night´s very unique Dream experience.

I am right now in this healing process, intense healing focus, with Michael, regarding the negative and traumatic type stuff in our soul´s memory, from Earth experiences in duality, such as the false accusations against him and all the energy and memory of it.

It has been so difficult, after beginning to face it to resolve it once and for all, in April fully, I have spent now 4 months at the limit, emotionally, psychologically, had anger attacks regarding people like nasty devilish Murray fabricating wildly lies now, and tabloids attacking Michael for June and so forth.

I thought few moments in the last 4 months:”No, I cannot finish this Book, I won´t survive this energy of that memory” but I kept going. It was sometimes more, sometimes less intense.

I recently did a new Video plus Article, and went into more depths regarding DREAM EXPERIENCE OF TWIN FLAMES, information from my Childhood Dreams which I have published in my 2012 Book previously and this Blog years ago already as well. But only a summarized part.

This specific point is also why I felt so harassed by these lies, and why I KNOW they are not just fabricating lies without purpose, but try to manipulate, plagiarize, twist, add to and aim at PARTICULAR INFORMATION to interfere.

It is called Twin Flame Interference.

Now, yesterday, Michael gave me a Dream Experience which I never had before and I woke up around 4 am totally happy and called my Partner, talked a bit, and shared.

So here comes the detail.

In my previous writings and publications, I had explained just recently more that part: How as a little Girl (physically) I would have recurring Dreams being in this white Bed with Michael Jackson, the whole time, and the sexual energy in it very strongly. I would realize:”Oh but I am too young yet physically to give THAT to Michael”- and I would wake up and feel unhappy about being still “just a child”. It was like another consciousness, a spiritual one beyond time and space AND AGE, where I would meet Michael in those Dreams, someplace else in an astral spiritual Dimension. (Like Out-of-Body Experiences!)

I was remembering it, the feeling, details, reflecting on this recently with Michael.

Yesterday, I went to sleep and suddenly I was back in my Childhood!

I am now an adult, physically, a Woman, but in my Dream Experience it was THE OPPOSITE OF MY CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCE, and I was the little Girl again I was, and my sister I saw and parents as well. Like I am back in the late 1980s.

Let me describe the Dream as best as possible for you, dear Readers:

“I was in the room we used to have the two Birds in and let them out of the cage to play with them. I looked at my body, besides me my sister as a little Girl, and me too back in the past being a little Girl still. There was this big BLACK BIRD, a Crow I guess, and it was my Bird. I was playing with it, and I opened the Windows wide as the fresh air kept flowing into the Room, standing at the Window holding it. My Mother said to me:”Don´t open the Window, the Bird will fly away!”- then I do not recall what happened in between. Suddenly, it seemed later in the Day, and Dinner was being prepared. I saw my Bird, the Black Crow, standing at the Window again and having returned. We talked- I could suddenly speak with the Bird now and understand his language and he understood my language. Then we all sat at the Dinner table and I said to my parents and sister about the Bird returning by itself:”See? The animals know they have a Home here with me on Earth”.- after that I woke up, having to catch up for a moment still feeling like I am little Me again.”

So, this is the Dream summary. I cannot describe how confusing and vivid this was, at waking up. I still felt this inner Child feeling for hours, and had suddenly the emotional state of a child.

As I spoke, to digest, share and discuss with my Partner all these details, I realized suddenly that THIS IS MICHAEL´S PERSPECTIVE!

For me it was new, to be physically adult, but feel INSIDE like a Child, I had the opposite mostly, I was a child and felt inside “older and wiser”- and Michael tuned in to my age feeling as an Adult like a little Boy.

It was never some “act”, it was spiritual and it was really how he felt.

Now, as we merge further our consciousness and memories and focus as a unit on HEALING VIBES deep down to the soul, I am just naturally merging with his experiences and memories more and more. It just happens, and then I have to stay aware, stop myself sometimes and consciously realize details and connect “dots”. That is what we do, and we enjoy it a lot, such good happy experiences and sharing.

Michael said after, when I was up these 3 hours:

“See, this is the good we also share. There is so much beautiful things too we share, and now you understand how I meant right? Lisa Marie I knew as a little Girl already, and later when we were both adults and ready for marriage I felt that she resonates with me because she reminded me of my inner Child, like with her, we were both innocent Children in love”. And I understood exactly what he meant. (Check out the Wedding Video from the Dominican Republic where you see a good example of how both Michael and Lisa were shy and giggly together getting married, very cute!)

I felt this purity in my heart, this happiness, carefree joy, I had physical energy and could not stop giggling and felt “jumpy”, in the middle of the night. It´s weekend, so it´s all cool.

I then went online, and checked Twitter to place this little Announcement and share the vibe freshly, and then go back to sleep. I drank lots of water, healthy, and then I saw something really funny and absolutely inspired by Michael from Spirit.

A few weeks back I had shared an article via Facebook and Twitter, from Raven Woods, a beautiful Soul loyal to Michael and helping and defending the truth. I never knew her nor spoke to her directly, I think, and on Twitter last night after this Dream as I am IN THIS VIBE live, I saw how she shared and someone retweeted something about “HC Strider” and the similarity to the evil Mayor in Michael´s Movie GHOSTS.

I could not believe it, how tuned in she is! I shared and retweeted and wrote her how good the move was, and shared the old links from the Thriller-Halloween Series about other folks expressed in the “Mayor Mix”. The Mayor is a deep message about several people, and she totally understands and is very awake spiritually.

After that, I was like I said on the phone with my Partner and talking and giggling and sharing, and he said at one point about the Black Crow in my Dream, the Bird, that it´s “a raven”. I stopped him and said:”Wait, what, Raven? Is this another name used for Crows right in English? Hey, how funny! I just talked with a person named Raven Woods and she writes Articles and defends Michael and is now sharing incredible fitting Ghosts Message additions via Twitter about the Mayor Character and HC Strider!”

I want to note here also, that me and Michael send lots of Love & Light to our beautiful sister Raven, she is a true soul family and a unique light in our earthly community. Michael is proud of you, Raven and he says “he loves you very much and always will remember it”.

For the time until going back to sleep, which was about 3 hours I was up, as I had fallen asleep very early – I noticed something else while talking to Partner about this all. I noticed that, I had suddenly difficulty focusing on any adult conversation manners and felt “juvenile”. I then told Partner, about the whole situations where Michael would just “turn into a juvenile Boy” and people around, adults, would not understand it. In such childlike emotional, mental and spiritual states, you would be just giggling childish if someone tries to talk of something serious with you, like children do. I kept giggling and just explained quick and honest that I feel like I can´t talk too much right now more in depth conversation, I feel “like a child right now”.

I don´t know how to describe it really, one has to feel it and experience it. But it is rejuvenating and wonderful, and connects you to the feeling of “eternal life and happiness”. I feel so free in my heart and soul.

I feel totally “alive and fresh” in my heart, internally. Just before while grabbing some water from the kitchen, I checked the view and it´s nice sunny summer weather. On the other side of the hill I can see some farmer down there mowing some corn field, and I feel like going out and playing with other Kids in the Corn field and then eating water ice cream and laying under a Tree a bit and share stories.

Michael Jackson´s Inner Child Magic: A Deep Truth of Innocence in his Soul *Insider Article* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson´s Inner Child Magic: A Deep Truth of Innocence in his Soul *Insider Article* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

So, Michael said last Night already, that after resting and sleeping well, the next Day meaning today, I should write for you all about this very special Dream Experience.

It marks the beginning of the healing, and the is the first sign after months of struggle in this “dark tunnel of memories and past energies” like the first ray of light showing as one keeps going and keeps healing.

Once this is healed, and my and Michael´s Twin Soul fully and wholly, it is going to bring so much good energy to humanity. I can feel it.

Can you?

We´re sending out a Major Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

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