The True Michael Jackson: About My Current Healing Process and Michael´s INNOCENT Truth with Women © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Michael Jacksons Ghost Message: 18th June 2016 - Original Date of Message and chosen Photos © Susan Elsa- Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jacksons Ghost Message: 18th June 2016 – Original Date of Message and chosen Photos © Susan Elsa- Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

As you can imagine, me and Michael are going through a lot together right now, wandering through his and my life memories and bad as well as good experiences. I am just writing everything, still, off my soul.

So, please excuse the delay of the originally for my Birthday, 14th April 2016 announced “Next Mystery Book”. I wanted to then publish on a second Date for his Birthday, 29th August 2016, but I need more time and do not think I want to publish any New Book this year. These two Birthdays of me and Michael have been my traditional publishing Dates every year since 2010, for my Indie Label and my own Music and Writings and so forth.

This time around, nobody and nothing will bring me out of focus. This is the most important soul wound I am healing, for me and Michael. What I am doing right now, is personally and in private important for Michael´s full Healing, from all that this World has done to him.

I will bring you the full truth, on everything, from beginning to end and after, from his eyes, his internal perspective like you have never seen, heard and understood ever before and never will by any other Book any other human being can type.

Susan Elsa about the Ancient Egyptian All-Seeing Eye Symbolism (Photo Summer 2011) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Susan Elsa about the Ancient Egyptian All-Seeing Eye Symbolism (Photo Summer 2011) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

This is why you have to understand that here, right now, on this Blog and online, I cannot go into all details, it is too much. This is turning into a thick print Book, classical style, but very unique in it´s content.

The reason why I am writing now, exceptionally, is because of the trash that has been thrown at Michael, and me therefore, since this last month around the most sensitive date every year, the 25th June.









Michael Jackson: “A Woman´s Body is a TEMPLE” © Susan Elsa- Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


IN THE CLOSET by Michael Jackson and the Topic Women © Official Twin Soul Flame Article- THE DANGEROUS KNOWLEDGE SERIES-


Michael Jackson: The Extreme Injustice and how it damaged his Sleep Ability © Official TwinFlame Soul Information


LITTLE SUSIE vs SUSAN ETOK: A Special Article about Personal Information, Tabloid Tactics, Twin Flames & Interferences © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


Michael Jackson & Twin Soul Re-Defining HALLOWEEN as THRILLER NIGHT (Archangel Michael´s Soul Judgement Night) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


I have began writing my New Book to heal once and for all my anger over the injustice and false child molestation accusations, the main thing that stabbed our soul and heart. As I took a break, caught up emotionally in very difficult memories and feelings I have not fully confronted the last 7 years, they do EVERYTHING to bring me out of my isolation and pause and force me to say something.

I have had anger attacks, inside, soul level based, build up over the last weeks as they aimed at Michael and all his loved Ones with this trash, and on purpose insulting his soul on his physical death date.

Then, as if this was some game and fun for every idiot to join in and fabricate, take advantage, attack, lie, pose, talk, write, put some personal shit in tabloids and so forth, it became important for Michael to clear some things up, preventively.

I know everything about his love life, because he told me everything. Everything, you understand?

I can detect right away when someone is making up things, based on false motives, and it is sad, when you think that at least people that had a crush on Michael and he treated them well, go out to “get his ass” now and want to pin his Name down in their Books and Stories, with added 80% of lies to a little bit of truth, still pretending to “mean well”.

At the same time, lying blatantly and straight out jealousy-style about his marriage and his ex wife Lisa Marie Presley and the nature of his relationship and marriage with her, to position the self into a “better more important seeming light”. That is supposed to help defend Michael, when part of the problems also, privately, was the ongoing tabloid lies and false accusations taking a toll on his relationship with Lisa Marie?


  • Make up lies, even if there is some truth to it
  • Make up obvious, exaggerated lies and stories which then again gets attacked and mocked and used AGAINST MICHAEL mainly
  • Represent his marriage with Lisa Marie Presley as somehow “manipulative and fake from his emotions toward her or sexually”
  • Gang up and conspire with dubious and fake characters like Qadree El Amin and his three other folks suing the Estate to get cash after they let Michael down when he needed help the most
  • Take information from others (plagiarizing) which is free, and sell it for profit without citation as “your own information Michael told you”
  • Approach this whole very challenging and complex situation of Michael Jackson with a selfish, financially and by jealousy motivated energy- the false accusations and his private struggles are not a playground for opportunists
  • Abuse his trust and display his most private details for public mockery, claiming to be “so honest and mean well”, while backstabbing him knowing he hated private details spelled out in public and such cheap talks
  • Mock his Twin Soul too in full public, after he passed and is now in Spirit

Why are you doing this, man?

Kinda strange, man, people surfacing now like Shana Mangatal and “expanding their little story to disproportionate self promoting stories” like the whole claim with having been 20 years with Michael, until 2009 (yep, I was right there with him in LA, Santa Monica, from 2007 on, this is MY PRIVACY and space and very serious time I had to endure)- then things like dirty spelled out details of his “sexual conduct and behaviour details” which are not describing the Michael I know, more a “crude selfish asshole type guy out for just sex” and excuse me what, “using sex as a manipulation tool against Lisa Marie”? And then adding to the whole strange things like the publishing date chosen and the title and the impersonation indicators and so forth, the private and specific information about Madonna that he told ME, about how she sexually harassed him and it turned him off how she threw herself at him and so forth? (Check previous Blog Articles for Details)

I thought first, well, she had a crush on Mike, she seems like a groupie vibe, and EVEN IF ADDING LIES, “maybe she means well” I thought in my naive, innocent thinking as usual. I was not going to say anything actually, until I seen the tabloid crap and the links between all those folks, like Qadree and Raymone. I was not going to say anything, until I saw the nasty formulations she supposedly makes of Michael´s marriage and nature of his sexual private relationship with ex wife Lisa Marie Presley. How embarrassing for Michael and disrespectful, keep your jealousy to yourself. If she meant well, she would have NOT TRIED TO STEP ON OTHER WOMENS FOOT on purpose, that shows bad character and intentions. Lisa Marie was a big part of his life and heart, okay? She is still here and can see and hear such things too and it is hurtful and disrespectful!

Is this person really saying that, about to publish now suddenly some Book on HIS BIRTHDAY, named “Michael and Me”? For real? And hanging out with this Qadree El Amin backstabber that abused my trust directly and in person talking about MY BOOK and mission to defend Michael´s innocence as a WOMAN, and how NO OTHER WOMAN does this effort and why on the phone?

I as usual never look up things because it is harassing, especially this one SEXUALLY harassing. I can´t change that, that is how I feel about this behaviour, and when seeing such things coincidently online as Fans discuss and care about Michael:

*Screenshots for educational Purpose as I seen them, content reflects opinion and is property of the Twitter users seen below- THANK YOU for sharing and defending Michael always and aware*

Screenshots Shana Mangatal Claims discussed by MJ Fans on Twitter - Photo for educational Purpose and documentation only
Screenshots Shana Mangatal Claims discussed by MJ Fans on Twitter – Photo for educational Purpose and documentation only
Screenshots Shana Mangatal Claims discussed by MJ Fans on Twitter - Photo for educational Purpose and documentation only
Screenshots Shana Mangatal Claims discussed by MJ Fans on Twitter – Photo for educational Purpose and documentation only


Quadree El Amin & Twin Flame Mirror Effects © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Quadree El Amin & Twin Flame Mirror Effects © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

The Guy seen above is Qadree El Amin. He is hanging out in the LA Court right now suing the Michael Jackson Estate, together with few others including Raymone Bain, to get money and permanent profit through shares in Michael´s company business. I will tell all I know now about these folks, everything Michael told me. This Guy is some “important high ranking person in the Nation of Islam”- think about that.

Please read the previous related Articles on these topics below.


Michael Jackson: Twin Flame Soul Merging Consciousness & Memories *THE CONCLUSION ARTICLE* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


MICHAEL JACKSON INNOCENCE – Healing the Anger over Injustice and Lies – My New Book 4 Healing and Justice © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


Qadree El Amin & Twin Flame Mirror Effects © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


And what is this please?

Quadree El Amin & Twin Flame Mirror Effects © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Quadree El Amin & Twin Flame Mirror Effects © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 12.07.49 PM
Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 12.07.49 PM

Good luck with your Book, Shana. I will not even give it any more attention and let you do what you think you can harmonize with your consciousness. But remember, Michael is watching closely what you put into this Book and any abusive energy and lies toward me, his Twin Soul and the One that was with him at the End, is not a good idea.

If it wasn´t enough for you to act in Michael´s GHOSTS Film some small role behind the evil Mayor, well, you may be our Guest now in reality and see what me and Michael can do, spiritually.

It ain´t respectful and smells also a bit of racism, if you truly say and write now such things about his ex wife and his marriage.

Michael Jackson Dangerous Album Cover Art: The Eyes of the Twin Flame Soul © ArchangelMichael777
Michael Jackson Dangerous Album Cover Art: The Eyes of the Twin Flame Soul © ArchangelMichael777

Now let me tell you, dear Readers, what Michael told ME, summarized for truth protection purposes now.

There have been many, many people that came out after Michael had passed, and started suddenly talking as if they were always there for him, meant well, “tried to help” and so forth, but most of these folks were not around when Michael needed support and help on a personal, private basis.

He was plagued with the whole business stress he had going, and that is under stating it. This was not just stress of a normal kind, that someone so successful and traveling the world would naturally have. Michael was being fought, on a personal level. He was aimed at more than anyone else in Show Business, worldwide. These reasons are still a riddle to many, including the many beloved Fans that care to see true understanding and justice for Michael and for his deep and important message he created with his hard work.

Most of his time, he spent focused on work, on ideas, on creating things. He would feel frustrated to sit around and not do anything, it would cause an “energetic blockage inside”, because he needed to let it out into the World and create, the whole time. He did not work on his stuff only in some studio or some hour at home for a studio session or so, he worked sometimes all night, for days, without sleeping or eating much, so focused on the vision in his mind everything else became less important.

The older he became, the more he was stressed out by how everyone wanted a “piece of him” and no care and true love he could feel in the people working for and around him, and many fake friends in Hollywood and also Women. Here, he never got into the situations that he had a scandal going on with a Woman, because he controlled himself extremely to keep control of his privacy and intimate space and could not easily trust Women.

He had seen his initial “life lessons” from indirect observation of what his brothers went through with Women, and female Fans. He learned from it, he was affected by it, and his own father´s behaviour, which I do not want to say more about here now.

Michael Jackson Lisa Marie Presley Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse Disney Land Photo
Michael Jackson Lisa Marie Presley Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse Disney Land Photo (Educational Purpose Only)


Michael was not the type of guy to have just sex with someone. For him it had to be first of all real trust and friendship as a basis. Even if he would find a Woman attractive, he would never approach anything or try to get closer, before being absolutely sure that she is trustworthy. Over time, and especially by 2007, he had an extreme mistrust toward Women generally, and people generally, after many bad experiences of people betraying him and in his case mainly, making up claims of things that never happened.

Imagine, the thought of getting some Woman pregnant, just like that, not knowing how she will react, if she will sue for lots of money, go to tabloids and talk shit for years and play with his father feelings and so forth, you know, Michael would NEVER just “date someone as a lover for sexual purposes”.

Because of what I just explained. He also didn´t like the idea of someone being “out there” and then him being intimate, he did not like these types of Women, like Madonna.

He told me, as I said before here on this Blog, that she had tried in the past to seduce him, with the worst and most nasty methods, including provocations on the phone once, and then literally sexually harassing him by trying to grab him and undress and such, and he said, quote:”She tried all kinds of things and even just grabbed my…without my permission, but it didn´t move, stayed totally…., and then she got totally angry and went and talked shit about me to the press, just because I rejected her and didn´t want to have sex with her”.

Here is one of these previous Articles with some of that information I am talking about, which I published for raising awareness of what and how it is going on in “Hollywood”. Just click the links to read these linked articles here.


Michael Jackson’s DANGEROUS KNOWLEDGE: Special Information Series PART 3 © Susan Elsa Private Story (Rare)


He said that she was “too masculine for his taste, her arms and such” and totally turned him off, due to many reasons I do not want to formulate any more in details here.

He had tons of such women constantly trying to “use him” like they are used to in this weird Show Business, and especially in Hollywood. They might be living that way, but Michael was a different kind of Gentleman.

He liked to get to know the mind of a Woman, to talk, to have fun in conversations and laugh together as well, you know. For him, he liked it the old fashioned way, like a true Gentleman that knows how to talk to and how to touch a Woman, you know. He was not the “crude and rude” type of Man, at all.

Yes, he made some mistakes in his life, with Women, as I have also explained a bit before in these rare articles with such type of content. Me and Michael do not like to speak of such details, and love our privacy, you know.

Any Man, especially so famous and having so many offers at times, can make mistakes. He said he did have “short term type sex” in his life, but did not mention any specific Names and explained that he regretted such situations because he felt “empty and bad” after and it was not “for him” to live that way. He needed a real relationship, sex and love and friendship and trust, the perfect whole relationship with a Woman. That is what he sought.

When he was with Lisa Marie Presley, dating her, from what he told me it began before her divorce from her former husband back then, but they did not have sex yet. He was only focused on her, and obviously not having ANY AFFAIR with anyone else, while dating Lisa Marie and preparing to marry her and propose to her, shortly after her divorce and them dating.

He was planning and starting this BEFORE the false child molestation accusations surfaced in 1993, and he spoke with her often on the phone during this whole time and she knew his first angry reactions and anger attacks and how he feels. She was there for him, like a friend as well. She did not judge him, did not reject him and they had nothing to complain about regarding their sex life together. Michael definitely did not date anyone else, parallel to Lisa Marie, and then “break up AFTER marrying Lisa Marie”.

Debbie Rowe was there for him, since long before he got with Lisa Marie, but as a good friend, not as a lover. She was a good friend, and had a crush on him and he knew that. But they were still easy going together and could hang out and talk about many things, and Debbie had passionate opinions and Michael loved conversing with her.

As Lisa Marie had problems imagining children with Michael, when it got serious and they were married, she panicked. For Michael this was a nightmare, he wanted children, and she had promised him and he was rebelling like a child himself about it. He was really hurting over this and felt tricked and stuck. He loved Lisa Marie, but wanted desperate to be a father.

So, Debbie started offering him to “have the children for him” as a favour, as a good friend. Michael then decided to separate the two areas, love and marriage with Lisa Marie Presley, and “secure reliable way to have children” with Debbie. He thought, he can trust her, as a friend, and that she would not become “complicated” and he would have his full freedom and rights as a father to raise his children.

Things were going on parallel, he was with Lisa still after marrying Debbie Rowe, and the above explained truth is why the situation was this way for a while, especially around 1996 still. It was very exhausting for Michael, very complicated, when he only wanted to have children originally with Lisa Marie and be happily married for a long, long time.

I have no idea, where Shana thinks she fits into this timeline right there especially. To me personally, it is simple: Michael told me everything, and I have not heard anything about Shana and the only possible thing that could have been, is the type of stuff he regretted so much he didn´t want to say any Names to me.

And for the conclusion of this article, just reflect for yourself on the following by Michael chosen Video. Shana is in the back row of the group, the gang of people attacking Michael, the Maestro, in his home and privacy. He sings at them:”Tell me, are you the Ghost of Jealousy?”

The Maestra & The Maestro

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

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