Michael Jackson´s special Twin Flame Energy on his Feminine Counterparts Birthday (Experience Report) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Michael Jackson´s special Twin Flame Energy on his Feminine Counterparts Birthday (Experience Report) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson´s special Twin Flame Energy on his Feminine Counterparts Birthday (Experience Report) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

I want to share a special experience with you all, as the energy alone of reading these details carries our sacred twin flame energies and transmits on all of you, for YOUR twin flame reunion approach and strengthening of the communication (if your twin is in spirit and you never noticed him/her awarely yet).

My Birthday, as some of you know, was on Thursday, 14th April.

As it was a Thursday and totally in the middle of the week, I didn´t do much but spend the Day relaxing and sleeping in, went to a little afternoon appointment only, and then met my friend, one of my best girlfriends. My parents also had gotten some nice Cake for me, and the evening was very relaxed and spiritual.

I did not throw some party or so, I liked the calm of the Day. I have so much stress lately, and challenges from the Mirror effect of the Twin Flame experiences Michael had in his life´s journey, that it is so good to just have a silent night, calm, spiritual, the atmosphere I love that is good for my sensitive heart.

It started rainy, cloudy and grey, but in the afternoon turned sunny and warm. That made me really happy.


I took my purple thick comfy yoga mat, and put it on the floor so we can both sit down and face each other. I had also picked out some great zen meditation music and we made ourselves comfortable on the yoga mat.

I wanted to try this exercise with her for a while, but we never did it yet like this, fully focused and do a partner meditation together. I wanted to help her with the twin flame connecting somehow, this was Michael´s idea.

As we began, I let her first sit down and start to focus on “pure higher spirit dimensions where her twin flame is residing” above duality, and attune her mind focus to that. I then went to drink a little tea and came back, and sat down with her then.


You have to know, Michael always surprises me and does funny things. I said to my friend that we now focus on the higher dimension, where:

  • There is only Love & Light
  • All Twin Flame Couples are in Two´s walking around
  • All Twin Flames are together, merged and “are met and seen fully both” by others
  • The communication is more telepathic-emotional-mind focused

The main Focus I gave her was to focus on seeing lots and lots of Twin Flame Couples, as this is how these Dimensions are. You do not see as here in duality the Twin Soul Couple “separate as two different person´s”- in the earthly human way.

You see full souls, the full open truth about “a soul” , and a complete soul contains A MERGED TWIN SOUL UNIT. And seeing it in detail, yes, you see a COUPLE of Twins, male and female, merged perfectly and reflecting a Mirror Image of each other in the same Aura.

Well, my friend connected fast to her Twin Flame in Spirit, but was not able to feel his touch, only see it.

I opened my eyes in that moment, asked her to describe what she feels when she just allows him to touch her. Parallel, Michael sat right behind me, a bit on the right side looking at her in a funny “analyzing way” while resting his chin on my shoulder.

He can be pretty goofy sometimes, he made me laugh with this mix of serious and giggly expression. I don´t know how to put it in words. It´s his facial expressions sometimes he does on purpose. He then grabbed my hand so strong, I did not expect that to happen as someone else was there. Michael is picky when it comes to who he trusts so much to manifest himself more in their presence.

He then tried to focus our Twin Flame Aura Energy, holding my hand gently but strong, toward my friend so it “mirrors the strength and communication-opening energies to her and her Twin Flame”. The idea was that this can facilitate an energetic opening of her spiritual sight and her light body, so she can sense the touch physically of her Twin.

She then said, as I was seeing it, that “she see´s her Twin Flame stroking the back of her hand, but cannot feel it, only seeing it”. I thought that was a nice progress. I seen it clearly, on her left hand, and asked her and she said, he does that on her left hand right now.

We sat bit longer in this meditation, and I told her to regularly do that to train her sight to switch from physical to spiritual, and her perception, all that the more “she ascends her mind more close to his dimension and he reaches down to her” she will be able to feel his touch I hope.

Me and Michael try to help all Twin Flame Couples, we are so happy when others have their reunion too.


See, this is exactly what many people don´t seem to get, including the fake wannabe “MJ Twin souls” out there. Talking does not make you the twin, and judging my reactions to lies, personality, strong masculine anger type energies and such also doesn´t make you his twin. It is not a competition, I own my soul and you never will, point and end of discussion!

This is my soul.

So, if you want to speak of the true effect, the spiritual energy, the individual energy signature and pattern, the very energy that can be felt by others, touched, seen, felt in the room when you walk in physically and in person, all that is what makes a true Twin Soul.

This then again, is clearly felt by others even without any words or talking, they do not have to know I am Michael´s Twin Soul. It is my personal decision, who I tell what about my soul details inside, how much I reveal, when, like generally when you have relatives and friends and decide how much you share of intimate information and details. This, is even more intimate.

Since the Merging has so advanced, around 2011 and 2012 already some old friends that know me since childhood and youth, have noticed clearly a difference in my aura. They would get dizzy around me, like they are standing in front of a power house of energy, an energy sun shining too bright at them.

When I get angry, it is almost unbearable for people to stand being physically close to me, as my aura then makes them even more dizzy, I don´t know why. But Michael definitely used lots of “anger-passion-love” energy on the stage during his performances, and that would make the Fans dizzy.

It is so bad, you will laugh now, that when I enter some store or even a bank branch or so as I am in an angry mode, their computers stop working – until I calm down.

That is all our doubled, merged Twin Soul Aura. I did not have this effect before, it is Michael´s energy within me. I seen plenty of times how his Fans would get dizziness attacks and faint in front of him in footage, worldwide, even Guys would scream and yell for Michael all excited. That is a rare thing for Guys to do, or cry, meeting another Dude.

It is sweet, really sweet, how people react. But also, for Michael it had it´s challenges, this fame and exposure of the Aura so widely. Many people “unload their issues” onto you, energetically and spiritually, or emotionally as well.

But more on this in the next Writing I have been working on.

I love you all, truly, and I wish you all the best with your Twin Soul Counterparts and your Reunion!

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/ Osiris) ©

The Starlight and the Thriller- Susan Elsa and Michael Jackson in Spirit-Archangel Michael-Osiris © TwinFlame Official Blog
The Starlight and the Thriller- Susan Elsa and Michael Jackson in Spirit-Archangel Michael-Osiris © TwinFlame Official Blog

One thought on “Michael Jackson´s special Twin Flame Energy on his Feminine Counterparts Birthday (Experience Report) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

  1. I have been with my Michael S going on three yrs quite a while ago he asked me if I knew what twin flames are.I had no clue and then he turned and stared right in my eyes and said we are twin flames and he then started to explain when we make love you cry I said yes and you have tears in your eyes he said Kimberly what we have is sacred and Spiritual no matter what we will.always be together.I most certainly agree.I chose now not to the jealous and envious people.I know what me and Michael have and who we are Twin Flames

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