BORN PSYCHIC: ABOUT MY MUSIC BRAND AND ME © Susan Elsa – Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Original Note from my Music Page on Facebook:

MICHAEL JACKSON: "He wears the obvious signs of his own Twin Flame for her to see and for him to find her somehow" - HIStory Article- © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

*A Special Note*
Dear World
In the Cover Title Image, from a previous Article on my Official Blog, www.archangelmichael777.wordpress.c…, you see me on the right side playing in a children´s park as a little Girl.
Looking with the human superficial eyes, you see just that, little Susie.
Since that time I have been singing, and writing simple Songs, in English, making little “concerts with Barbie and Ken dolls”- including picking one to be the Manager, the Artists, the Office from which the Concert is being organised and all that, together with my Sister.
From my personal, internal, in depth sight I have been going back then already through challenges of a psychic nature, and was not yet capable of understanding myself fully, or why “I am different seemingly than other children around me in school”.
I was born psychic.
While trying to figure out myself, since Kindergarden, I experienced an above-average amount of jealousy and envy attacks from other kids at school, or even some adults. Back then, I would be very hurt by it, and not understand it. I would keep asking myself, and analyse situations, and try to figure out WHY these people for no reason attack me with hate and this envy-charged energy. I thought, the part that makes me different is to blame, the psychic side. I thought it is “something bad” and that this is why others dislike me. I was bullied bad, and long.
So, I started rejecting my psychic skills, my spiritual gifts, and tried as much as I could to oppress that side of me and hide it from everyone. I kept telling myself, that all this is no longer there, and wished to just be like everyone else, and fit in.
But the psychic Dreams remained.
I focused all these years then more on my Music, at this stage just trying to train my Voice in Singing, to be able to technically do what Michael Jackson does. He was the only one I felt, that is exactly like me and “feels my soul”. In his Music was his Soul, I could tune naturally into how he felt, singing these Songs. I saw visions, training, how he would feel on the Stage looking into the audience and stage lights, feeling this energy flow out of him into the World, and back from the World to him.
When I had problems, at school or private, I would lock myself in this big, empty children´s play room, and play Michael´s Tune and sing along with it, putting all my soul into it. I was feeling his soul too, and he was my example of how to handle pressure and bullying, and keep looking toward my goal: To become my own Artist, like Michael Jackson.
I was yet a child only, but going to sleep, regularly I would see Michael in my Dreams too. We were spending time, as we both slept, in a spiritual dimension. The place seemed every time the same place, someplace else.
I had some difficulty understanding it back then, because from Michael´s side kept coming at me some strong “wave of romantic passion and sexual energy”, and I had the Consciousness of a little Girl and didn´t understand it. I felt the whole time like, “I wasn´t there yet”.
I always wanted to be older back then.
At some point, as a Teenager, my psychic side started to break through the wall of rejection and trying to oppress it. It didn´t make sense, as I had developed my intellectual side strongly in the meantime, to “not accept myself the way I am”. God made me this way, and so I began just trusting God and looking into my own Mirror, fully.
I always had this analytical thinking, spending years having with a regular long time span until falling asleep, from my awake mind. I thought about the whole World, within and outside, all the time. I thought about myself, my weakness and strengths, and how to become better and better, as a human being, and as an Artist. I thought about my own Brand all my Life, my Tune.
I was myself the most and the free spirit I am when I would sing my Tune of my Soul, and get into it. I did that alone, for years, not even my parents heard my Tune. I developed my inner Music Vision and skills, locked in a room, for years. And I would panic if anyone wanted to hear my voice singing, or found out what I am working on, for my Future.
I was simply too shy, and in my mind too much of a perfectionist- thinking I am not yet there to reveal my voice to others.
Despite being a shy and very well mannered and nice Girl, I could also turn into a “supernatural dangerous force” I felt, when people would bully me or threaten me physically directly too much. I always had this fire inside my heart, and when the abuse level would become unbearable, it would break out of my heart chakra and manifest very quickly karma onto the attackers and bullies.
I will give you one story, from primary school. There were also some Boys which would bully me, different though than the Girls, their motivation and energy I felt. One Boy, on some rainy day, while on the class break outside, kept bullying me, and literally pointing his finger in my face and laughing about me, teasing me that way, and pushing me a bit.
Since it wasn´t the first time, this day and moment, I had enough. I felt this force rise within me, and then I kicked him with ONE FOOT into the area of his lower legs from behind-side ways kick style, and he FLEW UP into the air with both feet and feel hard on his butt. Then he started crying like a little Girl.
I had zero mercy, or respect after for him crying like a Girl, and thought:” Yeah, thats´right, never bully me again. I might look weak and girly, but I got power.”
I was proud of how I kicked him down, Bruce Lee style.
Now, everyone was laughing about him, the much taller Boy, having been made a Clown by a little Girl.
This is the same soul-based Force which Michael Jackson has, and I could feel the resonance and inspiration for defending myself, from his Music, especially BAD and the Movie MOONWALKER, my favourite all those years, feeling so personal to me.
The inner Force of Justice, and Righteousness, and Respect for all Life and the Innocent. Respect toward other´s feelings, the natural Law given by God, and the inability to accept Injustice, Lies and Jealousy, like the hatred energy of Bullies.
Later as a Teen I would always defend the outsiders and bully victims, by standing in front of them when the Bullies try to mock and attack them, and put on my “serious, I´m going to kick your asses to space if you try this again”-face.
EVERY SINGLE TIME, I would use for myself or others, this inner force I had, just through my eyes, putting on the “Dangerous Eyes Pose”, the attackers would not attack physically and get afraid, and only lash out verbally.
They knew a physical battle would be fatal, for them.
I had began at age 9, because of the bullying by older Boys at school, to go to Karate lessons, and that made me gain a lot in self respect and self confidence.
All that, was part of my Psychic Side, of being Michael Jackson´s TwinFlame Soul, having those mirror experiences with attacks, jealousy, injustice by others, constantly, growing up battling for myself and basic respect.
When I began, between 1999 and 2003 to work on my own Songwriting Skill, Ideas and the Message I wanted to honestly resonate with my Soul and all this, how I saw life, I as a very honest Nature, put my special, DIFFERENT and psychic side into my Music.
My unique experiences, my visions, my journey, simply me, is what my Music and Brand is. I always hated fakery and lies, injustice and all this fake behaviour in society, having gone through such experiences in school already as a Child.
Long story short here, when I had my journey of learning how to make Films in Los Angeles, I met Michael Jackson, privately and coincidently in a Sandwich store, as he obviously had thought of the same sandwich to get and went there at the same time as me. Pure fate. I never made any efforts to meet him, in fact I was nervous about the thought alone. I was too shy, I never even went to a Concert.
We talked about these things, that I explain in this Writing here. He loved my psychic side and couldn´t get enough of hearing about things, or doing readings or discussing supernatural topics and back to ancient Egypt, was his Focus at first. He was not the least bit afraid like others usually, and that was so new to me, that someone would accept me the way I am fully. He shared a few psychic stories with me too, and we were really alike, just like I always knew all my life.
After he passed, I was the whole time in the process of “dying with him” parallel, including physical poisoning criminally inflicted on me and my health in Los Angeles, and it was the most difficult challenge of my life. It took me everything, all my energy to survive this.
He ascended, I helped, he came back to rescue me, my Heart of Soul. I cannot keep living without half my Soul. I was angry, I wanted to die too, I found it a huge injustice that Michael passed and I am still here, having to stay here “alone”. He was the only one that is like me, that fully understands me.
I let out this inner force, this fire, like a volcano toward the false accuser, the first one, the father of the Boy, first thing in 2009. He then shot himself in the head, that bastard. And that is justice. Just like the people that bullied me, physically attacked me, defamed me, made this uncalled for “hate and jealousy war” on me since Childhood, that Man never had a right to attack innocent Michael´s life this way, his reputation and publicly bully and defame him in the most hateful way, for revenge because he is jealous and can´t handle his own life and failures, and does not want to look into his own Mirror.
My Music has reached new Levels, because Michael came back in Spirit, he did not leave me alone behind. He came back to help me, and it couldn´t have been any other way, because Michael cannot “be” without me, and I cannot “be” without him. We are One Soul, a Twin Soul.
He brought in so much energy, like I never felt before in this lifetime. He brought back my full self acceptance and self love for me now, and me as a Soul, and who I was in a Past Life, which had traumatized my soul so much, it reached into this Incarnation. He brought to me, as I am still a simple human being here amongst you, my inner Soul Truth fully, so I understand and realize that I AM Archangel Michael, the feminine Side, and this explained everything that happened in my Life before perfectly and seamlessly.
The feelings I had as a child, thinking this “part of me that is different, is why I get attacked”, was all connected to my Past Life Trauma. I digested all of this finally, on my first ever Debut Album I dared, named “I REMEMBER”, all naturally spiritually channeled in Egypt in ancient Egyptian Temples.
My Music is part of my Soul, it comes from the same place like my inner psychic spiritual Force. It is part of my pure Soul aspects. I could never even sing a Song I don´t truly mean, it must resonate with my Soul Truth.
And if you look at everything Michael Jackson endured in Show Business and the Music Industry specifically, and all the very negative-energy-charged Music that the Industry is putting out, nowadays even more, you see why I focus on this, to bring healing to Music itself, to resurrect Music itself. I fight bad vibes in Mainstream Music, with the Archangel Michael vibe in Music, and this is our Archangel Michael Entertainment Revolution. My “Spiritual Entertainment Concept” is real and honest, not for PR and Image. Many jealous Hollywood folks have in the past years copied my work, and me, my Persona, and my spiritual UNIQUE stories and information. They do not really have it, they lie to make Money.
You do not get to develop such a level of psychic skill, by doing wrong things. You can only reach it, if you stay honest to yourself and “got the blessing from God”- you can´t fake such things, Hollywood!
Today,I am still and even on a bigger level having to handle jealousy and hatred attacks by others, strangers this time. Out there, in the public, people that do not know me, judge and publicly bully me for who I am and always have been.
But that is, like it always has been since Childhood, the problem with the Self of others, with their own Mirror. They are just venting it at me, cowardish, to not take care of their own Mirror, because I am doing what they do not have the balls/courage to do.
And every time they attack me, even on a distance, my energy combined with Michael´s back up reaches them and kicks their asses from a distance, that´s how much I evolved. That´s how much I have came in all those years to accept myself the way God created me, and to love myself the way I am. You have no chance against my Mind, and you better not try to even attack my Soul. I will not feel no longer bad about the doomed Souls who do wrong, I will kick your asses while entertaining the innocent Souls out there, seeking Justice.
Archangel Michael kicks the Devil, while entertaining the innocent Souls watching, singing and dancing. He makes the many hurt Souls, that the Devil abused LAUGH like this, and the beginning of this laughter and bringing in humour into the Battle, is the first step to healing the souls of the innocent Souls.
People that bully others and try to take things of a personal nature from them are lacking self love in a very strong way I think. But only Love can heal your hearts, better learn from what me and Michael offer you instead of trying to stab my Heart in any way, the Heart of my Soul and who I am. It won´t bring you anything good, except for karmic consequences and a strong reply, with my psychic power, right back at your attacking Heart.
Nobody will ever make me feel bad about myself, and how God created me. I am born like that.
With Michael´s direct help from Spirit, this Miracle God made possible, I evolved my Music, OUR TUNE OF THE ONE SOUL, into the “Twin Soul Pop” Music Genre. It is a new Genre, yes. I am enjoying how I evolved, and I am happy I am no longer too shy to sing my Tune, in front of the whole World, and I am doing this for Michael, for Love only.
That is my Vision. The Truth to be in Modern Music and MAINSTREAM.
I AM the feminine Side of Archangel Michael.
The Archangel Michael Archeia Faith Blue Ray TwinFlame Soul Truth- Big Facial Mystery Analysis Twin Merging and Biology © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Archangel Michael Archeia Faith Blue Ray TwinFlame Soul Truth- Big Facial Mystery Analysis Twin Merging and Biology © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Insight into Next Article: Cover Image showing the Analysis of both Twin Flame Counterparts Facial Features, not even in the perfectly same head position as Michael is looking more sideways tilted, and me more lowering my Chin. Stay tuned.

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