Michael Jackson´s GHOSTS – SOMEPLACE ELSE: The Maestro and the Maestra (Osiris & IsIs) *Special Thriller-Halloween Article on Ancient Egyptian Power Magic Minds” © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Michael Jackson´s GHOSTS - SOMEPLACE ELSE: The Maestro and the Maestra (Osiris & IsIs) *Special Thriller-Halloween Article on Ancient Egyptian Power Magic Minds” © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson´s GHOSTS – SOMEPLACE ELSE: The Maestro and the Maestra (Osiris & IsIs) *Special Thriller-Halloween Article on Ancient Egyptian Power Magic Minds” © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

As you might have noticed, this year we publish less articles during October, the Thriller-Halloween Month, but focus more actual magic behind the scenes here. It is simply a lot going on in the spiritual realms and layers involved within this situation, and if we say we aim this year our “Archangel Michael Soul Judgment Night” Focus on Hollywood, we really mean it. It is a lot of twisted, Setian and dysfunctional energies there, and feels often like “lifting weights spiritually” trying to cleanse the 4th dimensional aspects of the Hollywood energies spiritually and dis-power Set, within their minds.

By now, in the Articles we published yet in this special Month, you have read about people that worship Set there, and clear Setian symbolism and behavior by particular Celebrities in Hollywood and the Music Industry which we listed in details giving lots of insight on their soul’s condition.

Now, we are moving into revealing the true, hidden, but clear the-whole-time-in-front-your-nose-tips truth within Michael Jackson’s Movie GHOSTS. Michael invested his own money to make this Film, and many people did not understand, or all people in fact. Many people including Fans have bought the tabloid explanations and strategic false descriptions, claiming this GHOSTS Movie and Message “is all about the media and press and Michael feeling haunted by them”- which is only a tiny, underlying part in what Michael personally had in mind when doing his Master Work.


So, as you learned reading our many articles exposing Set’s weak twisted mind already, you know he is always obsessed and ALL ABOUT ATTEMPTS TO STEAL THE “THRONE”.

Now, what is this Throne of Osiris?

Of course, in earthly way, it is a Throne, a Chair, a Seat, and a Symbol.

Even in Language, modern English’s term “set and Set” can be traced back to the meaning of “seat” or “to sit” originally. That is a very deep, in the language and minds “set” element showing the very mind-set of Set, regarding “trying to sit on another’s seat and position and throne constantly”.

In Cinema, when the Movie Business started, in the 1900s where already Setian thought had become too popular within particular circles, this “mind-set” is also involved since the beginning of Cinema. Or why is a location where somebody produces and films a visual recording called “Film SET”?

Why are there modern saying all over the Entertainment Industry, such as “Set the Stage”, “setting the Stage”, “set a new record”, “settings” and all that? Why is that word all over the place that way, parallel to other Setian symbolism and behavior so wide-spread?

So, now, what are the Character Traits and other Information that Set plagiarized to confuse and mislead from Osiris and Isis/Ausar and Auset?

You may also here formulate it that way:


This is very interesting and leads directly to Michael Jackson’s GHOSTS Movie once again, where the Mayor is playing “The Devil’s Advocate” and heating the people up against Michael, the Maestro. He is the evil one, but tries to pin it on Michael, and treats him like something “not welcome, evil, strange, not controllable”.

It is actually a real tactic which the Devil and anyone tuned in to the Devil and jealousy and all that, displays: Blaming the victim while attacking, twisting the truth, twisting the blame, the responsibility, harassing and all that type of behavior.

It is also racism on a spiritual level, although the term “racism and race” does not fit to spiritual matters, we would need a new term, like “spiritual evolution stage racism” where certain folks think it is okay to attack, abuse, feed off of anyone that has evolved a lot and emanates strong spiritual aura presence.

Jealousy is NOT okay, and not healthy. It is not spiritual and simply, not a part of the pure human soul, but an illusion, a devilish-sick-lost mind-set.

Now, let us get into a list of a few important Osiris pillars of the original story, teachings and overall information which suddenly is being slowly and bit by bit “pieced together sneaky and plagiarized for Set and Setian Agenda”- in modern time even more now clearly through this Michael Aquino (Founder of Temple of Set, in Santa Barbara), by the way, and his deeply insulting, obvious copycat move with his so-called “Book of Coming Forth by Night”.

  • Osiris had many different symbols made according to his original Story, and based on the magical conception and impregnation of his wife, Isis, after his murder through Set. Central here in this aspect was the symbol of “the divine erection”, which is an afterlife aspects of resurrection when the soul transforms into the Body of Light, and as Dr. Zahi Hawass once said about the ancient Egyptian Resurrection, “Erection IS Resurrection to the ancient Egyptians”.
  • This same element, is later suddenly associated with the Devil, described as “always having an erection”-when this is not in fact based in spiritual logic at all since: The Devil stands for being “impotent” and symbolizes blockage, and Archangel Michael for being potent and “activating full potential”, “releasing spiritual and physical blockages”.
  • Ancient Egyptians Mummies would be buried with their Male Genitals “mummified in erection position”- for the purpose of this Osiris-energy of resurrection.
  • Another plagiarized and spiritually misleading detail Set attempts to plagiarize is the whole “Magical Symbols of Osiris, Isis, Horus, Amun Ra, Thoth” and all the Ones on Osiris & Isis side. For example: The Eye Symbolism, Notions and Associations of “True Powerful Magic”, the Pyramid Symbol, the Triangle/Trinity Symbol, the magical Number of Perfection and Completion and Ascension 7, and 777 (Trinity Code of 7) and all this always with excluding the whole Twin Flame Truth of the plagiarized Competitor, Osiris, Isis and Son Horus.


And then the Ghosts will come out, under his command by a finger snipping or pointing, because: Michael Jackson was living in his past Life in ancient Egypt, as Osiris/Ausar, and in SPIRIT he is THE Archangel Michael, and I am like “his secret weapon” when he is attacked, his Twin Flame comes into the Battle against the Devil too.

When Michael put the Name for the Mystery Castle/Mansion in his GHOSTS Film, he chose:


So, wake up and understand that this, in common English means that he told you clearly this is SOMEWHERE ELSE, NOT IN AMERICA. The Background Style to the whole, long Scenes in the whole Movie is clearly EUROPEAN STYLE, a “European Location” is that Mystery Place “Someplace Else”.

This is an excerpt from the previous Article, preparing the Ground for this one.

Now, I want to move in closer to the “Final Door to Osiris Soul Judgement Hall” according to ancient Egyptian Knowledge.

In fact, you are ALREADY our guests, and Someplace Else has already been invaded, so this is merely a reconstruction of the previous events leading up to this situation in Michael’s Movie GHOSTS really manifesting in real life now. It already happened, in many ways spiritual judgement functions beyond space and time.

You might not understand the following fully, but I will give now full live account from yesterday’s astral travel, not during sleep, but right before it, conscious and clear like never before.

Date: 22nd October 2015 ©

Yesterday, I originally was supposed to publish a few of the written, prepared Thriller Halloween Articles, but then Michael told me to hold on yet and relax, and wait for him to tell me when to publish. I felt how busy he is, in his spiritual work this month, and I shared this with a few people, that he wants me to pause and relax.

I felt that he is acting strange, unexpected, so I asked him if something was going on, and if I should check the news. That is my way of teasing him into telling me, sometimes, when I am too curious, as I feel how something is going on or burdens him. He is always too protective.

Then, he said, no I should not look at any news. So I did not.

As I was about to fall asleep, I suddenly saw through Michael’s Eyes.

BAM- really quick, through his eyes, like he is “flying toward a window where it seemed like some office or home office, living room, with dark woods, and a guy was sitting there looking shocked, and there was someone else but I could not see it so fast well who that other was. I also did not know who this man was, bearded, with darkish brownish hair just like his surroundings and furniture. It felt like, attack mode, like clearly, I saw this time fully, how Michael got someone’s soul, in his Archangel Michael function. It was kinda spooky, this fast speed, zooming in, flying in perspective I saw.

24th October 2015 ©

The energies are rising, very strong, and I keep thinking about this whole situation with what I saw the other evening through Michael’s Eyes, so clear, it was shocking. Spooky. Like a Ghost coming for you, to get your ass, but you see it all from the Ghosts eye perspective directly.

Now, Michael said to not talk about it or who it was directly here, but maybe people might be able to guess then sooner or later. But, Michael is not done yet he said.

He is being super duper serious for this year’s Thriller Halloween.

Now, we put out a something like an energetic ban, that bans anyone which dares to disturb, insult, or harass me, until Thriller Night on the 31st October 2015. See it as an Introduction to the proper Manners toward us, the Maestra and the Maestro.

To the Hollywood bitches that aim this jealous and copycat shit at me, think twice now, as Michael isn’t playing, and will fuck you up if you dare to disrespect me one more time. Leave my work, my copyrights, my twin flame story infos and personal data alone, or Archangel Michael will prove to you that God exists. Don’t you dare to disturb me while I’m unfolding my wings.

MAESTRA MAGIC: Spreading the Wings of Light ©

This Thriller-Halloween, I have been not writing so much, as explained, for stronger actual Magic Focus this year on the spiritual work I do with Michael. Yes, the writing itself carries “a written spell power” as well, but Michael just said this year it will be important to relax, feel good all month long and sleep well, eat well, take nice “Thriller-Halloween” Baths and enjoy MYSELF, in order for the Magic to work faster.

So, what are these “spiritual wings of light”?

You may view that as an energetic type of layer, veil, arms embracing you motherly, a light, a warm energy of love, and that is containing a direct connecting wave to the divine protection every soul can call for anytime, by free will.

The wings here also symbolize the ascending energies, the unfolding inner soul power of an individual, such as “expanding your own full light and potential”.

So, the angelic type wings symbolism has many spiritual layers of meaning, that can also be seen philosophically, or scientifically regarding “evolution of the soul and self” and, AFTER the twin flame merging, the “expanding of the twin soul wings” – as wings are TWO on each side, and together only they can fly…

World Exclusive Information on Archangel Michael Angel Curse Powers (Active Karma Magic/ Enforcing Universal Law) ©

The title might sound confusing to some at first, as nobody ever thought in modern time about these details. How does the Archangel battle the devil, in details? What are his detailed skills?

Obviously, information like this is far beyond human knowledge and understanding, also, because only he, and me his Twin Flame, know ourselves best and in details on a spiritual, magical level.

Archangel Michael, in spiritual battle with the Devil and his Demons, is also using “magical divine powers”, and that is only logical. The Devil has NOTHING which God doesn’t have, except for jealousy and hate. That is the honest truth.

Black Magic is an illusion, it doesn’t really exist beyond the duality of Earth, and in the spiritual realms, “magic” by definition, is a more in depth going description of “what angels and archangels use to do their work” or how do you define the following points:

  • Suddenly appearing and disappearing (manifesting)
  • Using “Light matter” to fight shadow and evil (interference in natural order)
  • Shining like bright light (Angel Aura)
  • The famous “sword of light function” described as Archangel Michael’s specific tool used against the devil, a “flaming sword of light” meaning not a real sword, but this shape, and made OF LIGHT AND FLAMES, BLUE WITH SOME WHITE GLITTERY FLAMES.
  • Archangel Michael specific: “Forcing the Devil down on the ground” meaning completely, including “de-activating his Black Magic attempts with Anti-Black Magic Angelic Spells” too!

Here is a little, elegant Archangel Michael Style, channeled, and very spiritual energy-expressing Logo Michael Jackson did back then for his Productions, MJJ Productions as in Michael Joseph Jackson.


And no Message could have been any clearer, he sings here.

Can You Feel It?

This is Archangel Michael right there, incarnated as MJ in Human Form and performing innocently for you all to REMEMBER YOUR OWN POTENTIAL AND GOD AND THE ANGELS, and that eternal life and true twin soul love really does exist (soul mates)!

This is it for now. Expect more for this final Thriller-Halloween Weekend, as this Saturday is THRILLER NIGHT already!

The Maestra & The Maestro (Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit/Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

Maestra Elsa- Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Maestra Elsa- Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

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