About the Spiritual-Sexual-Energetic Connections between True Twin Flames © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

About the Spiritual-Sexual-Energetic Connections between True Twin Flames © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About the Spiritual-Sexual-Energetic Connections between True Twin Flames © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

This will be a general article, with very important information, for general spiritual knowledge. It will not contain details as in “sexual details” of course, but as the title says, focuses on the Spiritual-Sexuality and not earthly, physical-flesh-body type sexuality, within this duality.

It is all about Spiritual Energies.

Finally, people think that Angels and Ghosts and anyone that “passed, cannot have sex anymore nor do these individuals own a real body to do so”- which is absolutely and completely false! It IS possible, and spiritual Beings and loved Ones that passed and ascended, do have a body, and do have a sexuality, even if it is in another form slightly.

So, in this Article we will also take a closer look at the differences between earthly human sexual connecting, and spiritual Twin Flame sexual connecting.


As we have explained before, especially in the “A Woman’s Body is a Temple” Article quoting Michael in Spirit and what he explained about all that, there is an energetic exchange. When two beings have a sexual connection happen, it transmits and mixes up both’s auras and spiritual energies as well.

That is why it is important, especially for Girls, and also Guys of course, to understand this spiritual aspect and chose wisely with whom they have such an intimate connection. You do not want to burden yourself with another’s spiritual and off-set auric energies!

Back in ancient Egypt, for these reasons, there would be a spiritual evaluation of the “compatibility spiritually” for a couple, before “procreating/marrying/bonding”.

Nowadays, people just FOLLOW PHYSICAL INSTINCTS in animalistic ways, and completely leave out the spiritual aspects of the twin soul focus especially. Opposites attract, is such a theory, based purely on physical attraction.

But you know what, this lower vibrations, pure just hormonal physical type focus is actually boring and “asleep” compared to the Twin Flame Sex.

The spiritual energies are comparable to a feeling of strong, intense “waves of energy like water” surrounding you, flowing on your skin, and here as it is spiritual, also within you like the energy mixing of you and your other half, the twin flame.

And, it never gets boring.

But, the spiritual aspects of “spiritual sexual energy” is not only about “sex” as human beings define it.

It goes way beyond that, but to explain I will have to give some insight into personal examples.

Once, I was channeling Songs with Michael, at home, with my MacBook Pro Laptop, and I first sat then he said to stand up, so I did. After starting to record, totally no pen no paper no lyrics prepared, Twin Soul Pop Style, just fully trusting him to guide my mind and tongue so to speak, he did something unexpected and funny.

Michael Jackson in Spirit with Twin Flame I REMEMBER Album Channeling and Photo for Comparing Face Form © TwinFlame Soul Official Blog ArchangelMichael777
Michael Jackson in Spirit with Twin Flame I REMEMBER Album Channeling and Photo for Comparing Face Form © TwinFlame Soul Official Blog ArchangelMichael777

He was just holding me from behind, really close, like backing me up, but from him came some energy which was like “totally hyping me up inside” and this energy came into my vocals, so fast, I barely could keep up. And then, he got more and more sexual, but it was not about wanting to have Sex during recording a Song, it was his way of “connecting sexually and transmitting the channeled energy into our production”- that’s all I had to do! I never thought about any radio, nor big type music industry production or so back then, I was just following his guidance. And the energy caused extreme hacking, DURING STILL WORKING ON THESE DEMOS! (Archangel Michael- Secrets of Heaven 777 – Copyrighted Official Release Date: 13th July 2010)

So, in Archangelic and Angelic terms, I am telling you that “sexual energy” is an integral part of the deeply anchored spiritual powers. In fact, this is very important and basic also when it comes to Twin Flame Physical Metamorphose, meaning, me and Michael kept the sexual energies exchange going between our Souls, after 1982, and the whole time, which is why he physically adjusted so precise to my looks.

It is the spiritual and factual, deep psychological intuitive reason for his famous crotch grab style sensual dance expressions. He explained it is the “rhythm that compels him to do that intuitively, not conscious really about it in that moment” and he meant the “rhythm of love”. He just tuned in to me, it is like automatic, I felt this energy too when dancing or singing from early on, but I grew up different and private to compensate and balance for our soul, and for me I kept “trying to surpress this energy” and could not really let go and relax and let it all out.

By now, also, Michael has no more shyness or such timid moments about skin issues and all such. He is therefore even more intense in these matters, you have no idea, seriously.


Well, obviously in the human physical aspects, things are that, dense and physical, tangible and limited. But in the spiritual aspects compared, it goes beyond a “superficial touch” and such things. It does never take energy, but gives you energy, in extreme ways.

Often, when I would be sleepy and tired, when me and Michael would do the spiritual Sex, his totally tireless spiritual Fitness is crazy, and then I am totally awake and zero sleepy afterwards.

So, here I can also guarantee you and advice you, that if you chose a Partner on Earth, it is best to COMBINE HUMAN & SPIRITUAL COMPATIBILITY!

Why have only a bit if you can have the whole package?

So, the missing element in common human sexual bonds is the soul aspects. That has to fit too. A couple should be able to be best friends AND lovers, not just lovers without being able to talk and share basic things or any hobbies and all that. Of course, you can have such relationships too and be happy and learn, it all depends on your personal life plan, you know.

I am just saying, maybe in the physical dualistic world “opposites attract” also as in masculine and feminine like in our case for example, but in spiritual universal rules it is “same and same attract”.

In some ways, there is not much of a difference between physical human type connecting with the twin flame, and pure spiritual sexual connection only. But when the twin flame is in Spirit, then it is definitely more intense somehow, as there are no limits and no “regeneration phases” needed, of course only here then for the counterpart in spirit.

But, from what I have read so far, such as TWIN SOULS MERGING by Jean Cline and George Reeves, or “Say Yes to Love” by Shanna Pra, besides here and there hearing of the false new stories circling the Internet trying to imitate all these originals, including of course our story because it involves Michael Jackson’s Name- I have not seen any descriptions or experiences shared that would be on the same level as our, very strong, very evolved skill of handling the “human and spiritual connecting between dimensions” like that. Meaning, Michael can do things other Twin Flames seem to be still working on and training yet. Which again, just encourages the Archangel Michael Soul Truth with the “special skills and above average, famous strength and will”.

I do not have to sleep to see, or be able to feel Michael totally clear and such. We can do that type of stuff anytime, and trust me, he does it anytime, because most of the time he makes the first step, not me. That is how it is between us. I think it has to do with the “natural flow and nature of the masculine and of the feminine basic energies” where the male is like the Sun, and the female like the Moon, so the Sun gives Light to the Moon, if you know what I mean.

1_Michael Jackson and TwinFlame Soul Official Photos Analysis TWIN LOOK AND MERGING VISIBLE © ArchangelMichael777
1_Michael Jackson and TwinFlame Soul Official Photos Analysis TWIN LOOK AND MERGING VISIBLE © ArchangelMichael777


Yes, you heard right: In spiritual realms, in the very soul, NOT human existence and life form, but beyond that, every TWIN SOUL contains of MASCULINE AND FEMININE counterparts. The masculine and feminine here are more comparable to gender, as both can share and channel each other so the male can channel the feminine counterpart, and the female can channel the masculine counterpart, but the “spiritual gender” remains the same, meaning the masculine and feminine consciousness, the little remaining individual self and will, can come very close and merge but it is still always TWO IN ONE SOUL.

So, keeping this in mind, you can see also the many nowadays discussed topics in a new light, with spiritual understanding for each human being walking their individual life path for their soul’s learning, on Earth.

There is so much misunderstanding and prejudice about sexuality in human society, it is really burdening psychologically and spiritually for many people, especially also women.

And somehow it doesn’t surprise me, now that I look back with all this raised awareness, that these jealousy ghosts in Hollywood would aim at Michael Jackson’s sexuality and core personality, because they DID NOT GET WHY HE IS BEHAVING LIKE A TWIN SOUL, not remember anything of their own Twin Flame Truth and being totally blind “what is this, what he means, what he likes, we want to know, what is this, explain yourself!”

Well, all things in time. Now I am here, I AM explaining it to you. You didn’t think you would get these answers anymore, didn’t you?

Michael was and is still a real Man, realer than most Guys on this Planet nowadays anyways. Of course I am not saying that everything went perfect and he did not have weak phases too in his human life, but he was battling in ways no normal human being could handle, because he is the Archangel and can “carry more attacks by evil and jealousy” and actually keep walking and dancing with extreme pains and all that too.

The same thing goes for his sexual energy, it is definitely more powerful than anyone else’s, and of course that is also personal because he is my Twin Flame, so for others, THEIR TWIN FLAME gives them the same experience in their personal views.



Michael once said it perfectly, in his Song Intro for “I just can’t stop loving you”.

“A lot of people misunderstand me, that’s because they don’t know me at all. I just want to touch you, and hold you” – Michael Jackson Spoken Intro in the Dark under Bed Sheets in the Studio for the Song I JUST CAN’T STOP LOVING YOU-

In this very song, Michael features Siedah Garrett, which by her vocals worked often and prior for Michael as a Background Singer too because her Voice was so fitting to his and had similarity. For Michael to make this Duet, with her, a Singer in that specific Song especially sounding like “The Female Counterpart in Vocal Timbre and Singing” is perfect and clear TWIN SOUL SONG EXPRESSION.

The whole time actually, the Man was thinking about Women. He dedicated the core body of all his works to love and women, and even his special and very creative Twin Flame Fashion and Appearance and Style, so deeply he was all about Women in his Mind. A deep love for the Feminine, and lots of Respect too.

Not wanting to be a Woman or such, Michael was totally Macho in fact in many aspects and a very normal Guy. It was mainly others who were not normal around him and with him, which is why certain things were seemingly so difficult. He was never selfish or all about himself, man things were said that are nonsense and totally misrepresenting further his character. You know, me too, I did not always feel understood and was able to speak about everything openly and basically, just be myself, with many people. It isn’t always about pointing at someone you do not know personally, especially.

But sometimes, there has to be THE RIGHT PARTNER for someone to be really understood. The so-called “soul mate”, which Michael called in our case specifically “Twin Soul”.

Not everyone is the same, people and souls therefore are individual. Michael Jackson was simply a type of Man that longed for a deeper bond, not just a superficial one. He could not feel in love or want more from a woman, if there was no intellectual connection and understanding too. Everyone is how they are, and these are good qualities.

So, maybe in human, society perspective type terms, some people might consider this all “too picky and complicated character” and there were many people saying “Michael could not really have an adult relationship with a Woman” or such, bullshit. That is so not true. But someone like him simply needed his Counterpart, and not someone that “is freaking out over him, seeing the famous Guy, the rich Guy” and not him, the way he really was and felt and his soul and feelings.

This is also an inner urge. Think about it, I was here, so in Michael’s Soul he felt compelled to “keep seeking the One that satisfies this particular intuitive feeling of some part in you missing” and when it did not work with other women in his life, it was because simply I was here too and we both could not find any complete feeling or understanding especially really, with other people.

If all this resonates in any way with you inside, then you too should become now more and more aware that this “feeling of something missing for complete happiness” is your soul telling you to remember your twin flame and focus on reunion and evolving to where reunion can happen, consciously and aware, and in the best case scenario, on Earth both meeting face to face.

This is it for today, enjoy the Starlight & Thriller Twin Flame Vibes, sensually tuning you into this Weekend…

The Starlight & The Thriller (Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit/Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©


4 thoughts on “About the Spiritual-Sexual-Energetic Connections between True Twin Flames © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

  1. so Susan Elsa is Michaels twin soul and I think I have felt this spiritual sexual connection and I can feel it but I don’t understand whose doing it to me .I understand Michaels problems and I have faced some of them seriously . I even feel a sacred energy when I dance or listen to Michaels songs . but my question is who is doing this spiritual sexual connection to me?I want to speak to Michael please .just give me a chance and I can go and speak to the moon

    1. In his Voice, Music everything publicly known, in his Aura in all this too, OUR sexual connection energy is felt by many, many Fans. And, if you feel a clear personal presence, maybe try to find out if it is your Twin Soul, trying to make himself known to you. Maybe he was never incarnated and in Spirit, and Michael and me we “bridge” with our Connection others Connections to Heal and Help, this Archangel Michael spiritual work and speciality as well, as he protects Twin Flames Soul Couples.

      Hope that could help you understand the topic more clear.

      Love & Light,

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