Michael Jackson & The Moon Math © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

The Moonwalker and the Sunwalker (Sun & Moon Angel Twin Flame Soul Art) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Moonwalker and the Sunwalker (Sun & Moon Angel Twin Flame Soul Art) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

In our Research to document the Facts and Data of this Twin Soul Story, and Michael Jackson´s special Legacy, including on spiritual Levels, my Partners had been telling me over and over about how precisely the records fit even astronomical special moments.

Michael Jackson´s Birth, on 29th August 1958 in Gary/Indiana, was accompanied by a Full Moon.

My Birth, on 14th April 1982, was accompanied astronomically by Solar Flares, and Michael Jackson literally singing 29 Minutes after my physical Birth and first Breath as a Baby- the “Girl is mine” at the Westlake Studios.

And of course, my Birth was also accompanied by the Birth of the most successful Solo Artist Album Michael did- THRILLER.

Here is the first public Performance of Michael Jackson´s famous MOONWALK Dance, at the 25th Anniversary of Motown Records legendary Special Event:

I was just looking up the perfection of this Blue Full Moon for this Year, 31st July 2015, and remembering how we fixed this Date over a Year ago for the “Summoning of Archangel Michael” to start unfolding officially. Well, we all are seeing, and feeling the Vibes.

Now, as I looked up again the exact time of the hour in which the Moon will become most full, I saw on the Plan we have again an important Detail of the NEXT FULL MOON, which will take place exactly on 29th August 2015, in the Evening here, following BLUE FULL MOON. So, that means that we have an extraordinary astronomical constellation building up now around these personal Dates as “Hints from the Universe” and to anchor Twin Flame Energies, and a repetition of “special lined up constellations in the Universe” similar to 29th August 1958, when Mike was born.

Also, releasing the “Black Moon Demo” from February 2014, on my Birthday then last Year, 14th April 2014, was a FULL ROSE MOON– because this is Destiny and God arranges Twin Flame Missions very precise as you see. If you calculate things, you will even find out more than I personally might know, because I just naturally am, live and do my work, you know.

The calculations I mention here, have been done by a very dear Partner, and not myself, as I just am, and as he studied me and Michael´s channeling rhythm and how I change and get super emotional around always 3 Days prior to Full Moons up to the Full Moon, he came up with a “Susan Moon Calendar” for me because I am so connected, I have to watch out for it and shield myself more from negative People and bad energies and my heart chakra especially, for these Full Moon Days completing.

I have always been that way, and it is funny, thinking about Michael Jackson´s Werewolf Metamorphosis in the THRILLER Short Film.

More on these calculations and to the “Summoning of Archangel Michael” and the Theme Song “We Come Into Array” attached information of Studies on me, Susan Elsa, by my Team.

The Call (Moon)


This Project, as you see, includes Psychological Research General Information, and Moon Research and how it affects Human Beings. All this is part of Spiritual Sciences, and Science and Medicine can be helped, Relationships can be transformed into much better conditions, if people watch for these things a bit more again. We live IN NATURE, and should therefore live together and attuned to Nature, the Sun and Moon, the Climate and watch out for the Planet Earth and its Balance as well.

That is ultimately what this is about, and the ancient Egyptians, ancient Indians and other Cultures in long past times, had already understood that. So, it is time to remember!

This is all about your own Souls, about remember your true inner Self and Knowledge, seeing new Perspectives, healing, ascending and transforming into better and better. This is finally our core nature, all living Beings, to keep living eternally and EVOLVE.

The evolution, spiritually, got stuck a bit when you look at humanity and how it all changed in the past few hundred years up to 2.500 years. Before, Humanity knew MORE THAN NOW, which is sad. Of course, I am specialised in the Spiritual Subjects and mean these mainly here, not all things. Certain things are obviously more evolved in modern time, such as certain Technology which did not yet exist back then, or was just a Vision yet or starting Experiments such as Electricity and Television (yes, in ancient Egypt already).

Rose Full Moon Susan Elsa Birthday April 2014 Song Release Real Moon Facts MOONWALKER & MOON QUEEN (SUNWALKER) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Rose Full Moon Susan Elsa Birthday April 2014 Song Release Real Moon Facts MOONWALKER & MOON QUEEN (SUNWALKER) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


I am certainly not the only one being affected emotionally, and in sleep pattern and spiritual energy and so forth, by the Moon Phases. I am certain that most Women are naturally tuned in to the Moon, conscious or not consciously, and most Men are tuned in to the Sun. This has a very deep Spiritual Science and Teachings background, from ancient Egypt that I personally know it, and is integrated in the Physical Body Observations as well.

Many people believe, that when you want to diminish and “stop, remove, heal” something AWAY, you focus on that with the waning of the Moon and in that phase, in order to “let it decrease”. This goes for things like stopping to smoke cigarettes, or losing weight, or healing bad habits of any kind and so forth.

When the Moon is waxing though, meaning getting fuller and increasing, becoming soon Full, then you focus on things “to be gained more from” such as health, supportive cosmic energy for a Project Release like I do for example, gaining weight, gaining positive energy, gaining success and the Twin Flame Energy is always very affected by it too, at least because we Women are deeply influenced by the Moon and the Male Twin Flame reacts to seeing a “beautiful, shiny full Moon”- especially sexual twin flame energies.

This is funny, it is very old, a silent 20s Film in Black and White. Watch this, and let us look below at a more recent explanation of the Ebb and Flow of the Moon´s Effect on our Oceans and Rivers.

Tides and the Moon circa 1920s Bray Studios

Wait, haha!

Michael just is making some strange and very funny Show for me personally as I write this Article. I look up modern Footage now, live typing this Text as is no editing.

I find this:

Moon close up (NASA Ebb i Flow)

At the opening already, this shows up: The NASA GRAIL MISSION (As in Holy Grail)

The Jackson Impact Crater on the Moon (Facts & Spiritual Information) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Jackson Impact Crater on the Moon (Facts & Spiritual Information) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

I go to google it right away, Michael keeps giggling here at the precise Name, Jackson Impact Crater, and then I find this:

“Jackson is a prominent lunar impact crater that is located in the northern hemisphere on the far side of the Moon. Less than one crater to the northeast is the crater Mineur, and to the south-southwest lies McMath.”

Original Link:


McMath, seriously? Look at the Title of the Article, I can´t stop laughing.

Then, also:

“This crater lies at the center of a large ray system.”


“The largest sections lie in roughly 90° arcs to the northeast and southwest, while a narrower arc projects to the south-southeast.”

Jackson, McMath, Ray, Arcs, Impact- this is what real “Spiritual Synchronicity” is in action!

So you see, it is worth it, all you dear “Moonwalkers” reading this especially, to look deeper into Astronomical Information, research and make a personal Moon Diary in order to observe your own energy and patterns to the Moon phases in tune, or out of tune, and then align yourself. Especially if you are a Woman, or a Man wanting to attune to his feminine Counterparts energy and work on the “female Side” of the Self for Twin Flame Reunion Approaches and Pre-Work to get ready for a Reuniting.

It is funny, because everything in my life is so precisely aligned, that the truth is anchored so it is also protected. Even my Grandmother, Bedur, which was an Angel on Earth and taught me how to read the future, present and past, inside and outside of a situation and persons via card methods, and more on spiritual authentic knowledge, her Name and especially Nickname her Husband, my Grandfather had given her, is all about the MOON. Her Name basically means in Arabic a particular Moon Phase and this special shimmer that is sometimes seen around the Moon, the Moon´s Aura so to speak.

You may pose in the comments sections your own experience with the moon phases on your body, sleep patterns or emotions and also questions if you have any. Sharing is love.

More Articles following today!

We´re sending out a Major Love Blue Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

The 777 Summoning of Archangel Michael © Official Project Logo of a unique Multi-Dimensional Project
The 777 Summoning of Archangel Michael © Official Project Logo of a unique Multi-Dimensional Project

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