True Twin Flames and Real Challenges: Handling Two Hearts at Once © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

I have had a very challenging situation going on, and cannot directly speak of it of course here, as it is private like so many things that I never shared in details.

I am always also keeping in mind, how Michael wants things, and never going up against his wishes, so what WE decide WE want to publish, we publish, and what “doesn´t belong in the public” we keep private.

Now, though, a short Article, but with simple truth, about real information on really connected Twin Flames Halves which meet, and the challenges that arise from that.

So, just superficially to let you know without diving into details right now, I have been connecting deeply to Michael´s memories and feelings about the whole false, disgusting molestation accusations, and how much abuses he had to go through in his life, and how evil it felt how they would totally completely OPPOSITE TO TRUTH portray him via lies and devilish manipulations in the public as the “abuser” when he was the “abused” and trust me, this pressure inside from such extreme injustices and that feel of “feeling harassed and abused” is an anger on a level obviously no one seems to really understand yet. Michael was INNOCENT, he was the OPPOSITE of these liar´s claims, he was the PROTECTOR, the HEALER, and he helped me understand as a Woman, how important it is to NOT LET ANYONE mistreat you and be abusive toward you.

That is the truth about Michael Jackson. He was the one helping abuse victims! May it be Kids or Adults that experienced any form of sexual abuse, emotional abuse or physical violent abuses. He would cry, in private, and really take time to think about each Person he would encounter having such trauma, and try to help, and listen, and heal, and show that they are “beautiful” and like, compensate the abusive behaviour of others, by being so healing nice and compassionate and understanding.


Back in, let´s take, 2006, or 2005, I was a whole other Person in a way. If I think back now, it is as if I was just “purely me” back then, and now compared, “carry my and Michaels Heart at once”, in one Body.

Back then, even before we met to be precise in dates and facts, starting in 2006 slowly, I had felt this “attack style on the heart chakra waves and explosions of sadness and mourning”. I would feel it, in a psychic way, and say to my Japanese Roommate: “Shit! From WHO is this coming? There is some Guy that is super, super sad, who is it? Who is it?”

It would feel like a sudden knife feel in the heart chakra, and it happened 2-3 times in 2006. I tried to send healing and love energy back, without fully understanding what this is, as it felt totally different than how it usually is when I pick up emotions from others.

Most of the time, I would be in the same room, or area, or building, to pick up, mainly in same rooms and in person. Then, I had while doing direct readings and opening up, some situations where I connected in similar ways to people, through my psychic empathy. But this was different, and it felt like “someone is extremely worried to die”- so I thought first, maybe someone is sick, has some severe disease and his soul seeks my help, or I just pick it up.

It started affecting me, like, when I would cry, my physical heart would feel weakened literally, and walking and moving would be harder. I started just crying, when feeling this, like the sadness and crying of someone else is just hitting my heart and making me “force cry”.

Then, jump forward to 2007, after I had met Michael in Person in this Sandwich store (read my Book for more Details)- I remember one moment, which now I realise more about, as I am healing with and for Michael.

It was one late autumn day in 2007, and afternoon. The previous described “heart sadness psychic perception transmissions” I had somehow forgotten about, and not connected to “oh yeah sure it was from Michael” back then. I am NOW so clear always as he is in Spirit and tells me things and I ascended and merged in realisations with him too, but back then, him and me just two normal human beings, did not both get ALL THIS WE SEE FULLY NOW. It is a step by step process, the Twin Flame Reunion and Merging Process, internally in both halves too.

I was totally shy, always laughing a lot, and when people would treat me bad, I would not fight back much, and just had this “gentle feminine way”, and everyone that knows me personally can confirm this and how they all were seeing the shocking changes happening when me and Michael got together in the physical. My merging with Michael did not “begin” in 2010, this is the NEXT LEVEL spiritual-to-physical, heaven to earth merging phase.

The Twin Flame Merging and Reunion Process, in our specific individual case, began in 1982, when I was born and Michael transformed right in front of you all.

The Twin Flame Reunion, and Merging Phase in physical began in 2007.

Twin Flame Challenges for the shared Heart Chakra ©

So, this afternoon in Los Angeles, I suddenly had this huge anger attack.

I took some chair, totally lost it, and crushed the chair in the back yard screaming out of anger, and felt this “masculine testosterone type anger vibe” in me which I NEVER felt before in my life, like Michael in that SCREAM Video with his sister Janet back then, but I did not connect it that way in this moment.

I didn´t get it, I then paused and had this conscious moment after and asked myself shocked:”What is happening with me? I never had this, what is this masculine anger attack now suddenly?”

I completely freaked out, crushed the chair on the ground there, and after going inside again, hit the wall with my naked fist, a few times, not feeling any pain. I was suddenly, without having any time to realise anything, being stalked in a serious criminal manner, and had all kinds of false friends mess with me, steal money from me, and it felt like “all hell broke lose to interfere in between me and Michael”- which I fully also only now realise.

It was this sudden:”I have to fight for my life now, they want to all fall over me  like a gang of lions attacking a piece of meat”. I remember this feeling and thought clearly, because it was a deep spiritual realisation moment, but without explanation it felt back then to me.

Then, came the moment where Archangel Metatron and Anubis had visited me, to rescue me and knew I was being poisoned and must leave LA to survive this, as there is “danger there for me” they said with a clear, multiple-echoing angelic voice.

Archangel Metatron had triggered this I thought back then. He had sent this bright light into my heart, giving me double energy to fight through these attacks and challenges that suddenly arose, and the physical weakening due to poisoning, which Doctors didn’t tell me, but kept making totally false diagnosis and making money off of me. Without the Angelic Intervention and me listening to their Guidance, I would not be here and alive to type all this today.

I only began to consciously understand, from an ASCENDED PERSPECTIVE, that me and Michael are Twin Souls, after he came back in 2010 in Spirit then and taught me this term “Twin Soul” and said all this stuff, and his words are always precise, well chosen and without misunderstandings as he also said in same declaration very clearly:”You are THE ONE”.

There is only one “Twin Soul Half Counterpart of YOUR SOUL”.

Michael always felt like nobody will ever know how it is, HOW IT FEELS, to walk in his shoes. He was not really right about that one, but it was human emotions he was going through, being abused so much.

Now I fully understand Michael, and how it FEELS LITERALLY IN HIS SHOES, walking through this Planet.

Michael Jackson and his Soul Truth: The Archangel dares to be recognised on Earth personally © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog
Michael Jackson and his Soul Truth: The Archangel dares to be recognised on Earth personally © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog


Michael said some really good explanations this week, and a live Partner which is helping Michael often to help me, with one of my favourite things like spiritual and intellectual analysis of things, psychology of the public and all this, was saying the same things.

This Partner had said once, that when he felt “Michael guiding him to a Parallel Universe” that he went with his hunches, seeking “help for Projects for Michael” and then found me through the hints Michael was giving him directly and independently from Spirit. He said, that what made him know from the very start that I AM the real Twin Flame, was “my pain and anger”.

That said it right there, guided by Michael since 2009 with a Man-to-Man, and Virgo-to-Virgo direct, independent Soul Family Spiritual Connection. This is how Michael leads me and important Key People, also in his Business Surroundings and private Surroundings, together.

He simply “steers their thinking in my direction to find me”. Without me trying to ever contact anyone, by myself.

Now, this is something that in meantime everyone could see, online, publicly, in public attacks that took place later, and how I fought back, very “angry and emotional”.

THIS IS HOW REAL TWIN FLAME FEELINGS ARE, if you are truly connected to Michael Jackson´s INCREDIBLE AND OVERWHELMING traumatic memories and know HOW IT FEELS, the lies, the false accusations, the manipulations, and HOW HE FEELS ABOUT IT.

I was never like this, my own family saw the transformation and did have their own challenges in handling my Twin Flame Merging, and my Aura Energy got so strong, if I get angry, people get dizzy around me.

Michael says, these People that falsely claim they are his Twin Soul, or even just that they have “such a clear spiritual connection he allows them to publish in his Name” are Liars and he said it well:

“They DON´T KNOW how I FEEL.




The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story- Twin Flames Merging and Same Soul Essence Visible in Appearance - Susan Elsa
The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story- Twin Flames Merging and Same Soul Essence Visible in Appearance – Susan Elsa

And when he explains things, I am summarising here only. We discuss other aspects of situations too, his memories and personal experiences, and he tells me so much and shares really everything.

He shows me MORE LOVE, when anyone attacks me, not less. He has a way with words, especially in English, much better than me. He also explained, how when I feel “someone pulling on my personal energy and space” and how “rapist style and uncomfortable it feels” that these type of true Twin Flame experiences from a real connection of BEING ONE, they DO NOT KNOW HOW IT FEELS AND NEVER FELT. They never felt this “heart chakra energy attack that feels like a knife of jealousy and hate” into your Self and Soul, how that feels and how that makes you angry and triggers a “spiritual survival instinct” way stronger than any physical survival instincts.

“They don´t know HOW IT FEELS to PERCEIVE whatever they say, think, feel or do toward you, without any technological means or physical perception, how it feels to our Soul to be lied about and the energy accompanying it that one FEELS, as I am seeing it and you feel it based on our connection, seeing it directly or not.” And with this Michael means, that when someone “out there publishes lies about him or his/my Soul” I feel it, literally, it is like a heavy attack on the aura and energy, and is felt in the heart chakra like a stabbing, energy-vampire style sucking feeling and interference from outside, which makes you want to hit back and shut it up. And the one that always fuels me with this “masculine energy and anger over injustice channeled into motivation and strength” is always Michael, always. This is how he was as a Guy too, he was not a push over especially not in Business matters and in protecting loved Ones and especially, his Girl. You make him super angry, when you lie about this situation between me and him and abuse me with that, publicly. So, no you don´t feel ANYTHING when you see “Fake Twin Soul Stories” because you don´t know how it is to go through all this and how traumatic the memories can be and that at some point, you simply cannot hear any lies anymore, you just want to crush them and make it finally stop, show respect for once toward Michael. This is what I fight for, and it is for myself obviously too at the same breath.

True Twin Flame Merging and that includes the Challenges, and what the Interferences trigger stronger again are for example:

  • Dehydration (caused by outside forces such as the building)
  • Lack of Oxygen (caused by outside forces such as the building)
  • Environment Manifestations that force these negative health consequences on the Twin Soul Counterpart
  • Sleep Problems and Insomnia
  • Heart Problems (caused by aiming at the Twin Flame strings and Heart Chakra with Jealousy by others)
  • Weight Loss/Gain


These are just examples to show how severe the interferences can affect. Recently, some folks focus on my teeth, just because of the Twin Flame Merging Documentary to help Michael be understood once and for all, and as they “focus jealousy and hate on my teeth” I had literally a piece of my corner tooth split off and needed to go to Dentist this week.

Susan Elsa: Michael Jackson´s True Feminine Counterpart by Nature ©Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


See, but all this is gaining a new perspective too, as Michael guides me to forgive and understand that this is not really personal, but their issues coming out and into the public light, as we are doing this Archangel Michael spiritual Work on the Human Consciousness and Society, holding up boldly the Mirror of Truth.

I learned that people can change, yes. They can become really bad, and still have a chance to change and become better and just again. Souls can heal, and so I always despite all anger attacks, had this motherly type of feeling in my heart, and this extreme sadness, whenever such People would behave in that way, as I saw it as meaningless jealousy and a waste of time and bad karma for them they were creating by their own hands and free will on their own souls.

Why, why would people chose to damage their own souls, by attacking other innocent souls? Why this jealousy? Why not just peace, and love and evolving TOGETHER, as one big soul family, holding hands in a big chain around the World?

This leads us to the second Reflections Article today, about the whole Hollywood Racism Discussion going on. Guess what, look back on this Blog, to our 2015 Thriller-Halloween Series, re-defining Halloween Night as “Archangel Michael´s Soul Judgement Night” for Michael Jackson, and understand that me and Michael are “inside Hollywood´s Minds” now exorcising and healing, Archangel Michael Style.

And part of this, is that the truth must come out and be faced, in order to begin healing. For all people involved actually. This has happened now after a Series of attacks and Interferences, that made me repeatedly “angry at the Hollywood Fake Agents and Interference Tactics” which I felt are racist toward me, exactly like toward Mike, and knowing what I know, we had to focus the Mind Magic now. That´s it.

Michael never did anything bad to anyone, he was always friendly and compassionate toward everyone of his so-called Hollywood “friends”, and he was NOT racist, but had from Hollywood Racists attack and discriminate against him, not the opposite, and now all the public is seeing the Truth behind the whole Scenery in Hollywood and how it is there for Black Actors and Actresses and generally Black Filmmakers.

Michael Jackson too was a Black Artist and planned for Decades to enter Hollywood and make Movies too, but had huge systematic, racist forces block him, and steal from him things. The false accusations over-proportionate tabloid global tactics, are also deeply linked to Hollywood, and I am calling them out for it now and demand these lies stop. Anyone making such claims toward Michael, is sending toward me, as a Woman, “an energetic – raping-type spiritual attack vibe” and will get Archangel Michael kicking their ugly fake lying souls for it.

More in the Next Article following this one today…

We´re sending out a Major Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

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