About Archangel Michael Jacksons Soul & Ancient Egypt: Personal HIStory and Past Lives Information (Rare) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

Since many years by now, it seems that a “certain agenda” keeps showing by the ones that do these twin flame interferences and stalk, harass, lie on social media and fight Archangel Michael´s Soul and Mission.

There is a lot, as you can imagine, that someone like the Archangel himself would do, and it is not just about some partial truth, but THE FULL TRUTH; about Humanity, about Spirituality, about Man and Woman, about the Inner Child, about the “Christ Consciousness”, the Entertainment Industry (because Image and Sound affect the Mind and Psyche of the Public and therefore Souls) and more. Archangel Michael is throughly in his work, always, and does not work like “an elephant in the porcelain store”- but has a very precise “hand and eye” when approaching his spiritual work.

About Archangel Michael Jacksons Soul & Ancient Egypt: Personal HIStory and Past Lives Information (Rare Special Article with Updates and More Knowledge) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About Archangel Michael Jacksons Soul & Ancient Egypt: Personal HIStory and Past Lives Information (Rare Special Article with Updates and More Knowledge) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

I AM his Twin Flame Soul, and usually never speak of him as the Archangel much in details of his personality, habits or battle techniques in Spirit, because I tend to just focus on the work and shield our privacy as much as possible.

I understand also, that this sounds strange to some people due to their own previous mind-programming and beliefs, personal experiences or lack there of. I am aware, many people claim things similar to this, or that they “had some famous past life identity”, but in our case, me and Michael CAN PROVE IT and it ADDS UP PERFECTLY. And we had enough of the tons of lies.

The only thing you have to do, is first of all just OPEN YOUR EYES AND LOOK SIMPLY, and is research and learn about History, look at the things I publish that Michael Jackson invested a lot of time into to research, read and study. Read about the fitting Twin Flame Experiences and Biological Facts we provide, and the Interferences getting more obvious each day in front of your public eyes.

And then, make up your own opinion.

There is A LOT of disinformation strategies going on by some dark forces. Some claims that are a core part of the original knowledge disfigured and twisted by Set´s followers are these “classic online Illuminati conspiracy theories”- that in fact are fabricated on purpose to mislead you spiritually and confuse you about who is of THE LIGHT and who is OF THE SHADOW mind.

Illuminati means in latin “the enlightened ones, the light-ones”- not darkness and shadow and evil. The title does not fit, nor do the original ancient Egyptian symbols of Osiris, Isis and Horus, Amun Ra and more, to the sold plagiarism stories and the “falsely claimed meaning”.


Let us first take a closer look at the meaning of the so-called “All-Seeing Eye”, which you can also go ahead and name “eye of wisdom”, “eye of oversight”, “eye of knowledge of past, present and future”, “eye of truth” and more.

An eye is an eye, and has certain functions, and many human beings and animals have eyes. The eyes by itself are nothing evil, and that is simple logic.

The free will choices and how an individual decides to use it and apply its general, neutral powers and functions, is what colours and determines if it is “an evil eye” or “a protective and good eye of love”.

The Twin Flame Eye of Osiris and Isis ancient Egypt- Michael Jackson Susan Elsa Biology Facts © TwinFlame Soul Official Blog and Releases
The Twin Flame Eye of Osiris and Isis ancient Egypt- Michael Jackson Susan Elsa Biology Facts © TwinFlame Soul Official Blog and Releases



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True Twin Flame Love is stronger than anything else © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
True Twin Flame Love is stronger than anything else © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Back to the Twin Flame and Spiritual Teachings Interference:

So, these fakers want to get into ancient Egyptian situations in that personal way, alright. They want to associate the ancient Egyptian history and all symbolism with evil and “satanism”?


Then lets talk about Set/Seth.

The stories claimed widely online about the so-called “illuminati” would therefore, in its conspiracy style and negative content fit to Set, the evil One. The Interferer, the murderer and liar, the devil, Set the Satan (Set-an).

But the Title not, so you could take it and remove some symbols Set has zero reach on or power over, and leave some neutral symbols and add a correct title, such as “The Shadow Workers”, or “The Soul Confusers”, or “The Deception Shadow Ones”.

But me and Michael aren´t seeing this CORRECT type and manner of spiritual information with simple truth anywhere, online or in mainstream information outlets, at all. Look around yourself and tell me if you find something that SHOWS SET AS THE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN EVIL ENTITY with all this “evil talk about ancient Egyptian symbols and bla bla”.

Nope, mainly these classic super twisted and false stories online claiming that Osiris is the evil One (the victim that was murdered by Set, use your brain!) and his wife Isis, that was victimised too, and his Son, and the evil One, the MURDERER, goes free and nobody blames him if daring to speak of such ancient and historic Egyptian Knowledge and it all has a very bitter side-taste of racism.

You seriously now, if you think about all these facts, think still it makes sense and is logical, that there would be a Temple of Set, worshipping literally the ancient Egyptian evil One named Set, right in Santa Barbara close to the Neverland Ranch of Michael Jackson (Osiris), and then you want to attack me and blame Osiris as being “the bad guy”?

if you really think so, now seriously, then your mind is already controlled and played with by Set and his Followers with their brainwashing Media agenda and online disinformation tactics with fake accounts and profiles often, trying to “plant confusion and harassing, negative atmosphere dividing people and their communication” online.

Me and Michael have out-thought them a long time ago and every time someone attacks or interferes spiritually (attempts so)- we mirror it back and it is like Set slapping and hitting himself.


So, all the evil Liars can just pack up their shit and go home, because you ain´t going to insult Michael Jackson´s genius, intellectual Virgo-mind and hobbies here and you do not insult me for speaking of these facts anyone that knew the Man can confirm, when you never knew the Man yourself at all and never even shook hands with him!

That counts for such evil, shadowy Souls like Deborah Stefaniak too. Trust me, Michael showed me her soul, right before Sneddon was taken and his Soul judged by Archangel Michael, about this Person´s soul and it does not look good at all and very shadowy, is the right literal word, because she is ruining her (D.S.) own Soul by her Twin Flame Interference into such serious matters here.

And to the all the people that are stuck in some society and religious dogmatic thinking and cannot even accept God and his creation and miracles anymore; Michael Jackson´s Soul is not your property and is free!

You do not and will never own us, and we are a free Spirit and God made us so and gave us this right and blessing!

Anyone that does not agree here, is simply revealing their inner Soul truth that they are sold out to the devil and “think souls can be property for human agendas and political crap and such earthly power games”. Open your eyes and stop letting the Devil fool you around so easily!

Your mind is what shows where you stand. What you believe in, regarding truth and justice, the visible proof for things, and if you use the God-given skills you got or not and let others control you like sheep and control your mind.

We are here to free your minds and show you how powerful God really made you, if you follow the right, good path of light and true love.

And nothing that they try, will ever work, because I AM MICHAEL´S TRUTH, standing here on two feet still to fight for this Message.

Michael Jackson isn´t done yet, and if you think that it is something “bad and negative of me” personally, to claim that Michael Jackson is ARCHANGEL MICHAEL AND PURE AND INNOCENT, then you are showing everyone your ugly, evil truth and that you are not our friend!

There is one thing you have to understand here: I am Michael´s Friend, not yours and I never will be. We can come in disguise and into your circles of Set, and crush you from within. Archangel Michael can trick you much better, than you ever could trick anyone, because you are weak devils and liars, and cannot enjoy the good things like love and harmony amongst the people, and twin flame lovers uniting and being happy.

This is how it works, when you have the Archangel Michael of Truth, it is absolute and reaches through all layers of dimensions and life forms, the lie and truth, and everything is simply laid out openly in front of me and Michael, because WE ARE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.

So, when you approach this Blog and haven´t read anything else yet, be aware that this is the Archangel Michael Blog, and we really mean that, and do not try to “press Archangel Michael into human categories and systems” and simply listen, read, research further for yourself and make up your own mind using also your own intuition. Just follow your heart and let the truth and the lie show itself, in real life, in things YOU are able to observe in every day life and in your city and TV channels and news and all that. Okay?

This is all we are asking of you, just listen to both sides of a story, and then make up a personal opinion. Everyone is entitled to their personal, private opinion.


In the previous Article about my Dinner with Michael Jacobshagen, having an identical type of memory moment and aligning live with Michael Jackson´s memory of Dinner with the same Person, Jacobshagen, I cited a part from his Book, “Will You Be My Friend” to show the details of what happened in the exact order it did.

Here is the Link to that Article:

The Full Meaning of 777 in Real Life: Twin Souls Merging Memories and Social Contacts © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


Now, there is one part that astounded me. Jacobshagen had said, that “Michael ate only half of each crab chips and then we, the Kids, ate the rest of it. But nobody knew why Michael did such a thing”.

Then I told him that I did that too, starting in 2010, and I wrote about it in my Book, “Archangel Michael´s Wedding”- Michael reveals his Twin Soul from Beyond.

It is all based on ancient Egyptian habits here too, that were very aligned with the Universal truth of Spirit and how the Soul journeys in this life and beyond. I have started naturally these habits when Michael came back to me in Spirit and told me that I am his Twin Soul. I would eat half of my food, and leave half for Michael.

This has a long, long ancient tradition in African History and Culture since the Ages of the Pharaohs. You can read about that in my Book more, and do so for free of course, in our free Member Area on the Main Label Website, just sign up and go read it:  http://www.mystery-garden.com

So, there is an “aura and energy” in each food too, and ancient Egyptians basically believed and practised, that the souls of deceased loved Ones come visit and can “eat the offerings of the fruits and foods, by eating its aura/energy” and then the physical food left would be eaten by the rest of the people then- after the Spirits consumed the energy of the food offered and therefore were “fed and honoured by the descendants”. This is also something we used to do, for Twin Flame nurturing. It is natural and automatic for me and Michael, as we did these type of things back then already too when we were incarnated in ancient Egypt as Osiris and Isis (modern more known Names, not original Ones).

I Remember the Time Twin Soul Project and Story Behind 2010- Michael Jackson Dangerous Album Cover Art Meaning © Work of Truth TwinFlame Soul
I Remember the Time Twin Soul Project and Story Behind 2010- Michael Jackson Dangerous Album Cover Art Meaning © Work of Truth TwinFlame Soul

This is just a little summary of that information to explain here, once again, why Michael would do such a thing and display such a habit when eating, as Jacobshagen shared in his Book. I have shared, of course, this knowledge in depth with him in person and we had a good conversation about these habits of Michael and where they spiritually come from.

Michael studied and read a lot, a lot of Books and even Books he could not understand the language of, by looking at the Images and trying to “intuitively tune in to the energy of the knowledge in the book” – he liked doing such things but of course would not word it out and explain such habits to people around him. He kept private about many of his spiritual and very personal habits.




The simple truth is, Michael Jackson loved learning new things, discovering, reading and viewing places around the World, visiting Museums and Parks, watching people and studied their habits and society in general. Michael was and still is very, very analytical in his mind and soul, it is our Nature to “strive to get to the core of things” and not just think and view and judge superficially.

He loved reading and researching Black History, the roots of African American Culture and therefore his own personal Life situation as a Black American. Because it was personal, Michael invested more time in this research than most people are aware of, and integrated the things he learned into his published works like the Dangerous Music Album.

From the first time in which Michael, his Brothers and his Dad visited for performing and PR Africa in the 1970s, Michael has been passionate about learning more on his cultural and ethnical roots and this is exactly why he tended to focus so much on ancient Egypt and ancient Africa, going back to the roots simply.

I find it ridiculous to see, how NOWADAYS strangers come at me attacking the very things I publish FOR MICHAEL, which are HIS ORIGINAL RESEARCH and things he taught me and initiated into my Life, and then these same Jealousy Ghosts and Haters claim “Michael Jackson never did such a thing and the Dangerous Album is about his Past Life as Mozart, not ancient Egypt!”- it´s like a joke on purpose, it can´t be they do not see the facts, they just do not want to.

I am certain, the African American and generally African Fans Michael Jackson has, know very well what game is being played here, and won´t be fooled so easily. The Man has a specific ancient Egypt Song on the Album singing about “remembering ancient Egypt”!

Michael also had always in his parents house, and in his own, Neverland Ranch, a library. He in fact began the very passion for Film and Hollywood Movies studies through Books his Mother brought him as a child. Reading was one of Michael Jackson´s MAIN hobbies, on such topics as History, Cultures, Medicine and the Human Body, Psychology, Art and more.

History especially was definitely one of Michael´s most favourite private hobby research subjects, and this is also why you see him naming one of his Albums “HIStory”- again, fighting for equality and BLACK HISTORY and respect for Africa, and all Humans being equal and happy together.

This and nothing else I am documenting in my Twin Soul Tributes since 2010, officially and this is also why we have this Blog since 2011. These are the information parts that triggered the racism attacks and defamation wars on Michael Jackson, because he wasn´t “dumb and blind, not using his brain or eyes and figured out big things about society, the system and human history”!!!

I see, some people think now “he gone” and think they can do whatever they want, and try to tell his story their way and cause confusion, and he ain´t having that. Michael is even smarter now, meaning, he has the absolute overview from Spirit and God and all the Heavens and Angel Hosts backing his Mission up, so what you gonna do huh?

Too bad for ya, that now you realise that the Black Guy you tried pushing around and defaming this way and abuse, happens to have been Archangel Michael in human disguise!

The biggest nightmare for all racists.

And because all this is so central in Michael Jackson´s life story, think about it, how would his Twin Soul incarnate to complete this very Mission hmm?

That´s right, once again as an original EGYPTIAN, to embody the truth we try to bring back into Human Consciousness. And Black and White, we are all the same.

So, Michael loved reading and “going with his mind and fantasy” to the places he read about; European History, African History, Asian History, ancient Mythology tales and stories, ancient Technology beginnings, big Artists such as Michel Angelo and about how he did his work and what inspired him possibly.

Michael made these things clear in the fashion and manner he spoke also in public Interviews, and could not understand why people, why the public would be so interested in his sex life and privacy information, instead of the in depth knowledge on the PUBLIC ART, which is FOR THE PUBLIC. You know what I mean?

Twin Flame Key Archangel Michael Jackson July 2010 by Susan Elsa © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Twin Flame Key Archangel Michael Jackson July 2010 by Susan Elsa © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

And hey, finally, the public can´t complain, because now, people are getting more of Michael´s truth than ever before, including his in depth Twin Soul Story unfolding its Mystery wings one more time, just like in ancient Egypt.

There is other Cultural and Spiritual History me and Michael love and remember things of, but we did not publish anything on that yet and will do so in the near Future, so stayed tuned. This will show you, that everything finally is one and the Soul is what matters, and the Soul knows no “skin colour” and such earthly, human things.

See, on earth here, we have duality, which means we experience difference, and separation and all these illusions for a temporary time to learn and evolve.

But in the spiritual realms where love flows through everything, there is no separation experiences, there is no differences and everyone is equal and loving one another. It is absolutely different in these regards.

Let´s say it like that: What we have here, one can have also in Spirit, but what Spirit has, we can to a very large degree not have on Earth.

Michael Jackson Twin Soul Mirror: Real Serious Message to MJ Fans- Sneddon Maurie Pressman Debbie Stefaniak Devilish Frauds


There are now lots of people copying our Releases “ideas” and putting out “past life memory claims in connection to Michael Jackson”- well, the truth is in this case clear and DATED IN PUBLIC RELEASES, long before any imitators came along to play their copy cat games.

I feel really balanced now, with all these twin flame interferences that in the past would hurt me so much. Now, I am very strong and balanced, so I am happy I could still manage with Michael to evolve and focus, despite all these attacks and interferences.

All these things only reinforce our truth and authenticate in fact the very claims I am making, because of such reactions. You are only bringing more attention to the truth, when trying to attack Archangel Michael´s truth- it is impossible.

These people also like to talk about their own innovation called “the false twin soul” which is a thing that does not even exist. God did not create anything “fake copying the truth”- that is devil talk, open your eyes.

Such divine things like Twin Souls are always something clear, especially in these confusing times for humanity, God made things clear and a TWIN IS A TWIN (2).

Anything that is not clear, not provable, not visible in these matters, just do not rely on and you will be safe from any deceptions and dark minded people misleading your Souls.

Archangel Michael can be called upon anytime to clear your mind, and focus you on truth and shield you from lies and manipulations. This is exactly what our functions is in this case, also regarding true Information on Twin Flame Souls and protecting the truth behind these soul creations of God.

Twin Soul Light Bulb Ancient Egypt Knowledge Osiris and Isis Twin Flames - Michael Jackson Dangerous Album Studies © ArchangelMichael777
Twin Soul Light Bulb Ancient Egypt Knowledge Osiris and Isis Twin Flames – Michael Jackson Dangerous Album Studies © ArchangelMichael777


Back then, people and society was quite different. Spirituality played a much bigger and more central role than in modern society. That was affected how people behaved, treated each other and how they even focused their inner emotional and spiritual mechanisms in every day life- because the main focus was that the eternal Soul is the most important thing and this life was not forever and existed to prepare and learn, shape the Self for the Afterlife and next Life Forms.

Can you imagine, the tranquil harmony amongst people back then? The deep rooted connection to Mother Nature and people striving to keep things in balance, in all ways?

I admit, it is often difficult for me to accept how the World has become, and how much has to be healed. But then again, from this sadness and compassion come forth always new hope and motivation to keep going for Humanity, and this is all because me and Michael love this Planet and Humanity a lot, this life form, because we remember how it was when things were generally more happy on Earth.

And it is absolutely worth it, to try and heal things and make them better again, a better place, as we like to view it, for me and him, but also for all of us finally, you and us.

The agriculture was still natural, meaning no chemicals and no genetic food manipulations and hormones and such dangerous things like today is done. The relationships were involving mind, body and soul, not just superficially and women were not oppressed and disrespected but equal to men, and even especially valued for their spiritual intuitions.

For the next special Article, I am making drawings and sketches channeling insights, information and energy from heavenly Dimensions.

These will be uploaded this week or latest this weekend, so stay tuned, enjoy your Summer and keep up the focus on love!

We´re sending out a Major Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog Signature
Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Blog Signature

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