Qadree El Amin & Twin Flame Mirror Effects © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Quadree El Amin & Twin Flame Mirror Effects © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Quadree El Amin & Twin Flame Mirror Effects © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Original Note on Facebook:

Dear ReadersI am truly disappointed now since a few months over this person and have stayed calm and silent about it, publicly. But as this Man moves ahead to attempt getting into Michael´s legacy, financial matters and more (as you can see in what he supports in visual educational photo collage above)- well you have to stop and ask yourself what is going on here.

I have spoken to Quadree many times, for hours sometimes on the phone. He is some serious “talker”, a poser and liar. We talked about many things, including the whole Hollywood hacking methods and “unfair competition methods and impersonation tactics”- and he told me of this lady in silicon valley, which people hire to spy on competitors for them and do SUCH THINGS like it is happening to me. (Remember all the fake profiles and wake up, by the way, if you still don´t get the bs being played around Michael always!)
He said:”Yeah, that is how they work.” and went ahead to tell of some strange spying situation between Jay Z and Kobe Bryant. That is what he said, not me. I don´t know nothing about Kobe, but Jay Z is definitely using such methods for his label Roc Nation.

We spoke of very personal matters at times, and I even cried almost and was really giving him a real, pure, well meant chance to make things up with Michael and show that he CAN deliver some good work still and cares. He was talking so much shit, he even said once this story about Boyz II Men and how his partner was shot and he got shot in his knee and survived and such, he added after this story that “he is the kind of manager that would die for me”. Oh yeah?

You know, Michael did not like the idea of me directly talking to Quadree El Amin and those “Nation of Islam” folks. He then, as they hang around Partners at times, trying to get involved in our Projects, kept popping up in the big picture and I know of certain things I want to see, check, analyse, scan and expose for Michael. I don´t mind. Michael then let me “see for myself” and showed me, in real life and actions and words of a direct communication, how this person behaves, promises, then breaks promises and it´s all just talk.

Don´t believe shit about this lawsuit him and his partners have filed against Michael´s Estate. In this case, and I rarely speak of these matters publicly as you all know, but in this case, this is a huge insult. Especially if he goes ahead after we spoke of bit personal situations between ME AND MICHAEL too, and he is supposed to be some “decent muslim”, to then go ahead and place some “porn fake copycat groupie stalker fan stories” in some book and tabloids (check the photos for visual message without further comment) is really not classy at all and showed me not only how this Man is willing to do anything to get to Michael´s money, but at the same time, has no respect for Michael´s privacy, feelings and respectful Image.

There is a lot to say here, but it is not for the public. Michael is most definitely done with this Person and his friends (incl. Shana) and there you go, enjoy your Karma and see what happens when you do such things, this time on a super private personal level.

Quadree El Amin & Twin Flame Mirror Effects © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Quadree El Amin & Twin Flame Mirror Effects © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

No further comment, just look for yourself… :/

I am clear and know the truth from Michael, and I will stay loyal and faithful to Michael and the information HE gave me, about HIS privacy. Stop using parts from my Book and Blog for your Books and tabloids, and refrain from taking any information I told you via phone. I informed my lawyers already, and all Partners.

Take a look below to see the cheap teaming up and fabricating things to make money off of Michael´s life, and supporting public embarrassing sexual fake stories as well, which deeply insult Lisa-Marie Presley and it is NOT TRUE how it is being told. Michael LOVED Lisa-Marie, don´t believe everything the tabloids and wannabe book authors seeking fame write! It ain´t no defending to be insulting jealously his relationship with Lisa-Marie Presley, Michael was totally in love with Lisa!

Legal News LA:

Who owns Michael Jackson entertainment firm? Court battle rages

JUNE 29, 2016

Who owns Michael Jackson entertainment firm? Court battle rages

Previous Article:

MICHAEL JACKSON INNOCENCE – Healing the Anger over Injustice and Lies – My New Book 4 Healing and Justice © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


I have cried a lot the past days, even if I approached Michael´s, ascension anniversary well, the sudden dirt throwing in tabloids, new extreme lies and now this have taken a toll on my heart, for real. I contained myself from releasing any too personal, sexual information on Mike even if they provoke THAT way and lie around. I have to go offline and protect my physical heart health. I feel harassed, this time on a very direct personal level. The public has no idea about these tactics, but I can not do anything more but be THAT honest and open to all of you. Stay aware and keep the faith in true love and TRUTH to prevail! ❤

Love & Light,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit ©

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