Susan Elsa & Archangel Michael Jackson: Anti- Bullying Advice – Campaign and Spiritual Protection Methods for YOUNG & OLDER © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Susan Elsa Archangel Michael Jackson Anti-Bullying Message and Meaning Song BAD *Special Article with Advice and Spiritual Protection* © TwinFlame Soul Official
Susan Elsa Archangel Michael Jackson Anti-Bullying Message and Meaning Song BAD *Special Article with Advice and Spiritual Protection* © TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

This Weekend, we have a very special and intense Focus on our ARCHANGEL MICHAEL ANTI-BULLYING CAMPAIGN, and we will provide Videos with special by Michael dictated Mind-Focus and Meditation Methods for Spiritual Protection of BODY, MIND AND EMOTIONS, for Bully Victims.


The following is an older Demo, which Michael had channeled to me in order to focus myself, and for others, spiritual protection like a global umbrella, against personal bullying and abusive taunting and all that which I endured during my childhood and youth, and many Teenagers still today endure the same. In fact, it is much worse now, that people can mock others in full public, going online to social Media to harass and bully another, which they know from school, and indirectly like cowards hiding behind the Computer.

This is why this topic is super important to me, in fact, me AND Michael both have endured record amounts of bullying, and it is not acceptable and not civilised human behaviour- let alone spiritual…

So, listen to the Song, and then let us move ahead with some more for today. Tomorrow we will have a second Article on the same Campaign subject, and a special Spiritual Exercise Video which can help a lot in situations where you feel attacked and bullied by another in school, or online or at your office or such varying situations.




Official Message by Susan Elsa © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Lately the hate by unknown, fake profiles online has increased, the more I speak up for Mike and defend his HETEROSEXUALITY, putting myself on the Line for it out of Love, they attack more violent and aggressive increasingly with criminal and misleading tactics online, personal psychological terror and almost daily bullying by now. They try to force me to lose my Focus again and feel “depressed, harassed, intimidated, unwelcome and like I should give up my work, life, profession and go die silent”- SUPER CRIMINAL. This is WHY THEY HIDE THEIR IDENTITY, and I am more and more sure factually, that these Fake Profiles are from the Hollywood Copycats and criminal Spies from Michael Jackson´s Competition which was dying of Jealousy over him prior as well, same exact thing and vibe.

Now, what do I do? I felt first harassed, and I am a human being. I feel those things, when you lie about me and place for conscious malicious purpose lies and opposite of truth claims online, because you are showing me how much you hate my Soul. It hurts me and Michael, how evil some People are on this Planet, they raped his Life, now they are raping constantly my Life too.

But, after thinking and discussing again with Mike, I decided to STICK WITH MY DECISION, to ignore them. Come on, yell around the Internet how “horrible you find me”, make up lies, don´t sleep, don´t eat, you so obsessed with me and Michael. It is not sane nor normal, and I do not waste my time any longer to let them bully me. Today I will write with Michael a very helpful Article, for ALL THE ONLINE BULLY VICTIMS OUT THERE, that need a Hug and just a bit of basic Respect. Archangel Michael and all other Angels are always and constantly there for you, and can help you SHIELD YOUR PSYCHE AND HEART from such bullying. You focus on you. Do not let anyone distract you from LIVING AND EVOLVING! ❤

More on this later, wishing you for now a wonderful bright Light embracing you and protecting your Mind and Heart so that only Love may get to you. ❤

Susan Elsa


Michael Jackson´s Song “BAD” and the whole Short Film Idea behind what Mike meant to express, is clearly about JEALOUSY & BULLYING.

Here is a warm up, watch the whole Short Film from the BAD Song, directed by Martin Scorsese (a legendary Film Director), and Michael´s JET Ebony Interview from back then, speaking of the original inspiration behind this Song, actually a sad story about how harmful jealousy can get.

Michael Jackson – Bad (Official Long Video Version) 1/2

Michael Jackson – Bad (Official Long Video Version) 2/2

Michael Jackson – Ebony/Jet Interview 1987 [FULL HD (1080p)]

That reminds me of my youth, literally, these are the types of Videos that Michael did make, where I felt a “personal resonance”. The whole message and theme of the BAD Song in fact, is a repetitive theme in both our lives and identical life parallels.

If you want, you can go to our free Member Area, on the Indie Label Website, and read my Book for free with more details on super jealous and mean Girls bullying me basically all my youth, for example.

I never understood that, the basic idea of “jealousy”, is strange to me. I mean here also more envy, that seems too common among Girls and Women especially, but amongst Men actually too, just showing in different ways.

Michael was envied by jealous, bully-racist Guys.

I was envied by jealous, bully-racist Girls.

Let me share a story, from my youth from school days. I did share a bit from all that in my Book too.

When thinking back, I remember that too often I had trouble with other Girls, without me doing ANYTHING to cause them to react to my pure presence this way. I would just go my way, and do my thing, and they would come in my path and seek trouble, seek confrontation, bully me, insult me, threaten me “with physical assault” and oh boy, they LOVED defaming me and making up lies “to make me look bad in front of others especially boys”.

All my friends know this fact, and have witnessed it. Nobody else around our Area or Friends of Friends from Schools, or Neighbourhood Areas, had such extreme situations like me. Of course, let me explain here or correct so there are no misunderstandings:

When I say, extreme, I mean certain unique situations as I was not the typical bully-victim at that time anymore. I know others experienced regular bullying, and some even more than me, but constant, not physically violent (Girls)- but verbal abuses on a daily basis sometimes. I would be the one protecting them, like Archangel Michael´s Twin Flame would instinctively do, if incarnated as a Teenager too.

I was never afraid, despite all the bullying and attacks. When younger it began with a Boy I was friends with, and his Friends, all older Boys, bullying me and that also with physical assaults, pushing me on the street, or on stairs, which can be dangerous.

In Michael´s Song, LITTLE SUSIE, he sings about exactly that, a Girl falling down some Stairs and dying, based on abuses (and bullying, its the same thing finally).

Do you know any GIRLS, at such a young age, which are being bullied by older Boys, ongoing? If yes, please read below the advices and meditation methods to bring spiritual additional protection, also for the psyche and mind to stay protected.

I never seen such a thing, I seen Boys bully Boys at school, and Girls bullying Girls at school, but rarely is there a “personal focused war by Boys on a little Girl”. The Guy told me later, that he had done all this on purpose “using his special smartness in manipulation” to make a war on me, because “he had a crush on me and felt I did not and he never has any chance” , so it “made him feel insecure and he was too immature to solve his inner issue in any other way”. We are Friends again now, and I forgave him, after he came back later consciously and honest and explained all this and really made effort to compensate, for the future of our Friendship, proving to me that he really cares about me as a Human Being.

Another Story, with Girls here without any closer private Friendship situation as I had with this Boy mentioned above, and completely “out of the blue”.


One of the usually big bully Girls had snuck up to me once, and suddenly acted friendly and nice. She asked me to borrow from me a Michael Jackson CD, if I remember correctly the “DANGEROUS ALBUM”. My first CD I bought from Michael´s Music, as before it was just LP and Cassette in the 80´s.

I always had this compassion and was too nice way too often in my life, and so I gave it to her, for an agreed 2 weeks, and must return before school vacation begins.

Time went by and it was 3 weeks, then 4 weeks, right before school vacation. The Girl was ignoring me, acting rude again, and when I asked 2-3 times about my CD, she said “yes, yes I will bring tomorrow”.

The LAST DAY, as we all went on a school trip for the last school day, she had promised to bring it and it was the last chance, before it got really obvious she has zero respect for my property or any promises.

She came at me this morning totally rude and insulted me and bullied me, like she used to prior to wanting this CD from me.

I got so angry, she not only did not bring it, but attacked me and abused me emotionally further as if it is a fun game for her. Typical bully style again. I regretted to have thought she could change, when she acted suddenly so friendly to me.

I trusted her. I was naive.

Then, I stood in the train as we were returning from the school trip, in the path way, and she wanted to pass when I asked her if she can go get it quick from home and give it to me before I go home, after going out the train at the home station. It´s all just a 5-10 Minute walk and thing, nothing big.

She got aggressive, and threatened me physically and grabbed my arm, my wrist, trying to press really hard on it. I did not move one eye lash, and remained ice cold. I then grabbed her arm, and pressed so strong she let go of my wrist in seconds moaning in pain. She then threatened me to bring her bully Girls and “beat me up after school when I am on the way home”.


She got the Message, as PSYCHOLOGICALLY I showed her a clear sign that I AM NOT A BULLY VICTIM. The Mind here is very important, dear Readers. These people else know no limit and keep going, until in some cases they make someone commit suicide or kill someone, or bring someone into the wheel chair by strong gang-against-one person physical violence.


A Girl which I had been Friends with and always listened to, tried to understand and help, had just lied so much, and showed a double face, and she would steal from people, from places. I did not want encourage or accept such abusive behaviour, so I simply ended the Friendship.

Wow, she did not accept that, nor my feelings or anything like I have no right to decide for myself, who I am FRIENDS WITH!

She wanted revenge, and so she threatened me, and then my sister too, and then she brought some Girls to our School, from another area, Girls I never saw in my life before, and she had “heated them up against me” so they agree to come with her to beat me up physically and assault me, by telling them totally nonsense lies that “I am spreading lies about them, whoring around”- and when this one Girl told me that, I replied:” Who are you, man?!”

I never seen them before, and only heard about them, from this fake Friend I should have never trusted. She did many things like this, this is not even the worst, and so I had completely understandable and good reasons to end the friendship, I thought in peace.

She then came at me and yelled, with her face all red from yelling and shouting, that she “is ready to beat me up, she will show me who is strong around here, I will shut up after and regret it, I got no chance against her physically” bla bla bla. I then wiped a bit of her spit from my face, because she was spitting while talking like some rabid dog, in all seriousness. I was just ice cold and watching this “jealousy- competitive venting” and did not understand why she has such a problem with me not wanting to associate with her anymore, based on her own clear and bad actions.

I then started giggling, because I could not take her rant serious and told her so. I walked away, toward home, and she and her bully Girls Gang kept stalking me and walking after me on the way home and insulting me, threatening me, bullying me and all this crap.

I just stayed ice cold on the surface, and when they would threaten physical attack, I would warn them that “I will use all my karate knowledge and all my anger over their bullying and crush them if they touch me, all at once, 4 against 1”.

Just looking at them, ice cold and calm and saying these things, obviously was enough to keep them off of me physically, except for one moment when the biggest, fat Girl stood without any warning in front of me, after the other leading type Bully Girl had whispered something into her ear and bam, just slapped me really aggressive and hard on my face, on the right side.

I have rarely been more angry in my life, I was never the bully victim, despite being bullied all the time. I never was quietly taking it, and would make comments back and such. But this was the first time, someone touched me and really hit me, in an abusive bully type of way.

I remember this moment, like an endless moment, where my face was turned to the left side from this Girl´s hard slap, toward the street besides the side walk where we stood.

It was like an inner fire, and very hard to hold myself, because in that moment I wanted to really hurt them and crush them all, and with full force, and I have always been stronger than most Girls, based on karate training since years. But I thought of all these things, and then decided that I do never want to be like them, and no matter what happened, I will walk away now and they will get karma back.

I felt some spiritual energy I had to release, instead of the physical, because I repressed it.

2 Days later, 2 of the stranger Girls had searched out my Number and called me, to apologise, and they were so apologetic it was strange and funny. I had no explanation, but felt as if “something from my spiritual contacts visited them”, as I had always been a psychic, but at that time, did not share such in school of course.

The one Girl which did not apologise, the lead Girl, the one that felt it was necessary to threaten me:”You think you have a beautiful face huh, we will scar your face forever, making you ugly, hitting you up so bad, and we know where you, live your address, don´t forget that you bitch”- well she had another fate, or karma.

A few weeks later, during school vacation or so I heard, in some Eastern Country, she died in a car accident, at age 17 (She was older).


There were stories, back in Primary school, about some strange Junkie or such a Guy, walking around the area around when it gets dark, and trying to get to some little Children. I was totally spooked out hearing about it, and would watch closely when walking home.

One time, I saw the Guy, he was outside the Swimming Hall exit, hiding a bit on the side, just around the time it was already dark outside, and we would go home for Dinner. I was there, just across the street from home, alone, with friends. They were not finished yet, and I wanted to go home.

So, he was in the way, when I got out, he was like about to approach me, and I just stared “very dangerously at him” as if to let him know, that I will try to finish him if he comes close to me, a pure telepathic type “mind threat message”- and it totally worked. I understood early on in my life, that these types of people seek “victim type personalities” meaning, people that inside think of themselves like that, and do not “mentally fight back” even.

This is why I am sharing all this now, to do something good with all the online bullying going on nowadays with the Internet everywhere, and all the people who might feel alone or don´t know how to react or behave in a situation where they are bullied or even threatened in school by other Teens and such.

Always try to focus on the Mind, and the verbal aspect. This avoids in fact any physical situation I believe, in my case it was that way.

Not once, did anyone really fully assault me or started hitting me physically, it was always threats only, verbal assaults and abuses, and defamation especially. When someone goes around making up things about another innocent Person, then it means this person is eaten up by jealousy.

Michael Jackson experienced the same type of reactions toward himself, as a Person, by Men and some Women too, such as Madonna. Madonna was totally jealous of him, and his success and his talent, which she never even had 10% of.

She is a bully. And I called her out on that on this Blog before, because she not only bullied Michael, but sexually harassed him, and defamed him IN THE PUBLIC TABLOIDS, trying to “mock his sexual stamina” as a bitchy revenge move, out of pure jealousy and thinking she has the right to step on others feelings and push them around, because they have an own opinion too.

The Song DANGEROUS, in fact, is just about these types of Women like Madonna, and guess what, this Girl I talked about above which bullied me over the Dangerous CD, was also a Blonde Italian, how funny…


*click link to see some insights*

ATTENTION MJ FANS: FAKE AGENTS CAUGHT ONLINE- AGAIN! (Many Different Names and Emails- working for Hollywood Copycats to cover up???) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

MJ Dangerous Cover -PopArt- ArchangelMichael777
MJ Dangerous Cover -PopArt- ArchangelMichael777

Michael Jackson never made superficial, nonsense Songs like others do in Hollywood! He was simply better at everything he touched, because he worked hard and put his Soul into it. Effort equals success and is earned and should be respected, in Career and work, or personally and SPIRITUALLY. Michael was not only an exceptional Artist and Entertainment Prodigy, but an exceptional Man as well. Nobody has a Personality like Michael.

To me, he has always been Perfection. His Soul, his Heart, his Mind, his Intentions, his Love, his Smart Mind, his Analytical Focus, he is PERFECT.

I also always loved his looks, and of course felt a strong resonance. But I never realised that we look so much alike, until we met, there it began with him pointing all giggly with his finger at my right cheek, where I have a light round mole, and then on his left cheek, to an identical mole on his cheek. I could not believe it, it was a very unique, unforgettable moment.

And only after his passing, he was able to explain details and reasons behind things we both with a limited human sight and consciousness could not grasp yet back then, so now I know everything, fully and complete.

And when he ascended, in Spirit, he interacts now with me in his true Spiritual Form, and I keep telling you openly and publicly, and simply:


Everything he did, sang about, danced, his energy, his extreme warrior-iron-like will for survival and enduring so much attacks and false accusations, jealousy and racism, his extreme and unique success DESPITE all these attempts to block him from the Music Industry and Hollywood, all that, proves to any sane Person that it is only a logical conclusion and makes sense when I say: Duh….He IS THE Archangel Michael.

That is the spiritual, soul explanation behind his unique life circumstances, take it or leave it. Finally, what you do, is all about you, so you have to know if you want to find out the truth behind things, and learn for yourself and understand yourself more too, or not.


ARCHANGEL MICHAEL´S BLUE RAY SPOTLIGHT FROM HEAVEN FOR PROTECTION IN ALL WAYS © Channeled to Earth & Bridged by his TwinFlame Soul Susan Elsa on 4th December 2015
ARCHANGEL MICHAEL´S BLUE RAY SPOTLIGHT FROM HEAVEN FOR PROTECTION IN ALL WAYS © Channeled to Earth & Bridged by his TwinFlame Soul Susan Elsa on 4th December 2015

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL´S BLUE RAY SPOTLIGHT FROM HEAVEN FOR PROTECTION IN ALL WAYS © Channeled to Earth & Bridged by his TwinFlame Soul Susan Elsa on 4th December 2015

Now, what can you, dear Readers, if you experience such harassing situations do, and what is the better and what is the worse reaction to bullying?

Let us take a close look now, before we move on to the Blue Ray Protection Spotlight Method, which can help transform even the situation through Archangel Michael and your Guardian Angels stepping in to help and heal.

There are several, different situations, and most situations begin in people´s childhoods and youth age mainly. There the foundation is laid, on how one thinks of the self, behaves and reacts when confronted directly with the envy or jealousy, or hate and racism of others.


You have to always know, you are loved, and you are beautiful and good. If anyone likes to bully you around, say mean things to you for fun and such games at school, know they are just having a problem with themselves, not really you. You are just as they sense, happy really, and so they want to make you unhappy to feel better about themselves, and their own problems they have in their life and inside of their mind.

Always know that and never let their comments get to your thinking or emotions, and imagine a bright white light around your heart, your head and therefore mind and thinking, shielding you off from the bad vibes of such bullies.

Try to ignore them. If they do not stop, seek parents or teachers advice and help.

If someone tries to physically attack you, then you have to do some self defence training, visit a course, learn how to block off physical attacks. Especially for Girls I can only recommend this, over and over again. It is important to know, just for the case, how to defend yourself physically if someone attacks you or even a few people at once.


Of course, if you are an adult, it is the most challenging as you cannot simply call on Parents or Teachers to help, and things can be way more serious, such as when Michael Jackson, as a good and personal example here, was facing horrible and completely false and made up accusations about his sexuality and sexual behaviour.

It is always helpful, to try and not provoke any problems to begin with, of course. In many situations, you can avoid problems if you ignore and go out of the way of evil, malicious people.

But sometimes, like in stalking cases, they won´t let you just go out of their way and avoid them, and try to force confrontation and keep up the trouble.

In such cases, you have to document things and make sure, for any serious ongoing time, you can file a report and get them caught and legally ordered to stop.

Jealousy can be very bad too here, when it comes to defamation. Defamation, Libel and Slander can cause serious harm, affect your job, reputation and even then family life and partnership and friendships.

This is what Michael had to experience.

Sometimes, you cannot help it but to shield yourself completely, stay home a lot, make your home nice, (think about the Neverland Ranch) and just focus on your work and life, trying as they keep going, to keep going in ignoring them. You may clarify things with clear facts you gathered, and then though do not let them pull you into ongoing bully and defamation games, because that only fuels the flames.

For Women, here too, again, learn some self defence moves, it can save your life in any given circumstances and surprise any attacker if you know how to defend yourself physically.

Elderly people, do have some serious bullying situations as well often, and it breaks my heart. I cannot imagine, how evil and malicious some people must be, that abuse elderly people, and I have seen someone do that once and got really angry, defending the elderly Person.

To me, I have always had a deep respect for any elderly, wise Person. You must be wise and strong, to live long on this Planet anyways, if you ask me. It is an achievement, to live until old age. And elderly People deserve respect, much more than what is given to them by society I believe. I always thought of that this way, and always loved my Grandmother a lot and considered her a true Friend. We could joke around like we are the same age, and she always had wonderful stories to share.

Here especially, the Angels can help a lot, and also, to record and document things, and report them, may it be to family members that can help, or authorities.

See, in any age, young or old, I personally learned over the years, that the most important thing is YOU and what you make of you, and nobody else. You have to live your life, and evolve into what you envision. You have to breathe and eat and feel happy, being who you are and living your individual life. Nobody else has to or can do that for you.

Why bother, waste the short time we have on Earth thinking about bullies personal problems with their own self, which they only project on you falsely?

That is the truth, they do not even really mean you. Bullies never mean you, they mean themselves when they vent all this hatred and disturbed emotions. I know, from personal experience, HOW DIFFICULT IT IS TO REMAIN CALM and not get angry and not get into self defence mode as you get attacked and abused, I know very well.

But, STILL, TRY. With all your Heart, Mind and Soul, all that finally remains and really matters is, always has been and will always be ONLY LOVE.

Here is some Exercise for Mind Focus and Meditation for today. We call it THE BLUE RAY PROTECTION SPOTLIGHT FROM HEAVEN.

  • Chose a nice and calming, relaxing Zen Meditation Music or any calming, smooth Sound
  • Light a Candle, with smell or without, as you like
  • Just make yourself comfortable and relax, and do it in your individual way
  • Prepare a Pen and Paper, or something modern like your iPad Notes or such to write down your personalised Mantras for this

Now, first you focus on the following:

Imagine a blue, bright, glittery, white light mixed with blue light, spotlight, coming down on you and shielding you off from anything in your surroundings. Completely shielded, in the spot-light.


Now, in this bright, warm light, blue but very warming and comfortable, shielding and motherly/fatherly, you know nothing can touch you or get to you.

You may write down your own personalised Mantras for this, for your personal use.

Examples would be like this:

  • I AM in the middle of a bright blue ray of light focused on the spot where I stand
  • I call on Archangel Michael´s Blue Ray of Protection, for myself and loved Ones (or your home or pet)
  • I AM standing in the BLUE RAY SPOT LIGHT, shielded and strong
  • Be creative! Individualize your Mantra, but only use positive formulation of course, nothing else works here anyways
Susan Elsa- Archangel Michael Blog Signature Wings © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official on ARCHANGELMICHAEL777
Susan Elsa- Archangel Michael Blog Signature Wings © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official on ARCHANGELMICHAEL777


Yesterday, Michael gave me this “lifting me up” feeling, as if my heart becomes lighter and relaxed, my breathing and all my mind, when he put me in the Blue Ray like this, holding me from behind embracing me, and demonstrating the power of meditating inside the Blue Ray Spot-Light. I will write all details on it for tomorrow!

Wishing you all a heavenly, peaceful and good Sleep tonight, rest your Mind and Heart and relax, knowing everything will be alright. Tomorrow we will have another second Article on this, and a special Meditation Video with Sound and Image to support and help you in anchoring the Mantras and Mind-Focus for spiritual Protection.

Always know, that the Angels are always close and only waiting for you to ask for help and support, and then they can step in, respecting your free Will and acting on your behalf from Spirit. They can make miracles happen in any given situation.

The Starlight & The Thriller ( Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit/ Archangel Michael) ©

Susan Elsa & Archangel Michael Jackson: Anti- Bullying Advice - Campaign and Spiritual Protection Methods for YOUNG & OLDER © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Susan Elsa & Archangel Michael Jackson: Anti- Bullying Advice – Campaign and Spiritual Protection Methods for YOUNG & OLDER © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

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