Dear Readers

In the recent years, the topic “Twin Flames” or as we like calling it, “Twin Souls”, “Twin Rays” and all these different terms describing the same thing, has risen to popularity basically overnight. In 2010, when we begun putting out the Michael Jackson Twin Soul Story Vibes, through work and not talk yet much, there was nothing much to be found online about this very topic.

Now, the internet is full with all kinds of new age attempts to capture the Twin Flame vibe and use it, as you can imagine, for fame, new age careers and book author careers. Couples get together, and if they need money, they go online and fabricate some “Twin Flame Teaching and Expertise” in Websites and Videos, give Seminars and whatever I have no idea, and all that was NOT AROUND back in 2010.

So, in order to shed some more light on this current situation with public debate and information exchange on this whole “Soul Science and Twin Flames” topic, we will have to take a closer, in depth look at general issues society faces and individuals regarding “the ego” and “pure spiritual sight” or also, “soul purpose and life plan differences”.


Often in life, when we look at society and pop culture, people tend to “take role models and strive to be like them” often on the costs of the own personality or life chances for learning and being the real you. It does happen mainly to Teenagers and Kids, and is when temporary normal.

Some Public Persons and Celebrities, “Stars”, have a stronger effect in this regard on the public masses, their mind and emotions, than others.

Michael Jackson was and still is definitely one of these kinds of Public Persons, and in fact, known for his extraordinary effect and the whole fainting in masses, when Fans and People would encounter him in Person, or watch his Performances Live.

More than know to the public, and more than in any other Hollywood Celebs Lives, Michael was stalked extremely also by a few, the kinds of people that “cannot let go and have no consideration for another´s free will and feelings”. It was scary for Michael and he talked a lot about it, warning me to be careful and take care of myself, when handling the public and shielding my privacy as much as possible.

He was not some private Person, holding back and hiding from Life. He went out there and did what he had to do, based on his Soul´s Life Plan and Purpose, his destiny which was discussed and arranged by us with God prior to our both being born here on this Planet.

He went out there, and shook things up, in a good way. Then, the attacks became nastier and nastier over time, because Michael is a special Soul, and was incarnated as Osiris back in Ancient Egypt, and that brings with it “the planetary echo of this past situation” still affecting modern society. Jealousy, envy, manipulation, even direct open SETIANISM, worshipping of Set, Osiris murderer and enemy, is seemingly okay nowadays.

These things you have to keep in mind, when you enter the World of Twin Flame Teachings and want to educate and inform yourself, because the Devil will try his Game with you, and it is on this DUALISTIC EARTH also part of the process in a way. You overcome that, and then you are “EMPOWERED”, activated, such as in illuminated, enlightened.

"You are "EMPOWERED", activated, such as in illuminated, enlightened…" © ArchangelMichael777
“You are “EMPOWERED”, activated, such as in illuminated, enlightened…” © ArchangelMichael777

Michael Jackson was not just some Pop Singer, he was a true Psychic Supernatural Power demonstrating important things on Earth and entertaining while at it, Archangel Michael Style. He and me, are One, and we are here to teach and help heal further the minds of humanity.

Now, when it comes to Twin Flames, and how the Reunion happens, or gets triggered also, on Earth, we have quite a few good insights for you today. Of course, both halves of the same Twin Soul have to be here at the same time in human form in order for a chance for “Human Physical Reunion in Person”. So we are speaking here as following, specifically about this constellation, which is rare anyways right now on Planet Earth, generally!

This is because the condition of the Planet, in the spiritual sense, has been so bad in the past few hundred and couple thousand years, that God and the Angels had to protect Twin Flames, the very Souls of a Human, and so they would let only ONE HALF COME HERE, and keep the other Half of the complete, full Soul in the safe, spiritual realms, so Earth dimensions cannot endanger the COMPLETE SOUL ALL TOGETHER. I trust in your intelligent minds, my dear Readers, to see the “spiritual logic” and good will behind this.

But still, the Twin Soul is always connected – dimensional or physical distance makes no difference ONCE THE SPARK HAS RISEN AGAIN IN THE CONSCIOUS MIND OF THE TWIN SOUL (Kundalini Awakening of Twin Flame Couples).


As usual and how I speak of things, and without having to say too many too private details of course, I want to describe some new realisation I had to you all now, and give here some form of an “open letter to the public, the press and Hollywood”.

In the 2015 Thriller-Halloween Month (October) we had as usual focused on Karma Magic, as we like calling it, and “Archangel Michael´s Soul Judgement” meaning, he comes to get the evil, backstabbing People, one by one. In 2014, it was Sneddon. In 2015, it was, yet, Arnold Klein. Michael keeps saying, he isn´t done yet, and the spiritual work has been expanded longer until New Year.

I had not even understood, the feelings Michael had, his angry emotions, when flying attack-style AT KLEIN to get his Soul, in a not friendly way, in an “Archangel Michael is super angry” type way, like when a Lion fixates his prey and attacks after absolutely calm observing.

I also wondered, to be honest, why this time exactly Michael showed me this so clear, as it was spooky, and he does not usually show me “the hard man type work he does as the Archangel battling Evil and Wrong” in all details. Michael likes to shield me and keep me in “my love bubble with him only”- that´s what he prefers most of the time.

But now, after I had seen recently these News and posted more on this under his guidance, I know why Michael was feeling this way toward Klein, that lying, harassing backstabber.


This fat liar looks like a fat and false friend I had in Los Angeles, which was like a brother I liked conversing with, and then he turned on me with a suddenly visible, sick crush, and did some strange things like sneak once into my bedroom as I was sleeping, staring at me and then talking nonsense I saw with one eye a bit blurry telling him to “get out of my room”. He started losing his mind and I had to cut contact. That Guy looked like Pfeiffer´s twin brother…no wonder Michael kicked Klein´s soul so hard.

To me personally, whatever anyone talks such as lies and personally harassing, made up fabrications about Michael Jackson is exactly how I wrote it and said it: Personal.

So, next time you think about talking sexually-harassing shit about Michael´s basic sexual orientation and therefore against his Girl and other Women he had serious and deep relationships and marriages with prior, know that he is not far and will get you. It has never been a great and smart idea to attack THE Archangel Michael. But to attempt so after he ascended and to aim so at the time in his life when he reunited with his FEMALE TWIN SOUL IN PERSON, and therefore sexually try to harass Archangel Michael, again, will get your Soul certainly and absolutely crushed and neutralised with God´s blessing and permission, just like Chandler, Sneddon and Klein.

SUSAN ELSA 2012 OTHER PART OF HIM - HERstory © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
SUSAN ELSA 2012 OTHER PART OF HIM – HERstory © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

To me, it has been made even clearer than I could have ever known from all I already know directly from Michael and my experiences with him, but when I try to speak and write a bit, on my little Blog here only, about Michael´s innocence and the false accusations tactics and crushing, evil malice behind it and why and all such, they “technically play games and disable” chosen links and articles with main focus on THE TWIN SOUL INFO, AND EVEN MORE MICHAEL JACKSON´S SEXUALITY WITH WOMEN. As if to hide like smooth criminals the “voices of the women in his life” and replace them with more lies louder and louder. How obvious is that.

I personally KNOW Michael is innocent and how he felt and thought, about everything regarding Sex and such, and the Man was not the least bit gay even to begin with, so forget the false accusations, they are literally completely made up and sick fantasies OF THE ONES WHO MADE THEM UP AND THOUGHT THEM UP! (Chandler, Sneddon, Hollywood Pedos and Satanists)

I for myself and between me and Michael KNOW the Truth, and guess what, they know that I know it, so they try to “make me invisible” by hacking and cyberwar attacks on music and song files and photos and my publications by copying and impersonating/imitating my data and stories all over the place by now, hoping for the same effect. (making me invisible and my public voice speaking up for Mike)


As you can see in the above photo collage for educational purpose with different pictures of Michael Jackson performing, there is a lot of “sexual-dance vibes” going on. Every person is unique and different, in body rhythm, feel and when dancing therefore.

Osiris Star Map Belt Starlight Powers Rising Feminine Counterpart © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Personal Information and Story for Educational Purpose
Osiris Star Map Belt Starlight Powers Rising Feminine Counterpart © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Personal Information and Story for Educational Purpose

Michael Jackson did not dance in this way, prior to 1982, and his famous, legendary and best selling Album THRILLER. He was way more uptight and shy, in his dance expression as well. Yes, he always had the hip movement.

But now in detail speaking, dance wise and psychology wise behind the dance, you can literally see his “changed emotional and spiritual state” after 1982, in HIS DANCE STYLE AND BODY LANGUAGE.

When Michael “resurfaced” as they had called it, back then with the Album “BAD”, they called him “looking totally different” and the BAD-Tour “pure sex”.

Michael Jackson´s Crotch Grab was a TWIN FLAME SOUL CONNECTION EXPRESSION (Photo for educational Purpose) - ArchangelMichael777-
Michael Jackson´s Crotch Grab was a TWIN FLAME SOUL CONNECTION EXPRESSION (Photo for educational Purpose) – ArchangelMichael777-

He was being much more “masculine, aggressive, testosterone volcano style”, while at the same time “appearing in fashion and style, make up, more feminine and lighter” with longer hair and the eyeliner, ancient Egyptian Pharaoh style.

I never understood why the public thought and felt that way, that “Michael is so feminine” because to me, he was having always this super masculine vibe I could sense, and I never realised that others cannot sense it so clear because I also wasn´t there yet to understand that we have a unique Twin Soul connection, back then as a child or teenager.

But I think many Fans agree and have sensed Michael´s energy and aura too, especially in his performances when he activates his full masculine body language vibes. He was emanating true Twin Soul love vibes, and sexual connection vibes, in his Dance. It is therefore famous now under the Name “MOONWALK” because it is the Masculine Twin Flame Counterpart (Sun) WALKING HAND IN HAND WITH THE MOON (Feminine Twin Flame Counterpart/Sunwalker).

Michael Jackson- I am holding my Girl´s Hand - TwinFlame Soul Special Message © ArchangelMichael777
Michael Jackson- I am holding my Girl´s Hand – TwinFlame Soul Special Message © ArchangelMichael777

Michael Jackson: “I am holding my Girl´s Hand” * Special Spiritual Personal Message * ©

A good friend of mine reminded me today of one of Michael´s beautiful quotes, when asked if he will ever marry back then by Oprah Winfrey in that TV Interview. He replied by saying:“Of course, someday, else I would not feel like my life is complete, but I can´t right now, because I am already married, I mean, I am married to my Music, my work, and it has to be this kind of closeness in order to do what I want to do…”– Michael Jackson 1993, Oprah Interview-

When Michael Jackson lived here among us all, in human form, in the physical, he wasn´t treated right, at all, as a human being. Especially in the second half of his life, meaning, when I was here too after my Birth, the time when we had the right to ENJOY OUR TWIN SOUL LIFE on EARTH and find each other normal and live long together, and still now, they did not leave Michael alone anymore with their sick obsession and jealousy.

That time, where Michael, and in harmony with me on a distance, were connecting spiritually more deep and in the same dimension, same Planet, seeking each other intuitively, his sexuality was aimed at suddenly.

Michael did not have a happy time then, and suffered extremely emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally from the ongoing lies and hatred that was being aimed at him in public and the constant harassment by liars that seemed in their jealousy focusing with destructive obsession at him and his private space and therefore, space to relax, breathe and pull back and regenerate. So, please bear with me as I explain the following personal aspects of our individual story as an educative example:

We do have a very unique and quite challenging situation. He is super famous, I am not and totally lived private and shy my whole life. The WHOLE WORLD CAME UP AGAINST OUR TWIN SOUL REUNION, and still, God made it possible that we coincidently it seemed, met in LA back in 2007, totally private and natural-spontaneous. Who can say this is really a normal thing to happen, when everyone sought to “meet famous Michael Jackson” which was also rumoured to be quite hard to meet ever, and especially in private this way. I always knew since then, and he too, that God made this “coincidence” happen and our paths cross there.

Before that, despite anything I felt and knew already, which was A LOT, about our deep soul bond, I never thought about anything sexual prior to meeting him in person. It was simply not in my focus at all, I felt platonic, like we are going to be friends if we ever meet in our life, and hang out like buddies only, understanding each other and sharing same ideas about life, family and everything.

I definitely had something similar to this “Twin Flame Runner Dynamics” thing at first, because Michael was totally pulling me into his Aura somehow it felt, and I was shocked at his effect on me and trying to resist with all my will and such. That´s just how I am, and was, very controlled and hated to “be totally under some dude´s control” in any way and was always totally independent somehow, emotionally.

Just typing about all these memories now, gives me heart racing.

People cannot imagine and will never know the full extent to which Michael went, in how he got me, and that forever.

But do not misunderstand here. The issue at first was not that I was not sure if I like Michael or not, or find him attractive or not and such things. The issue was, as ridiculous as it may sound to some now, that he was triggering such intense feelings in me I didn´t know that and it felt all so surreal I needed time to digest that all.

Me, the once so independent Girl that no Guy could ever “get to my mind” and all that how I was my whole life prior, was gone by a finger move from Michael only, or actually, just even looking into my Eyes. I would try to look away, because as soon as I would look back at him right in my face, I could not “not touch him” and he me, like some higher force just pulls us together.

This is the real life time Twin Flame Reunion effect, when it happens, how it happens and starts.

And people will never fully know how much Michael was not only into Women, but unlike any other Man I ever knew- my perfect Counterpart, in all areas, including sexually.

But for us to have our TWIN FLAME REUNION HAPPEN, it took real battle on the most challenging spiritual and emotional degree, because as soon as our paths met, dangerous interferences became daily overnight and everywhere the whole surroundings literally seemed to “fight our bonding”. I never seen or experienced any such thing before, or even after. Like, all hell broke loose hunting us.

So, I personally think at the moment, this you can rely on as a rule. If you are dealing with REAL TWIN FLAMES, then there will always be extraordinary, even life threatening attacks or interferences, because the energy and light that expands when true Counterparts reunited back into one Twin Soul is so strong, so intense, so GLOBALLY AFFECTING that it “cannot be ignored”. It is natural, it is sub conscious, it is intuitive that people who are not healthy spiritually, attack then. So, if you think about all this, you know, relationships on Earth take effort to stay healthy and strong, and the same goes for CURRENT EARTHLY TWIN FLAME REUNION SITUATIONS.

You won´t reunite with your Twin Soul just without ANY problems or interference attempts – maybe someday on this Planet hopefully, but in order for that to be possible and reliable, first we have to see MICHAEL JACKSON BEING UNDERSTOOD AND RESPECTED, as the GATE OPENING TWIN SOUL, Archangel Michael…

That will be a barometer, a measurement tool to check the progress on Earth and the general improvement for Twin Flame Reunions to take place in more masses then.

When you, dear Reader, learn to understand truly who Michael Jackson was and still is, then you will have found also your own Man/Woman in the Mirror. We are the Twin Flame leading you and supporting your Reunion with your other Halves!

About Archangel Michael´s Cosmic Sex Energy Magic © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About Archangel Michael´s Cosmic Sex Energy Magic © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

About Archangel Michael´s Cosmic Sex Energy Magic ©

Before we reunited on Earth, on a distance prior, Michael was already feeling different and changed after my Birth in 1982. He attuned his appearance to mine, and our merging was ALREADY HAPPENING, even before we met, but triggered with my Birth. If TWO ARE ONE, and this ONE SOUL comes into TWO BODIES, then both Bodies are constantly “merging and exchanging energy”- across the Planet.

Michael did tell the truth, he didn´t consciously control his dance moves when they became overtly sexual, it just would happen by itself, intuitively, spiritually, “dancing in spirit with his twin flame”. Like I am energetically there with him, and like now he is always energetically and spiritually absolutely present with me in all my performances.

Michael Jackson and TwinFlame Soul Official Photos Analysis TWIN LOOK AND MERGING VISIBLE 3 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson and TwinFlame Soul Official Photos Analysis TWIN LOOK AND MERGING VISIBLE 3 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson and TwinFlame Soul Official Photos Analysis TWIN LOOK AND MERGING VISIBLE BIOLOGY © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson and TwinFlame Soul Official Photos Analysis TWIN LOOK AND MERGING VISIBLE BIOLOGY © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

You may view it that way for simple understanding:

We were constantly in a “Twin Soul Sex Connection in Spirit”, all these years since 1982. It changed his body feeling and appearance “inner personal feel”.

We were having spiritual exchange of sexual energies and vibes the whole time, from 1982 on already, on a distance, in dreams meeting vividly, and it reflected on his dance AND the public´s perception and mind too, suddenly “feeling this increased sexual energy in his aura”.

Like, an “Antenna which is sending or not sending” and Michael was suddenly like a bon fire, sending out extremely sexual signals, and enfolding all the Planet in our Twin Soul Strings Flow. Like, me here and him across the Planet holding hands ENERGETICALLY, to spread like a net this spiritual energy for healing, and bright light.

It is the basic root, spiritually speaking, behind the extreme attraction some people feel toward Michael. We are reminding you of something you had long forgotten, and it starts coming back: YOUR OWN TWIN FLAME SOUL COUNTERPART.

There is a lot of lessons to be learned really, for society and humanity, and for all Twin Flames Souls, when it comes to understanding on a deeper level now the reasons for the extreme attractions, obsessions, attacks and interferences around Michael Jackson´s Sexuality. It is like a Mirror of Humanity´s MIND CONDITION and shows how much Twin Flames have been forgotten, to a degree that when one comes here and expands all this fun, sexy, lovely, divine vibes, attacks and jealousy take centre stage and not “a resonance of fun, sexy vibes and appreciation of all divine and good things”.

More on this in the next Article!

We´re sending out a Major Love Ray,

The Starlight & The Thriller (Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit/Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

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