Michael Jackson/Archangel Michael: “She & I – Is the Magic” *Special Spiritual Channeled Statement* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear World

The days prior starting about 3 Days before Full Moon and this so-called “Wolf Moon” I had some serious energetic challenges on my heart chakra.

As usual, the evil-minded forces on Earth in this duality (Hollywood etc. as we name it mainly) have figured it out and keep aiming TIMED at my HEART CHAKRA AND AURA each New Moon, Full Moon and such constellations. Right now, since January 20th 2016, 5 Planets have lined up in our system, as I shared some helpful link before for your further reading on this.

Here it is again, just in case:

The Starlight & The Thriller Series *Special Twin Flame Magic Teachings Articles*: Wolf Moon and Planets Lining Up © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


But, of course, as you know by now and start hopefully seeing live if you follow what we post here and regularly, how the Mind-Magic works and manifests big time. Over and over, by now, I have started to announce actually like I never used to do before, things we will “make happen and show” by the pure Twin Flame Archangel Mind Magic.

It is the literal skills of Archangel Michael and me, in “exposing truth, exorcising via the sword of truth and justice which is made of light matter not metal” of course. You may read back on all these Articles, it´s by now a whole channeled Library of Knowledge you can find on this Blog.

Michael was so sweet to me yesterday, he did some really smart moves. I am a very stubborn mind, you know. It is a good quality, used positive, but when I am in a bad mood or feel abused and attacked, and turn into negative and angry or depressive mode, it is almost impossible for ANYONE to get my mind out of it, unless I want.

The only One, for real now real talk, that knows really well how to do that is Michael. Michael is the only One, that knows me SO WELL, in and out, that he knows how to handle me, when to wait, pull back, when to approach, when to say what and how.

Our relationship is real, I am a human being too, you know. It is not like “oh some wishy washy voices I hear” like maybe some out there that seem confused and might have serious psychological issues. I see Michael, totally normal, I hear him, totally normal, we DISAGREE SOMETIMES, when I get stubborn and act up.

This is how I am.

If you like it or not, does not determine Michael´s love for me. He likes it. He has always been into complicated Women, if you haven´t noticed.

I was not feeling well, after a very exhausting weekend very busy, not much sleep, and then typical women´s hormonal issues PLUS the Full Moon, I was like a Werewolf. Like, in the type of mood when you see Michael in the Thriller Video hit this Tree in the Forest and making it fall by one hit from his arm “totally angry like a wolf”.

Later it turned into just sadness, thinking a lot about some industry racist manipulations and all this Hollywood rising and showing, I am thankful it is finally being discussed, but also it reminds me of Michael´s struggle and how they mistreated him and then to think of right now, preparing for lawyer meetings again for Copyright protection from these hacking manipulators over there in Hollywood, I do sometimes feel “weak and sad”.

I can get very childish, sometimes, toward Michael too. And then basically stomp on the ground with my foot and demand he does something to change this situation, because I can´t take it anymore and I do scream around and crush things sometimes over the injustices and lies that keep going.

Totally naive as I was, and innocent-thinking back in 2010, I thought other´s would NEVER be so crazy and disrespectful as to attack my Twin Soul Story, at least, maybe “copyrighted ideas, fashion, melodies” such yeah, but this situation is really sometimes making me want to scream, how they try to twist my truth, my personal story as a human being, just to mess with Mike, and tell OUR STORY, their own way and in their racist whitewashed versions. It is so racist, I cannot believe they really tried this in public, in front of the Fans, man.

I am very intense, in my passionate-emotional ways sometimes. And you know what, Michael has always been that way too, and he is totally into that. So, how YOU THINK ABOUT ME, how your personal taste in people and partners is and whatever YOU CAN AND CANNOT HANDLE, has nothing to do with how Michael feels and thinks. Stay aware of your own views here, okay.


Michael Jackson special dictated spiritual Message about Hollywood and Racism © ArchangelMichael777- A modern & heavenly Blog since 11-11-11
Michael Jackson special dictated spiritual Message about Hollywood and Racism © ArchangelMichael777- A modern & heavenly Blog since 11-11-11

This is me, Michael. I really want for once to just dictate one statement myself. I will not do it in words though, but just hinting back and reminding you, of what I said I will do…with Hollywood. See the Truth for yourself, just showing, the time for talking is long past.

Make that change. And I mean really NOW.

And I WILL direct my Film Visions from Spirit, with my beloved Twin Soul, and you will show respect toward me and her. This is not me asking you for a favour, this is a promise. I said I will make Movies and so it is.

Archangel Michael

(Michael Jackson as you know me on Earth)



Michael had said, after Halloween was here, back in October 2015, that “this time it is not over yet, we expand the Magic Focus longer” until whenever he says it will keep going.

This is the second Year yet only, where we do this, and the second Year in a row, clearly visible in public by now, where it becomes clear that the Magic Energy is super strong. Michael is truly demonstrating power from Spirit, over Hollywood now.

They must make that Change.


I have talked about this a few times, without mentioning Names really, but describing things a bit in detail in how Michael told me he was manipulated against in Hollywood often, and how they made it even with unlawful means at times impossible for him to make Movies and get into “Directing and producing Movies as he envisioned for years”. I could not believe it, like, super famous and SUCCESSFUL Michael Jackson would get treated this way by the Film People in Hollywood, in the MOVIE BUSINESS, to be specific.

Now, everyone is seeing it and debating it, thanks to Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith standing up to speak out, and not just watch them do the same racist crap over and over at every Oscars Event, every Year.

I find it also despicable how some Racists came out openly, trying to “ridicule and insult” the efforts of the Black Community to get the same equal rights in Hollywood and at Oscar Awards Events too. They are just showing their Soul Truth, because obviously the Archangel Michael Truth Spell is forcing their Demons out in public so everyone knows “oh there goes one of those racists that think Entertainment jobs are only for certain races”.

And people would totally online before, not understand me and make fun it seemed of the whole claims I kept making about “Hollywood Interference Tactics and Racism” and connect it to POP MUSIC FOLKS TOO, that follow the same Racist Agenda, and now you see a particular Person they set up to begin with, a true copycat and ghost of jealousy, being fakely placed in the Movie Business, from Pop to Movie, showing you the links of the two Businesses over there and how they both worked together back then to harass Michael and his Business, based on Racism.

And because of this insane and very inhumane tactics, putting this fraud devil like she is some victim in a nomination and invitation for a MOVIE EVENT, after what you did and keep trying to do to me and Michael, having planned together all this FILM PROJECTS, you get her curse. She is cursed, and I said it, don´t you get it? Place her there, and the whole World rises up to speak of your racism and point at you.

Now you see it.


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I recommend you relax, make a coffee and read and scan a bit through these previous and dated articles, and check the current news and see for yourself and reflect on this. This is huge, because Movies, Games, Music and Videos, Blogs, Books and all this Media Outlets make an impact on society. Think about how they even aim at Twin Flames Soul, to impersonate and steal from, in a racist way, taking your SOUL and “publishing parallel racist whitewashed versions of your personal Data and Life Story” to distract from Copyright Games they play.

We will have a third article today later, about our Documentary Project we are showing you live insights of here constantly, named “The Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Story” a New Perspective.

We´re sending out a Major Love Ray,

Archeia Faith & Archangel Michael (Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson) ©

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