The Bermuda Spiritual & Physical Energy Report & Mother Earth Analysis *Archangel Michael vs. Devil* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official /ArchangelMichael777

The Bermuda Spiritual & Physical Energy Report & Mother Earth Analysis *Archangel Michael vs. Devil* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official /ArchangelMichael777
The Bermuda Spiritual & Physical Energy Report & Mother Earth Analysis *Archangel Michael vs. Devil* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official /ArchangelMichael777

Dear Readers

Here comes a very special Article with an in depth, spiritual energetic analysis of the Bermuda Triangle, the Myths and Stories surrounding it.

Many people around the World, do not even know of the Bermuda Islands, as a Country, there, but only know of the so-called “Devil´s Triangle”- where supposedly ships and airplanes disappear as if swallowed up into nowhere.

Hollywood too has had their fun with making tons of Horror and Thriller Movies, about the Mystery of the Triangle, but always and without exceptions trying to “claim it as something of the Devil”- and associate it with Satan, rather than anything else of a good Nature. NATURE.

It is understandable, that human beings fear the forces of Nature. But in this specific case, and the very folks and their culture which have discovered the strange energies at the Bermuda Triangle back few hundred years ago, were in fact mostly resonating WITH THE DEVIL, and so they named it “The DEVIL´S” as if proclaiming it for him, such as people did on the Moon putting a Flag and Marking and Name into Locations.

It has never really been the Devil´s anything. I want to clarify, why I said those people mostly resonating with the devil: They were invaders, and after invading African lands, they took Natives from Africa away from their original Homelands, put them on slave ships to ship them to other places and re-locate them, and re-write their original History and Knowledge, plagiarising a lot to “make it their own”- which is if you read back in the ancient Egyptian Devil “Set” specific and perfectly resonating with his character and mind-set.


See, if you ask any random person, what they would do or feel if the real Devil came to them and appeared etc., they would totally get scared and afraid and paralysed. I can understand, I when younger too fell for this all and had fears toward such topics, like the Devil is to be feared because he is “powerful in an evil way”. The truth could not be further from this false imagery the Devil built in human consciousness for himself.

The Devil has no power, nothing compared to the power you have when you are with the light of God and this eternal love force. Archangel Michael, in the spiritual realms and universal truth, is so much more powerful, that the Devil is like an ant standing next to a giant, if compared with Michael.

But as you see in many aspects of human society reflected, the devil and people that tune in to his mind-set, have reached in some cases “earthly false power illusions”, by using violence, fear, hate and jealousy, by being criminal and lying, faking, manipulating, killing and all of this devil-like stuff. And of course, it is much more sensitive here in duality, in fact, only here can the Devil ATTEMPT to even get close to any souls to change them for his favour and “abuse their energy to become stronger like an energy vampire”.

You understand that? Like some monster eating up everything in its way to feed off of it and become stronger, this is how he functions and has kept all of this up for a while.

Darkness got no light, no energy, no force.

It cannot be sustained by itself, it needs to feed off light energy, to try and survive.

Nothing and no living thing, can BE without spiritual light. It is the breath of being, of creation, and without that, one would not exist even or be able to think anything consciously.

I found something very interesting for you, dear Readers, and notice here also how it has become common to refer to human beings as devils the whole time such as in “poor devil, lucky devil”, why not “poor angel, lucky angel”?

Again, human language expresses the inner truth. For the same reasons, but aware with meaning and consciously, me and Michael refer to evil souls/persons as “devils”- Michael would call his enemies and racist opponents that way, just like I do the same. It is the Archangel Michael Language of Truth.

Now, if people chose by own free will, for no apparent spiritual reason, to refer to themselves or others meaning it even harmless, as “a devil” in all kinds of opportunities, what does that say about their inner views and soul´s direction?

Take a look at the important analysis excerpt below:


Full Definition of devil

  1. often capitalized :  the personal supreme spirit of evil often represented in Jewish and Christian belief as the tempter of humankind, the leader of all apostate angels, and the ruler of hell —usually used with the —often used as an interjection, an intensive, or a generalized term of abuse <what the devil is this?> <the devil you say!>

  2.  an evil spirit :  demon

  3. a :  an extremely wicked person :  fiend

    b archaic :  a great evil

  4. :  a person of notable energy, recklessness, and dashing spirit; also :  one who is mischievous <those kids are little devils today>

  5. :  fellow —usually used in the phrases poor devil, lucky devil

  6. a :  something very trying or provoking <having a devil of a time with this problem>

    b :  severe criticism or rebuke :  hell —used with the <I’ll probably catch the devil for this>

    c :  the difficult, deceptive, or problematic part of something <the devil is in the details>

  7.   dust devil

  8. Christian Science :  the opposite of Truth :  a belief in sin, sickness, and death :  evil, error

between the devil and the deep blue sea
  1. :  faced with two equally objectionable alternatives

devil to pay
  1. :  severe consequences —used with the <there’ll be the devil to pay if we’re late>




Imagine, if you were walking on clouds, and you walked on a spot which was not so solid, when then you would fall, right?

There are even so-called “Swallowing Holes” in the solid landmass we walk on, I seen one in Bermuda and they had put a protective Fence around it. If one would fall in there, one would fall several kilometres into below sea level, meaning right into the Ocean from underneath the Island and not be able to be rescued.

Then, in space as well, you have so-called Black Holes, which nobody knows yet what they mean or do, if one would get sucked into them.

All these are examples to explain the following:

Yesterday, I had a Dream. In it, and this was not the first time at this Place, I kept hanging out with those Kids. One could go out of the “safe environment and youth home type building” to the back, and watch the incredible view, or the weather. In that case, the view seemed like Bermuda somehow, but a location I did not know or visit when there literally.

I am just guessing. Somehow, the building was very high placed, and this backdoor had a little sitting area with benches and stuff, like blinds that were broken or other materials. The weather was not so calm, dark clouds, rain, thunder, a type of weather that makes you stay home and inside as much as you can. One chubby Boy was  trying to take away some blinds, to sit down more comfortable, and when he carried them it brought him out of balance and he fell down this no-fence, open ramp-cliffs type space going down several meters. I was worried, but he had held onto some Palm trees (this is how they looked) and kept holding on, and then he fell but softly and survived. Nothing happened to him. Two other boys went downstairs quick, they were looking for him at the spot he fell onto, but he was already on his way up to us and had stood up.

I woke up and thought: What an interesting example Michael showed me!

So, in spiritual dimensions, or lets say, if you were on Earth, but seen it from MICHAEL´S EYES RIGHT NOW, you would see a normal landscape, but often a bit dimmed as the sunlight is not so strongly perceived with the spiritual eye (physical sun light), but spiritual light is, or shadow. And there are, if you walk across a street, a human earthly street, literal “ups and downs” in the dense manifested parts, some are weak, some stronger. It goes up and down a lot, sometimes you see buildings like a skyline, BEYOND physical earthly buildings, as if some souls had created lots of houses, yes whole cities in the spiritual around our material World.

Like, if someone lived in some City, let´s say Barcelona in Spain, and then knew the streets, had memories, loved, cried, for some reason cannot let go completely or wants to be able to come back close and check on relatives which remained behind, then you would see after this Guy´s passing structures like this in the spiritual realm right above Barcelona (4th Dimensional). He would have somewhere above Barcelona, a little House, resembling much of his original house, or then not at all, depending on how each one handles it.

He would be able to come back, in an almost earthly experience, watch “from above” and check things, at any time, for protecting, reflecting or sending simply love. Sometimes also to prepare reincarnations.

In many cases, this transitional place and how it looks like, says a lot about general human SPIRITUAL condition.

What I seen in the Dream could be all souls which passed, but still hang out right above Bermuda. Maybe they were on those ships too, or came with family, played around on the Island, fell into places. All this then becomes the summarized “human memory and mass emotions” at the given location.

The Bermuda Triangle Chakra itself, is something that does not “lead to hell”, even though many human beings generally think of dying like it´s a horrible thing and “hellish experience”- but that only shows their inner fears and guilt over karma gathered by own free will and actions. I mean now the own death.

It is a whole other thing to worry about OTHER LOVED ONES, as this is different, this is love and protective feelings, wanting loved ones to be well and enjoy themselves.

To refer to someone like the Devil or his followers, again, as “angels or fallen angels such as in ex-angels” reveals a lot of what originally happened. Yes, the Devil too (Set) was once, when created by God initially, pure and normal and well, and had soul light. But then, he “fell” and stayed down, not able or wanting to get up again. How weak is that?

Think about someone falling down in some sports game and then just staying crying and complaining on the ground- not an attitude of a winner or strong personality, right?

Any soul can change, heal, rise and ascend again. And it has nothing to do with the requirement of having to be in spirit first, for this to count. It counts right now, for all of you too, dear Readers, for all others we talked about such as the satanists/setianists in Hollywood selling their soul to this weakling, and others that do his deeds such as wars, rape, killing, abusing other innocent human beings.

So, there is no such thing like “a fallen angel”, nor is there such a thing like “a false twin soul”! Both do not exist and are a contradiction because once fallen, you cannot title these beings “angels”, and once false, you cannot take the term and speak it out loud “twin soul” at the same time! It is contradiction in spiritual terms, completely.

The devil IS NOT AN ANGEL!

And a liar is a liar. A false pretender is a false pretender.

But more on this later in more details.


Together with the above explained overall “wannabe powerful, fear-mongering, intimidating and false” imagery of the Devil, these Names and Stories exaggerated and some even totally fabricated, were used besides some real events of ships sinking, to shy and scare away others who had interested in occupation of the new found lands (America), so-called competitor occupation forces and others, to even attempt going there. It was a basic, classical and typical “psychological warfare tactics and information”, between invaders worldwide, mostly as everyone knows in common general knowledge these folks where “white colonialists”.

Yes, it is true that there is something about it, but just like the Earth Quakes, Volcano Eruptions and Hurricanes, it is pure and natural and of an original Creation by God, and therefore, could never “be the devil´s property” in any way.

It is a very powerful earth chakra, an energy gate, an energy centre on this Planetary Body, just like each human Body and Spiritual Soul Bodies too have Energy Chakras.

What you project, visualize and emotionalize into this Triangle Chakra, gets multiplied and felt around the World in all other Chakras of the Planet!

This is why, from a spiritual view point, the Devil would be so interested in it.

I noticed generally, that it is like the Devil always tries to “occupy the Planet” as if all kinds of natural events and forces, or challenging seas and oceans locations, are somehow associated with the Devil. Never much with God, nor the Archangels, nor do people ever see it as a simple, power demonstration, energy rising, voice, message from MOTHER EARTH, our Planet.

I want to say here, I did not watch the Oscars, but I heard that Leonardo DiCaprio used exactly that stage for a meaningful message, that we should not take this Planet for granted and care and change and take action, now. That was very noble of him, thank you. Especially for caring, and using this crappy, racist Platform to actual show some soul and truth!

I want to note here also, that as announced in 2014 and documented well, reporting on spiritual works we did, Michael proved you in the meantime his powers from beyond- he said Hollywood did this and that and is RACIST, and now? You all see the truth evoked into public, or don´t you? In the blink of an eye, invisible and invincible, Michael held up the promised Mirror to Hollywood, showing them their ugly truth and forcing them to confront it and change it. This is for all you did to my poor, innocent Michael Jackson, when he tried for decades to do meaningful Movies, and got blocked and sabotaged because he was black and powerful.

Somehow, it´s funny, like a reality show happening in front of the whole World- Michael now directs “A Truth Movie about Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry from above”- Archangel Michael Style, like only Michael can.

Archangel Michael chose to incarnate as a Black Man, and he is proud of himself the way he is, in all his facets of his perfect angelic Soul and Purpose.

Bermuda Caves and Volcano History- Famous Triangle and Archangel Michaels Journey with Twin Flame to heal its Energy Dynamics © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Bermuda Caves and Volcano History- Famous Triangle and Archangel Michaels Journey with Twin Flame to heal its Energy Dynamics © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


In the above seen image you see me visiting the Crystal Caves of Bermuda. I am not sure many of you know, but the Bermuda Islands Land Mass sits right on top of a non-active Volcano (which was active at some point).

Once you have a pure and simple Triangle Chakra, that has its for mortal humans “dangerous” dynamics, but nobody knows, nobody took the time to connect, discover, research first- but suddenly slave ships with African slaves, suffering, some even wishing for death to escape the white Colonialists oppression and lots of abuse, and of course, the Enslavers as well, hitting people, torturing people, totally innocent indigenous people- then the very strong energy dynamics of this Triangle are fueled in a “negative emotional way”- which then makes its energy in the to human beings “dangerous way” stronger and multiplied. It is like bypassing a lion mother, totally focused on being protective, and emotional, and show her such human abuses, how would she feel or react?

The Native American Indians, as a great example here, were the Ones living back then still in masses on the North American lands. They had a wisdom and knew about Nature, and the detailed Balance and Relationship between Humans and Nature. They always watched to keep things in balance, not “upset natural balance and order and Nature´s laws”- this is why they never had trouble. They always had enough food. They never even butchered so many Buffalos as people would today, like totally blind and greedy and then get “fat and obese from too much food” and then find no more Buffalos exist. They would do things with balance, paying attention to these details ahead always. They would have respect for Buffalos, for “providing for them”.

Same goes for the Bermuda Triangle, it has a “very pulling and deep energy swirl” besides the physical aspects which cause a pull of a plane or ship, like that opening in the bath tub when you unblock it and take the stopper out, and the water starts running down and gets sucked into this opening flowing out, and builds a swirl- but here also energetically and spiritually. A strong Earth Quake, even building new Mountains. Or as I said a powerful Volcano.


Here is some more on the big Volcano underneath, from which the Islands stem from originally:

Origin of Bermuda and Its Caves


So, as we have explained, such Chakras can be balanced or out-of-balance, which manifests different things. Balanced means flowing, strong, healthy, while out-of-balance means blocked, weakened, un-healthy.

Now think about on a Planetary Body level, how the whole situation even came about, not just at the Bermuda Triangle and its Associations in Consciousness, but general increase of natural catastrophes, hurricanes, the melting of the ice at the north and south poles, the rising of the sea levels worldwide- imagine if all of this would be changed, at the root.

How and what would you, me and all of us have to do, to transform the Triangle again into a Love Spot, and charge it with human memory and emotions of happiness, healing, freedom and love and light?

Michael Jackson 2009 Archangel Michael Soul Truth felt and imagined on Magazine Covers - Photo for educational Purpose- ArchangelMichael777 Blog
Michael Jackson 2009 Archangel Michael Soul Truth felt and imagined on Magazine Covers – Photo for educational Purpose- ArchangelMichael777 Blog


After the information we provided and reflected on yet in this Article, merely an Introduction only really, you can already see the deep spiritual meaning behind the reason why Archangel Michael chose to return as an African Human Form, once again. He has already been incarnated as Osiris/Ausar back in ancient Egypt, and carried many Titles such as also “The Black King”.

Michael Jackson in Spirit Official Blog Messages and Twin Flame Information plus More - ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-
Michael Jackson in Spirit Official Blog Messages and Twin Flame Information plus More – ARCHANGELMICHAEL777-

So, Michael chose a personal lifeplan, which he wanted to demonstrate something with. I, being his Twin Flame Soul, had to join in. I actually remember that I didn´t like the idea, at all, to return to this to me “totally messed up Human Life Form and Planet”- but now, today, I realize that Michael did all this for me, so I can heal too and heal my memories about this Planet, by overcoming my mourning and heart breaking this time around, after he had to leave, like back in ancient Egypt when he was Osiris/Ausar.

With all this, we emanate and mirror a very strong light-of-healing-hearts-and-souls (including all Twin Flame Souls) to share this healing journey and ascension. Again, Archangel Michael Style.

See, Michael chose wisely, because Black people are oppressed still around the World, and have been abused a lot in human history, even original African History has been plagiarized and sold and twisted, changed and edited.

Michael Jackson´s Osirian Dangerous Album Cover: Soul Truth and Ancient Egypt © Special Article DANGEROUS KNOWLEDGE SERIES- MJ Dangerous Cover-
Michael Jackson´s Osirian Dangerous Album Cover: Soul Truth and Ancient Egypt © Special Article DANGEROUS KNOWLEDGE SERIES- MJ Dangerous Cover-

Symbolically, this is like when evil jealous murderer Set, back in ancient Egypt, killed Osiris, twice attempted, and dis-membered him and shattered him into pieces all across the lands.

Like in the above seen Image for educational Purpose, of Michael Jackson´s original DANGEROUS Album Cover Art Works, as we showed you in facts and detailed analysis in previous articles, Michael makes a very historic statement, subliminal and perfectly on point.

On the same Album he features Black or White, a very beautiful uniting message, not excluding anyone and inviting the whole of humanity, Black and White and all different but same people, to unite. He says in the opening lyrics “I took my baby on a saturday bang. Boy, is that Girl with you? Yes, we´re one and the same, now I believe in miracles…if you want to be my brother/sister, it doesn´t matter if you´re black or white!”

And he features on the same Album his big Movie Vision in Mini-Version as a Short Music Film in REMEMBER THE TIME.

Now, think again: Set (Devil), back in ancient Egypt, had killed Osiris in an attempt to steal his Throne and Rule and Power, on Earth. Then, he dis-membered Osiris, symbolically here by dissecting his body of knowledge, teachings, image and reputation, information and popularity amongst the people. It was not a mere “physical throne robbery attempt”, it went far beyond that and the stories you know today are not complete and not explained well by anyone like this.

There are two sides to this ancient Myths, the literal human aspect that really took place, and the spiritual teachings that resulted from the experience of past life masters.

Now, look closely and think about how Osiris´people, the Black People of Africa – were taken from their lands, re-located, enslaved, oppressed, their teachings and history of Osiris, changed, edited, twisted, and tell me you still don´t see and don´t get how this whole Setian vs. Osirian human consciousness battle is not visible in human history to you…

This is the ancient Egyptian very detailed story of Archangel Michael vs. the Devil.

And just like, physically, but also mentally and spiritually Black People have been re-distributed all over the lands of the World, here comes in the famous Magic of his feminine Twin Flame Soul in- Isis/Auset.

I was the one back then in this past life, that remained behind as a widow, hunted by evil jealous Set, which was like a stalker obsessing with me too, needing urgently MY MAGIC AND SOUL POWERS to even have a chance at really “taking over Osiris´rule which contained spiritual authority and power”.

Of course, I refused all his games and hit him hard with a curse, unlike anything you ever read or heard of. The famous King Tut curse, is nothing compared to this. I ran away from his attempts to cage and manipulate me, seduce and twist my mind, and declared that justice will manifest.

I went around the lands, gathered all symbolical here speaking, “pieces of Osiris body, of knowledge, love, memories, light, teachings, noble character, vegetarian diet, information, reputation, image” back into one piece and “resurrected Osiris”- because this gave his soul the relief he needed after all this injustice Set had done, and how he had tried to take over everything and abuse it and twist it.

This is like, the Devil trying to steal Archangel Michael´s sword, and his wife too. Imagine, how Michael reacts in such a situation.

Michael Jackson Neverland Private ARCHANGEL MICHAEL PAINTING © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official on ARCHANGELMICHAEL777
Michael Jackson Neverland Private ARCHANGEL MICHAEL PAINTING © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official on ARCHANGELMICHAEL777

Now, look again.

Look at what you are reading right now, and all our library of direct channeled knowledge on this Blog since 2011, and tell me what do you see?

I am back, and doing the same thing, picked up where I left off back in my past life because I was too heart broken, sad and not able to really enjoy life after what had happened to Osiris. This was a very deep twin soul attack by Set, and it took me a very long, hard battle to overcome it with Michael. Me…

I re-member all of Michael Jacksons, Osiris, and Archangel Michael´s History combined, earthly and past, present, future and spiritual, to RE-MEMBER the full body of knowledge and light of Archangel Michael, for human consciousness to learn something and heal. To gain confidence and strength, against the Devil´s attempts to fool, mislead and “keep people ´s minds down and blind”.

This original Knowledge we are talking about here, is not just Knowledge. It is power, true inner eternal powers of the soul, the origins of the human soul, access to God and Heaven at all times and pure blessings and evolution. It is important for people to have this knowledge back, and their own self.

On the big level I explained now, like what I did on Osiris Body, I do now on the whole Planets Body. Now, think what this all means for you all, individually?

What it means for Black people, reading this now.

What it means for White people, reading this now.

What it means for Women and Men reading this now.

What it means for Michael´s Fans, reading this now.

And so forth!

All the people who have died in the Triangle once in the past, because of this swirl point there, or the with it and from it and other natural forces triggered winds and storms etc.- have a collective consciousness, a traumatic one in this case, which was more fueled by ignorance for a long time, and further racism and slavery, abuse and all the other important but detailed things that happened to Black People, originally from AFRICA.

This is, as all humanity is connected and the Planetary level means just that – that everyone has a personal stake in this. Everyone healing the self, and giving others healing wishes, love, understanding, a sorry, a forgiving, can help to change quicker the whole energy and consciousness on this Planet, you see?

Repeating past mistakes is no longer an option.

Humanity must move forward. Because this Planet will heal and move forward, and if living beings on in and living within it and its energy field, do not unite in this common purpose and healing with the Planet, well, then this experiment with “human life here” might be ended by God at some point sooner than later, and Mother Earth freed of the burdens of humanity.

There is no use in challenging Nature, drilling holes into Mother Earth, and all this stuff that is super dangerous, physically, spiritually and karma-wise- humanity can´t go up against Nature, never. What would each of you do, if this Planet suddenly disappeared and you were without it, just in space somewhere, no oxygen, no nothing?

It is a clear fact, that we all need each other to heal this Planet, together, and Nature too, hand in hand, balanced, with respect and love.

Some Earth Quakes, Volcano eruptions and storms, really manifest because Nature is trying to “cough up the pollution and get rid of it and heal”.

Why don´t we take on this challenge of healing this place, for you and for me, together and with a happy attitude and wisdom now?

What can you lose, if you have peace with all your neighbours and enjoy food, stories and friendships with all people of the world?

Why not make sure YOU, and your children and families have clear, nice air to breathe, clean waters to drink and healthy, non-polluted foods to eat?

All this, is a part of the Bermuda Triangle Journey, because together we can use this cleared Earth Chakra now to give back some love to Mother Nature, healing wishes, positive thinking and emotions, while being friendly and respectful to all other people that might not look like us or eat the same food we do.

In spiritual truth, we are all the same.


Archangels have access to forms of magic, always with Gods approval and permission and in tune with God´s will, that is unlike anything human beings have ever practised.

From such a perspective, the Archangels can control Nature from above, and re-organize and bring back to original order the natural balance at any given spot and location. Weather becomes only a tool, to mind-connect with by the Angels, and steer it according to the healing plan and needs of the Planet.

This is kind of what me and Michael are doing with the Triangle, because only physical dimension won´t change much, we have to get to the root, like a spiritual doctor, and heal the Triangle Chakra from deep within and in all the World´s Consciousness as well- all things together.


And we have the spiritual power and authority to declare officially, that the so-called “Devil´s Triangle” no longer can be named that way, this name is BANNED.

The New Name and Association Spiritually is “The Blue Triangle of Archangel Michael”- and after the battle, comes a lot of work for rebuilding, healing and completing again. This is where we are at right now.

More on this soon.

We´re sending out a Major Love Ray from Archangel Michael´s Blue Triangle!

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

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