THE VISION: Inspirations to create Heaven on Earth © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

This is a special Article today, like a live channeled Thoughts Article for Inspiration.

We all come here, to this Planet and human, temporary life form, to learn, to get “inspired” and to evolve, in our own self, and in relation to other Souls.

Everyone is connected, finally, that is the spiritual truth behind things.

But here, on Earth, different perspectives and rules of physicality also exist. It is dualistic in nature, here.

But what would happen, and how would this World be, if the perspectives we have when in Spirit, in Heaven, are brought to Earth and a resonating “Earthly Heaven Vibe” is created?


When you consider, that this is a subject which not many folks can grasp in earthly ways, this task is to begin with complex.

So, first, imagine that you know of “a soul”. Everyone supposedly has “one”. But I am telling you, so you know HOW we came to write about these ideas and inspirations now this live channeled way, that you do not just have “one simple soul self”, but two. Basically and naturally, you have TWO SIDES to your consciousness, in your soul, and that truth, deep within your own soul, is the so-called “Twin Soul” Consciousness, a masculine and a feminine Side.

Your complete soul truth in details.

When one half of the two is not incarnated in a human body, and in spirit, then when being aware, awakened and merged into a unit again, the consciousness is fluent in the sharing between dimensions, and the half on Earth can get a glimpse into the Beauty of eternal life, different Worlds and Dimensions of SPIRITUAL EXISTENCE and life forms.

This is what people call “Heaven”.

To be complete, people also name another dualistic concept of a spiritual dimension called “Hell”. Well that too, exists, but the full truth behind that is also much deeper than people realize.

So, to simplify this insight into complex spiritual knowledge, imagine now the following:


You have 3 “categories of dimensions”, below, above and in the middle a separating dimension, or transition between the dimensions and rules of physicality.

Imagine the Earthly Dimension, dualistic, and transitioning to higher Dimensions of Spiritual Existence (Heaven), and to lower, destructive, dark matter Dimensions below. The Earth Dimension is situated in the middle of both dualistic matters, and so forms a special and temporary Dimension for learning, containing Day and Night, Good and Bad, and everything in the Duality spectrum.

Since Childhood, it has been natural to me to see the deceased Souls that passed. I have a clear insight into different dimensions, and life forms, because God blessed me this way, and I have worked on myself and skills over several incarnations to be the Medium I am today.

Before 2009, I would get bothered by Souls that need helps, unknown not famous Individuals, just common Souls of People, and I had no idea first and did not remember, as a Child and early on in my Youth, HOW to help them.

I would feel bothered and ignore it often.

By 2007, when I was living still in LA, I found my peace with my most disliked skill, the Mediumship, and began to confront without any fears the situations, listen, tune in and help.

One time, I remember doing a reading for someone there, and suddenly I could not focus anymore, because some Soul was seeking my help, but in a very attacking and aggressive, impatient way, right as I am trying to do this reading for that friend from University.

It was a female Soul, and I am still today not sure what this was. I felt visions of her having been murdered by a Guy she knew closely, and felt it. After I had a literal bodily injury, a scratched spot on my Belly. That was not nice, so I obviously had to shield myself and could not help, that way.

Things like that kept happening, I would get the innocent souls seeking help from me, but also the confused, angry, and sometimes karma-loaded souls coming but not as if seeking help, more like noticing I can see them and then coming to bother me to “vent their issues”, as they were used to doing in their human lives as well.

Since 2009, since my Twin Flame passed and ascended, he blocked off Archangel Michael style, from Spirit, all Souls who do not mean well and have issues with jealousy from reaching me. I do not get bothered anymore.

It has transformed with my partial ascension with my Twin Flame, and so I see now more and interact with the healed and ascended souls, as if I am too ascended now to be reached by in duality stuck, karma-loaded souls. It is like a completely sealed ban-block, and I do not get sudden visitations anymore, but Michael controls that process now himself to shield me for my higher purpose work.

Now, imagine what would happen, if we elevated the Earthly Dimension to be closer to the Spiritual Dimensions, Consciousness and Vibes, how would that change society, thinking of people and THIS dualistic Dimension?

Of course, the Duality rule remains, HERE. But, right now, it tilts extremely out of balance toward the shadow side, the World is filled with jealousy, envy and hate. We all see that, there is no need in denying this fact.

So, if we could tilt that Duality situation to take in more Light matter, to be still dualistic, but WITH BALANCE OF DUALITY SIDES, then that is how it should be originally, and how God intended it to be.

We are not here to destroy this Planet and this Dimension. That is what the so-called “Devil” wants, he is a lost soul, full of hate and jealousy, and he attempts to tear down other Souls with him, as misery loves company.

Imagine, if we could instead listen to and take the Hand of Archangel Michael, and let the Light guide us into a more balanced, safe World. Isn´t that worth a try?

Michael Jackson: Visions and Inspirations for Full Moon (April 2016) ©

Michael Jackson has given many, many people inspiration. From elderly Fans to very young Fans currently discovering Michael´s Work and Message, it is as if everyone is feeling connected to Michael, and what he represents.

It is about the very basic truth behind love, and what we all are made of and resonate with. We are all made finally out of LIGHT MATTER, our soul bodies. They are not flesh and blood, they are “light material” and more fluid and flexible than the temporary physical Body vessel for the Soul.

We are never “single” or “alone” in spiritual Dimensions, but all Twin Flame Souls are merged into a Unit and move together as TWO (Male and Female Side united, the Soul completed) through every Experience.

In many Songs, Michael carried a deeper Message describing a Vision for Humanity and how to improve this World, such as:

  • Man in the Mirror
  • Another Part of Me/We Are Here to Change the World (Captain EO)
  • We are the World
  • Heal the World
  • On the Line
  • Cry
  • What More Can I Give
  • Childhood

Even earlier Songs with the healing and Change Messages, including from the Era with the Jackson 5/The Jacksons are:

  • Man of War
  • Always (written by Michael)
  • Can You Feel It – with a Video to which Michael Jackson wrote the basic Script containing his core Vision

The Jacksons – Can You Feel It (Official Music Video HD)

See toward the End how most people seem afraid of the heavenly Force coming in and being felt? But the Native American Indian is not afraid, he smiles and has “been expecting this”.

The little Black Boy and the Native American Indian are at the front watching the heavenly Peacock feathers, the WINGS EXPAND. This is a repeating and important symbolism which Michael used in his Video works.

Black and White, all People are there watching. And all People start holding Hands, uniting as Humanity again, recognising the Beauty of Creation and Life, and that everyone is equal.

The Peacock has certain attributes which Michael loved personally. Back then, him and his brothers had launched an own Label named “Peacock Records”.

The male Peacock is usually the more “colourful and decorative” of the two Genders, and expands his Wings to “show off and impress” the Female Peacock. It is a FLIRT MOVE the Peacock does.

Michael always loved this part about that. In regular Days, the male Peacock keeps the feathers closed and carries them in the back.

Now, if you think about the Twin Flame Metamorphosis we are demonstrating publicly for all of you, this is what happened:

Michael has expanded and opened his Wings, and you are all watching our loyal and eternal Love and how we keep holding Hands despite any interference or challenge.

Michael has opened his ARCHANGEL MICHAEL Wings, and everyone will come to realize that the Archangel has come here to show you this Sign, together with the by God created Twin Flame Soul Counterpart, the feminine Partner.

Michael Jackson 2009 Archangel Michael Soul Truth felt and imagined on Magazine Covers - Photo for educational Purpose- ArchangelMichael777 Blog
Michael Jackson 2009 Archangel Michael Soul Truth felt and imagined on Magazine Covers – Photo for educational Purpose- ArchangelMichael777 Blog


This is a specific spiritual Note to the whole situation. I have initially done nothing more but listen to Michael in 2010, and channel our Twin Soul Vibes into my Music. He didn´t joke around, he just took charge to convince me to do that.

You cannot imagine the “Hell that broke lose” about this, the Jealousy Ghosts are all exposing themselves now, in Hollywood and in general Society.

This is exactly what Michael has been warning about, and talking about, throughout his Life. Jealousy and hate is not good.

Remember how he had to “defend himself for being himself, for God-given things”? Nobody should be put in such a position, publicly, at least not an innocent Artist, doing something totally harmless like Dancing and Singing and Music for People to cheer up and have hope and feel love energy.

When he too began channeling me, especially into his Appearance more, the Twin Soul Look and Likeness, he got attacked for it, over Decades, repeatedly and constantly in the most nasty, disrespectful ways and PUBLICLY.

Now, Pop Culture is one thing as we said, where there is not a lot of true Spirituality or Psychic Truths in modern times. In most Cultures in the western World as people call it, there is no Knowledge of Twin Flames.

Now, modern Pop Culture is waging war on Twin Flames, publicly and openly.

Because it exposes the weaknesses and strengths of society, and individuals. It exposes such deep truth, that many institutions do not like that and the potential it has to change minds deeply and forever.

The “manipulation system” doesn´t work, if everyone knows such truths openly.

As sayings in society are so common and accepted like:”Oh I envy you, Oh I´m so jealous” people say to each other, to FRIENDS even like it is totally fine to think that way about someone else and to “envy and get jealous”.

But to a spiritual, sensitive Person, perceiving fine emotions and its energetic vibration, this is wrong. Very wrong.

It is a DUALITY thing.

Twin Flames are ABOVE DUALITY from pure spirit, a place of unconditional Love and Truth, and other Rules that do not include “Dualistic Options of being good or evil”.

Meaning, Twin Flames are of a higher truth, a pure dimension, and cannot be “pulled down and messed with in duality terms”.

Still, some people attempt to do so, and break God´s universal laws and codex that way.

What we are doing here is very important. It is not just about Music or Art, this is just my and Michael´s specific situation, shared because we are Twin Souls. Everything merges, and if you sit back and think really honest for yourself, about “how Michael´s True Twin Flame must feel or situations that would happen to her on Earth” you KNOW, it is not easy at all.

My Life is not easy, and I don´t even understand the jealousy toward me, and never understood the jealousy toward Michael some people had. They think, in modern Pop Culture and Society, that “fame and money, material things” mean everything- in their own minds!

For Michael, all that never mattered the least bit, it was a tool, a work for his Message. Simply, his WORK.

His Soul, to find a real Relationship with a Woman, from A-Z, to have Kids and raise a family, to be healthy, feel respected as a Human Being, THIS is what mattered to Michael the most.

But you know what, he had to fight super hard, to even get to have Children. Things were going down strange roads in his private life, and it bothered him extremely. Besides that, the constant disrespect for who he felt he was, his behaviour, his gestures in public, his voice, his skin, his appearance, his sexuality, and because of all that actually having TROUBLE TO FIND WOMEN TO DATE, all that people did not really see or feel, even many Fans.

He had to constantly convince Women he was interested in getting to know more, that he is not gay, explain a whole list of things and clarify and correct tabloid lies. Nobody should have to fight to be just himself like that. Michael is completely different than how the Press has portrayed him, and the blame is not only the Tabloid Press- THEY DON´T WRITE FREELY.

There is no free Journalism, it is all set up and orchestrated, bribed and forced. Other People, Owners of the Papers involved in other branches of Economy and Politics even too, they would TELL THEM WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT MICHAEL AND HOW. It was on purpose, on full, full purpose.

The Fans know Michael, yes, on a friendship type, soul to soul, soul family, united humanity type way. The Fans feel Michael and many sense a spiritual connection to, because his work, the Message in it, they got and understood.

But the private Michael is a whole other Person, meaning, he did not like to show weakness in public, nor anger attacks, and had his way of presenting himself to the public, like everyone would for a PUBLIC JOB.

He did not chose to go down that road he did.

He was forced and pushed into it.

They never left him alone, kept stalking his life, his well being, his privacy, his sexual intimate space trying to invade that too with dirty lies that harass your psyche and soul, on purpose.

All this, is far away from the Vision of creating a Heaven on Earth.

All this is way too far into the shadow side of Duality.

Society must change and heal, everyone could be happy then and there would be no need for jealousy and envy.

It is destructive.

Look what happened to Michael Jackson, and how his Life story evolved under these attacks.

Ask yourself, what is wrong with modern Culture, how society behaves and thinks and what is good, and build on it. Strengthen the good side of people, and weaken the bad side of people.

The problems in this World are so many, that it makes absolutely no sense to be focusing like this on Michael, or on me or anyone else which did not do anything to you. It is not right to invade another´s life, work, public Message and freedom of expression and voice, personal evolution and love life, just to give into some stupid hate, racism, jealousy you might feel.

This is what the folks done, up to very rich people, that had a personal jealousy toward Michael Jackson, and did not like that he was black and “winning against their racism system”. He was topping all white Artists, and they hated it.

All that is behaviour that should be rejected by Society, and People should educate themselves to see where attacks against Michael came from and why, and WHO ALL IS INVOLVED.

Think outside the Box in this matter.

Over time, Michael didn´t even know what to do about his work, his Music. He made a lot of money, yes, but that was not his focus or goal, he just breathed Music, he loves Music, he IS MUSIC.

Music is not a “Money making thing”, at least it has never been viewed that way. Art, Music, Paintings, is all a very innocent thing that expresses an inner Soul vibe.

That is at least how it should be and remain, but as you know and see, the MUSIC INDUSTRY has taken things out of this context, natural flow and truth, and is trying since a while now to “control, fake, twist and kill Artistry” as Michael said in his own words.

They try to now, “avoid that ever any not-under-their-control BLACK or other ethnic minority Artist comes out and does what Michael Jackson did”. Michael surprised them.

But now, they learned and try to keep going more evil in their tactics, instead of changing, after he passed.

It is never enough for them, and they have launched Tabloids to keep People and Modern Pop Culture focused on:

  • Who we jealous of today?
  • How does the House of this and that famous Person looks like, how expensive?
  • What do you have, what do I have, in material property?
  • Where is the latest Gossip?
  • Which Celebrity has personal Drama and problems today?

And people buy and eat up these Newspapers, nowadays online too (digital shift), and ENJOY watching other´s have “bad news and problems”. Nobody reports in those regular Mainstream News much about good stories, miracles, good fortune and a balanced life of someone. It is like, roughly estimating, 80% bad news, and 20% good or “neutral” factual news on some economic numbers or such dry facts.

That is disproportionate and makes no sense, except for that it shows you how they mean very intentionally to tilt YOU ALL, constantly into “negative thinking and feelings” daily, and not the good feelings and “wishing well to others perspectives”.


This is a very important information.

You know, there are many, many great Fans of Michael Jackson, around the World, in different Cultures. Michael reached everyone, as stated previously in this article, above.

I myself have never had any contact with the MJ Fan Community, prior to 2009, except few times on a private, coincidental basis. I can count those on one finger, meaning Fans that are active and passionate and go to “MJ Fan Clubs”, and obsess a bit about him. Not just common people and Friends which were liking his Music only.

I could not keep in touch for too long, these 2, a couple I am meaning here, were getting obsessive about me too, and I never understood back then why. And the Girl´s Boyfriend was increasingly focusing on me, claiming “I am his role model and he wants to sing like me”, asking me to teach him how to sing. I tried once or twice.

But the Girl got increasingly jealous, for a to me no apparent reason. She even called once my Friend´s home, to threaten me giving my Friend messages to me, that she will call my parents and make up shit to get me in trouble, she literally said “make up lies to cause her trouble at home”. She was yelling in a jealousy rage, totally abnormal. At this point, I had cut contact with both, and was only talking to the third Guy, a Fan and Impersonator that was different, and calm and didn´t show aggression ever. He too then got out of touch with them, as she too caused him trouble and lost it and he too didn´t do anything to her. He told me then, that she is abusive toward her Boyfriend and many other things I won´t say here, that made me feel sad for them.

That is a reality many people go through, from what I seen and heard in my life in my surroundings. So many relationships are troubled, and then, the focus becomes very obsessive on Michael I think.

I understand it. Some Fans are looking toward Michael, and clinging, to “cling to the hope vibe” he emanates. That is also okay actually, if you remain calm and fair toward other human beings, and Michael himself.

Today, I am having much more than ever before contact and communication with MJ Fans, online. That gives me a safe distance, as I am a sensitive person focused on my Company and Work most of the time, and I can decide when I have the focus and time to reply to questions and chat.

Many Fans are wonderful People, and feel Michael´s soul. It doesn´t matter if you know it or not, believe or not that he is the Archangel Michael and this is why he has such a big Aura that is familiar to everyone. It is still felt, this truth.

But I have also witnessed and observed closely strange situations online, where you can hide behind false profiles with false names and photos even, where a Guy can pose as a Girl and so forth. Online also, the whole Music Industry has shifted its focus, after in around 2000/2001 the “illegal downloading of Music online” has become a financial problem for the Music Industry and Major Record Labels.

Big Artists back then even were being messed with, dropped, because they had not sold enough to “compensate financially for the big labels”. Newcomers did not have any funding available to get jump started even and do the initial “PR and TV Ads” to get known to begin with.

You can´t sell Music, if nobody knows you are making Music or exist or how your Name is. Right?

Even Michael had a peak of disputes happen back then, with his Label, Sony.

So, the point is:

Just like they have used other forms of Media before as a Focus, to spread disinformation against an Artist, cause public mass bullying toward Michael, his appearance, his skin problems, and personal information such as his intimate thinking or sexual orientation- now they do THE SAME TACTICS, just online more.

As anyone can go online, make a profile, a Blog, a Youtube Channel or Twitter account, the Music Industry too, does it´s deception moves online and goes to make “Counter Profiles and Blogs” and try that way to CONTROL THE TRUTH AND THE MARKET. Public Opinion, the Information flow which can be very open and free online.

The Industry has used after 2009 tactics online, to shove down your throats some of their new Artists, to get to your money in your pockets, MJ Fans.

They are using Michael as a tool, and they have set up false Profiles and fake accounts online, to tactically steer and influence the MJ COMMUNITY ONLINE COMMUNICATION, and many Fans have reported to me that they too noticed such things before. Even every Michael Jackson Group on any Page, that spreads ONLY GOOD VIBES, TRUTH AND LOVE, get “copied, counterfeit versions made” and harassed by ongoing stalking from fake accounts that come in to insult Michael, and harass the feelings of the MJ Fans on a particular Group.

Porn images, and sexually harassing comments and images are posted then by these fake accounts, to bring in bad vibes and “harass away Fans” to decrease the hype in a given conversation and “cut off the good vibes”.

If you don´t believe me, go look around online for yourself and ask other MJ Fans about their online experiences and you will see for yourself.


It is said simply, but takes some work on the self to be done.

I can see the difference myself too, the more you “see and feel” anything of a negative energy nature, like lies, bullying, drama, tabloid fear mongering, war news, all that ultra negative stuff, the more you feel “heart pressure and a blockage of inner peace flow”.

The more you ignore such things, and focus on your own self, your life, friends, family and loved Ones, and read good literature, watch funny Movies with a light vibe, no drama, you feel “recharged and balanced” and sleep better too.

I am very serious about this now, think about it well and deeply, and take Notes for your own life and situations. Analyse what you read, see, contacts, communication, online or offline, what you see every day.

What you have to handle at work, pressure, negative co-workers or positive happy ones, think about all of that and reflect on how it affects you, daily, and then try to break the routine and improve that by blocking off negativity and focusing on increasing the “happy vibes” and “good news”.

I usually would always “escape the duality issues” when my Soul needed rest, by making Music, or meditating preferrably outside, in Nature, like under a Tree. You do not need Meditation Music/ Zen Music for it, if you know how to control your thoughts and just shut out daily routine thinking or tasks and to do lists.

You just first empty your thoughts, like a cup, to be re-filled with pure water again, symbolically.

It is easy said, but challenging in action and needs training, until you can really NOT THINK ANYTHING during meditation.

You may sit down outdoors, or under a Tree, a bench in a Park, or at the Beach, anywhere you like individually. And then just try to not think, but FEEL ONLY. Feel your surroundings, life energy, nature, the wind on your skin and breathe in slowly and deep, in and out.

This is a good first step to cleanse your mind from daily energies from others that project things on you, when stressed at work or in school or so.

There is a mass consciousness in society, and this is something we all connect easily too, as we are all ultimately connected in Spirit. God made all of us, and in God´s heart we are all connected.

This here though, the human mass consciousness affected by duality and what mistakes and decisions humanity has made, is what is important to put aside during meditation to access your inner pure core.

The more you “program your mind and train it” to this, the more you de-program any false illusions inflicted by society on your mind, any news and fear mongering spiritual effect, and over time (few weeks and months already) see a big difference in how you feel when you wake up in the morning or go to sleep at night.

You will feel different and more peaceful about yourself and others.

You will consciously appreciate your friends and family, loved Ones and good business partners more.

You will begin to see the INNER CORE OF OTHERS, as you train yourself to keep focus on YOUR OWN INNER CORE AND SELF.

I picked a few Videos I recommend, that you can watch and listen to to attune yourself to your own individual truth and self:

Diana Cooper – Archangel Michael

Diana Cooper – Archangel Metatron

I love Diana Cooper and she is one of the few rare People I have watched Videos from back in 2010, that I can confirm is real and has real communication with the Angels for sure.

She also chose my Archangel Michael Dream Story, from 2003,to print as an example story for angelic communication in one of her Books.

There are others too, which carry a light and balanced vibration in their Aura, but I am generally careful and shield my mind, as proposed to you all above too, from even seeing or reading or watching or listening to anything of a lower and “negative, spiritual aura attacking energy”.

I do not read ANYTHING basically that is published in News sources about Michael Jackson. I do not look up anyone, I do not post on any Blogs or Forums, except own Pages related to our Official Brand and Label, such as this Blog right here, my own Blog.

I keep my connection with Michael pure, and rely only on what he says. He feels uncomfortable if I would go read what some people talk and do online, or in any official news sources about him. He hates it.

He is very insisting that I do not even click up or google or watch on TV any News about him and “public tabloid style talk”. When things would be ABOUT TO BE PUBLISHED, he would come RIGHT BEFORE and say things suddenly, explaining what they are about to claim and give me the full truth, honest and open, negative and positive details, so I am fully prepared and informed to “not let their lies affect me toward Michael and his honesty”.

Sometimes I would get angry, at let´s say, things like the detail surrounding his medical situations, when he would tell me things openly and super, super honest. But then I would understand and calm down again, appreciating how incredibly honest he is to me.

I would then see the defamatory news or harassing toned news and tabloids come up after, and see how worried Michael was that “I could believe their lies and see them”.

This is what all of you can do, now to shield your minds, your hearts, and TRULY work up and build up the constructive, positive spiritual vibes to make better of your self and your life. Your talents, your own Art inspired by Michael, can grow also this way into incredible and individual expression. Your Business, your Family, your Hobbies, everything can get a new Perspective and constructive Focus to evolve into the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF YOU CAN POSSIBLY BECOME ON EARTH.

Michael didn´t show you the Man in HIS Mirror only, he pointed you to your OWN MAN/WOMAN in YOUR Mirror that you have to actively work on yourself, individually.

More Articles coming later today!

We´re sending out a Major Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

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