About Prince´s spiritual Ascension 2 Heaven and 2 his Twin Flame *Special Note* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

This is a short Note.

I have underestimated the memory-trigger effect of the ongoing current talk, tabloid crap, lies and all that about Prince Roger Nelson, on my spiritual Balance.

I cannot take it. I am too sensitive about Prince.

This is too personal for me, because I notice feeling much more connected spiritually than ever before, since Prince ascended and met Michael Jackson in Spirit, teaming up.

I wrote about it one time before, you can read back.

Also all the talking about his “spiritual messages” in his Songs now, how all these People who have not studied his work or his messages prior for Decades come up now just because he passed to use his transition for random talk and pretending to know exactly and always have known these things before- very similar to Michael´s situation.

Prince Rogers Nelson´s Purple Journey - PHOTO FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY- ArchangelMichael777
Prince Rogers Nelson´s Purple Journey – PHOTO FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY- ArchangelMichael777

If you want to look at his Song Lyrics further, that are definitely and clearly carrying psychic premonition vibes, check those out:

LET´S GO CRAZY: “Are we gonna let the ELEVATOR break us down? No, let´s go crazy! (meaning party)”

SHE´S ALWAYS IN MY HAIR: “Whenever I feel like giving up, whenever I feel like things are going into a wrong direction, She´s always there, telling me how much she cares, she is always in my Hair.” (Twin Flame Perception Song)

Michael was super angry, when he figured first that he is outside of his Body.

Prince had a totally different reaction, and smoothly just lightly and relaxed went to the next life Form without complaining or feeling bad about it. I was surprised and deeply in respect and admiration over this fact.

Prince is so quick, he is already in the mode of helping Michael to help me with things, and has came few Days ago just to tell me in a choir with Michael the same things Michael said about certain things: “Chill, take it more lightly, it isn´t as bad as it seems, you are doing well” etc etc. making this hand gesture downwards like when you “ground something and calm it from boiling over”.

He has been very talkative and I guess, even if Michael doesn´t need the advice now much, I could use it well. And Prince is a genius Mind. I am thankful he is around to support me in my spiritual Journey with Michael as well. And I am happy to help wherever I can to shield him energetically with Michael, and his Twin Flame as well.

Prince has channeled his Twin Flame all over his work.

For me, it is important to just shield myself now, as I am the only one here in this whole situation still in human form here amongst you, and have human needs like sleep and eating and resting my physical body and heart.

I don´t like the massive “falling over Prince´s legacy like vultures”- and like I clarified, I mean the online and tabloids bla bla.

I will keep my memories of the good ol Days. This is how I REMEMBER PRINCE, and always will. This is what uplifts me, what he truly gave to all of us as a sacred-energy charged musical Present:

He sang the combination of both songs for the Millenium New Year in 2000, I love this performance.

This is an older Song, a beautiful Song I sang many times in my life. “If I was your Girlfriend” is a very deeply Twin Flame energized Song, where he tuned into his feminine side and his Twin Flame´s, and all Women´s Femininity, like “a Girlfriend” being a Man.

All these are part of the endless World of Feelings he has for his Twin Flame.

As you can imagine, on the other hand, like Michael Jackson has a lot in common with Prince to some degree, Prince´s Twin Flame has a lot in common with me, Michael´s Twin Flame, as a logical consequence.

Prince and Michael seem to be planning something, to throw at me when ready and ask me to perform it. I must prepare emotionally and need a pause from the Internet now.

I am very close to all this what is happening, and I feel I will be his best channeler for him and his Twin Flame as they like in the Future, together with my Michael, similar to how we done it to help channel for Elvis Presley his Twin Flame Truth. Elvis´Twin Flame also never incarnated and was waiting on him in Heaven.

Wishing you all that this Message may really reach your hearts and remind you slowly but surely of your own other half.

Wishing you all a nice Weekend and lots of Love & Light,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

5 thoughts on “About Prince´s spiritual Ascension 2 Heaven and 2 his Twin Flame *Special Note* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

  1. Mike S is my twin flame quite a while ago actually about a year ago he looked at me and said you are my twin flame.I have a question though he is the runner and eveytime we have sexual contact he said his heart and I asked why? He said Kimberly to intense when we make love.Weird question is that the norm for twin flames.

  2. I saw my twin flame tonight his name is michael s.He is amazing he was the runner he turned to me and said I am.your back bone I love you and I feel it.Feel what I knew you where met for me before I was born.Then he reached over and gave me the most passionate sweetest kiss

  3. Dear Susan I have to speak with you, I’ m serious and we could stay in touch with hangouts or internal message on YT. Please contact me, you’ll don’t regret!
    (Sabrina it’s my real name)

  4. Great work again, pity the links don’t work anymore, maybe change the blog a bit because of it, because the message is powerful, but those broken links work a bit OFF … well because of you and these 2 blogs I just read, I managed to get Under The Cherry Moon and Rave Un2 The Year 2000, and I will watch it from a different perspective now, thank you for the information and backing me up on what I already felt but never uttered until you triggered it! Sop thank, for a lot! ❤

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    helpful data, thanks for providing these kinds of statistics.

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