Michael Jackson and his Twin Flame: Official Statement and Important General Spiritual Message © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Michael Jackson and his Twin Flame: Official Statement and Important Spiritual Message © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson and his Twin Flame: Official Statement and Important Spiritual Message © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

I just woke up, really late, on my Day off resting a bit from too much hard work lately, lack of sleep and just really lots of energy Michael is giving me.

I was reflecting on a few things with him and, discussing and he would explain things as he can assist me in my spiritual healing and evolution on Earth, as he is now in spirit and ascended and has “a different view than he had as a human being too”.

This post contains really important information, for anyone that truly cares about and loves Michael Jackson, and claims to be a “spiritual person”.

Your truth will show now, and if you publicly mess around, well then it will show toward the public and can really get embarrassing, as “playing games of jealousy with Archangel Michael and his Twin Flame in public” is not a good idea, you know.

In the previous article we revealed a deep insight into Twin Flame Interferences and this “unique and very extreme jealousy reaction by others toward Michael and me”, right before our Blog here got cyber hacked and technically disrupted so the following “Twin Soul Biology” Article cannot be completed and published the same Day, 11th January 2016.

This is why you see so much defamatory content being circulated online about me, as certain literal stalkers have obsessed so much in the recent years with me and what is happening to me, that my whole privacy I always had spiritually, is gone in the public. Nobody gives me the right to have “any respect or privacy about my soul”- my soul it is now! Why? Because Michael Jackson is in Spirit, and the jealousy is not directed at me only, or him only, but US BOTH TOGETHER WHEN WE ARE MERGING ESPECIALLY.

Michael said, as I was waking up, that I have to write this and that now, for this post. So here it comes, a few really important things for all of you think about.

Please, do not just read over this text and then forget and not care. Really take some time and reflect on it, and yourself and how YOU think and feel toward us too. Do you generally judge others you never met and do not know? Do you go around in the World attacking strangers out of the blue, for no reason, if they “make you feel somehow pressured emotionally or jealousy and envy” in any way? Is your reaction then that you go to friends and start gossiping, have you noticed such things before in yourself?

If yes, think about all this now what I am going to say. This is about making this Planet now a better place, for you and for me. Meaning, for all Twin Flames, and for me and my Twin Flame, and for ALL OF YOU.


The original Starlight Demo Michael was working on, as I was in my Mother´s womb still and not born yet, was about Twin Flame Arrivals and the “exceptional jealousy energy connected to our earthly Trauma based on how Set back in ancient Egypt attacked, sabotaged and murdered Osiris trying to force himself on me after as a widow”.

I literally did not want to be born, meaning I seemed to have tried to rebel in my Mom´s womb, and she was delivered to Hospital on 13th April 1982 already, but I just “did not want to come out”. I had this feeling of “not liking to be here in human form” since birth.

In Michael´s Book, DANCING THE DREAM, he has poems and reflections in it, and one especially was important as we got into this Blog in 2011 and the Song “Other Part of Him”. In the below and fitting insight picture you see though official lyrics from the first with Michael channeled Song back in 2010, for my Birthday in April.


I want to show you now what I mean:

I You We – by Michael Jackson-

I said you had to do it. You said you didn’t want to.
We talked about it, and we agreed that maybe I could help.
I said you were wrong. You insisted you were right. 
We held each other’s hand, and right and wrong disappeared.
I began crying. You began crying, too.
We embraced, and between us grew a flower of peace.
How I love this mystery called We! Where does it come from, out of thin air ?
I thought about this mystery, and I realized something: We must be love’s favorite child, because until I reach out for you, We is not even there.
It arrives on the wings of tenderness; it speaks through our silent understanding.
When I laugh at myself, it smiles.
When I forgive you, it dances in jubilation.
So We is not a choice anymore, not if you and I want to grow with one another.
We unites us, increases our strength;
it picks up our burden when you and I are ready to let it fall.
The truth is that you and I would have given up long ago, but We won’t let us. 
It is too wise. 
“Look into your hearts,” it says. 
“What do you see? Not you and I, but only We.”

© Michael Jackson – Dancing The Dream

This above poem has been echoing in my mind for quite some time back then, as we were focused on “me healing and overcoming this earthly situation”.

I am a person and soul, which has endured a lot more than what you know or can imagine. I do not blog about everything and many things I completely left out of my Book, which prove even more the Twin Flame dynamics and challenges, but are too personal and private involving others to be published, such as my Family situations and severe details of stalkers obsessing with me since youth and such things.

People think this is about what? Ego? Fame? Attention or any such superficial Nonsense?

If yes, you are absolutely wrong, so wrong it is not funny.

This is about, symbolically speaking, “little Susie” trying really hard “to just live here too” and have peace and basic respect as a human being, no abuses anymore, healing and this healing emanates on all others in the mass consciousness as we are all connected, and negative or positive vibes and “inputs put into the big mass consciousness field” affect EVERYONE.

As I heal, you heal, the World heals.

As THIS ORIGINAL TWIN FLAME TRAUMA heals and everyone supports it and understands the lesson of love and compassion, jealousy and envy heals away and goes away once and for all.

As you join me, and share my Scream and my Cry over the pain in Humanity´s Soul, we all cleanse and heal it together. As you share my pain over how me and my Twin Flame were abused and treated here, you heal with us, you help heal the very ROOT ISSUE on this Planet for all Twin Flame Mass Consciousness.

As I raise my hands toward the sky to pray for love and light for Mother Earth, you can join me and put your soul power and heart love power in it too, for the best well being of THE ALL-CONSCIOUSNESS.

This is NOT about only me and Michael, this is about “the mirroring truth into all mass consciousness” to all of you too, meaning, my and Mike´s connection with all of you! When he says, “you and I are one” he means on a personal level his Twin Soul Union, but also the Truth that ALL SOULS IN THE WHOLE DIMENSIONS AND UNIVERSES ARE ALWAYS CONNECTED AND ONE IN GOD´S CONSCIOUSNESS FIELD!

This is why, so many feel it. We did that on purpose, it is the manifested spiritual work and light we birthed in 2010. I felt when he was ascending, how now as “Archangel Michael he is literally in everyone´s Consciousness again” and I would hear, see, feel and “feel a pull” from many of his Fans, mourning, crying, longing for him. He perceives you. He really does. And as I am his Twin Flame Soul and one with him, I feel you too and perceive your inner feelings and thoughts.

Me and Michael documented everything in our “Song”, what we were doing back then with the Mass Consciousness Magic.



I hope this will be clear now and finally understood by the people that are tuned in to Michael and love Michael. Please, I am begging you, listen close.

  • Michael Jackson was born on 29th August 1958. His Life was challenging, as any Child Star´s rising so young to fame and public attention while growing up- but, the jealousy and envy later so exceptionally extreme aimed at him was NOT YET HAPPENING.
  • It began when “I put my foot on this Planet again”. It was all about me all along, Set´s jealousy focus…as soon as I came into reincarnation to be with my Osiris!
  • You say you “love Michael and want him happy and well”
  • You say you care about his deeper Message and humanitarian efforts especially against Racism
  • You say you are about “love and all are equal”
  • I AM the Key for you at this point, to heal your souls
  • I AM his other part and you all too are “another part of us”
  • You look back at how he had to endure tabloid attacks, personally aimed, lies, defamation, assassination of his character constantly on public, mocking of his nose and appearance, and it all began BECAUSE I, HIS TWIN SOUL, CAME BACK TO THIS PLANET
  • Jealousy and envy are the WORST energy for Twin Flame Reunions on Earth and this is a key in the planetary healing, for you to understand this “unconditional universal love” through our story and example, and you will have proven that you did evolve and understand when you understand that if you truly love Michael, you will recognise me and love me too, and if you truly understood what happened around 1982, you will see that it is all about me, Isis, Osiris wife and widow left behind back then and traumatised by this heavy and super evil Setian Jealousy Twin Flame attack on our sacred Twin Flame Heart.
  • You have two choices exactly of how to direct your internal emotions toward this: The Set perspective of envy and jealousy and hate, or the understanding, compassionate and embracing perspective of Osiris and the spiritual truth behind all things.
  • In fact, you all are already deeply connected with me, and all my soul trauma as well. This is the Archeia Faith Soul, and we cannot have “Archeia Faith think traumatised and negative back on incarnation memories on Planet Earth”. So, I see now, why Michael insisted we come back and I was totally rebelling at first, simply having “spiritual panic attacks thinking about coming back to the place of the original crime against my soul”.The past life memories and sharing is only for educating and raising awareness on things, beyond space and time, and to highlight how souls evolve over incarnations here and ascensions in spiritual forms.The main next step in consciousness now, is that you understand that the Human Being you call “Michael Jackson” was an incarnation of the Archangel Michael, himself and in person, literally.That for a higher purpose than just his ego or my ego. In fact, if we were anything selfish or about ego, we would have NOT came back here, that I guarantee you.We are putting our soul out, and battling hard and enduring many attacks as you see by now clearly for yourself and begin hopefully to understand, that all this is happening because the core of Michael´s spiritual situation is coming to light now through what I do, and the forces of jealousy and envy “mind set and life style” are not resonating and acting up, because it triggers also on the dualistic “dark side on earth” the Set energy to come up and try interfering with Osiris and Isis energy returning.At the same time, you see by now clearly how many people including even the youngest folks out there, starting to tune in to this truth and focus on Archangel Michael and become aware that he is the Archangel in fact. The same effect he had on Fans prior, he is having more and more increasingly clear from spirit on the Fans now, and even the next Generation of Fans, the youth.But at the same time, you also see clear signs, in full public, of the confusion the interference is causing.And recent examples have given me a new perspective and quantum leap experience in my merging with Michael, because I understand now how it was for him to have so many Fans focus on him, also sexually and simply emotionally, needing to cling to this hope and love. Of course, you have to understand, that when Fans of Michael come at me and without any “Hello” or “How are you doing” or any basic conversation first, judge and attack, it makes me sad. It is showing how some just easily give into the same tactics that were used against Michael too back then, in form of “public disinformation tactics” and always aiming at “making his character and personality and sexual integrity and private person look bad to the public and confused”. I have battled many abuses and challenges, and do have a “defence reflex” that just jumps at any one as soon as I feel an attack toward me. I am a psychic empath, of the highest degree, and feel “my heart pierced by the energy of the haters” and literally get asthmatic effects.Please, remember these things, when you see me and feel my Aura.On the other hand, what I have discussed now with Michael and came to understand deeper, is that I cannot “deny any Fans or Souls that feel attracted to Archangel Michael” this adoration. It is in fact a really great thing, and I can show you even drawings, energy drawings for magic focus I channeled with Michael back in 2012, about putting out the Vision into mass consciousness that “Teenage Girls would have a crush on Archangel Michael and hang up posters of him with wings in their bedrooms”.It has manifested by now, as the Fans are invited to take our Hand and ascend with Archangel Michael Jackson. He is not leaving his Fans behind, he is now your Guardian Archangel!In fact, Archangel Michael repeatedly as well as me, his Twin Flame, have tried to offer our healing Hand to Set, to the Devil too. But he refuses to change, and keeps venting jealousy, evil and hate into the World. And this is when Archangel Michael begins to battle…
    The Battle between Love and Jealousy: Ancient Egyptian Osiris and jealous Set (Satan)- FIRST HUMAN STORY OF TWIN FLAME INTERFERENCE ON EARTH
    The Battle between Love and Jealousy: Ancient Egyptian Osiris and jealous Set (Satan)- FIRST HUMAN STORY OF TWIN FLAME INTERFERENCE ON EARTH


    “Hello, this is Archangel Michael speaking. I thought I speak direct for explaining a few things to you, dear Souls I love so much.

    I have been watching the situation on Earth closely, in all ways possible, and feel for you all deeply. I see what you dream of, what you wish. I know that once

    love is one with you again, you are healed and it enables your soul to give more love to others freely. You really have to love YOURSELF FIRST, before you understand the invisible divine love that encompasses all of existence and all souls together. It is like a network of light, and anyone can tune in now, meaning, resonate the same pure energy and love, compassion, understanding and selfless focus for general healing the mass consciousness. This is what love truly means. To give, without expecting. To love without expecting a reward. To give your soul, if others need love. To share your soul with the mass consciousness, without complaining about the set-backs in this effort and battle.

    This is what I do, since a longer time than you can imagine in the limited human mind.

    I AM Archangel Michael.

    Have you ever thought of how you would visualise or image-ine how it “looks like” when I confront the destructive forces in duality for you, dear Souls?

    The “sword of fire” as you have named this special energy I use, is not a sword as human beings understand it.

    It is a “mind and mass consciousness and individual soul awareness penetration” with a bright light and truth vibe, when the dark side of duality attempts to bring things too much out of balance.

    At any given time and situation, I can step in for any individual soul or the whole order as God willed it for Earth´s BALANCED duality experience. I can protect your very mind, your consciousness and energy field connected to your whole aura and being, and shield off any interference into that.

    It is my main specialty. I am called “a great warrior” by many human beings and thought of as some “fighter”. But the point is, I do it through love matter, light matter, through focused concentrated love. That is what my “sword” is- made out of pure love and light, and the blue fire, a spiritual element and nothing “harming or injuring” in any way.

    In absolute spiritual personal truth, “I am a lover not a fighter”. Does that ring a bell or, a soft angelic flute in your mind?

    Now, what most of you have gotten out of tune with is my feminine Side, Archeia Faith. My baby, my Girl. She has had a different aspect of these experiences, and if you want to truly speak of the “warrior side of Archangel Michael” then it is her. She is the One, that comes in when I am heart broken by the negative energies in my spiritual job. She backs me up with her wings of love.

    She can channel my most deep masculine soul powers, as my Twin Flame, and acts often when all hope and “Faith” almost seems lost.

    Her Voice doesn´t only speak and command the other Angels assigned to work with us, to come into array. But her Voice also sings the Truth with a Breath seeming endless and eternal, echoing the Universe´s truth in soul vibes and sound. This is how I personally feel her and see her, her Song.

    When I protect and enforce for God, the “Truth”, her Voice comes in echoing with mine and strengthening my Voice. Doubling it. Making it even more fully penetrating, with the full combined Light of the Twin Flame Ray.

    I feel often as if I was merely channeling, in my incarnation, her Spirit, her Voice. As if her Song is vibrating from within my Soul in my Song.

    We channel each other´s powers, we exchange energy, we mirror, we reflect, we unite into one and then show you the “couple in two again”. So you understand it all.

    There is no “me and her”, there is only “we” and “WE ARE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL”- you understand?

    So, I came first, the masculine side of the full Archangel Michael Twin Soul, and now you see my feminine Side, her.

    And only if you come to understand the ONENESS WE ARE, that I AM ONE WITH MYSELF AND WHOLE, you can see my full truth and understand, on a trusting and personal, lovely and peaceful extension of love and support, that I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL. Both Twin Flame Counterparts together united and combined- that is what I say is :”I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL”- in a double feminine and masculine Voice.

    I love you all, truly from the bottom of my soul. I care for you and I wish to see you heal and rise above your “lower human self” into divine awareness and knowing that you are loved and never alone. We all have each other, for eternity, as one big connected Soul Family.

    I love you.


THE BIG ARCHANGEL MICHAEL INSIGHT: Thriller-Halloween Series 2015 Intro & Exorcising Hollywood´s GHOSTS © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
THE BIG ARCHANGEL MICHAEL INSIGHT: Thriller-Halloween Series 2015 Intro & Exorcising Hollywood´s GHOSTS © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

I have spoken, live and unfiltered and honest on this Blog, often recently, about the Hollywood Setianism and Interferences. But you know what, I am really back in the great vibe I was in back in 2010, and even more. I feel I can help their souls out of this, if they allow the Angels to help now.You have to understand, I truly love humanity, I love even the people who have hurt me, their once pure innocent, young souls I remember.I do not want anyone to be “lost or consciousness de-composed” as karmic consequence of bad actions and karma.You might be surprised when I say this now, but I feel also compassion and sadness for these stalkers, like Debbie Stefaniak or Lady Gaga and what she is doing with her soul, affecting the youth negatively. Madonna, Katy Perry, many we spoke here about spiritually analysing their public works and behaviour and more.

I see deeply through this Michael Aquino too. I see through these Satanists/Setianists and know ultimately and originally, they were too young pure, fresh created souls and had light. Had love. Had their Twin Flame Counterparts. They are somehow like “Lost Children” often to me, that run blindly into their doom and no matter how I scream and yell “don´t do it” they keep sinking into this, just like Set. You have no idea how difficult this all is for me to see and witness. It is the opposite of what my soul is used to, at home, in Heaven. It is the worst energy you can imagine, to perceive these souls hurting their own self over things that are just deceptions and illusions. Set too, he got lost in lies finally. He was good, he could have made something out of himself- but he chose to attack and feed off of Osiris and me and kept getting worse and worse and worse, aiming at the Mass Consciousness too. Look at the World´s condition!

I never understood why it has to be that way, why they would decide for “jealousy and envy” focus in their soul and “give away their soul light to Set” for abuse and no constructive evolution. All these spiritual wars, attacks and interferences, why? Tell me, why? Do you really enjoy your life, living with all this burden of fear energy???

I never once started anything of “attack mode”. I reacted, simple as that. And yes, I reacted heavy and everyone in public saw it, how serious I am about protecting my soul and my dislike about any disrespect toward my spiritual situations, in public.

Nobody can tape my mouth nor my voice and Song. And nobody should ever again try and attempt to “abuse my soul” in any way, and under no circumstances, and especially not by touching Black Magic methods.


I am not here for hanging around and playing your games. And I can be either your friend, or not, depending on how you treat me and show the truth therefore in your soul, good or bad choices. Are you about love, or are you about hate? How do you view love? Do you respect it, like it, have compassion with it? Or do you “abuse and attack love”?

If you attack my Twin Flame Heart, you are no longer my friend. If you try to abuse my soul, we no longer have a situation of trust or respect. You cannot take over my soul, and attempts for such a horrible, devilish thing are replied to by pure spiritual battle, with many Angels helping from beyond. It is a part of me, and how I survived all these exceptionally difficult incarnations on this Planet. I always felt like, I have no right to live as a human being here too, like all other human beings do. Where others would have one or two really big and horrible challenges in their lifetime, I would get bombarded with challenges and injustice and interference. Then, at some point, the victim starts to fight back and gets really spooky, if the abusive forces try to keep victimising. Once you decide, you decide, you are no longer a victim and will never be again. It is about the inner mind direction and self awareness of soul power.

And the battle is, as Michael explained, not physical or so as humans imagine “a battle”- but just energetic, emotional and spiritual energy battle linked with public information battle and such things you may look up for yourself anytime. They aren´t hiding it anymore, the people who have issues inside, are showing and airing it more and more into the public now, with increasing openness.

You cannot go up to Archangel Michael and ask for help, and then kick him and spit on him, you will just find yourself “suddenly laying on the ground”. So fast, you cannot even keep up with seeing it.

It might be new information for you, but the feminine Side of Archangel Michael, me, with the huge motherly protection instinct, is probably more aggressive in battle as Women are more emotional and you know it. Don´t ever attack a Lion Mother, for example, she will tear you apart if you approach her Lion King or Babies, or even look with bad intention at them only.

The trigger to the whole super ancient and big, big trauma over the ancient Egyptian times when those Twin Flame Heart Chakra attacks took place by jealous Set, are what has kept me in this soul trauma, feeling like EVERY TIME I COME TO PLANET EARTH, I am abused and mistreated and it created so much hate and disgust inside my soul for human beings to some degree. It had reached a point where I felt like best is if this whole Earth dimension is canceled basically, and I never have to come back here again. I had anger attacks over the injustices and unfair focus on me more than on average folks I see living seemingly normal and not disturbed or stalked, and it made me and Michael so, so angry. So angry, it took a lot to heal that, while they kept trying to keep the hurt and anger alive in my soul, on purpose.

And every time we have to battle a lost soul trying to abuse any innocent soul out there, or even us directly, it hurts me and Michael deeply, to witness that certain Souls hate us so much, are so opposed to love and only about abuse and disrespect, that we are forced, OUT OF LOVE, to step in and “turn up the Archangel Michael Battle mode” to protect ourselves and other innocent Souls.

Read up on the human PHYSICAL survival instinct, and how far human beings and animals go to protect themselves and survive an attack. Then imagine, how serious and wider this becomes in the SPIRITUAL, where it is about YOUR ETERNAL YOUR NOT A TEMPORARY EARTHLY BODY!

And then, you will understand me.

If I see anyone try and attack Michael´s Heart and Soul especially, I am the worst nightmare for the attackers and make sure I shield Michael and protect his Heart, because it is also my Heart.

It is never too late to say sorry and just show that compassion. Saying sorry can heal both, me and you. It is only a small step. So, think about it. That is for the people who have tried to interfere with my spiritual work here and my publications, in more organised and professional ways, from Hollywood and so forth.



I have come to some conclusions now, after a few years of a very strange situation and challenges I never thought possible in my personal life.

I decided to step back, and focus only on my work now, my Entertainment work, my Music and my Movies I should now put full soul power into.

I am honestly, bored at this point by the interferences and have decided therefore, to talk less and DO MORE DIRECT SPIRITUAL WORK on the Mass Consciousness, and that I prefer doing via channeled Music and Projects full of this light vibe.

By now, you should have realised that it works, and it affects everyone on a wide scale.

I will also no longer personally interact with any commenters on Videos that want to discuss and debate things, regarding my soul or Twin Flame Michael, and leave it up to everyone to decide by free will how they want to behave in public forums toward me, and live their fantasies.

I will not get pulled again into any of this lower vibration, I overcame it now.

I let go of all the hater´s bad energy, and wish them well and that they may change and come to awareness of true love and light soon.

I truly hope they will wake up and make that change now, and heal their souls so we all can ENJOY LOVE together, in the Mass Consciousness, all hand in hand, like a huge chain bringing light around the World.

I see the INNER CHILD, the original innocent soul when born, in each even most evil person. I am sending forgiveness, from all my soul and heart love powers. I will keep focusing on your INNER INNOCENT CHILD OF YOUR SOULS, no matter what you do to me now.



The Starlight & The Thriller

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit ( Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

7 thoughts on “Michael Jackson and his Twin Flame: Official Statement and Important General Spiritual Message © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

    1. Dear soul,

      I’ve read this long explanation. It is hard to understand, but I believe you. For years I have felt somethings were going on about twins, the strange meanings in songs and poems (like I, you, we etc)
      I love you (both) and wish you strength and understanding.

  1. I can’t decide if you are absolutely insane or if all this is actually true. I came to the conclusion however, that based on what I have been feeling since December 2nd, I must have gone crazy myself too. I don’t really know how to take this.

    1. Hello there.
      These are facts, everyone sees it now. Imagine I would have spoken and spoken about this all, before the actual effect became felt so clear. I can also guarantee you that everything I say on this Blog is based on provable facts, as crazy as it might sound, and I would like to remind you of the very identical “disinformation tactics” when they would also call Michael the whole time “Wacko Jacko”-it´s just all, no matter how you view it, confirming. And I have had medical and science testing, therefore have a medical proof that my brain and senses etc work not only HEALTHY but above average. I want to see the Interference folks show us a medical check too of their brain. Also my face, think about it, or just look at it, is not “an imagination” it is my FACE. I had zero plastic surgery on my face. The similarities and if you believe in all this and Twin Souls Claims or not, is of course up to you to decide what you think of it all 🙂

      Please explain, what do you mean when you say “based on your feeling since 2nd December”? If I might ask? Did you experience something?

      Wishing you a nice Day!

      Lots of Love & Light

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