ELVIS PRESLEY IN SPIRIT: Wisdom and Support *LIVE TYPING CHANNELED AS HE VISITS RIGHT NOW* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear World

Today is a very special Day, it seems. It is tonight a Full Moon, maybe this supported the energies of what is happening, spiritually.

Right now, as I am typing this Article, I am sitting here LIVE with Elvis Presley in Spirit, visiting me suddenly as I felt very down and sad and having somehow just about 5 Minutes ago “shook me literally out of the sadness mode somehow with his energy”.

I have to say, the energy got me in the blink of an eye from sad and down over the tons of lies and hopelessness feeling, to a very joyfull-dance vibes filled mood. I have no idea how he did that, but it was sudden, just now.

He wants to say something, in his clear direct way.

He ain´t liking how Michael Jackson is being talked about, his marriage with his daughter, Lisa Marie, and the general tone of public discussion about Michael right now and how it also tortures my soul and heart as they do this, as Michael´s Twin Soul.

Elvis came at me, totally up front and direct, and said, I need to get out of this bad emotional focus and not let them do to me what they have done to him, and Michael. He said, I must remember all the things he shared with me in 2010, and explained that he did so for a higher spiritual purpose, so NOW, I could reach back to these writings, songs and information he gave me, and use it to understand the situation and dynamics for ME AND MICHAEL, and learn from it all.

He said, that he and all my soul family is always there for me, and I need to remember that and make us of it, not just isolate myself in this sadness over lies and injustice.

Suddenly I remembered all these days and nights, talking to Elvis in Spirit back in 2010, and Michael of course, discussing all these life experiences he had and the overview, the big picture of how he ended up the way he did.

I always had the feeling, long before Michael passed, that “someday I will end up like Michael Jackson”- no idea why, but it was a very strong, core soul feeling, like an inner knowing.

But Michael has tried all he can to convince me that it does not have to be like that, since he passed. This, what happened to Michael, has hurt my soul so deep, I am like already feeling like “I already lived my own death and detailed experience”.

It is very hard to digest, and especially as they keep showing this hatred and further lie and falsely accuse him, and abuse him and his privacy, even now, it is really unbearable sometimes.

And see, as I was typing this, I got back slightly into this heavy heart pressure feel and sadness, but Elvis said I need to watch consciously right now and “re-focus”.

It seems, Michael being my Twin Soul and too close, cannot always give me an “external neutral view” on things, because he too is involved and when I am sad over things they say about him falsely, he is sad too. It reflects immediately.

Michael Jacksons GHOSTS Message and his Other Half- TwinFlame Soul Official © ArchangelMichael777
Michael Jacksons GHOSTS Message and his Other Half- TwinFlame Soul Official © ArchangelMichael777

If he saw something, and I haven´t even seen the news yet physically and factually myself with my own eyes, I FEEL HIS SADNESS and like a heart racing panicky-sad type feeling and energy coming from him, and immediately know “they are talking and doing shit again” and he saw it and is sad.

And EVERY SINGLE TIME, since 2009, those moments turned out to be a very clear, precise perception I had- and hours or 2-3 days afterwards latest, I end up seeing somewhere headlines or something showing me WHY he felt that way prior.

Elvis says, that he knows how I feel and that he is very grateful that I had this very difficult connection with my old friend, the guy that looked like Elvis Presley (not some impersonator, a normal business guy) – and seemed to have “two souls in his chest”.

I suffered. I am sometimes angry, and tend to privately sometimes get angry too at Lisa Marie, for the confusion she caused in Michael´s life and emotional life, the desperation about wanting to have his own kids and be a father and all that. I don´t talk about it, because I respect Elvis and I therefore respect Lisa Marie, and I respect Michael´s past and who he cared about so much, just like he respects my story with my “Elvis”.

I know she did not mean anything bad, and she loved Michael. Whatever has happened in the past, is forgiven and balanced out now. Same goes for me and my past.

I truly suffered a lot, with this Guy. Just like Michael did with Lisa, so much effort, and then mistrust and jealousy games. I wished sometimes so much, that Michael and Lisa would have gotten it right and long term marriage, it would have reflected different on my life and situations too.

Whenever someone talks anything public about Michael, and especially private claims and especially lies, it feels to me “personally harassing and aimed at me” now, since Michael passed and I am the only Body left for our TWIN SOUL, on Earth.

Nobody could ever understand or imagine, how it was to be in Michael´s shoes. Now I do, and still, people do not understand me and I feel like they never will as long as I am here. I hope someday they will, but I do not see it anytime soon, often.

I keep screaming my soul out, shooting truth out like it´s a weapon to crush the lies out there, but the sad truth is, people are totally stuck in this gossip and tabloid culture. The competitors to Michael use their money and links to profit off of him, and false friends give interviews and write books all over the place, with no end in sight.

They even want to make it a thing now, to accuse falsely Michael in Spirit, now, years after he passed, with lawsuits and claims to extort money while shitting all over his legacy and memory.

And here, Elvis says, is where the anger comes in. And I need to stay aware and keep control of these energies, no matter what they say and try. It is almost impossible to remain balanced and not get angry or sad.

But it is worth it, to give it a try, as I am healing all these shared soul trauma wounds, for me and for Michael especially. This life doesn´t last forever, and someday my soul needs to feel like I have done my best in this lifetime, and all I could for Michael and the greater well being of all. And in these moments, when I am hopefully very old and healthy still, I want to know that I achieved the impossible and overcame my soul trauma and healed my wound in my heart and memory, regarding how life is on THIS Planet.

I have a vivid memory, in all details, of my past life in ancient Egypt. There it happened, when Set killed my Osiris and therefore stabbed my soul´s heart causing this trauma. Every time me and Michael come back here, we experience injustice, and more than anyone else, abuse and ongoing with this focused, personal jealousy.

It has been what makes me so angry, and I am trying to find a way, a new way, for healing. The pathway Michael could not find without me, I will find now for both of us to heal and overcome all this in our soul.

It is good to know, that as a soul family, we all are together in this and doing a mass healing focus, for all of humanity´s souls. It is good to see and know, that Elvis and his Twin Flame are with us, supporting this big Mission.

Thank you, Michael, for always being there for me, no matter what burden you carry, you always try to shield me and keep bad things away from me. I will always remember, how happy you look when I smile, and not cry.

Thank you, Elvis, for being so open and honest to me and taking the time to visit me and share all this with me, to help me understand myself and Michael better. I will try my best to keep my focus on joy and stay strong, for all of us.

Thank you, God, for making all things possible and for always showing me through a guiding light a way out of the darkness, and for making my earthly challenges easier through your exceptional compassion and unconditional love.

We´re sending out a Major Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

& Elvis Presley in Spirit accompanied by his Twin Flame

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