Reflections of A Twin Soul – Michael Jacksons FRIENDS & FAMILY © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

For this SUN-Day today, as usual, we focus on positive, happy thinking here on ArchangelMichael777. I have spent a pretty lazy weekend, did sports, went out with family, talked a lot on the Phone and been busy preparing details with Michael for…THE MOVIE.

I am aware, there are lots of other News going on nowadays, but I chose what I like to spend my lifetime thinking about, reading about or putting into my mind and head, and to me, I never liked how the News always focuses on horrible and negative reports, more than on anything positive happening around the World. Michael was and still is the same way, and we both have our spiritual Truth and the News and Tabloid Sensationalism tactics are not part of our Truth or Hobbies.

Reflections of A Twin Soul - Michael Jacksons FRIENDS & FAMILY *Special Updates* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

I wrote last on here on the 24th June, meaning one day before that date I and Michael do not like, 25th June…

I felt on the 23rd June very heavy “spiritual attacks echoes” and had some minor heart and breathing problems, on top of the natural emotional pressure anyone has when such a date comes up where a loved One was hurt.

Everything was okay and I had kept my emotional balance and was yet calm, but as soon as these “Twin Flame Interference” energies I felt a tiny bit, Michael lost it and kicked back so hard, the Confederate Flag came down and its Story rose up to expose all that he fought for- Racism against Black People, systematic, in the US, injustice, inequality, sabotage of Black and Minority Artists in the Music Business and so forth, AND Media bias and tactics misrepresenting situations and personal Images of People involved. Lies and wrong things in that extent causing such heavy karma, in a Place where not only my Michael was discriminated against as well and sang about it, especially on the Dangerous Album, and then to see the past where Native Americans were basically rotted out in their own lands, that is way too much karma. I hope the healing progresses now, fast, for all human beings to be equal in America, all.

You may google and look up yourself more on these News and revealing Debates going on in America, regarding that Confederate Flag.

For the first time this year, I have been then on the 25th and the night to it, calm and balanced. Michael focused a lot of hugs and joyful spiritual energy around me, physically as well, and it helped a lot to keep me balanced. When I would start thinking in any sad direction, he would immediately stop it with funny jokes and moves, that just keep me focused on him being right here and well, and not thinking back on that time in 2009.

So, yes, there were challenges as explained now, but minor.


Well, I never ever blog about the family, nor do I go into any privacy details or research, look at any news most of the time, and I just spent until now my time just for myself, digesting what happened to Michael. I never tried calling anyone, I never sent any letter, a fax, nor an email, and I never blogged about Michael´s Children really, because Michael would not want to put “more public focus and attention toward the children”.

I do my thing here, I pray and try to focus as much light and love energy to them as possible. I do not like to see people, online or in tabloids, talk about the children, and if they do, I demand a respectful tone and basic manners.

So, after worrying sometimes about the kids for the past years, feeling paralysed myself and not able even to try and think to reach out to anyone, Michael makes it possible now. Don´t ask me how, but he keeps guiding tons of People into my Life since a while, to bring me and the Family into touch, without me moving one finger or even in mind “thinking I WANT to call them up or such”. People that know me in private as a Person, know I am a held-back, shy Person, and even when I joke and laugh around, it takes me a while to really get used to People and prefer People coming to me, not me reaching out.

I do know many things, in pure private manners, from Michael, about his Family, just like he knows things about my Family. I cannot go into any details here, because I would never publish anything without discussing it first with the involved, living Persons.

I am not a Blogger, I am a blogging Music Artist and Film Director.

I AM Michael Jackson´s Twin Soul (Quote Michael in Spirit, March 2010)

I do not care about any tabloid bla bla out there, I do not care about anyone´s opinion or personal issues they project onto Michael Jackson and all his matters, and I do certainly not care about what Michael´s enemies desire in their sick minds. I care about Michael, and I am only Michael´s Friend finally. I could never be corrupted, not in a million years- because it is about me as well, sharing my Soul with Michael that way.

You can give someone a hand with cash and some fruits- after a few days that all is consumed and gone. But if you teach this Person to make their own cash and plant and sow their own fruits, it is a longterm, solid type of support approach. That is how me and Mike think about these situations.

Without going into detail, of course, for data protection and creative ideas, I want to give you a bit of what is happening here.


Since a while, I have started steps, first minor, then bigger, in taking on a very big Project, that has in it some of Michael Jackson´s Visions he planned and shared with me, luckily, so I can realise it now for him. I have kept the details very safe, like in my head most of them, as we mainly discussed them, made few simple “explanatory sketches” here and there, but that was it. We never had the chance to actually start the production for that particular idea Michael was working on, and he was working on that since a few years already by the time we met in 2007. This idea, in fact, came up as he was fighting with Sony Music back then, planning his leave and new start of his own, absolutely independent Business.

In our conversations these things came up, of course, the false accusations stress and the Music Business stress and why, and so Michael started sharing these things, and I would add my brainstorming and he would be excited about every detail I throw in, like:” this is perfect, remember that!”

I have a scientific proof from 2004 already, regarding my extraordinary memory skills- in fine details and visual and literal as well. So, I can make it happen now and we began jotting things down, with my New Big Vision that also Michael helped me with but channeled from Spirit NOW, and all is interwoven now into a big Business Plan, for the coming years for all these Projects.

The World must see these unique Visions, so they remember that Michael Jackson was always an exceptional Innovator and Business Man as well, and not just some Entertainer.

So, I intend to give Michael´s Children and his Mother, that for sure, a share in these Projects and active involvement as they like and to the degree they want and feel ready for, as well. For Michael, it is important to see his Children especially “find the right introduction into their own professional Futures”, in the right way and manner. But more on this really, when things are ripe and then I can confirm more on these developments to you, dear Readers and Soul Family.

And as Michael once said, I will use his direct words now as well:

The lie can sprint, but the truth runs marathons.

All I do, I do motivated in my heart and soul wanting to do good for others, and I have always been viewed as mysterious by many people that know me in Person, and most definitely does the public not know me really, at all. Not yet.


In Michael´s Life where not many true friends, and it is a topic widely discussed and known in public as well.

But of course many details of relationships and situations in Michael´s private space are completely unknown to the public and the Fans, and that is in most part a good thing- because Michael too deserves privacy and to decide freely, what he wants in public known and what not, and I always uphold that rule.

Some friends cannot even be named that now, because they backstabbed Michael and betrayed him heavily. Most of these fake friends Michael thought for a few years are real friends, are People working in Hollywood- in the Movie Business mainly, but also tons of fake friends coming in front the direction of that whole “Music Scene”. It wasn´t easy for Michael.

I not only felt his pain over the lack of friendship in his life, all my life prior to meeting through our twin flame strings, but had myself “bad luck” with friends and was betrayed, used and backstabbed a lot. Just like Michael, I would be naive and think “from my perspective”, think, others think like me and mean always well- not even getting the idea that someone could be calculating or putting up “a fake mask”, or backstabbing suddenly out of jealousy and whatever own issues- and I would feel surprised and shocked when such things would happen in my life. Like, “really, how can people even think that way or do such a thing, why!”- because I do not think in ways of wanting to harm anyone else or harass, just like Michael too never thought even of harming anyone or harass, especially not Children!

The only true friends Michael felt he had, were the Children! Because they just hung out with him, played, talked, cooked and ate, watched fun Movies and Cartoons, played fun Video Games and outdoor Games, pulled innocent pranks with him on adults that then would run after them all mad (Michael found that always super funny)- because Michael just wanted to escape this “strangling feeling of the public and Show Biz pressure” a bit and just be an innocent Being around innocent Beings, simply and purely enjoying free time and relaxation.

So, the attacks on his reputation and on that particular “rejuvenating, refreshing childlike hobbies in free time” that they aimed at, was on purpose and with “psychological warfare strategy”. They knew, of course, that Michael is innocent- but they wanted to find something on him long prior, and then from lack of finding bad things on Michael, MADE UP things to attack him with, including psychologically. This is called “psycho-terror”- and these false accusations were to Michael such a spiritual and psychological attack.

Michael Jacksons Dangerous Album Cover Message: African (American) History and ancient Egyptian Black People © ArchangelMichael777
Michael Jacksons Dangerous Album Cover Message: African (American) History and ancient Egyptian Black People © ArchangelMichael777

I am trying to tell you here, that partially the purpose of these false accusations moves was to try and take away from Michael his “retreat space and privacy where a human being regenerates”- to exhaust and fight him. It is not like people do not know, especially these days, that not too long ago it was officially illegal in America for a Black Guy to date or marry, or have any relation sexually with a White Woman, and Michael Jackson took Elvis Presley´s Daughter. All these things were shaping up around the same exact time, and as Michael moved ahead with the Dangerous Album and Tour, expressing his AFRO-AMERICAN PERSPECTIVE ON HISTORY AND HIS VISION FOR THE WORLD TO IMPROVE, and nothing else and not about “White History”- anyone that claims so, like this Debbie Stefaniak person, are racist liars that aim at repeating and expanding the same exact tactics applied against Michael himself before, as he was releasing such Projects. “Oh you wanted white boy to play you as a child, oh white women here there, white white white”- remember all the things the tabloids kept spitting around the Dangerous Album and how angry Michael was- and now come along such puppets of the System to mislead, picking up at the same point!


Those are not even people that ever knew Michael Jackson in Person and private, and not worth talking about much really or giving attention to (even if they harass and stalk very provocative at times).

From these types of people, that think in such ways I mean, you had so many, many going around Michael, to “work for him”, or to pretend to be some type of friend and then suddenly backstab him, change on him, change tone, demand things and reveal their true face, like demanding “money or favours”.

For Michael, it was difficult finding a solution; he could not befriend and hang out with Fans really (or make some romantic relationship)- he could not do the same with “competitors in Show Business”- that sought own profits and would want to “be seen with him for PR” and such, like Madonna, nor could be just go out really and meet friends like other human beings can and do often.

But a few real friends he did have, and those were mostly people that themselves grew up as child stars and knew about the whole life behind being famous and under public focus, such as Elizabeth.


The honest truth is, Michael had difficulty in relationships to many people, but Elizabeth Taylor was an exceptional friend, a best friend for real.

There was not ONCE any situation, where they had any misunderstanding or doubt in loyalty or trust toward each other, and never a fight or a moment of “I don´t really understand you”.

That is a very rare thing, because you know, many people have their luggage to carry from personal life experiences, bad habits and limits, may it be in listening, compassion, understanding, but the type of rare, always-reliable friendship like Michael had with Elizabeth Taylor does not happen in life often. I am very thankful, that she was there for Michael back then especially in the 90s, when they began these horrible false accusations and the lies went out of control.

Michael also rarely would listen to anyone, but to Elizabeth and her advice he would always listen, because he knew she really means well and is not saying anything with her own agenda in the back of her mind!

Michael also got along very well with Princess Diana, and they would have remained friends until now, if Diana didn´t have this horrible car crash, based on others fault, some even say, on purpose it was done to her car.

There is so much that can be said and talked about, but this Blog is not always the right space for that.

ABOUT THE FAKE FRIENDS- False Sympathies after 2009

People like MADONNA were NEVER Michael´s Friend and will never have any chance to become my friend as well therefore. There were many, many false “friends” surfacing after June 2009, trying to cover up how they behaved really prior toward Michael with fake sympathy comments and speeches, like for example Madonna, when she said “her and Michael Jackson were friends”- bullshit!

Same goes for many others I won´t name here right now, which will still be exposed and talked about soon, for mass consciousness and personal healing. The truth is healing, and you know, many things that are wrong and mistakes human beings do make, can be forgiven. But some things, cannot be forgiven, or, some people do not deserve to have any efforts and time wasted to try and heal and change them- such as Madonna.

She is very out there, or was at least in 2009, and she is being bashed on record by Michael in published Audio recordings, so it isn´t anything private I am making public, just sharing few more details for justice and truth.

Fake Friends, fake Managers, fake Partners, fake Competitors (Wannabes), fake Women; the list of fakeness that Michael was bothered with is unbearable.


I have been thinking a lot about these situations and experiences that Michael Jackson lived, and also my own similar and parallel situations and experiences. There were moments I felt very emotional, and moments I felt very calm and even optimistic.

One thing is for sure: Everything Michael said and says, is true. Every move he tells me to prepare or do, has a purpose and shows afterwards clearly as the Sun.

Michael might have not had an easy life, but he had a meaningful life in depths, yet not grasped and fully realised by the public.

Many challenges, attacks and interferences that he went through, are a good example for other human beings to learn from and study. It exposes the show business system itself and its tactics, and beyond, simply speaking. Michael´s Story is exceptional in more ways than just Entertainment.

And because Michael is such a good, pure and innocent, well meaning Soul, God makes it possible for his Twin Soul (me), his other true Friends and Family, to come together now, and all of you, dear Soul Family as well, into one big Voice that can really make some positive Change for Society and the World.

For me personally it all means so much, because I truly just feel Michael´s emotions about other loved Ones and I truly am happy to see things finally move ahead. I am glad I survived all this and am well and still here, to continue and complete these Projects for Michael, and to be there for his Family, meaning, especially his Children whenever they need anything or an ear to listen. I am so happy that they are keeping strong and keeping the faith, Michael´s wings are always around them at all times.

This is my note for today. Enjoy your Weekend, with lots of Love & Light!

We´re sending out a Major Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/ Osiris) ©

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