Michael Jackson´s Fans: About the Active Talents forming the Next Generation of Artists under Michael´s Wing © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

And a special Dear MJ Fans here!

This is a special Article Michael just said less than 5 Minutes ago he wants me to type down. He has a Message to his Fans, and meaning here specifically the Fans that have been seeing Michael as a Role Model in his exceptional Artistic Work and got inspired to also become Artists such as Dancers, Singers (Vocalists) and Songwriters/Producers.

There are even Fans who have gone the Path of Acting and Filmmaking as well, and others who have picked up classical Art like Painting and Sketching.

Michael Jackson did not only inspire “Musically talented Fans”- but generally Creative Thinking, and on top of that, he has inspired many People to become a better Person. His unique example of his charity efforts, so much he got into the Guinness Book of World Records for it, has been the very Source of ultimate Inspiration for his Fans, to work on their own “Man/Woman in the Mirror”.

A few important points we are going to now look at a bit more up close and in depth.

MICHAEL JACKSON IN THE 1980s: Overwhelming Number of People in Society are “Fans of his Music and Dance” ©

Back then, and I remember this clearly, TV Report Styles and Tones and all, most of the People around me, Adults AND Kids (I was a Kid back then yet), were all Fans of Michael Jackson.


Of course, whatever I write here and how I write it, will always be “Twin Soul Perspective Biased” to be honest, but I am sure many Fans will resonate and agree.

Even People that were not necessarily a Fan of his Personality or him as a Man/Person, were all in orchestrated honest ways admitting to “like his Music and Work” saying things like:”I don´t like him necessarily as a Person, but his Work is genius, I love Billie Jean, Beat It, Thriller” and so forth. Same words, by many People.

If you research and calculate yourself, you will see that Michael Jackson truly had the biggest Fan Base and Resonance anyone has ever had on such a global Audience.

He didn´t have to do anything for “PR”- even though he did, as a Form of “Business PR Art”. He created his own style and way of presenting himself to the Public. He didn´t just “make” Art, he was “Art walking on 2 Legs”.

Michael Jackson was the whole Package, not just some “Actor on the Stage”. Some things were acting, he had a great Talent for that. You see it in his Videos. But most of what and how he presented in the Public, in himself, in his Work, in his good efforts for Humanity, was all honest.

People thought it´s “so creative and bizarre”, how he seemed to them as a Person. Back then, most People were just yet fascinated by it and wondering, having many Questions. But it was not negative, most of it.

But this was Michael, his true honest Vision, Ideas, his very Soul openly on the Stage. He could not have achieved what he achieved, the deep personal resonance many feel of his Fans, if he didn´t do his work HONEST AND FROM A PLACE IN HIS HEART AND SOUL.

This is true Magic.

The Tabloids had begun by Thriller to start mocking and bullying Michael with Lies, when his Album broke records and became the most successful Solo Album ever.


When I write “Pop Culture” I am not referring to Michael, the King of Pop here yet. I am talking about the Culture of Society, regarding Fashion, what is popular and what not popular, and generally what makes up public opinion about Entertaining things we do. Music, Movies, going out, what Fashion is cool to wear and what not, Gender rules in Make up and Clothing (Examples: Men should have short hair, Women long etc…) and so forth.

In different countries, of course, there are different nuances of “Pop Culture”. What is cool in America, might not be the same “cool” in, let´s say, India.

There are in almost all Cultures similar “society rules and expectations”, in a “no go” sense and in a “expectation” sense.

For example, the following widely known prejudices and societal programmings:

  • A Man must not cry or show “emotional weakness, depth”
  • A Woman needs to “put on make up” and look a certain way, physically
  • A Man should not wear Make-Up, and “if he does, he is gay or wants to be a Girl”
  • A strong Man needs to look a certain way physically, and have “muscles toned visibly”
  • A Man needs to speak with a deep, lower Voice, rough and “masculine”
  • A Woman should speak with a soft, higher-pitched, “feminine” Voice
  • Women need to shave
  • Men don´t need to shave
  • Men should have short Hair
  • Women “look more feminine with long Hair”

It is a known fact, that Michael Jackson was “wiping some boundaries” regarding what society in most places expects and

But Michael Jackson reached all these different Cultures around the World, having tons of Fans in every imaginable Country in the furthest corners of the World.

It is a rare and complex truth, for you to find out about Twin Flames/Twin Souls.

It is something that usually is fully visible in the more pure spiritual realms, as this society here this World has gone so far off the edge of the dualistic balance, that real Twin Flames do not often come here, both halves together at the same time lines.

I know many people talk about it, but they do not know. It is not real, it is real in an INNER TRUTH SENSE, yes. Reflections, efforts, research all that is fine too it can help certain people for their own evolution, and Twin Flame Reunion work.

But the factual, real re-uniting in the PHYSICAL REAL WORLD of true Twin Flames, is a very rare thing.

Michael Jackson is such a case.

Nobody understood him, or his Twin Flame Merging/Metamorphosis being visible publicly.

Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story: Before and After 1982 Only Nose Surgery- Photos for Educational and Documentary Purpose
Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story: Before and After 1982 Only Nose Surgery- Photos for Educational and Documentary Purpose

Michael did not change much, as you can see in the Insight we show you live, documenting the Work process on the “Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story” Documentary Project. (© Copyrighted)

The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story Project © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story Project © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


Michael Jackson: The Changing Faces and A Deep Spiritual Message of A United Humanity © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official



LINK 2- MARCH 2015

The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story: The Biggest Twin Flame Story Recorded in the Public Eye © Full Truth Biological Merging Twin Souls ArchangelMichael777



These are just some previous Insights into our Documentary Film Project we are working on since a while. Scientific precision and information, research and a new theory like this takes a while- it is not like the Art section only.

We are working on a serious and authentic Science Documentation Project, and this is a Script I came up with in cooperation with Michael, and I am the Cinematographer and Director of this Project.

It is an original Project “by Susan Elsa”, and when you see online some trolling stalkers and haters imitate my project work notes to this, photo documentation comparing style of facial features with Michael, the Music aspect, the very information about his Appearance Mystery that precise way, please let us know so we can inform out lawyers.

This is my PROJECT as a Film Director, not public “intellectual property to hand around and copy freely”, while insulting me. You may state your free opinions, I can´t stop you from doing that.

But don´t be calling out and announcing with copying of my detailed information OF THIS PROJECT I have been publishing since over a year now, that “you will be doing such a documentary as well” claiming my information for yourself and my work notes.

Deborah Vitale Stefaniak, as usual, is the false placed Agent sending those confused people to attack my work, because she can´t stand that her fraudulent bullshit has been exposed. She even seems to make up false profiles in the meantime, to “defend herself” and twist things like taking statements from my Page, and claiming through false Profiles that “I posted these on her Blog Page” which is factually and legally completely false. I never visited her “Page” or “Blog” or whatever she is doing with the fake Profiles. No need denying, we found that these “Profiles” use several spammer style emails and Names online, all that do not exist.


Here you can look for yourself at what we discovered in evidence we backed up for the lawyers:




This same troll posted some days ago on some Facebook page also, stalking me since 2 weeks now sent by Debbie clearly and citing her name the whole time, totally disgusting lies made up in her delusional mind about me and my public information Insights on the Science stuff.

She claims, a Worldwide respected and real Scientist that was a Guest Actor in one of my Videos is somehow “working for some pharmaceutical company” and me too! Crazy stalker, for real. This is totally fabricated in her mind and has no basis in reality and I in fact did not even go to any Doctors or take headache pills for years and would never “work for the Pharma industry” in any way- she seems to be, which is why she could come up with such a random crazy claim.

She tries everything to interfere in my work, and even pretends I have no Company, or officially registered Copyrights over my things, or personal Information rights and how and when to publish what.

I seen those bits only in that post on the Facebook page by her troll. I had no idea she posts SUCH CRAZY FAKE disinformation about me online. How insane!

She thinks its okay to publicly incite stalking toward a stalking victim and mock such traumatic experiences like I have published and spoken up against.

MJ Fans, remember, Michael was stalked. In harmful ways. Please don´t watch them repeat this behaviour and condone it.

Twin Flames have nothing to do with earthly agendas, fame, money (illusion of value made of trees, just paper!), and greed and jealousy.

These things are pure poison to the health and Aura of a real Twin Flame. They publicly harass and abuse me for my spirituality, and as I tell openly to you all of the truth about what happened before Michael passed, and after, and the whole Poisoning and Asthma issues, they WANT TO PUT MORE PRESSURE LIKE THIS ON MY HEALTH AND HEART, to “suffocate me with lies over time like they did with Michael”.

No problem. That too then I might feature the truth then about in the Documentary, because Michael´s Metamorphosis story is also about that: His appearance and sexuality, privacy and whole truth about his personality and character traits was at the core of the very personally toned focus on him.

That was not only a business problem, it was about human weakness and things that we need to heal to become truly the best and most humane we can be. Evolution!

Your Souls aren´t here to stick around, read gossip, consume unhealthy foods blocking your mind and body, trash others of another ethnic group, and throw garbage into oceans and natural landscapes.

You are here to evolve! And Michael showed you a way, even if his was difficult, he still walked his own way and DID evolve against all odds.

They tried to hold him back, to block his way, but he kept going and breaking through every wall they tried to place unfairly.

This all matters, because it is about you and me, about all People trying to live here peacefully and work the job they chose and evolve their natural way. Some trolls online are trying to disturb your “mind peace”, well don´t let them, ignore, ignore, ignore. Do something better with your time, seriously.

Michael has gone through enough, and he ain´t liking any attempts by such folks to bully me the same way and stab my heart at the same spot.

This situation carries a live lesson, about what and how we have to approach things to change this World to a better.

I do not interact with anyone almost online, I have no time. I try to find the time to blog from time to time, in between my busy schedule, but it is not possible every day in the meantime. I am not a blogger, I am a Singer and Film Director, and I own my own Company.

I also do legal work, besides that, and help for justice, literally and professionally. I am not who these trolls try to make you think I am, and they stalk me since a while, and twist things in online comments and trolling around my Pages and new Releases of Music and such.

They attack, and then complain about their karma and backlashes by my own dear Fans and Followers. People with a heart and compassion, knowing my work, my story, and seeing them attack and deciding to defend me- then they come again to stalk and accuse me of “making people attack them”. No, not at all, YOUR ACTIONS bring you these reactions from people SEEING THE SITUATION IN PUBLIC. I don´t need to say anything to anyone. I try to ignore all this, and only tag messages sometimes, meaning well, and/or speaking up against some live tactics to fight back against their moves, without looking at details of insults and comments, as Michael wants it.

2 Become 1- Twin Flame Key to Heaven- Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official- ArchangelMichael777 Projects 2010-2015 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
2 Become 1- Twin Flame Key to Heaven- Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official- ArchangelMichael777 Projects 2010-2015 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


To me, Art and Music has always been a tool of soul expression. More than talking and common verbal communication in daily life, Music to me was the only and best way to really express myself in the best way possible.

I felt at peace, when singing and making Music, since my Childhood. The Songs, the Music was my escapism from any trouble I saw in school or society.

An Artist´s personal Music Brand and “artistic Fingerprint” contains the very Soul and summary of most personal experiences and realisations in stages of Life.

This is why certain laws exist, such as Copyright and Intellectual Property laws, and personal rights each human basically has too and that cannot be taken away from any individual.

Michael Jackson had such an HONEST expression in his Music, that everyone felt it. This is what a good Singer does, generally, and Michael topped anything known to the Artist scene.

They say, the more you express your soul and put it into your Music and Voice, it is like “being emotionally naked on the stage”, and the more you put the right vibe of your soul into your performance, the more the audience feels it and resonates with your Vocals.

Michael showed you how this is done, in the best way possible. Others can´t do it like him, despite technically good vocals and lots of vocal gimmicks and slurs.

The Soul content in any given Song or Performance, is felt.


You know certainly of some Friends, or People locally or that you seen on TV even, that are all citing Michael Jackson as their main influence to chose a certain profession vision for their own Future.

In the recent Spike Lee Documentary about the “Off The Wall” Album, many older and newer Artists, Dancers, Choreographers, Filmmakers, are joining to confirm once again this fact: That Michael influenced their decision to do what they do now strongly.

I might be just Michael´s Twin Flame and naturally love and share and make Music and Art too, but I know there are many, many Fans out there, older and younger, which have also discovered that they love Music, or Art such as Painting, or creatively expressing themselves. It is a passion you cannot erase.

For people that truly feel it, all these illusions like fame and money don´t count.

It is about how it makes you feel, how natural and yourself you can be freely when expressing your inner soul that way.

I am happy that many have actively picked up to heal and rescue Artistry, and expand Michael´s Vision for the next Generations. I think it is important that the Fans express how and what they feel through Art as well.

There are a lot of wonderful MJ Fans out there, around the World, filled with Talent and Ideas.

Do it, take action and realize your Visions! Let´s show the Music and Entertainment Industry that we can change how their Business on Music works, and “free the Soul of Music” from their grip and manipulations again.

Let´s do what Michael kept saying we should do, and not just forget and let them ruin Artistry and Soul Expression in society that way.

Let´s stand up for the Soul Rights we all have equal as Human Beings with a Soul, and demand respect for our health, well being and our Children.

Music can help many People out of daily routine and stress. The World could not be what it is anymore, if we don´t have Entertainment to stimulate our psyche and souls, our hearts and fantasies.

We have a Project that has the Space also for anyone of the MJ Fans that are actively doing Art to join.


Please view the following Project Website for more and contact us anytime:


This is just our Planet Earth Art Healing Project, but there are many more good Projects out there to join by creative People that work hard for their Art as well.


Of course, Michael directly does not really need any support having all the heavenly Hosts and God on his side directly now. He is very strong, a unique soul.

But, I am still here and so it means, he is still “half involved” and cares therefore, which is why I am being attacked by his enemies as they attempt to “get to him through attacking me”.

Very evil thinking and behaviour. All this, as explained in the previous Article today as well, we have to make an effort all together to change.

Supporting Michael is not about him personally only, but about you, your family, your Kids, your spouses, the very future of how this World will EVOLVE IN THE FUTURE.

If you support Michael, you support what he represents and stands for. You support justice and truth, and basic respect for each living Being, including Animals.

Michael brought a Message, he was the Channel for it. But the Message is forgotten if you do not put the Message into Action!

Take action, work on yourself, work on finding out your best individual contribution to make this happen, so we all can enjoy living on this Planet and this Life Form more and our Children and Children´s Children too.

I A.M. (Archangel Michael)

Wishing you all a wonderful Day and sending you lots of Love & Light through Archangel Michael´s Blue Ray!

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

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