About Twin Flame Merging – The Inner Child and Different Layers of the Mind -Consciousness *Spiritual Science Article* © Michael jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

About Twin Flame Merging - The Inner Child and Different Layers of the Mind -Consciousness *Spiritual Science Article* © Michael jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About Twin Flame Merging – The Inner Child and Different Layers of the Mind -Consciousness *Spiritual Science Article* © Michael jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

It is really late, almost sunrise here, and Michael is having a really good time here just relaxing with me, joking around a lot lately and just really taking care of me, so I get distracted from negativity and interferences, and focus on love and light – only. That means, in my personal case, to simply focus on Michael, focus on my own Soul and Life and ignore the jealousy vibe being thrown at me- just shrug it off. That is exactly what Michael himself was doing the whole time.

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A Michael Jackson Quickie: About the DANGEROUS Album & The Controversial Panther Metamorphosis Scene © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Just before, I was sleeping of course, and then woke up, drank some water, saw that the Stars, again, are really clear tonight. Yesterday as well, it was like “picturesque” as if the sky is visible in HD quality. I could see the Belt of Orion (Osiris) really clear, and Michael was joking around about it, like “see my Belt, see it? It´s so clear tonight…”

Today, again, the weather is as if Winter has been postponed, or canceled for this year. As if there was no real winter solstice this year. People expect snow, especially around Christmas time, but no cold really, lots of sunshine, and the feel of it snowing far, far away.

Before, Michael was just totally in love mode, and after, it was as if something he had put in my mind or triggered in our quality time, if you know what I mean. I had hundreds of thoughts all at once in my head, realisation leaps I would call them.


As I saw my own purely spiritual Twin Flame Experience resonated in Michael´s old Short Film so clearly, I was really startled, again, that I had not really “seen” it, meaning, realised it before!

At the same time, it was his own Twin Flame Experience, before we met in Person, but still always connected in our shared Soul. He was really, really good at channeling our Twin Soul Vibe into these Scenes.

Michael was 33 years old, when he did that.

I am now 33 years old as well.

ABOUT TWIN FLAME CONSCIOUSNESS MERGING & THE DIFFERENT LAYERS OF THE MIND- Beyond Space and Time Soul Truth © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
ABOUT TWIN FLAME CONSCIOUSNESS MERGING & THE DIFFERENT LAYERS OF THE MIND- Beyond Space and Time Soul Truth © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

In the above seen photos comparison, you see one photo from Michael where he is not 33 yet, and another one where he is a bit older. On my photo on the right side, I am yet 19 years old, working on my Female Michael Jackson Twin Soul Brand, even if I did not openly name it that yet. (I have Videos from Dance and Stage Mic Singing Training back then I can show you maybe soon a bit…)

So, no matter what you mentally know, by human education and language, it does not matter when it comes to the inner soul truth felt and experienced, the inner knowledge and certainty.

As human beings, here in the flesh, we have a very limited mind. The consciousness can expand though, and that I think triggers the stimulation and activation of never-before used brain cells, or can.

This is what most people do not understand.

Think about these facts now too:

  • Society has many debates, philosophies and reflects on the “True Self” and everyone is acting like it is a big, unsolvable riddle
  • The Self is a big subject since thousands of years, it is so deep
  • Most people do not know really their own true Self, in all ways, let alone know details of their Soul, in real tangible and researched ways
  • Therefore, it is absolutely insane to attempt to judge my and Michael´s soul, as you do not know it to that degree, and not even your own soul to begin with judging others
  • Psychologists, Scientists and Philosophers, Spiritualists and religious Figures are all studying the Self in many ways, and since a long, long time, evolving over time
  • The Twin Flame (Self Details of the Soul Structure) Information is a whole new information in modern time, being resurrected by Souls reincarnated from ancient Times when this Knowledge was still known, lived and remembered

Twin Flame do not just reunite as in, oh they “were not together and get back together, or break up and reunite”- no! Whoever thinks or says that is on a very wrong, and spiritually negative path based on false Twin Flame information being circulated intensely nowadays. There you see then, how dangerous this is for your mind and your consciousness´health.

Michael Jacksons Dangerous Album Cover- Two Birds and the Bird Queen Meaning © Osiris Isis Horus Twin Flame Soul
Michael Jacksons Dangerous Album Cover- Two Birds and the Bird Queen Meaning © Osiris Isis Horus Twin Flame Soul
MJ 2 Birds Poem Important Lines- MJ TwinFlame Soul Official Singer Little Susie © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
MJ 2 Birds Poem Important Lines- MJ TwinFlame Soul Official Singer Little Susie © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

True Twin Flames have always ALREADY BEEN TOGETHER, there is no end, no beginning. “You and I were never separate, it´s just an illusion on Earth” is what Michael says about that here, and he wrote about these Reflections for his Book of Dreams and Thoughts, named “Dancing the Dream”.

So, the Twin Flame Reunion Process is not about “reuniting”, it is about “realising”. And this happens layer by layer, consciousness leap by consciousness leap. Endlessly deep and eternal like YOUR SELF.

Michael Jackson channels his own Twin Flame Experience on Camera- BLACK OR WHITE ALL THE SAME MESSAGE © TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson channels his own Twin Flame Experience on Camera- BLACK OR WHITE ALL THE SAME MESSAGE © TwinFlame Soul Official

I have always been deeply and awarely connected to Michael Jackson, in a spiritual sense. I always knew and lived that, but did not speak often anything about those “inner spiritual insights on myself”. I often kept to myself, and was only listening to others and helping, guiding, giving advice, generally in life. Adults would tell me, as a Child and Teenager, that “I know more than most adults about relationships and emotional intelligence in love matters”. But I had factually no experience, in the physical realm.

This was all my inner consciousness, and over-soul knowledge on this, and knowing these things simply because I know how a good relationship or connection is and feels like and should be, because of Michael.

I would always say:”I think it is wrong to rely on a partner to feel complete, one must evolve the self first and be complete within the self, and then one can have real and deep relationships with others and good ones!” and people would be surprised why I would think like this, while other Teenagers were dating round and as soon as some break ups happen, next, next, next. I grew up in Europe, and that is just the culture here from which I could easily and openly study these things watching others. I myself kept away from that and behaved always different.

I spent a lot of time alone, thinking, analysing things, even sometimes not able to sleep early, busy with “mind analytics”. I would need usually, on a regular basis, 1 hour to fall asleep. It was a hobby, really, to “flex my mind” and I loved analytical thinking, it is a part of me since I can remember.

Michael was Virgo in his Zodiac sign, and that sign is know to be like that. I am Aries. Read up on that yourself, and you will see, that what I am describing here from my own inner mind and experiences, thought processes in life, is totally Virgo more than Aries.

But even with all this super clear Twin Soul case we have, and me knowing since I can remember about our unique soul bond, I did not fully realize every aspect of it, until we met in Person and my whole Life, Consciousness, emotional state and just everything really totally changed and transformed. After an initial extreme suffering, and near death experience, I survived this all and found myself realizing more and more, like a growth in consciousness, different layers of my own mind and Michael´s mind, and the binding shared consciousness zone.

And still today, we are evolving and learning from each other and Michael gives me all the time I need to attune to all his earthly memories, experiences , skills and knowledge beyond earth reaching into spiritual realms, including glimpses of the next life form we both did not encounter yet ever. A wonderful life form, where all Twin Flame couples remain always hand in hand together, going through incarnations from beginning to transition together! Imagine this!

Michael Jackson Black Or White (Complete Video Link)

“I took my baby on a saturday band- boy, is that girl with you? Yes, we´re one and the same! I´m tired of this devil, I´m tired of this business, I ain´t scared of your brother, I ain´t scared of no sheets, I ain´t scared of nobody, Girl, when the going gets mean”– Quote, Michael Jackson Black or White Lyrics-

Michael publicly expressed his love and bond with me, and for me, and he never cared what anyone thinks of his Art, Fashion and his overall works in Song, Music, Dance and Short Films.

Twin Flame Signs and Symptoms and Transformation of Consciousness ©

In April 2010, when Michael did this “Spiritual Sexual Merging between Heaven and Earth” with me, it totally elevated my Mind and Consciousness, and since then, I have felt connected to so many Souls on Earth, that you can only say we are “inside the mass consciousness, or embracing it, between heaven and earth, healing it with our twin soul love” as we are healing at the same time our heart as well.

Michael Jackson- A very public Twin Flame Merging Experience Within His Song © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson- A very public Twin Flame Merging Experience Within His Song © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


A previous Article Excerpt © February 2013 Lightworkers Spiritual Magazine

“The water was running into the bath tub filling it and I noticed suddenly how Archangel Michael keeps staring at my body while I undress to take a bath. To be honest, I felt uncomfortable and shy because I thought he can see in this bright bath light all my imperfections, physically. I also asked myself, why he does it and what he wants.

After I had finished the bathing and went out to lie down on the couch in front of the TV, the most miraculous experience I ever had in this life happened:

Michael was suddenly on top of me and penetrated me literally in such a physical way; I could feel everything including his body hitting mine. I noticed that and then drifted into a state of feeling like flying. It was so familiar, like we done it in this constellation before as Isis and Osiris. He had a light body glittering like it is made out of white fire or something similar. He had everything we have in the physical body. Michael got so “intense” and then he shot something like a huge white light into me, it rose from down there upwards through my spine very intense and broke out like a fountain of light from the top of my head. Behind him became a white cloudy flight pattern visible like that of air planes, I could literally see the path he flew onto me and beyond it was seemingly distant the gate of heaven. Michael smiled like a little, happy boy as he held my head with both hands and kept giving me kisses on my lips afterwards.

It has been three years now that we are in a twin soul merging like this and living a normal life actually of a couple, but between mortal and immortal body now. Maybe Michael is able to remove all physics laws because he is Archangel Michael, maybe it is just natural between twin souls like that since we are always one soul and together, even if far away in separate bodies. And maybe, Michael begged God to allow him to come back to me like this out of endless love and desire.

My physical body is reacting to his energy so clearly, that my nose got smaller by itself, my lips got fuller in the blink of an eye and my eyes bigger. My body changed and I lost weight in a good way without sports. Michael had mentioned that I am going to have a beautiful body in early 2010. Every time I ask him how this all works in detail, he just giggles and keeps the mystery going. It is for sure not easy to be Michael Jackson’s twin soul I can tell you, but besides all sharing of his burdens and challenges, I am probably the happiest woman on earth. My health magically improved in 2010, sleep issues and heart problems are a thing of the past. Some allergies are still around, but we are working on them together. I have never felt so free and happy inside my soul. It was definitely worth it to face my old Isis wounds and heal them this time around. I feel stronger than ever and plan to dedicate my life to helping other twin souls find each other and be happy as we are, besides the healing of the planet itself. Your twin can not only give you the best sex you ever had, but definitely is your eternal companion throughout all journey’s God created for our souls to experience and I saw our next life form God prepared for all of us and there, we will not be separate men and women. We will be going through the next life form in two’s, every couple always together and never alone again.

Today I woke up again feeling heavenly. I say heavenly, because from time to time, Archangel Michael takes me out of my body and we travel to lands beyond this world. This time we were in some kind of magical jungle with emerald, glittery green plants and trees. I could see big roses and purple flowers as well. Michael lay me down on a soft spot and started to kiss me passionately. Then I woke up feeling like flying in my heart with a big smile. Michael was still there, when I opened my eyes, holding me in bed and stroking my head as he usually likes to do. Maybe the best word to describe the place and feeling of it would be “Neverland”, the literal real one.”

ORIGINAL LINK- Read more on: http://www.lightworkersworld.com/2013/02/made-in-heaven/

———————————End of Excerpt——————————————-

In the above article excerpt from 2013, an exclusive one with Insights into our Twin Soul Book, you see clearly now that he does give visuals resonating precisely with our first purely Spiritual between Heaven and Earth sexual experience, after he passed. As you might know, I do not like to speak of any earthly private facts, and leave those out, and focus on the spiritual aspects only to teach and help.

For more read into the following previous Articles:


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And since I was also not physically with Michael in this Video or yet in his life in Person, he was also “sensing me and dancing with the twin flame vibe” on a far-distance channeling mode. I was here, he was there, but our soul was together, always.

This is the simple truth, but also complex at the same time, just like all of us. God made Souls very complex, eternal Beings.

You ARE already connected with your Twin Flame, deep inside of you, at all times. You must know that, and realising that helps your Twin Flame REALIZATION.

Your Twin Flame is you, to begin with. Don´t seek that deep soul truth because you heard of the term or other stories, in anyone you encounter. Start with yourself! Michael Jackson says that, when speaking about the MAN IN THE MIRROR Song Meaning as well, this is a good food for your Consciousness right now, check it out:


I have wondered, and felt very harassed over the recent situation that arose, after I knew this would happen and worried “they would witch hunt my soul if they find out that I´m his Twin Soul” after he had taught and told me himself, in Spirit, this to me new English term in early 2010.

By now, the situation is so out of control, that I have to shield myself off through legal action and my lawyers help. All that, because it happens to be Michael Jackson. I have had so much peace in 2010, and by 2011 they began interfering and forcing me out to defend myself, just like they did these tactics with Michael in many aspects as well. Always the same, very clear parallels and court evidence proving all that we have. They make false claims online, cheap and hidden behind the Internet, while Data that was hacked and spied on from my Computers is being used and circulated by Hollywood folks for abusive economic purpose and power games, serious, real, public Twin Flame Interferences.

Others have shared Twin Soul Stories, such as Jean Cline and George Reeves. He too was a famous TV Actor, which was the very first to play Superman back then, in the 50´s and 60´s. Then, there are similar Stories, about Love in general, which sometimes are unspoken Twin Flame Stories, sometimes just really beautiful and evolving Soul Mate Journeys or Soul Family.

But no other Twin Soul Couple gets so much jealousy attacks and interferences like us, impersonation-interference tactics in full public, nobody! Only always aiming at me and Michael, and that is a whole revealing truth in itself about his Innocence in the matters they tried to invent to harass and psychologically terrorise Michael. It´s all about “fighting your consciousness as you are in the middle of your twin flame merging in order to disrupt your rising light” and its effects on the whole mass human consciousness and planetary energy.


Here is some more on that if you want to read up on Twin Flame Interference tactics, embarrassingly clear exposed by us, with Archangel Michael truth and justice power:


EGYPTIAN REINCARNATION: My Original Copyrighted PAST LIFE POP Projects and How Lady Gaga AND Debbie Stefaniak Impersonate my Life Story and Work © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official




Insight into Most Public Twin Flame Interference and Soul Attacks in Modern Entertainment © Michael Jackson/Susan Elsa VS Hollywood




Michael Jackson´s Spiritual Message about Hollywood: The Powers of Day-Light and Night-Shadow & Ancient Egypt © ArchangelMichael777 / MJ TwinFlame Soul Official




ATTENTION MJ FANS: FAKE AGENTS CAUGHT ONLINE- AGAIN! (Many Different Names and Emails- working for Hollywood Copycats to cover up???) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official




Michael Jackson Innocence: About the FALSE Accusers Motivations and Spiritual Truth uncovered by Twin Flame Powers for Justice © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official




SET/SETH (Ancient Egyptian) – THE ILLUMINATI – Osiris (Michael Jackson) VS Set (Devil/Satan) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul OFFICIAL




I A.M. Twin Flame: Consciousness Merging documented in Music Releases © 2010



There are many private situations people have, with psychic experiences, paranormal Science research is also happening to research these things, in general, and I was involved in such since 2004 based on my above average brain skills and “changed consciousness without any scientific explanation”- that is how it was, back then. Scientists had no idea, they could only tell that I am healthy and test physically measurable things, not the consciousness. That is not possible, not even for the biggest neuro-brain-science or any methods humanity has yet available.

But then you have NOW, people popping up that are these typical stalker type, energy vampires that want to feed off of this, and harass me and point at me, because I happen to have a Twin Flame situation with a very famous Man.

However, that was never what Michael was about to me, and I do not care what these people´s personal issues are, this is my Soul, and the very situation no matter how difficult and challenging, is only bringing MORE ATTENTION & CONFIRMATION to his Truth that was attacked as well. They pointed the same finger at him, judging, mocking, insulting, and all BECAUSE of our Twin Flame Merging.

Do you see that now?

The fake agents making up fake emails and profiles online, that are throwing dirt at my Eye (Don´t tell me you agree with me (Michael), when I saw you kicking dirt in my Eye (Soul)- Quote Black or White Song)- are just that, fake and spiritually lost, sick souls.

I got something recent here, see for yourself. I do not know what this is, but it is ridiculous and clownish by now, how this jealousy has gotten out of control for some people out there, obsessing with Michael only because he happens to have done a great JOB, trying to invade his and my privacy the whole time.

  • The existing email service normal people can access and use online is called, as everyone knows, HOT-mail.com
  • The fake agents made a stupid, dumb mistake, take a look at HOAT-mail.com (this does not exist, seems to be manually entered, hacker style to hide the real identity online as they usually work with their fake tactics)

I actually laughed really hard a few times with Michael, about this horrible stupidity with the “Hoat-mail” mistake. And in the Message you literally feel these people´s “enraged triggered jealousy” no photos of them visible, no real Names, not even real Emails or anything normal online Users and Fans do!

And Anna Wirt exists very much, she was kind enough to provide a Photo for her Article, so people see this fact. This is Archangel Michael´s Official Blog, and he is the Angel of Justice, Truth and Twin Flame Love Protection.

I am not sharing these things, by the way, for any personal gain. I already gained all I could gain, when God brought Michael back to me and allowed us to be this close, so I as his Twin Soul can survive his Ascension.

This is my way of defending Michael´s Innocence and bringing forth COMPLETE TRUTH, in depths, not just superficial.

This is me, telling you, that I have always known what he feels and thinks, and does actually, sexually, and I had shared dreams seeing his sexual perspective, and he was always and only thinking about Women and nothing else. He did not do these horrible things some devilish-minded people claimed falsely, he was SEXUALLY CONNECTED TO ME this whole time.

I am his walking Innocence Proof, until deep down into my Soul.

The True Wisdom of Michael Jackson´s Soul – THE INNER CHILD MESSAGE- ©

As a warm up and introduction to our next focus, the INNER CHILD SERIES, I want to really, really remind here once again of Michael Jackson´s true and very important, healing Message about Children and Innocence, until deep down into the Soul.

Remember how you felt back then, when you were a Kid? What games or toys did you like to play with, or which childhood friends do you remember good moments with? Can you still smell the grass beneath your feet from childhood memories of playing in the summer outside? Did you climb trees?

Did you have different, more colourful Dreams? Did you remember your Dreams much better as a Child, compared to now?

What do you miss the most from your Childhood?

Do you remember how you felt, your whole “Childhood Consciousness and Feeling in Life and toward the Surroundings” today?

I do.


I have always had a good memory, but since Michael is healing me with his energy work after all these challenges, you know, and he is in Heavenly form, he brings this pure and healing light to heal me. Immediately at the Spiritual-Material Merging we transitioned into in 2010, I began feeling my Inner Child heal again.

I was so unhappy in 2009, I was suffering so bad, didn’t know how to eat, keep living, or smile again really. People literally told me, that “the shine in my eyes is somehow gone lately”- as I was recovering from this deadly poisoning in Los Angeles, after leaving.

When Michael returned in Spirit, with full Permission from God and blessing to do so and all this now as well, he did things which transformed all that, overnight.

I remember clearly seeing this not just shine, but glittery super strong “soul light” in my eyes again, early 2010, after the spiritual Twin Flame love-making he surprised me with. Totally surprised I was that this is possible, between dimensions and different type bodies, and still as if no difference and totally physical and tangible.

I then went from crying a lot, to smiling a lot, walking around just totally happy, like a Child. I mean, totally innocently happy, and thankful to God, praying daily saying “Thank You” for making all this happen and showing me therefore, that my Michael is okay.

We love sometimes being silly, and I know I can be childish sometimes, in fact even more so again, like I was as a little Girl, since I am in this merged dynamic with Michael in Spirit, as his INNER CHILD completely healed by now. He was healed by God, in Heaven, before coming back to me.

And he showed me himself a few times, popping up in Spirit as little Michael, and he would show me Visions of us together, purely in the Eternal Childhood Fun, being Little Michael and Little Susie…

Ancient Twin Flame Souls Cartoon Project and More: Original Channeled Information Michael Jackson/Archangel Michael via Susan Elsa © I REMEMBER-CHILDHOOD MESSAGE
Ancient Twin Flame Souls Cartoon Project and More: Original Channeled Information Michael Jackson/Archangel Michael via Susan Elsa © I REMEMBER-CHILDHOOD MESSAGE

Wishing you all lots of pure light, pure love and pure INNER CHILD HEALING, rejuvenating your Souls!

The Starlight & The Thriller ( Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit/ Archangel Michael/ Osiris ) ©

Michael Jackson and TwinFlame Soul Official Photos Analysis TWIN LOOK AND MERGING VISIBLE BIOLOGY © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson and TwinFlame Soul Official Photos Analysis TWIN LOOK AND MERGING VISIBLE BIOLOGY © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


About the Inner Child- Beyond Space & Time


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