MICHAEL JACKSON: About the complex Big Picture behind the False Accusations © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official on ArchangelMichael777


MICHAEL JACKSON- About the complex Big Picture behind the False Accusations -PHOTO FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE BAD ALBUM ORIGINAL POSE - Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul on ArchangelMichael777
MICHAEL JACKSON- About the complex Big Picture behind the False Accusations -PHOTO FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE BAD ALBUM ORIGINAL POSE – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul on ArchangelMichael777

Dear Readers

As a follow up Article comes now to the previous, and exceptional Articles posted recently, a round up for now as I intend to continue my break from the Internet and focus on private soul healing matters fully.

But this, is an important follow up Article and generally, one of the most important Articles on this Blog.

As you can see from the title already, and knowing this Blog and our style a bit by now, my mission is the full truth, beyond anything that you would expect.

Me and Michael are a rare unit, something called a “Twin Soul”, meaning one and the same, and he proved his psychic real abilities in his public work, and appearance details, and I am COMPLETING the big picture- which is the basic definition of what Twin Flames do as a mission for humanity on this Planet when incarnating both at the same timeline and reuniting in the physical reality in earthly ways.


Back in 1993, when everything was yet still fine and peaceful in Michael´s life, everyone liked him and his Music. He did not yet have any “image problems” nor did people mock his looks or especially sexuality much. He had a clean image, virgin-style, untouchable and out of any scandals surrounded by the subject “sex”.

True, to be factual and give a full overview summarized, of the big picture, much prior in 1982/1983, after releasing his legendary THRILLER Album, there was already a clear personal aiming and bullying which began in the tabloid press, overnight. As a direct reaction to his album´s and personal success, they began throwing publicly insults and lies at him, in an exaggerated amount and ongoing.

He then pulled back and was very private, not often seen in public, between THRILLER and the new following album BAD.

He resurfaced then with his new look, and had also just finished filming CAPTAIN EO, for Disney theatres and 3D Cinema technology, which was very new back then and in it´s baby steps. There too, he displays a new look that many started talking even more in the press and guessing and fabricating lies, about his looks and WHY he looked different and “what was happening with him and why”.

It has remained, since 1982, an ongoing public discussion and one of the most focused on topics regarding Michael Jackson- his appearance and his looks and make up usage and facial details.

It is something personal and something that he suffered a lot from, since youth. The ABNORMAL, out of the common FOCUS ON HIS APPEARANCE DETAILS. This was a subconscious feeling people had, for a reason.

A reason only reunited Twin Flames can explain and prove.

I was born 29 Minutes after Michael had his first recording session for the THRILLER Album, and this first Day of the 14th April 1982, he began recording his first Song “The Girl is Mine”.


But more in our project then, called “The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story- A New Perspective” ©


Have you ever, now if you are a Michael Jackson Fan or not, ever asked yourself, what happened exactly between some crazy and very evil jealous Man (Chandler) coming up with the idea of false accusation toward Michael and suddenly the press, worldwide, printing such false accusations without trial, without evidence, without nothing?

Many things happen, around celebrities, many people make up claims to extort money from the rich and famous, a lot, and most of these stories do not get aired and printed around the World, overnight.

Here, something happened, again following the style of personally aimed attacks since 1982. Where before, they could only mock his looks, his sexual orientation (calling him even a Girl in some press articles back then), and literally bully him over his nose, face, and appearance as a human being. He was claimed to have bleached his skin to be “more white” and all of this crap, in the middle of his face they would throw these racist insults and ignore his personal truth.

They were just looking and searching to use the press against him, not for him. It was a sick hate-love type of relationship, and still is, the press and Michael. They love reporting about him, but they are not interested in the truth- but pick and chose liars and false claims that constantly put Michael in a bad light and also in a “twisted, controlled public image”- which is not who he really is as a person- how he is portrayed by the media.

This guy, Chandler (I don´t like saying his name, I call him “evil chandler”)- is the one that, based on his personal free will and choice and own thinking and jealousy inside, gave in to the devil and fabricated this false accusation of child molestation, to take revenge of Michael and there are recordings of conversations proving that fact, that this guy plotted, totally ancient Egyptian evil jealous Set style.

Anyways, this was just a personal spiritual formulation of things, as me and Michael see it.

After this guy, Chandler, gave in to this “devil idea in his head”, he got himself the most corrupt and no good lawyer in America to handle this false accusation and “plotted and prepared to surprise Michael at his return from Europe with his son and ex wife”. He was super jealous, losing his mind over Michael hanging out with his ex wife, and how she, June Chandler, raving and gushing about Michael and “what a nice guy he is”.

Point is, this Guy wanted Michael to help him out originally, he wanted him to pay for all his luxury wishes suddenly, and was making profit off Michael constantly, not really showing true friendship signs and behaviour. Naive and innocent, Michael endured this a while, kept being nice, kept paying him stuff and buying him stuff, and then this Guy wanted Michael to help his wannabe “Film Script Writer Career in the Hollywood Film Business”.

Like, it´s a must. Michael had enough at some point and cut the friendship and distanced himself, taking his ex wife, which was a good friend, and her son, to Europe for a Music Award Show he had to go to, for work.

This is when the jealous Guy left behind lost it, that is the truth.

That is why he shot himself (Chandler) after Michael passed, eaten up by his guilt over this huge and very devilish lie and false accusation that ruined innocent Michael´s life. It was reported one time only in the press, and very tiny written text, unlike the lies that get written in big letters, red and as head lines on front pages on purpose.


As there were OTHER FORCES, from several other fields work related, not private, these forces TOOK ADVANTAGE OF THE SITUATION and used it as a tool against Michael, used it as a psychological warfare method on Michael´s soul and psyche, and therefore focus on HIS WORK AND CREATIVITY, and as a means to strip him of money, constantly, to try and bankrupt him and “take away the money power he built”, as a black man.

Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story: Merging Body Consciousness and Becoming One © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story: Merging Body Consciousness and Becoming One © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

The whole false claim was then aired, recycled, reprinted, over and over without limit, and others “having seen this evil idea” would try and join in and make up lies too and some false molestation claims to get some cash out of Michael.

It was a nightmare for him, and nowhere he felt private and safe from this public harassment.


Due to many reasons, psychological, emotional and especially spiritual, Michael had this inner childhood feeling rise again, after 1982. By the time he bought the Neverland Ranch and prepared his BAD Album, he was already full in his “second childhood journey”.

It is an internal thing, something that has a lot to do with our twin soul connection and the timeline, as in that time I was literally a child, but we share the same soul, so he “felt like a little Boy again”, inside his soul and lived it. Now was the time, he had worked hard, could relax, was financially absolutely secure and living his dreams as an Artist.

Now, he wanted to re-live his childhood, compensate and re-member therefore his full Self. He felt like he did not have enough time back then to focus on his childhood thoughts and feelings, and especially he did not have the time to relax and NOT WORK and just be, a child and play innocently and free, without responsibility tasks and work duties.

This was one aspect. The other aspect was, that he simply had very strong fatherly feelings and a protective, fatherly instinct and wanted to become a father himself, raise children and be the nicest, best father ever after the example he had seen from his own father. He had felt his whole lifetime, that he “didn´t really know his father deeply” as in understand him, his thinking, his motivations in life and why he did what he did and was the way he was. He thought a lot about it, a lot.

On this road he discovered a whole other way of being a Man. Due to his artistic and spiritual experiences, he integrated this into his own style, and life style, and he did things the way he saw them being right, not like his father or his brothers or the people in Show Business generally.

He was not interested in sleeping around with Women, getting sued for paternity and child support and such things. He saw tons of such stories happening to his brothers, and other Musicians that were NOT CAREFUL WITH FEMALE FANS, GROUPIES AND WOMEN IN GENERAL.

Don´t misunderstand me, it is not like Women in Show Business cannot experience the same thing, being taken advantage of by “Gigolos”, like it happened unfortunately to Britney Spears, as an example. This is however my personal feeling and opinion, I remember clearly that I felt a lot of compassion for her when she broke down and I read it coincidently in some local Santa Monica newspaper, around Winter 2007 or early 2008 that was. I took the newspaper with her image in the hospital stretcher and held my hand palms above her photo and sent her healing reiki energy.


Michael had no space to pull back and relax, and just be a human being. Only around children he felt that natural atmosphere. Children felt pulled toward Michael, his Aura was fatherly, and at the same time like he is their age or a bit older brother, for children.

I have the same effect, on children. There were many sweet and funny situations, like once a little Girl ran away at some Bus station from her mother, in the opposite direction toward me, totally happy and smiling “feeling my good heart and soul vibe”. She didn´t know me, and her mother was smiling about it.

Other countless times, little babies not even walking yet, in baby wagons, would turn around and stare without pause and for a long time, as long as I was in their view. They would go from staring literally fascinated, and I would just smile at them and emanate the spiritual light on purpose for them, checking if they can see it or feel it and they show a reaction. They would keep staring and them smile too, totally happy as if reflecting my smile. I smile at them, and they automatically start giggling and smiling and clapping sometimes with their hands.

I am sharing this story to show you that just like I always felt connected to children, as a teenager and adult too, and this deep spiritual-motherly feeling, is something good, something nice and Men can have that too.

Michael Jackson had this same effect on children, and they would feel safe around him and happy. It was not just his understanding and friendly attitude, but his spiritual energy which was unique. Naturally, as children do not know limitations and society type rules adults follow, they do all kinds of things in their childhood still learning about life, society, and manners and all that.

We use different ways with children, than we do with adults.

If some adult Man wanted to just sleep with me in a bed, that is obviously not the same as if some little Boy, a child, wanted to sleep in my bed and feel “motherly protected”.

If I did that, as a Woman, or had little Girls, kids of friends, relatives or so, I would baby sit and then put to bed and read stories too or watch a fun cartoon, hand them a cup of warm milk and chocolate before sleeping, nobody would say anything! Nobody would say anything but view it as a “good mother/house wife quality” and it would be seen as a plus point for my personality, as in “good marriage material, loves children, will be good mother, has good connection with children and motherly talents”.

But Michael is treated totally different, discriminated against for his simple human feelings, because he is a Man? That makes no sense! Everyone complains, in many different cultures and nations, about Men that don´t spend enough time with their kids and aren´t there in child rearing like the mother often, or even leave the family and a single mother behind.

But if a Man, like Michael, is different, therefore showing a better Version of Man and potential husband and father, he is criticized for it and even falsely accused?

Why would he say, in a neutral, individual type of thinking like above explained, to a little child “no” that wants to safely sleep in his bedroom and doesn´t want to let go and keeps asking to stay and get a story read or simply, wants to sleep in his bedroom because it is his “famous Michael Jackson expensive big type bedroom”?

He was too nice, and didn´t do anything wrong, and therefore didn´t see anything wrong with it, like a woman would behave as well with a strong motherly instinct that is friendly and nice and innocent toward kids.

It´s really not complicated, and I have explained this before several times. It seems strangely though that this type of information is always fought, always interfered with and censored often.

Michael treated children all equal, boys and girls, it was about pure human being to human being, ageless and not complicated conversations, playing innocently video games and watching cartoons, or eating ice cream and candies and playing in childish ways with water balloons and water guns. Nothing is wrong with that, and what happened to Michael was not anything new in 1993, or unheard of.

It is called “public witch hunt” and it has many reasons beyond the Music Catalogue and the “Money” aspect, I would even say Power is the main factor here and control. Racism in the Music Industry is and not just that, but a type of spiritual racism where people with a free mind that “cannot be corrupted and controlled” get undermined and discriminated against, on purpose. People call that usually simply “selling out or not selling out, or selling the soul to the devil”, in this case, the “devil of the music industry” symbolically speaking.

But the Music Publishing Catalogue was a very big issue, as it meant “financial and business power for Michael Jackson” and that, this time a black guy over white folk´s copyrights, such as the Beatles Songs Copyrights. So, it is okay, when white folks in America take advantage of Black people and their artistic work, and steal and lie and cheat, and “own Black People´s works” and make profit with it, but if a Black Guy buys up the Beatles Song Rights, that is right away a reason for a literal war on this innocent Man?

Very revealing, if you ask me. This is about more than just the false accusations against Michael Jackson, this is about a whole systematic advantage/disadvantage situation in the Music Industry and Media in general.

This is why the truth is such a big, complex picture with many elements involved. This was not one person fighting Michael, it were a whole gang of people over and over again, taking advantage of his good heart and him, through the years, and these were mainly some family members and adults.

Michael felt very lonely and he was balanced and happy, when he could compensate for the stress and judgemental business situations, by just hanging out with children and having no pressure, nothing asked of him and no sneaky manipulative thinking, as children think pure and innocent still, like Michael.

Michael kept this naive, innocent way, all his life. It was not an act, it was real for him. He simply felt that way, and it was a big part of his public charm too if you noticed. He never done anything wrong to a child and he was a really great, exceptional father with unique fatherly skills.

The press has always looked for a way to attack Michael, totally biased against him since 1982, aggressively. They do not report freely, and if you want to tell me that they only report what readers want to read and buy, well then YOU have to look into your mirror and ask yourself, how you and society support by buying into such “gossip culture and slander” the public witch hunt and racist bashing of an innocent Man and Artist.

I say, it is not so, it might be something many people are used to, because it is all they get fed. Always gossip, always negativity in the tabloids and press, mainly. Good, uplifting stories are the minority in the news business, and it is not because it does not happen as often, but because it is a pick and chose type thing they do.

Ask yourself, what motivates the media, who owns the media channels and specific outlets, that BEGAN printing these lies about Michael, since back then, and how this information got to them and how it is possible and lawful to print such a huge damaging FALSE accusation of a serious crime against any random innocent Man, without evidence or a trial or any verdict yet?

This step was done by these forces I mentioned after Chandler had the initial “evil idea to take Michael down and take revenge this way”. He wanted Michael´s money, success and effect on Women, he was straight out and simply JEALOUS.

How can such a situation be taken further, on purpose, and expanded and abused further against a proven innocent Man, by even folks like Sneddon and co.? Who do you think was the moving catalyst behind Sneddon getting into it so much and going as far as to try and even try to fake evidence to falsely pin Michael down?

Why was there never any real discussion and investigation against the people that made an illegal false accusation and caused damage to an innocent human being here?

Why is it okay and lawful (?) to make up new lies and false accusations after a legal and complete innocence verdict in 2005, and the Man having passed away already? Since when is it okay to make such claims against someone that passed, years after his death, when he died heart broken over false accusations and has a public, legal, official innocence verdict?


Another aspect many do not know of much, if not working anything with Music or Movie production and so forth, is that individual free artistic expression is a rare thing, especially I mean in the MAINSTREAM Entertainment Business.

You cannot just write and sing the Songs you want, that is the sad truth. They will never publicly admit and tell you this by themselves, but this is the truth of how it is behind the curtain of the stage, symbolically speaking.

You get blocked, stolen from, banned, discriminated against and censored and pushed down, if you do not “cooperate with the general systematic mainstream machinery” and make the type of propaganda they like and the messages that fit into the “common, normal system for society and mass thinking”.

So, if you go and sing about rare topics, new for the mainstream format, such as ancient Egypt and Black History and European culture and “Black and White being the same”, and you are super rich and a heavy weight in the Business and very famous and influential, well then they will show aggressive reactions.

Finally, it all boils down to jealousy as a motivation. Why would people want to have so called power, by pressing others artificially and with unfair methods down? Because they lack self love and self confidence, and are therefore stuck in jealous thinking and vulgar reactions, instead of evolving.

This is not natural selection, nor is it that some “sensitive artists cannot handle fame and money and ruin themselves without any apparent external reason or interference”. They try to paint that picture often, afterwards, like in Michael´s case, but also with Elvis and many others as well.

It ain´t true that way. ANY Human being faced with ongoing public harassment, pressure, lies and defamation of character, will suffer, naturally. It has nothing to do with “being overly sensitive and not able to handle public pressure”.

It is okay to judge a public person´s work. To judge their manners IN PUBLIC, to judge clothes, fashion, ideas for videos, whatever. It is NOT okay though to judge a stranger´s sex life, sexual orientation, private UNSEEN behaviour, just because they are seen on TV and you don´t know them in person, in real life, face to face.

It makes no sense.

It is bullying.

Look for yourself, right now, as Racism is being super visible and obvious to all the public to see, in America specifically, and tell me this country you think would be fair and “honest” about their attacks on an innocent Black Musician like Michael Jackson.

Before DANGEROUS, for which Michael was touring in 1993 when the false accusations were launched suddenly, he had done OFF THE WALL, THRILLER and BAD.

All previous solo albums were having great concepts and great Music, but did not touch on History, Politics, Racism or any such “controversial topics”. Listen and look for yourself and you will see my point.

MJ Dangerous Cover -PopArt- ArchangelMichael777
MJ Dangerous Cover -PopArt- ArchangelMichael777

Then came DANGEROUS.

And he knew why he chose that title. He dared to touch the “Dangerous Truth, to speak the Truth that can put you in Danger”.

The Video work was also continuing in the same “Mini Movies with Storyline” fashion, like he had revolutionised himself with THRILLER the whole approach and way Music Videos are done.

Here are some Song and Videos showing the Concept right away of the DANGEROUS Album.

1. JAM (Dangerous Album by Michael Jackson)

2. BLACK OR WHITE (Dangerous Album by Michael Jackson)

Some additional Information on Symbolism questions that many have raised back then, and why this Video was so controversial. Michael knew what he was doing, to provoke the right public discussion.


Black Panther Party



Rodney King’s March 3, 1991, traffic stop and beating turned LA into a riot zone



Black or White



Controversy and censorship”

Controversy was generated concerning the last four minutes of the original music video. Jackson walks out of the studio as a black panther and then morphs into himself.[22] Then he walks outside to perform some of his most physically complicated dance techniques, in a similar way to “Billie Jean“. The scene is also very similar to that of a commercial Jackson appeared in for L.A. Gear in 1989. This part contained sexually suggestive scenes when Jackson starts to grab his crotch,[21] and then zips his pants up. In the original version, Jackson is seen smashing windows,[21] destroying a car and causing an inn (called the “Royal Arms”) to explode. Jackson later apologized saying that the violent and suggestive behavior was an interpretation of the animal instinct of a black panther, and MTV and other music video networks removed the last four minutes from subsequent broadcasts.[22] To make the vandalism and violence more understandable to viewers, an altered version was produced, adding racist graffiti to the windows Jackson breaks. The version included in the box set Michael Jackson’s Vision is the aired, televised version without the graffiti, and does not include the “prejudice is ignorance” title card.

To date, the uncut version has generally been seen in the United States on MTV2 only between the hours of 01:00 and 04:00, as part of their special uncensored airing of the “Most Controversial Music Videos” of all time. The extended version is also available on Jackson’s DVDs. The original version (without graffiti) is available on the DVD releases of Video Greatest Hits – HIStory with the VHS and Laserdisc release containing the aired version, and online at MTVMusic.com. It was still shown in its entirety for some years in Europe. Indeed, UK channel MTV Classic aired the full video at 14:00 on April 11, 2010, including the brief cameo by Bart Simpson and Homer Simpson before the “prejudice is ignorance” image. MTV Classic have continued to air the full video post-watershed and recently aired in September 2012.

The uncut version was shown in Australia at 11:45 pm AEST on Saturday June 2, 2012 as the first song on the weekly late night, guest-programmed music video show Rage, on ABC1.

The first version made available in the iTunes Store contains neither the panther scene nor The Simpsons cameo, and is cut after the morphing sequence. Since then, a new version has been released with the graffiti and The Simpsons cameo called “Black or White (Michael Jackson’s Vision).”

Starting in 1992, Nocturne Video Productions began playing the “Panther Segment” of the video as an interlude during Michael’s Dangerous world tour. The clip is 20 seconds shorter than the original, omitting all the violence and the sexually suggestive scenes.[22] The scene of the pants re-zipping was retained. In predominantly Islamic countries during the HIStory Tour, the scene was replaced with the Carmina Burana “Brace Yourself” montage originally used as the intro in the previous Dangerous Tour. On March 28, 2009, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation‘s music video program Rage aired the uncensored, original graffiti version in its entirety in a 720p digital broadcast. Even though the short, censored version continues to air periodically to this day, some television channels still broadcast the complete racist graffiti version.”


3. WHY YOU WANNA TRIP ON ME? (Dangerous Album by Michael Jackson)

4. REMEMBER THE TIME (Dangerous Album by Michael Jackson)

You know something? The ancient Egyptians already had a very sophisticated law system, earthly and spiritual laws and rules to keep the soul in good shape and evolve into the best version of the self one can become.

Ancient Egyptians were not white, they were Africans. Michael meant well, he wanted to bring forth some deeper truth, based on all his own personal interests in his roots and research, from deep in his heart and soul. He just innocently expressed himself, and his Black identity more in his artistic expressions on the DANGEROUS Album.

That time, was the exact time the worst attacks ever began on him and his privacy, his public image and therefore, his business and future.

All these factors are connected and play TOGETHER a role, building the big picture.

I really hope to see someday the United States change and improve, for the sake of all human beings there. I have not heard of or seen such strange and sad news and situations, on a daily basis it seems, like it is happening there. This is not okay, and no life for decent human beings.

And the last thing on their mind should be some innocent Artist singing about society issues and world matters, meaning well, and trying to give a solution idea in form of peaceful art and Music, and nothing else. Fighting peacefully for a better World, a better future, FOR ALL, Black and White as he literally sang too.

Michael handed you all a key, to discover more yourself, and different perspectives and solution approaches possibly for society´s problems. Many just didn´t really listen yet, and get the message fully.

Everything he talked about is still current, the message is still current and the change has not really happened yet, sadly. There is still a lot of racism in the Music Industry and in certain places more focused like America in general, lots and lots of racism.

I am being fully honest, publicly, and telling you in a rare open type way about spiritual implications in the NOW, PRESENT if you do further wrong to Michael, and therefore to me, still living here and watching this. It will be very absolute for your very souls, and is not worth it.

Let go of your jealousy and hate. Let go of this racist motivation and be a human being with a heart again. Make peace with all races and humanity and God therefore.

It doesn´t matter if you are black or white, arab or jew.

All that matters is your soul, your heart and inner, personal free will and how you apply it and your life choices. Just like the ancient Egyptians, remember your full potential, your spiritual identity and self, which is eternal. Remember all that you forgot, like beautiful memories and the feeling of innocence you once had as a child yourself.

Keep up that good healthy soul vibe then. This is the key to greatness, being your unique own self and a really healed World. Once you see that God made all these different seeming human beings, but all equal and the same, once you truly see and feel that you love God and life, you will love every person before judging them, Black or White.

We´re sending out a Major Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

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