TWIN FLAMES MAKING LOVE: About Health Benefits and Special Moments © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

Today is Sunday, and a special Day for me. I haven´t been feeling well, and a bit sad lately, thinking about the memories of how Michael was lied about so much and bullied, basically, like that in public, and how there are certain people, reacting the exact same ways toward me now.

It is not so easy to accept, as I see things so pure and innocent, and cannot understand how anyone would obsess over a stranger, without anything having evolved or happened between them, just stalk some fantasy. I never understood that type of thinking or behaviour in others, this pure envy and jealousy. I came to the conclusion, that ignoring such people is the best thing for me and my health.

I have to focus on my projects, and that is all that matters, not talkers and debaters. It is difficult enough to perceive on the fine-ethereal dimension on my Aura these people´s strong emotions toward all this going on, so it lessens the pressure if I don´t give into it anymore.

In this stress, I had severe asthma and breathing and heart problems, like a pressure, nothing physical luckily, but due to the asthma too, a pressure, energetically-spiritually as well, feeling the hatred and jealousy which is by certain folks being aimed at me and my soul.

I got really emotional at Michael, about 2 Days ago, one night before last night. And was simply worried, about the future regarding this jealousy and, as I said, remembering all the horrible things and false accusations they tactically and sneakily used against Michael, to sabotage PROJECTS AND HIS WORK, THE ENERGY OF TRUTH AND LOVE IN HIS WORK mainly.

I want to note here clearly, that this post was HIS IDEA, and he would even before when I began typing at the computer, come really close and whisper almost, biting his lower lip like some little boy having fun playing a little game, keep saying:”Do it, please, you know I want you to publish this, don´t be shy, just do it and trust me.”

As usual he kept trying to stay close, or hug me, and I was totally in a bad mood.

Yesterday, he seemingly had enough and started doing his typical moves, but not just moves physically, also some sexual-energy-transmission, meaning before making love, which would “get me in the mood and change my mood totally” somehow.

He would say things, like totally sexual things no joking or giggling, just totally willed to change my defensive and blocked mood. Just, announcing “what he is going to do to me later on”.

Typical me, I still was not making it easy for him. I really, really was in a bad mood, and very sad for the last days.

Then, as I went to sleep, he just started a whole …lovemaking session, and I mean in all ways you can imagine. I want to be clear for once, so Twin Flames out there seeking true knowledge can confirm and understand: I did not do anything, Michael only did make the active moves, like common normal physical sex.

So, Twin Flame Sexual Connections, between awake physical being and spiritual being shows following signs:

  • Real Physical-type touch from the connecting Spiritual-Physical Body of the Twin Flame Counterpart, warm not cold, comfortable not uncomfortable
  • Real Spiritual-Physical penetration
  • Additional all encompassing spiritual auric-merging, where every touch feels like “charged with a strong light and tingly vibration”

Afterwards, I felt all this kundalini energy and vibration in all my heart and body and all the sadness was, bam, blown away somehow. Like the whole pressure, energy of others aiming at us, all GONE.

I haven´t eaten until the evening, now, today, and had all day a very strong physical energy and happy mood. We did some dance training, for the projects…

So now, to conclude this short article before we move on to the Metamorphosis Documentary Project and some new Channeled Drawings with Energy of the Archangel Michael Protection Blue Blanket and more for Twin Flames specific this time (meaning all souls therefore in complete being)…


It seems obvious, doesn´t it? Just like in the physical form, when both I mean are in the physical-flesh type body, then you have several health benefits from a healthy love life.

For example:

  • Skin improvement
  • Mood improvement and Happiness
  • Better Heart-Health and Blood Circulation
  • Weight Loss
  • Inner Peace
  • Better Sleep

Then you think of the very strong, perfectly fitting and divine energies between Twin Flames, and then you know all the above plus more is the health benefits for Twin Flames enjoying a healthy sexual connection.

For example:

  • Increased spiritual energy and light in the auric layers and the heart chakra
  • Increased clarity in thinking and focus, including psychic perception
  • Increased “Mirror Image Effect”- you know, the Metamorphosis aspects showing over time. Simply said: Looking increasingly alike and dancing alike, and singing alike, and feeling alike, merging in all your being into ONE ORIGINAL SOUL AGAIN- which teaches you constantly more about your self at the same time

I noticed that I dance different, and can dance for hours and very precise, after making love with Michael. That is so funny.

I will show you soon how much energy he shares with me!

We´re sending out a Major Love Ray embracing all your Souls,

The Starlight – Archeia Faith & The Thriller- Archangel Michael

(Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit/Osiris) ©



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