Michael Jackson Explains from Spirit: A Twin Soul is TWO Halves being created by God as ONE from the Beginning of Creation © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

This is a very special, new “Heaven Articles Series” directly with information in depth from spiritual realms, from Michael Jackson (Archangel Michael/Osiris). Michael just felt so “pushy” yesterday and energised, and so he wants that now. He told me this today, and before we begin, he wants me to tell from my Perspective a Story from Yesterday a short one, as an Introductory Statement.

Michael Jackson Explains from Spirit: A Twin Soul is TWO Halves being created by God as ONE from the Beginning of Creation *Intro New Heaven Articles Series* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson Explains from Spirit: A Twin Soul is TWO Halves being created by God as ONE from the Beginning of Creation *Intro New Heaven Articles Series* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

I was checking my Facebook account, and then found some time to have a great conversation with my Friend Anna. I have to say, she is a wonderful Soul, certainly part of our Soul Family and sensing clearly Michael´s truth. She also was actively defending him, when he was still in human form before 2009, and I am thankful to see such support, really.

And then, we were talking about few things, like the cyber attacks on me, the stress it causes at times, the whole “Twin Flame Battle” on me and Mike, and such. Then, as we were talking, Michael suddenly came closer to me like standing in front of me a bit on the right side, going a bit into his knees as I was sitting, and then, as we had the exact topic of the “Twin Flame Stories Confusion” and some mean, harassing moves against me online, he did a funny sudden move.

Michael pointed with two fingers on his Eyes, then at the Computer and “these haters” and said, in a serious tone and facial expression:

Michael Jackson Spirit Quote 16th July 2015 - Photo Dangerous Album Teaser for Educational Purpose-
Michael Jackson Spirit Quote 16th July 2015 – Photo Dangerous Album Teaser for Educational Purpose-

He sometimes does that, its a more dark humour, but it´s typical Michael to always have a joke ready, he loves to joke all the time. Right after, he giggled and I giggled too and told Anna, what he just did and said. She said, she can see Michael doing that too and found it funny.

And now, I will type and Michael will dictate clearly to me what to type and what he wants to say, as the Title of the Article reveals already.

Michael Jackson Explains from Spirit: A Twin Soul is TWO Halves being created by God as ONE from the Beginning of Creation ©

Dear Humanity

This is Michael speaking. This time, just purely in my own words, lucky to have my Twin Soul still amongst you to type this down for me.

I wanted to speak about a few things, and share the insights I was lucky and blessed to have here, in the spiritual realms of truth where I ascended to.

When I ascended into Spirit body in 2009, I had a help from a dear friend of mine, the closest friend and secret soul companion you can imagine: My Twin Soul. I had NOT yet realised that fully, but was thankful “that she is my friend”, quote, and this is how I told it to her before ascending, broken, with a dimmed weakened soul light and energy, sad and very angry, especially over leaving my Children behind, alone without their Daddy. This angered me the most, besides seeing my other half suffer and almost die, so broken she was.

After ascending, I was healed, and shown by the Angels that overlooked my human life, that I have another half to complete me, and, she is still on Earth in human form. I then insisted, that I be brought immediately back to her, especially to protect her.

I had seen her the whole time, but it was like we are totally far away. That is how it obviously felt to her and I was watching this and I can´t be in “Heaven without her”- that would mean that only half of me is in Heaven and half on Earth. And this is true also, and the very reason why God had to bring me back to her so that I could be on Earth with her, and she could be in Heaven with me.

It cannot be any other way. I then initially explained to her, as I started using my new skills of manifesting, that “I can only manifest for her in this way because she is my Twin Soul and there cannot be a separation really ever between us and no veil of illusion or dimensional differences” really. That means, Mediums and such people that claim to be psychic and talk to me in Spiritual Form, and publish messages, are mainly not talking really to me.

Some do, but most don´t. I pick the people I associate with and trust spiritually very carefully, as I am mainly here so close to be with my Twin Soul and protect her. I do not want bad energies to be rippling and mirroring on her because I connect to people with a bad aura. I don´t do that. It´s a lie, a complete lie most of the time.

When you ascend, you have an extremely different view on things. Many things you were angry about, injustices and human challenges in your memory, move far away from your mind and feel like some distant, illusion of a memory. The good things you always remember, and keep throughout life times and especially in the higher realms eternal Self.

Someone that is in Love, Light, enjoying Heaven and having such a great blessing like being allowed to stay with his Twin Soul, like me, would never “through some channeling or so” keep telling you about negative things that I in fact do not even THINK anymore. The terms, such people focus on, negative, spiritually weakening terms like the clowns you see attacking my Twin Soul, or even ridiculously attempting to impersonate her in any way at the same time, are liars. Big, fat liars.

I do not even THINK about negative words and I AM only in the ETERNAL CONSCIOUSNESS OF KNOWING I AM ETERNALLY ALIVE. That is how someone, ascended and well, in the higher spiritual realms thinks and feels in the Soul.

Now, what is that thing I called “Twin Soul” when choosing my words for my other half to inform her?

It simply means, that me and her are one and always have been. You saw it, you look back now and understand it, hopefully many of you. This is why I came and did the work that I did. This is deep truth about the very nature of Love and what it really is, embodied and proven. Many people have lost their faith and trust in love on Earth, and if only you could see how I see and knew how much it blocked human souls!

And that is how you see, how much I care, how much WE all care, all the Angels in Heaven love you dearly and are here to help and support and protect. You just forgot how it all works.

A Twin Soul, simply said, is 2 halve souls belonging like two perfect completing puzzle pieces together. A Twin Soul, is 2 beings sharing the same soul. A Twin Soul is ONE SOUL, the term “twin soul” only is more precise actually explained the human Soul, but more in depth and details.

So, a Twin Soul is simply said, A SOUL. And in that Soul, are two parts, a female and a male consciousness, being the exact identical counterparts to each other.

For example: If I had been born as a woman, I would be Susan. If she was born male, she would have been Michael Jackson. We are the same Soul, not two beings or separate in any way. And, when we both are one, and you can see it, we both look in some ways androgynous, which in reality is simply the merged, balanced female-male energies of the ONE SOUL.

I demonstrated this in my public work, and more. Can you feel it now? Do you see and remember me, Archangel Michael, now?

I am with her and I am the one actively focusing all my mind on making our truth become visible to you, so you remember your own soul´s value and wonderful, almost by humanity forgotten truth about creation. Love is all that matters, you see now?


You know, I see everything, still. I see things even more clear and really, the things I sang about in my Songs in tune with my Soul, I really did mean. When I recorded Threatened, the last Song I approved personally for release, I was really getting into it. I didn´t just write a Song like this, with these lyrics, for creative reasons- it came from deep within my soul. It reflected dreams and visions I had, which tortured me, because I worried so much. Worry in general was a big theme throughout my life, which is one of the things I certainly do not miss about “being on Planet Earth”.

Many of you see also, that the leech type of people come forward now more bold and rude than ever before, when it comes to telling seeming stories about me or information about me. I especially do not like to see, how people claim things now too about my very Soul, when as a human being, I never had a deep understanding by almost every person around me, throughout my whole life I felt “unknown to people, misunderstood, mis-judged, abused”. And then to see, that people now not able to talk to me directly even, claim such horrible lies on my Soul (including my Twin Soul obviously)- is very painful and disappointing.

I had hoped to see people turn around and change, when realising the whole Twin Soul truth, doing it right the second time around, not repeating the same abusive attacks on my Girl. That´s not acceptable, and trust me, this Girl is so mine you can never affect me, or her, to “not be”- it is ridiculous to think in such way to begin with.

Now what?

You want to go out and diss me (and her) and claim that my words aren´t true? That you speak with me, and I told you that my own words haven´t been spoken out? Can´t you see how ridiculous this is?

I am very well aware of the manipulations and still remember the things done to me, by the precisely now from Spirit observed people that you do not know fully about. Powerful people, that play with Artists and people´s lives, this whole rotten system that needs to be looked at and then improved and healed.

I didn´t just swing by this Planet for no reason, I am still working on my mission. I am still putting my all into this for humanity, because it is just my very nature to never give up.

Things always move on, always evolve and live. This is what I believe in, and live- eternal Life, eternal Love, eternal Happiness.

And the easiest way to get love, is to give love.

I will let you in on a secret.

When my Twin Soul helped me ascend, like a neutral friend only selflessly caring about me and not herself at all, she let me go in this selfless, unconditional love and only wanted me to be happy “in Heaven”.

And this act of true love, is one of the main reasons why God allowed me to stay like this with her and then she came to see, that when “she only wanted to help me, I came back to help her too”. This is what Twin Souls do, they are always there for each other, can always count on each other, and this relationships is eternal and true.

So, if you know how to view the invisible love (God) that breathes in the air, that never interferes (because God created free will) but sees everything, you will see that me and my Girl are ONE AND THE SAME CREATION OF LOVE (SOUL).

If you do not know this love of God yet, and how in God´s invisible presence still the care and love and light is felt, then you will most likely look at me, and her, and see “two different beings” and fall for the earthly magical lens of perception, for certain purposes showing illusions to learn from, not spiritual truth.

So, it is in your hands, in your hearts, in your souls now, to understand that I AM Archangel Michael, and I did not leave, I am not a victim anymore after ascending from this suffering in my life as Michael Jackson, and now have everything good still I had as Michael Jackson, and everything else I got for eternity, all combined into one big happy, heavenly package. This truth we are demonstrating in real physical merging showing between me and my true Twin Soul.

I will share more soon.

Until then, remember that love means literally everything.

With all my Love,


Where The Term "TWIN FLAME" came from and what it means © ArchangelMichael777
Where The Term “TWIN FLAME” came from and what it means © ArchangelMichael777

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