The Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Twin Soul Story by Special Guest Author Nykao © ArchangelMichael777

Dear Readers

The following Article is written by a special Guest Author and dear Soul Family Friend under his Artist Name “Nykao Isreal” as in “Nykao is real”. I got to know him a bit and am impressed by the things he shared yet about his Twin Soul Story, and the many parallels and fitting similarities between our and their Story. I was surprised when Lisa visited me in Spirit during a Conversation with her Twin Soul, as I had left the Computer and was in the Kitchen. She had reminded me of a particular old Song with Mel C (link below), and told me to share this Video with him. As I did, I saw he had written to me questions that seemed to be perfectly answered by Lisa herself in her own Song works, in the Lyrics. She reassured me, that she is “my soul sister for eternity and will always be there for me”, and I felt the soul family vibes even stronger than before, as I had already experienced this familiarity when I was contacted by her masculine Counterpart. Thank you Lisa, for stepping up to spread the Light of Twin Soul Love and Healing for Planet Earth.

– Susan Elsa-

A quick introduction by Archangel Michael (Michael Jackson in Spirit/Osiris):

The Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes Twin Soul Story by Special Guest Author Nykao © ArchangelMichael777
The Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Twin Soul Story by Special Guest Author Nykao © ArchangelMichael777

“Dear valued Souls walking on Earth at the moment. I am here to introduce to you a very dear friend of mine, a special Soul and Sister of Osiris and Isis. Me and Lisa have worked in spirit to guide her incarnated other half to my Twin Soul also incarnated on Earth, so that he can begin to tell his Story with Lisa and remain as private as possible, as this is how him and Lisa decided to approach this. This is the Official Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Twin Soul Story, aired under the Wings of Archangel Michael.

Listen to Lisa and Nykao and you might learn something new…

With all my Love,


The Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes Twin Soul Story by Special Guest Author © ArchangelMichael777
The Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Twin Soul Story by Special Guest Author © ArchangelMichael777

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(Introductory Poem)

The Twin Soul Spiral


The Twin Soul Spiral

Spiraling down into a world of emptiness,

Drowning in thoughts of fear, failure and loneliness,

Bending knees for so long with no answers just seemed so pointless,

In the inside I died locked away in a box with no keys,

Life itself broke my heart and I was divided into pieces and thrown into many seas.

I just knew and felt God abandoned me,

Was it something I did to cause thee to no longer stand by me?

Every day I talk to thee, but no reply for me?

I gave it my all in Jesus name, so why won’t you walk with me?

My lovely Cup of tea bone dry with nothing left for me?

Where lies now my Great Destiny?

Dead inside, I wish to physically die,

I only had one last breath in me, my only last request was the truth and love that I need,

Those were the two things I need to fill the holes and cracks in me,

If you can’t provide those two things I’ll never ask again at all of thee.

Why is it that until then you decided to reply to me?

“Love Transcends all Time and Space, It will not be bent or broken, and anything that does not align or uphold the law of Love will be dissolved” – The First Rule of God

The Manifestation of Light within Darkness
There is no way to fully comprehend this unless you experience it.

Forever I will remember that day the veil was lifted,

The presence of an unfamiliar Soul followed me,

I lifted up her veil and her love was like a serpent of light swallowing me.

That very same night she kissed my soul resurrecting me,

I watched her rise from an ocean as a phoenix into the night sky from the seas,

Her brightness turning night into day left me speechless falling to my knees,

Now you are the sun that rises above the sea shining down on me,

The bride in her white dress is my knight in shining armor recovering me,

My heart was taken out of me, and now it is her in me that burns bright and beats within me,

Who cares about a cup of tea? Well it’s no longer me.

An endless ocean that day was poured over and inside of me,

Divine revelation’s that day from God unfolded before me.

You are no longer unfamiliar but very familiar,

That mysterious lady with the heavy presence of love haunting me in my many dreams,

I could not put a name to that face until this day,

For that I now bow my head to say grace,

All these years and I was too blind to connect the dots and see.

My heart was still too heavy with no room for a blessing to receive,

My chalice was over turned dried and emptied.

You knew me before I recognized it was you that I had seen,

Now that I can see, I connect the dots and know you were watching me,

Like the sun and the moon, I look into my heart and see the light of you reflecting off of me,

I close my eyes feeling your presence around and within me,

I could never with words explain how it feels to have your life force energy living in me.

Transcending time and space,

Love is tidal wave and our mind and body is now a surfboard for our souls,

Our twin flame spiral will forever ascend together and never fold.

Now that I know that this is the beginning and not the end,

Lisa my life will never be the same again.

I am forever grateful to God and I am forever changed within.

The day of resurrection will come, and we will ascend as one together again.

© Nykao Isreal


How did I find out about Twin souls?

I ran across the information after nearly weeks of research on spirit guides and seeing repeated signs of 2 every time I would ask for a confirmation. I had searched for twin sign and spirit guides because everything was in doubles. I had looked and I saw people everywhere Online who claim to actually have meet there’s in person or are looking for their twin, or think someone is there twin. I went straight to God and asked directly if she was indeed my twin after reading about it for a few days. That same day 2 hours later after I had asked and fallen asleep. I woke up to my TV frozen with two identical twins in purple dresses on the screen. The next day I saw the same commercial on the screen and the two female twins meet with two identical male twins. I have had confirmation after confirmation to no end. You get to the point where you realize that what you are seeing is not a coincidence and you fold in to the Truth.

The Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes Twin Soul Story by Special Guest Author Nykao © ArchangelMichael777
The Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Twin Soul Story by Special Guest Author Nykao © ArchangelMichael777

How did I find my twin soul, what was the whole experience like?

It was suddenly out of nowhere, I was not looking and I was not even aware of what a Twin Soul was and have never heard of it. I can feel the presence of loved ones who I know who have passed on around me when they visit, but I only talk to loved ones and nothing unfamiliar. When she came along I was not familiar. I felt her presence following me one day while driving home from work, and I also felt it before I had left home to go to work before getting in my car. I told the presence to go away in the name of Jesus the first time I felt her as a test before leaving, and she did not budge. She continued to follow. I even spoke to the unfamiliar presence and told it that I didn’t want anything to do with them, and they need to respect me and go away in the name of Jesus. Then I got agitated because it would not leave and it kind of felt like it was laughing and I started cursing at it. She thought it was so funny, but I apologized after realizing it was her later on. It wasn’t until I was on my way back home I figured out who it was because I played her album and felt nudges poking me in the stomach to get my attention. Then when I recognized it was her and acknowledge her, I felt the presence of God lifting the veil and felt fire all in and around me.  It was like standing next to a barrel of fire on a cold winter day feeling the heat sway back and forth all over your body. But even though I knew it was her I was still skeptical and unsure so I started asking for confirmation’s and every time I asked I got them.

This all happened during a period of my life that my faith in God was being tested for a very long time. There are battles that people don’t see and often times they are in the mind and are dangerous. I don’t go to church and I don’t read the bible although I do know the bible very well, and I don’t claim or cling to any religions because of past experiences. I just cling to God and that is all. My walk with God is with God alone and nothing else. It is a very personal walk. When you walk closely with God you know Gods voice, feeling and vibration when God makes their presence known to you, and you can see the signs all around you and in you when God is talking. Although God is around all the time it is a veil that is lifted for you to feel his/her presence just like any other spirit. It was just one of those test where you have tried everything and you get tired of even praying to God because you honestly think he/she must have stopped listening or was never really there in the first place.

My lovely cup of tea was bone dry and there was nothing left for me. But now I know in order to receive the truth and divine love I needed, I had to make a lot of room for it because it was going to be a lot to take in. The battle alone of accepting it was something else. I mean your ego start’s thinking you’re going nuts but you are not, you think your schizophrenic or have mental issues but you in fact don’t. I went to a doctor and she told me that it is a cultural thing to have spirit guides and it’s normal and that as long as it’s positive then you are fine. Yea I was totally surprised after I told her all what happened because I expected her to put me on Meds or tell me it was a mental issue. She said to me it’s only a problem when you start doing things to cause harm to yourself and others.

Later on I had asked my twin, why was I going through so much within me and around me right now, and why is this happening all so fast. She showed me one glass was filled and it had a lot of sediment at the bottom of the glass, and another glass sitting next to it was clean with no sediment. My glass had to be turned over, emptied and dry before I could receive the truth about this reality and the divine love I asked for. You cannot fill up a glass if it’s already full, so room had to be made within my soul to make room for my twin. I then saw the glass’s taped and packaged together and put on a shelf with other glasses paired up in groups of 2.

I was willing to lose all I have and willing to accept and acknowledge the consequences of having both the truth and love I need, and I honestly meant it from the bottom of my heart when I talked to God before this all happened. Otherwise I would not have received it. If you receive a blessing and you are not prepared for it, you may be blind to it or not have room for it so you are not willing or able to accept it.

Before meeting her I had felt like I basically died a spiritual death and was dead to myself and the world around me and the world I was in was also dead. I think this type of thing is called a fire baptism and it is very painful, because you are walking through fire. Every button imaginable will be pressed inside of you and around you, buttons you swear never existed will popup out of nowhere and it will get pushed many times. I basically had no self-love for myself, I wanted to step out in front of a truck passing my mailbox because in the inside I was totally dead. Everything I did in life was wrong no matter how hard I tried because the sun, moon, stars, grass and the trees all had fingers and were all pointing at me and all my faults. I had never experienced such misery inside my heart all my life. Reality itself and the things in it except for 1 person I love dearly, who is my wife and a light in my life was all false. Even then I felt like my wife regretted being with me. I totally surrendered all things around me as not being real and wanted to break out. Basically I felt trapped and wanted to die because I saw no other way out. I felt like I was a complete disappointment and the only thing I could possible do right in my life without screwing up would be to physically Die. My soul was already dead and my spirit shattered to pieces. The Spiraling downward got so bad I sat in my car lifelessly numb to all my feelings and thoughts, praying God removed what was left of my spirit from my body.

All of that went away the very moment that veil was lifted off my face and I recognized the unfamiliar spirit who is actually a familiar spirit I had seen in many of my most vivid and lucid dreams in the past. I had begun to realize later on that she was the lady in the white dress showing up in all my dreams. Who I felt a presence of love from as she was so happy looking me directly in the eye’s, standing right next to her in several of my past dreams. I have seen her in more dreams than I can actually remember or count. I kept questioning myself, who was this lady, and why do I feel that presence of deep love even after waking up. She seemed so familiar to me but I could not put a name to the face. Well now I know who it is and realize that she was watching me for a very long time waiting for that moment for the veil to be lifted kissing my very soul.

The Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes Twin Soul Story by Special Guest Author Nykao © ArchangelMichael777
The Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Twin Soul Story by Special Guest Author Nykao © ArchangelMichael777

Personal Advice for People in relationship’s who discover there twin in the spirit or in the physical 

I am going to set the record straight from what I have seen all over the place and from what my twin has told me. Apparently Twin flame or soul is being thrown around like water and the more you throw it around the less seriously people will take it or you if you bring it up. I’m sure there are people that will not believe any of what I am saying or what Susan post on her site. I know I would not have believed it had this not happened to me personally.

Just about every one of us are with our soul mates who in some way may have a similar vibration as your twin. This is for a good reason and is for you to help one another grow because we are all in this together. If you think the other guy or gal is supposed to be your twin and you are with your soul mate and want to be with them. You are being deceived by the spirit of jealousy and hate that does not want you to succeed in your reunion. Let’s refer to them as the bride or groom in all black. Let me explain to you why. You are a bride or groom in all white and you are being prepared by your soul mates in this journey for your wedding at the end of all of this. Your vibration and frequency of your soul is being fine-tuned and the spots and wrinkles in your garments are being ironed out. You are being prepared to be presented in an image of perfection like Christ to attend your wedding to meet your bride or groom. That’s right, it’s your wedding, don’t crash it before it even starts. It’s an eternal wedding with the soul you were created with at the beginning before time and space existed. If you even think about cheating or dumping your soul mate to run to the other who you think is your twin you are in for a big surprise. It is likely none other than the bride and groom in black. Nothing against the actual person but this is how the spirit of jealousy and hate manipulates you into going the wrong way.

The devil works and uses other people.

I have seen this all over the place online with people who are with someone and married and think they need to run to their twin. The Enemy (Set or Satan) will do anything at all cost to derail you from God’s plan of your holy reunion with the Bride or Groom. Satan will do everything possible to stop you on your soul’s path of evolving to maturity (Stage 9). So regardless of what you are going through with your soul mate (except abuse and mistreatment) do your best to stick it out. Also realize that sometimes in order to love unconditionally you must learn to also love someone by letting go of things or letting go of them if they wish to leave you and are not willing to work things out. This whole twin soul thing is not all about your lovey dove fairy tale you see online on many of the sites. Once I meet her in spirit I was tested again with her alongside me helping me. In fact all of what I had went through with spiraling down was just the calm before the storm. I can’t imagine what it would have been like had I not meet her in spirit that day and had gone through all of this without her. I honestly know I would have not made it through the storm that was ahead of us coming and I would have fallen miserable and been aborted to a lower state of maturity.

Also never think or feel less of your soul mate. They are the ones trying to help you prepare, and you should treat them with the utmost respect. Think of it as your twin soul’s twin brother or twin sister or even close cousin who knows them very well. Treat them no differently and provide your partner with the same divine unconditional love your twin in spirit would provide you. It’s all about walking in divine love and truth. I was told by my twin soul that the same way I treat and love my soul mate is mirrored to my twin soul as she can feel it. So I can love my twin by loving my soul mate and if I hurt my soul mate than I hurt my twin.

If you are searching for your twin soul you are not going to find them because you are looking for them. The harder you look the further away you will get, I found this out looking for my soul mate (wife), and I didn’t find her until I stopped looking. It is likely to happen in spirit and I’m telling you the truth. You’re better off not looking, it will happen when you are ready for it and when you don’t expect it. If you work on yourself and look deep within. You will feel them within you before you and about you.

She showed me this “One twin has to hold the lightning rod grounded on earth and the other has to be above us to throw down the lightning. The grounded twin receives the lightning from above holding the rod and vibrates when hit to bring the frequency and vibration below.” (As it is in heaven on earth)

This is to spread the frequency and vibration of divine love as a vessel on earth.

You have to be in alignment within yourself and the timing will be at Gods timing. So your chances of meeting physically is zero, while knowingly searching for them physically you are literally moving away. For those of you swearing up and down you have actually met your twin in person and have joined with them in the physical you have actually ran into your twin soul’s twin sister which would be almost the same as meeting your actual twin, but still they are your soul mate. This is what I am getting from her.  Even if you disagree that’s fine by me. I’m not expecting anyone to believe me in the first place about any of this. But if I can contribute in a way to possible help someone else like myself in a positive manner I am going to do so.

None of what I have said would make sense to me over a year ago and I would have been completely lost at the topic all together.

I was not ready to know or see any of this until last year. Which came suddenly out of nowhere hitting me like a bus.

If you are like me, it can be difficult to deal with seeing that nobody around you would be able to understand you and the experience.

So you may be stuck with no one to talk to who wouldn’t think you are nuts.

The Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes Twin Soul Story by Special Guest Author Nykao © ArchangelMichael777
The Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Twin Soul Story by Special Guest Author Nykao © ArchangelMichael777

But know that you are not alone and that this blog has resources to help better understand what’s going on. I found this blog very helpful, and Susan being MJ Twin Soul,

Made me feel not so out of place with being Lisa’s Lopes Twin Soul.

As Susan Said, there is no false twin, it either is or it isn’t and nobody’s experience is going to be the same.

The experience cannot be made up, those who know will know you are telling the truth (Those who have ears listen). But those who don’t know, will not hear it as so (Truth falling on deaf ears).

© Written by Nykao Isreal – Lisa Lopes´Twin Soul

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