Michael Jackson – Reflections Of A Twin Soul: Astral Work Dream-Time and Updates 19th-20th May 2015 (PART TWO) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

This is PART TWO, of our Articles today from the “Reflections Of A Twin Soul”- Series, a form of a simple Live Diary whenever me and Mike feel like free flowing just writing thoughts and reflections down here.

I do not edit.

I let our mind flow free, and Michael always sits next to me visible and clear and guides me, saying:”write this, come on say that, try wording it that way” and so forth.

Michael Jackson - Reflections Of A Twin Soul: Astral Work Dream-Time and Updates 19th-20th May 2015  (PART TWO) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson – Reflections Of A Twin Soul: Astral Work Dream-Time and Updates 19th-20th May 2015 (PART TWO) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


Here is as a warm up and connected the LINK PART ONE:

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Michael Jackson – Reflections Of A Twin Soul: Astral Work Dream-Time and Updates 19th-20th May 2015 (PART ONE) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


Okay, I NEVER seen such thing before, my Screen in the past few Minutes while working on this Article live inside my Login Area of my Blog, was shrinking by itself and I could barely see the buttons or write. I had to close the window, re-open it and several times try to bring things back to original normal view, buttons above were also not working.

So what, let´s keep going!


Yesterday, after Michael´s funny Asparagus Food Talk, I was really sleepy since hours from not having slept much the prior night.

Michael then led me to bed and insisted I go sleep early and rest. We had a really good time, and had laughed a lot about the whole Asparagus comments he had made. I remember also the cuddling, I was so tired, half asleep, and Michael kept talking and could not keep his hands off me.

Then, I was suddenly in the Astral World, Out-of-Body traveling, and in one Space it was like some Room that seemed like some Journalist/Public People meeting, like, some Hollywood side gathering nothing public. There were tables of solid woods, and the atmosphere was relaxed, like I was prior to falling asleep.

Suddenly, I had this Woman in front of me, sitting into the space right across the table in front of me facing me. And she was blondish- light brown hair with a slight orange-red tone, brownish red tone in her blonde hair. I saw her vivid but did not know her.

We were chatting, I was smiling I remember, very clearly smiling and feeling still this happy feeling from my just fresh connecting with Michael. Like, when you had a great time with your Love, and go out to meetings or so and are in a really happy mood.

I smiled at her and was like looking around still talking to someone else that was walking somewhere, like to grab something to drink or talk to someone else there in this place.

Suddenly, while I was off guard like this, this Woman said things about “Michael being a child molestor and that she believes that”. I DO NOT RE-CALL THE EXACT WORDS AND SENTENCES, because in the Astral it is all about “Emotional Energy”- so it was like “many things said but the main thing was telepathic and energy” I felt her emotions, thoughts about Michael, this “typical jealousy, interference, harassing, attacking, humiliating, raping, disgusting energy”.

I suddenly then also read in her energies clearly, that she is symbolic but specific location I could feel this energy coming at my Soul in Astral last Night from, and that is SANTA BARBARA, where there seems to have been the Astral Meeting above the Area of Hollywood.

And in Santa Barbara is that Temple of Set, and Neverland super close as well…

After she “aimed these thoughts, words and emotions at me about Michael” I got so angry, that was spooky!

I will explain it now in detail, as I remember still vivid and feel inside the huge energy of passion-charged anger from that Astral Experience, still. It is here the following Day, evening, so the Dream is half a Day ago already.

I stood up, and started totally angry to crush her off the table, like knock her off the chair, the table and hit her really hard, screaming in an echoing, super charged loud voice:


The 9 was like a Magic Mantra, my Voice was echoing shaking this room, this place, being that Moment one with Archangel Michael, Metatron and Azrael (Anubis). And while I screamed that at her, I pointed really hard MJ-style with my Finger to the Ground, and it opened up the Dimensions, like a “Black Hole of Karma and Justice” and I grabbed her and threw her into it all angry and determined, judging her Soul ice cold after she dared to say this.

I consciously, lucid and vivid, inside this Astral Experience applied our Archangel Michael Soul Authority- you know many Teachings speak of “Archangel Michael throwing the Devil into Hell and Banning him from Heaven”.

Think about it.

Archangel Michael Jackson - The Judge of Souls at the Gate of Heaven and in the Astral Realms © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Archangel Michael Jackson – The Judge of Souls at the Gate of Heaven and in the Astral Realms © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

So, last Night there was a clear Astral Strength around, and Joy, and then Interferences while I am sleeping (my body here) and up there doing my Astral Work. That is because these certain People keep aiming at me, and Michael, and harassing our Soul with that Lie sexually and in many more ways than you can imagine, including consciously aimed Black Magic crap.

This is serious. WE ARE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, and I, his Wife, will throw your Soul into that “Karma and Spiritual Punishment Hole” if you do not stop and I hear any such things about my Man.

THIS is how that makes me feel, got it?

So, after I woke up, I talked with my Partner and explained the previous Dream Astral Experience Incident.

I was shocked to hear, that supposedly last Night there was some huge Oil Pipe Leak exactly in Santa Barbara.

This Person, that Blondish Woman was symbolic of several People´s energy combined. I cannot go into details more here, but there was Madonna that harassed Mike sexually and talked crap about him to the Media, many other Women and Men too, to Tabloids, these “99% lies circulated”, “a Debbie that worked with Sneddon”, the Debbie that backstabbed Michael and tried messing with him over his Children after he was freed from the 2005 Trial, with a full Innocence Verdict, and many other factors right now, they try to harass ME specifically with now, continuing the same “nasty jealousy, raping, attacking energy” I felt in that clear astral sight.

We up there, enjoying, spreading joy, connecting with other Souls, and “from the area of Santa Barbara rises a shadowy jealousy Spirit” to interfere, even in my Dreams and out-of-body experiences I feel and see them.

So, think about it, before you get throw by Archangel Michael into the “Pit of your Hell”, where you belong if you insult Twin Flames and try to interfere in such nasty ways for such a long time. Wake up.

Michael Jackson is 1´000´000 % Innocent!

More on this soon, I am still digesting the experience and the extreme “soul feelings” I felt, way more powerful than any “physical body earthly level emotions”. It was like my and Mike´s anger over this false accusations combined and lashing out Archangel Michael Style, so absolute, I still feel it.

Imagine, Archangel Michael and the “Devil followers” fighting in Astral, above the Santa Barbara Area, and after, Archangel Michael is sad even after Victory, because of the losses experienced in the battle.

The Oil Spill is really bad, for the Birds and Fish there on the Coast, in the Waters. But that again, shows clearly that it is wrong to “drill Mother Earth”, it is wrong and “unhealthy for the Planetary Environment Balance” . It is not even made or in tune at all with the Ascension of the Planetary Body. The more the energies increase, the more such old technology will fail and failing can be dangerous, because all these old, fossil type technologies are primitive anyways to begin with.

And after feeling sad, for the Birds and Fish there, to experience such from that Oil crap again like prior on the other side of the Coast on east side (Gulf of Mexico Spill 2010, remember?)- and I still feel the “compassionate connected sadness”, my Partner in Bermuda has sent me suddenly a surprise Photo of a Bird, that looked exactly like my Childhood Bird that died leaving only one of the Two Birds behind, and my Parents had told me “it flew away out the window” so I would not be sad.

This Bird was blue as well. As a child I had a blue and a green one.

I feel emotional, like a child. I was just really happy, I cried bit happy tears just seeing this bird found and rescued in a box with newspapers, and they “looking for the owner”. I told my Partner:”Please get it, take care of it for me, don´t let some Idiot grab it, I feel its owner wont come out so soon, and if, you can still take it now and care for it until owner contacts anyone.”

I am serious, I am far away but if I was there, I would take it home immediately as these cannot survive there in a natural environment and need to be nurtured.

That was very emotional 24 hours for me, since yesterday.

I will rest now from these experiences and focus on the happiness over the sweet Bird they rescued in Bermuda, my Blue Budgie Bird…

Wishing you all a wonderful Evening!

We´re sending out a Major Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/ Osiris) ©

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