Selling your Soul to the Devil by Nykao Isreal (Lisa Lopes Twin Soul) © Nykao Isreal

Selling your Soul to the Devil

© Nykao Isreal (Lisa Lopes Twin Soul)

“Love transcends all Time and Space, It will not be bent or broken, and anything that does not align or uphold the law of Love will be dissolved” -God

– The First Rule, Breath and Fruit of God-
-Message from Nykao Isreal –

Why don’t we cover some basics in regards to buying and selling Goods and also cover some basics in regards to Vibrational Frequency of the Soul. The art work is not my best as my time is very limited.

When we buy and sell goods it is simply an exchange for one item for another. In today’s economy we use cash as currency.  The Soul which is in you is powered and driven by an unseen life force. That force is the breath of the creator itself. The breath of the creator is love and is also the creator’s first fruit. Love itself is the only currency of heaven. It is not an object of material and no one can reposes it except the creator. You cannot sell a soul but you can “sell” your body opening a back door for negative energy by the very thought of the process. Which will allow shadows to hijack your mind with thoughts that otherwise lead you to committing acts that misuse your body. Which is powered by the divine light of your soul from the creators breathe. Quite frankly at the end of all of this. I don’t care what anyone says. Every single living creature in this universe, whether it has an ass or not, whether it be god or bad belongs to god the creator.

When you are feeling bad and are having a hard time what do you do to get yourself in a better mood and state of mind? Some of us we play sports, Go to Church, listen to our favorite albums or play video games to remove the situation from our minds, but removing it is not enough. Often times it will return shortly after unless we repeat the cycle until it’s no longer there. When going to church we leave our burdens in the hands of god on the altar and often times the message that is preached just so happens to be for us, but even if it isn’t you still manage to take something with you. After you leave you feel lighter than you did before you came. Why do you think that is? The universe and its mysteries can be understood by Sound, Vibration and frequency. You came into the church with a low vibration and frequency and you feel so heavy and you left with a higher frequency feeling lighter. It’s because church can be thought of as a large gathering to release negative energy in exchange for a positive. That negative energy is collected from being around other people and living your life out during the week even if you are not doing anything wrong, the dark vibration and frequency collected is what is referred to as sin. In church we help one another lift our frequency through music, dance and praising the creator who is the light of love itself during this gathering. It’s like focusing a magnifying glass to a single focal point to burn off the negative frequency and vibrations. The words you speak while singing are all positive words with positive intentions and everyone is focusing their energy on this synchronized together to align themselves with the light of love. Although I am not religious and I do not go to church very often and my walk is with god alone. Sometimes the burden is too much for us to lift on our own and that is why the church is there. Sometimes you have to reach out to a friends, family members or church etc.  A good church is a place of reflection, positivity and focus to raise your vibration, not all churches are the same some preach about judgment day, doom and gloom when they miss the points Yeshua tried to get across. Going to a Good Church can make your burdens in life easier to metabolize that negative vibration and frequency to the vibration of the light and love through praise.

I had asked god about people selling their souls and here is what god had showed me.

First I saw a toddler about 3 years old and the father handed them Car keys to drive to the store to pick up grocery’s and run a few errands for their mother. God had asked me would I be a responsible parent if I trusted my 3 year old to drive.

I said of course not that would be foolish.

The second thing I was shown was a teenager. I saw the father hand them the car keys to an old Toyota that was in working condition and they were allowed to drive the Toyota with their drivers permit as they do not have their license yet. I was then shown a Red Lamborghini in the other car port in the father’s garage and god had told me this.

“You don’t get to drive the Lamborghini until you show me you are responsible with the Toyota and obtain your driver’s license”. He then closed the garage door with the Lamborghini and told me the Lamborghini is your soul and your soul is your light body locked in the garage of my house stored away.

It looks like to me you must prove and show god you are trustworthy and responsible with the little you do have on earth in your Toyota before he turns over the keys of the Lamborghini for you to drive. The Lamborghini has all the features you could possible want. Can you imagine having that kind of vehicle and being irresponsible and immature with all that power? Your spirit has to grow by learning and age here until you show God you are trust worthy with the keys to the Lamborghini.

Why do you think the bible says come onto god as a child? Because essentially that’s what we all are but we are blinded by the illusion of time into thinking we are adults and mature and become prideful and no longer humble. We are all Children, sharing a sandbox called earth and of course every sandbox has bullies.

In other words your light body which is your very soul is stored in a garage within the father’s house and you can’t sell it even if you tried because it belongs to him in the first place. By selling you’re “Soul” which is really your Toyota here on earth. You are being tricked into believing a lie and you know the devil can run a mile with an inch and you just gave him a whole mile, and that lie carry’s a heavy vibration and frequency. It’s an insult in the very face of the creator and is like pissing in the wind. Let’s say you have 9 vibrational levels and each level represents the evolution of your soul’s growth in the spiritual womb. Let’s say your soul’s evolution is on the 5th level vibration. You’re going from a vibration and frequency of level 5 to the lowest vibration of -9. This is figuratively speaking as an example.

Believing in selling your soul is like making a shitty deal on a car lot. It’s similar to You trading a nice functional fuel efficient Toyota in for a gas guzzling truck plagued with many factory defects, halfway working engine, bad breaks that work intermittently, nonworking seatbelts and not only that.  It comes with a complimentary backseat driver who has his own steering wheel that he can manipulate the direction you are steering in by affecting your thoughts. Not that you actually lost your Toyota but more on the lines of you agreeing to let a back seat driver ride with you instead of listening to your co-pilot(Spirit Guide/Twin Soul). You have to kick the backseat driver out of your Toyota. It’s all about manifesting thoughts and that lie has manifested within you like a root kit virus on your computer. To top it off the backseat driver has the worst kind of road rage. The only way to get your Toyota back or to remove the backseat driver and to bring your vibration back up is to do the exact opposite of believing and agreeing you have “Sold” your soul. By believing and agreeing you can “Buy” it back. How will you “Buy” it back exactly? I can only tell you the only way I myself know how to get it back personally if I were in the situation. It is to believe and agree in the power of the blood of the soul redeemer itself, the Christ consciousness which dwelled within the body temple within Yeshua. Which is the first fruit, first breath, and first creation of god. The light of the lamb, the spiritual light of love which we call Christ. Christ is not a man or a women. It is the very light body of God which is a one unified consciousness which flows through and transcends all time and space. It can bend, penetrate, or break the very fabric of reality. Nothing can bend or break it and anything that does not uphold or align to it will be dissolved. The contract which is signed or agreed to selling your soul is void and is dissolved before you even sign it or agreed to it. You just have to manifest it by believing in that power to remove the rootkit. You manifest things by believing in it. It’s already dissolved simply because the fact that it does not align or uphold to the light of love. Which is the light body of Christ that is forever expanding.

So at the end of all this ask yourself this question.

Since the light of love itself is the one and only currency of heaven and you cannot exchange without its mark in heaven. Does the Devil/Set/Satan have that currency and mark?

The answer is no. It was all revoked for being a bad driver and the only thing he has is a lying tongue which he uses to fool us into believing he has power. He manipulates us to believing it using the books we read and the media. By us believing it he manipulates us into manifesting it into our reality as a false truth we believe in therefore we submit to his lie and not god’s truth.

Truth is the devil knows he cannot have it. So he would rather deceive you into believing this. Again it’s like pissing in the wind. Believing in this lie or agreeing to it can cause Pain and suffering because the lie and act of believing it carries a heavy negative vibrations and frequencies. You have basically impregnated your mind and heart with negativity and now you have to deal with the offspring that you have planted within yourself. It mentally and physically affects you and causes you to devolve spiritually so you will not get your license and the Red Lamborghini. This benefits Set/Satan/Devil because this is what he feeds off of to survive in the first place.

The one thing I cannot stand is when people post comments in regards to people saying Michael or Lisa sold their souls or even other artist. Then they get caught in a loop believing in the lie itself to further spread the lies that carry that heavy vibration. The lie becomes self-perpetuating and takes a life of its own creating a vortex that feeds and seeds out more negativity in turn making it bigger and bigger. It just keeps snowballing. Remember the Devil is nothing more than a liar and uses fear as its primary weapon to manipulate people. That which came from god (Your spirit and soul) will return to god, that which came from the Dust which imprisons the soul and Spirit (Carnal Flesh and ego) will return to the dust. The real battle we are facing is spirit and soul vs carnal senses and the minds ego. Some of us fall in battle to our physical senses tied to the material plain submitting to our ego but none the less after a long hard battle our souls and spirit eventually return to god from which it came. Remember the Devil only has power over us when we give him our power so it is not power of his own but from us as a collective acting on his behalf. So people can come your way to kill you and it’s because they are the ones who have given him power to act out using them as puppets. Those who walk in a path of Love and Truth are walking in Christ the body of God. For those of us who need scripture please look down below and remember there is the law of the spirit and the law of the letter. So many people are in the letter trap they can’t close their eyes and listen to the spirit of the law which comes from love, and if you are in a letter trap you have been ensnared by ignorance which is what Yeshua came to set people free from in Jerusalem which is why the church had him crucified (Matthew 27). He came to deliver us from the pages of a book so we could fly on the wings of an eagle (the spirit of god which is love). I was once in a letter trap myself until I heard an album called Supernova by Lisa, it freed me from the letter trap and brought me even closer to God and now I’m flying on the wings of an eagle. When someone walks the earth with this type of positive affect on people you can say they are like Lisa Christ, Michael Christ, Nykao Christ, Susan Christ, Buddha Christ, Ghandi Christ etc.…. Christ is a word to describe the inner light and being of a person’s soul and spirit not a title or point of authority. The light within us is the Messiah and Messenger of God, we don’t need prophets and religious leaders.

So many people are deaf to the real message that needs to get out there and they are blind saying such and such sold there soul because they are ignorant to believe everything they see on TV or on the internet. The internet is a big pile of shit and you occasional find bits of undigested corn to feed on or maybe even a small diamond once in a blue moon.

You can’t Love period without knowing God, for God is love in itself and anyone that loves is born of God, for it is God within them that Loves. If you don’t have the capacity to love then perhaps you are not human in the first place, perhaps you’re agent smith from the matrix. I don’t know how many times that has to be said but so many people miss the whole point and are deaf to the real message of God’s Love. So many people paint the face of god as a real judgmental dick head you need to bow to and fear, but the picture that is painted is a false image of God. It Does not matter what religion you are or even if you are an atheist. If you are loving and walking in truth then it is none the less God walking in and through you even if you don’t acknowledge it. Yeshua was filled with Gods Spirit and Light and was poured out to people as a living walking example of how we should all behave to one another. When you have a heart of Love and you walk in truth even with your flaws you are a son/daughter of God and a walking example like Yeshua and will be covered by the body of god’s love and grace.

I could go on and on and on but as I always say. Let those who have ears hear and let those who have eyes see. To those who don’t they will be deaf and not hear or see the truth.

1 John 4:7-21
Ecclesiastes 12:7
Luke 18:17
1 John 4:4
John 14:12

© Copyright by Author Nykao Isreal

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