Dear Readers

This is not really a full Article, but a Statement about certain facts, before I give some minor, minor insights into the Los Angeles Appearance I had and the Updates on the Twin Flame Metamorphosis.

When I was in LA, I had initially a wonderful time. Everything was fine, the weather was all year warm and spring-style. I enjoyed it, I liked how many famous folks one meets regularly anywhere, in super markets, or just in the street, anywhere. It is normal there.

It made me feel bit closer to my “Hollywood Film Director Vision”. I never walked up to anyone, never disturbed “Fan style” I am a shy person and have lots of respect for the privacy of Celebrities, based on knowing how Mike felt about this matter.

I seen Christian Slater (he walked into me once and apologized), Anthony from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Shaggy, Tyra Banks sat with a big ice cream right behind me once with Boyfriend in a Cinema Theatre (did not disturb once, let them enjoy Movie and that´s it). I seen Puff Daddy /P. Diddy with some Date and a Maybach Car parking at Rodeo Drive once to go shopping, just checked out the Car, from the Terrace outside I was at eating Cheese Cake. I seen lots and lots of famous people, and also never you see me speak and speak about it here. There is also nothing to say, they famous, they also human beings, and I never had a relationship with those, only Michael, that was a different matter. I also met Keanu Reeves 4 days after arriving in LA, in 2005, in Venice close to the CHAYA VENICE, a Restaurant he asked me suddenly for directions to, but of course I had to pass and did not know LA well yet to know where this is.

The only “famous Person” I had a personal, natural, human contact with was Michael Jackson. Obviously. I don´t want to sound mean here in any way, but I was simply zero interested in any of those Celebrities, as I don´t care about the whole Fame thing, or Money, or all that, and I liked LA for being so normal, for Stars walking there around being also just normal and natural. That´s the point.

So, not once was my Relationship with Michael Jackson in any way about his “fame and money”, not even in ONE THOUGHT. Understood? I am the opposite of such Person´s as a Human Being, have sacrificed and risked my Career a few times over years, to STAY HONEST AND AUTHENTIC AND MYSELF.


When I got in personal contact with Michael in LA, I was just some simple student and studying Film Directing & Cinematography. I was surprised to see how “normal” Michael could move around, at least sometimes.

I was surprised I met him initially, by pure fate/coincidence in some Sandwich store in Santa Monica, WITHOUT Bodyguards. I never expected that “Michael Jackson is anywhere without Bodyguards”.

Of course this is why the first encounter was quick, and he just took my contact information and said:”I want to talk with you, but not here and not now.”

Very early on I made clear, and he too, that we will not expose my privacy in any way, and protect it in fact. I was not a public person, not the least bit in any media or disgusting tabloids and never wanted that.

We talked about such great, unique Movie Project Plans, and agreed that this is the main Focus as I had REJECTED that he helps me with my Music in any way- I wanted to make it on my own and impress him. I have always been very stubborn and independent in my thinking.

We also spoke about my Culture, Egypt, and ancient Egypt, Black History, Africa, and Racism issues he shared happening in Show Biz, over there especially. We naturally spoke therefore also about details, like his family, my family, cultural backgrounds, Christianity (Jehovas Witnesses) and Islam (my family is muslim, this how I grew up) and so forth. Michael in fact, when I was back then totally distanced from the history of my own country, and Islam, he was the one to tell me things I didn´t even know and encourage me to “love myself the way I am and be proud”.

I told him how when I was much younger, as a child, I would feel embarrassed when my parents speak Arabic to me in public, and people watch like “who are those aliens”- I don´t know, it was also from the bullying in my childhood that I felt this way. He was very emotional about it and told me how he too had to learn to not let any racism affect him and stay proud of who he was, and proud of being Black. Feeling worthy, feeling equal, is not always so easy in this very racist thinking society.

Many folks can relate, just not white People. (no offense)

So, all this I am saying to explain why, for all these private and complex situations, he did everything to shield me and my privacy from any public exposure or abuse, without that we decide on our own to publish something (the Movie Projects, sometime later planned).

Sometimes I had to wait and wait, he would not show up on time. He would pop up much later, or just pop up also on Days without that we had agreed to meet at all, surprise style. He had to do it that way, so “his people do not notice”. He said that many People working for him can also sometimes go talk and ruin our secrecy plans.

He also said, he is sure he is being spied on. We just had no idea it was probably by foot too, not just phones and email and all that, but when he would sneak away, probably someone would follow him by foot.

Why this Theory? Because despite all of this remaining silent in public and shielding me very well with all his experience in how to do that, when I began publishing things in early 2010, after he had come back in Spirit and told me that I am “The One, his Twin Soul”, and actively channeling with him Productions, I got cyber attacked and files hacked  VERY QUICKLY- so fast the Interference Plans were placed, that it is impossible to imagine they did such within 2-3 months only- they must have known and spied more than I was aware in Los Angles already and just “reacted when I started baby steps of going public”, with copyrighted MY MUSIC.

I did not openly mention Michael Jackson´s Name, I kept totally like before the whole time, private memories. I just put REAL SPIRITUAL CHANNELED TWIN FLAME SOUL ENERGY AND LIGHT into my Music, as he was guiding me.

Then they reacted by sudden hacking attacks, repeatedly, trying to damage files, block finishing of Songs, infect Demos of Music with Viruses and more such very precise tactics, live steering even from distance hacker-style my screen WHILE I AM WORKING on my Laptop.

This intrusion felt very harassing, very very non-acceptable-harassing.

Archangel Michael (Secrets of Heaven 777) *OFFICIAL ALBUM COVER* by Susan Elsa July 2010 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Archangel Michael (Secrets of Heaven 777) *OFFICIAL ALBUM COVER* by Susan Elsa July 2010 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

The above Album Cover, updated with Blue Veil and Titles, the sacred Twin Flame Heart and all that, was added on an old Hand sketch I had made of Mike once, within 6 days. This is the Album I was working on, when the Hacking Interferences became super obvious and undeniable to me as an Amateur, and Michael screamed:”Take the best Demos now, publish and register Copyrights NOW- they are planning to interfere in your/our work”.

So, I listened to Michael and he was right, as always.

I made this Cover, by Hand, and added digitally the Title, on a Copy of the old Black & White Hand sketch, and released a “Special Pre-Insight Edition” with 4 Raw Demos, the most important, including the Twin Flame Message Song (Key to Heaven) and the I A.M. (Archangel Michael) Consciousness Merging Song and more, to protect legally and by registered, dated Copyrights my personal, spiritual Information and Work from “the approaching Interference” as Michael said clearly.

The Official Release Date of this all was within 6 Days of the most severe hacking attack, on 13th July 2010.


After the Hacking, and spiritual Black Magic attacks on our Twin Flame Merging starting around the same time (Summer 2010), I hoped somehow that Michael isn´t right and it´s all “not too bad and not true”. But in 2011, fully open, public, on a global Level, they just “re-released” all my work, concepts, personal “unique TWIN SOUL BASED spiritual channeling songwriting methods” information, facial marks (cheek mole) again under other´s Names in Hollywood, selling it off as their own”- like I have zero Human Rights, Company Rights or Copyrights.

I would get anger attacks, seeing my personal Info abused like this in TABLOIDS, for the PROMO AND MONEY MAKING of these other Artists in Hollywood over there, and take the Newspapers and go to the Forest SCREAMING my lungs out from the abusive Injustice, curse them and tear the Newspaper pages apart.

As I had published originally the first “Twin Soul Pop Spiritual Channeled Music” Baby Steps on MY BIRTHDAY, in 2010, they had recycled and printed my Information on how I work now with Michael (channeling method forming new Music Genre and Concept) on purpose so it would be EVERYWHERE in the News and Tabloids on MY BIRTHDAY a year later, in 2011.

Michael, and here additionally, Bruce Lee, did not let me give up hope. They helped me with the Song Project in 2011, for a Message about Women and Girls, Mothers and the Feminine, able to heal the World. A Project about the Human Rights of Women, as I am the Feminine Counterpart in my and Michael´s shared Twin Soul, in such a situation and speaking up for Women´s Voices. We made a Video, published this time the Song for his Birthday, on 29th August 2011.

WOMEN-OF-THE-WORLD-RIGHT-EYE-OF-FEMALE-MJ-BIRTHDAY-RELEASE-DATE August 29th 2011 Susan Elsa © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
WOMEN-OF-THE-WORLD-RIGHT-EYE-OF-FEMALE-MJ-BIRTHDAY-RELEASE-DATE August 29th 2011 Susan Elsa © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

In August 2011, I registered this Blog, as Michael was guiding me to more “independent information sharing platforms” online, while all we were doing was technically attacked, slowed down, disturbed this way constantly. Strange things would happen, on “social media pages” for no apparent reason.

We had channeled “Archangel Michael Messages” before this Blog was officially launched then, about the special Celebration Date, spiritually, of the 11th November 2011, and so this Blog was paused and officially “published” and opened on the 11-11-11 with firsts Posts.

It carries the Title, summarized, of the Archangel Michael Pop Album which was interfered with in 2010, and emergency-rushed released in raw channeled Demo form. It carries the true SPIRITUAL NAME of Michael Jackson and the 777 spiritual numerology “completion, merged unit” code.

The Completing of that Album, we paused for the meantime back then, until Michael says to continue, and worked on the Past Life Memory Songs about ancient Egypt. (Released as “I REMEMBER” in December 2010)


All of a sudden, sometime in Summer 2012, as I was preparing my “Other Part of Him” Song, the counterpart Song to Michael´s Another Part of Me (Demo channeled and dated in evidence October 2011), and for this Song, updating the Label Website, making interactive own Indie Forum, and my Book, with the revealing of the TWIN SOUL STORY – some online Friends and Followers (Fans of my Work) have reported to me about “some Blogger named Debbie S. publicly imitating my Story with a Blog too”, and that “she mocks and insults me publicly on her Blog disregarding my Spiritual Truth”- totally unashamed and open! They also said that she seems to “spam all Michael Jackson Fan Forums”, and I seen it myself as online some folks would confuse me with her, and that was the purpose of these Interferences!

And, she looked like the same Artists that kept impersonating and RE-SELLING my work and information, in Hollywood.

I felt so harassed, I never went to look up myself or read anything, I tried as with the Hollywood Copycats and Twin Flame Interferers to SHIELD MYSELF FROM ANY OF THEIR BAD SPIRITUAL ENERGIES. This is a must-rule Michael put in place, in 2010, especially after the Black Magic attack. They try to transmit bad energy that is spiritually harmful to your Twin Flame Merging Process, especially when still sensitive and early on after he passed.

I DID NEVER LOOK AT DEBBIE STEFANIAK´S BLOG, and any other statement is clearly false and can be punished under the law for being on purpose “with malice defamatory to mislead about my Copyright situation”.

This is Michael´s rule, how we handled things since 2009/2010. I never EXPOSE MYSELF to negative, attacking energies, I am an expert at shielding myself from Jealousy and Black Magic Energies, based on my Life story.

I don´t know how many times she wrote, what exactly in wording, I just have bits and pieces of information from others that saw her do things.

I tagged few things like Michael said to, and left it at that. Kept focusing on my work and Mike´s guidance.

Suddenly, in 2014, she wrote me first and only time herself, directly, via Twitter calling loud for my private address demonstratively and with a fake face, and on Facebook, threatening and insulting, mocking me like I have “nothing to say in this matter and need to shut my mouth in public” and seriously posting seemingly everywhere online, including in those messages to me and other´s Messages of her Followers to me, that “I supposedly TAKE THINGS FROM HER BLOG AND IMITATE HER”- you have no idea, no idea, how angry I got. This is CLEARLY on purpose misinformation tactics she got hired for, to publicly incite deception and bullying to me over my LEGAL COPYRIGHT AND HACKING/ESPIONAGE SITUATION, with the Music Industry. She knows zero of anything and has zero respect for Human Rights and Racism Victims. Of course, she is white…

It is 2016 now, she still didn´t stop this criminal behaviour as I keep getting from time to time strange online comments or messages, from people all in the same tone “defending Debbie”, as if it all fake profiles set up by her or friends of hers. She is trying to put anti-spiritual focus into people´s and MJ Fans minds, speaking of “deceasing energies” constantly, not how well and invincible Michael is! And of course, to her as she can´t see his truth, she claims:”Michael Jackson is not an Archangel, he is just someone, that got murdered”- yeah and speaking violently of such a matter, is of course something “he wants his Twin Soul to do to get in life danger”- wake up MJ Fans! Justice doesn´t come through blogging of such matters, and besides that, I sang about this in 2010 already, in subtle ways as Michael guides me.

Debbie S. is destructive and dangerous, and has no respect for crime victims voice or human rights at all to speak of such matters to begin with!

Last Legal Statement to Stalker and Copyright Infringer Deborah Vitale Stefaniak (Photo for legal identification purposes due to impersonations and dangerous tactics)- ARCHANGELMICHAEL777
Last Legal Statement to Stalker and Copyright Infringer Deborah Vitale Stefaniak (Photo for legal identification purposes due to impersonations and dangerous tactics)- ARCHANGELMICHAEL777

Does this look to you like a “TWIN” to Michael? Does she look like me? NO, she does not and the truth was made visible by God.

Last Legal Statement to Stalker and Copyright Infringer Deborah Vitale Stefaniak (Photo for legal identification purposes due to impersonations and dangerous tactics)- ARCHANGELMICHAEL777
Last Legal Statement to Stalker and Copyright Infringer Deborah Vitale Stefaniak (Photo for legal identification purposes due to impersonations and dangerous tactics)- ARCHANGELMICHAEL777

They keep trying to tell me always “why don´t you accept she is HIS TWIN SOUL TOO, what if Michael channels through YOU AND HER”- hell no. Fuck off with these tactics trying to get to my Aura energies- I am not sharing MY SOUL with some racist Book author I don´t know. It´s total harassment on purpose, trying to “enforce the Black Magic intrusion to feed off my Aura”. She can´t do anything I can, and has zero musical or dance talents. She shares NOTHING with Michael Jackson that makes Michael be Michael.


Nobody has any right to state and defame like this stating publicly the OPPOSITE OF THE TRUTH AND LEGAL SITUATION I AM IN, a serious situation, and so I will crush with my lawyers those people and all she did is only evidence of what Hollywood is doing, trying to control Michael´s Legacy and Message, going that far.

How dare you, this is a public false accusation of an economic manipulation and human rights/personal information privacy kind!

This is a cover up attempt, and proven in public by her on purpose with malice false claims and anything she says, if I were you, I would protect my Mind and Consciousness from it, because even “false nice pretentious words” carry her Twin Flame attacking, Interference and Jealousy energy. I am putting myself out there, and risking this whole public bullying circus on my Music and Film work, my Career, only to share the honest truth and protect Souls of innocent People and MJ Fans!

The other sometimes fake profiles, sometimes real folks, few that over this time were sent toward me and my Pages BY HER and her false defamatory claims, have all always mentioned only her, never anyone else that seemed to be “working for these hackers agenda”. Always her, in a professional, precise way attempting to STOP MY LABEL AND COPYRIGHTS that way, and block my personal Information that was hacked before and abused big time by Hollywood. Every time, tactical and in timing of PROJECTS being started, published or new important connections happening such as when the Jackson Family Management got in touch with me and Partners.

We cannot allow this to happen with Person´s Private Data, we cannot, after we know some things from the Edward Snowden leaks, confirming they do this, allow them to ABUSE MODERN TECHNOLOGY AND INTERNET, to pick and chose who OWNS THE OWN DATA AND WHO IS REPLACED.

We cannot have “actors and actresses” act out falsely another´s whole Identity to the public for economic or political Manipulations, like a Scientist or an Artist, or a Teacher, being “replaced and his/her identity and data given to false Agent” to take over things and CONTROL SUCCESS AND MONEY INCOME and so forth. If this happens, it is the end of Individuality and basic Human Rights and blocks natural Evolution!

All that what for, man, what for? For ruining my ART & INNOCENT SPIRITUAL STORY? The Truth will prevail, because God backs me and Mike up. Get over it!

2 Become 1- Twin Flame Key to Heaven- Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official- ArchangelMichael777 Projects 2010-2015 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
2 Become 1- Twin Flame Key to Heaven- Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official- ArchangelMichael777 Projects 2010-2015 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


Now, factually and realistically, I have had a Disadvantage for my own Career and Work, my Label and my professional Future, since the Start.

I have fought for years since I was a Teenager, to manifest my own Vision resonating with my Soul, and rejected the Faking Methods and Pretending Fake “Image PR Moves” of the Music Industry.

People, like the False Agents placed on purpose for this “Twin Flame Story Cover Up”, and other not so knowledgeable few Fans and People, have claimed on some social Media Pages of mine falsely, that somehow “I claim to be Michael´s Twin Soul to make a Career and Profit”- hell no! That is a crazy and stupid claim to make. It shows that the Person´s thinking or saying such a thing have no connection to Show Business, Michael´s challenges and problems there and no idea how it all works behind the Scenes!

Look at the situation!

I would have had many chances, to sell out, make profit, get fame and money, if I did NOT speak out such truths, confronting big evil powers.

If I wasn´t the honest, stubbornly on justice and truth fixated Personality that I am and always have been, I would have had a “Career and Profit” since a long time, since my youth.

I am the rebellious truth speaker, I am the independent Visionary, and always have been. Doing my own thing, THEY attacked and hacked, which is criminal law, not copyright law only. They crossed all boundaries, after Michael passed.

Speaking up now like this, more and more, open and super direct like “a slap in their lying faces” style, is NOT some ADVANTAGE FOR MY CAREER! It is the opposite, it is a battle, for my very Soul and basic Human Rights, and a repetition of Mike´s own situations before, so if we get this right now, it will be true Justice for Michael´s and my Soul.

Just now, there is more protection by things being public, that is why Michael said we must move ahead to tell our Twin Soul Story, and to teach. It is not just because of that, it was planned anyways to teach, but originally me and Michael did not plan to speak and blog about all this so early on. I never liked the idea of my privacy being so public, since many years I have been like that having grown up as a PRIVATE PERSON.

Just because I am an Artist, doesn´t mean I have suddenly no basic human rights or a right to basic respect. Just because I happen to be Michael´s Twin Soul, does not invite others on this dualistic Planet to rip off my heart and soul, ignore my basic human rights, copyrights and hack my computers.

The Truth will prevail, and on this Journey of healing the very personality traits of human beings in society and Mass Consciousness of people, I just ask you to make up your own mind, research first before you cross any fake profiles and people online making false claims to mislead you and use the mind God gave you to think and analyse things. Look at more than just the Internet, or the Music Business. The issues in the Music Industry are not merely “Show Biz Issues”- it reaches into many other fields that should have no business interfering in INNOCENT ART and Individual Expression. I want my peace and to be left alone by stalkers, it isn´t too much to ask really, it is everyone´s basic right in society! I decide who I talk with or not, who I associate my intimate Information IN PUBLIC with or not, I have the publishing right over my own information and my work, and nobody else. I worked hard to have this freedom, and built my own Music Publishing for it as well, officially and registered as official as it can be, over years!

I am angry and feel very abused, that I even have to blog about such matters due to the Interferences having become public. I will no more say anything and my lawyers will block your further stalking online and defamation attempts of my work and me, and you will pay the legal fees for causing such a disturbance. I waited now for few years, to see if these people will just get sane and realize what wrong they do and stop- but I guess I was naive and believing too much in the good in every person.

They do not mean well, at all.

They do not care about us, me and Michael, and ethnic minorities, and they especially do not care about Twin Flames.

This is all I wanted to say.

We´re sending out a Major Blue Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

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