Michael Jackson: Things I do for you (Song Meaning & Spiritual Message 13th – 14th May 2015) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

Yesterday, I spent a wonderful evening with family and also family from abroad visiting. We ate quite a lot, which is typical Egyptian Dinner when invited. I ended up going very late to sleep, and at 3 o Clock in the Morning, I was dancing training some steps Michael taught me, and then first realized how he was doing this often, at night. I “remembered it” suddenly like his memory is mine and I am “in the same habit now”, focusing with discipline, naturally.

Michael Jackson: Things I do for you (Song Meaning & Spiritual Message 13th – 14th May 2015) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson: Things I do for you (Song Meaning & Spiritual Message 13th – 14th May 2015) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Then I was done, tired, and then sat down. After a while, Michael suddenly started singing to me in the clearest acapella vocals his Song “Things I Do For You”, which he had recorded with the Jackson 5 back then. As he sang that to me, he demonstrated with gestures, facial expressions and visuals he showed me, what he means.

Here is the Song, Live from his BAD Tour in the late 1980s.

Now this is what he had to say. Let’s take a Look at the Lyrics here too, so I can show you clearly in detail each part of Michael’s explanations.

  • People all over the World, are the same everywhere I go. I give into this, I give into that- everyday it bothers me so

Michael sang this about to me in a timing, where I was seriously reflecting on these exact matters spoken of in that part of this Song. I am like that, I try to always be nice and friendly and people want this and that from me and I give in often to not disappoint or hurt anyone’s feelings. Like, even when I have stress and need to rest, I try to listen to friends if they need an open ear and such things. This is about just giving more than receiving, and Michael says “it is getting on his nerves” how everyone constantly pulls on him so he never can enjoy a break or doing what he feels like doing.

  • Am I in a bad situation- people take me to the extreme. Am I being used, I just need a clue, I don’t know which way to go

When Michael is going through a lot, People kept taking things further and further to extreme dimensions, never letting him rest, pushing him over the edge nerves-wise. He was asking himself, being naïve and innocent thinking others think like him and mean always well too, if he is being used, if they think of manipulating him and just using him or are sincere, and is asking for a clue, a hint, a sign, because this is confusing you can’t look and focus straight ahead on your path if people left and right keep pulling on you day and night.

  • So I took my problems to a doctor, so he could check it out, he don’t know. Took it to a palm reader so she could read my hand, she don’t know.

Michael took his problems to common doctors, to spiritual psychic healers such as palm readers, and male and female, and nobody could give him a clear answer on what is happening. Many People have health issues nobody can explain, and often stress is a very under-estimated factor triggering these.

  • Five minutes later I started to understand: I started screaming, shouting, and acting mad. No one could help me but myself, and I gave everything

Then, Michael suddenly realizes what the core of the issue is, and it angers him, a lot. He throws things around and acts mad, because he feels helpless like nobody can help him, but himself (and the twin soul).

  • It’s the things I do for you- in return do the same for me (2x)

The things he does for his twin soul, like taking all this stress and enduring all these manipulations, are finally the things he “does for her” and he is asking “her to do the same in return for him” which completes the “Mirror Image of the Mission”. And this is how we transcend all these challenges, together, taking, giving back, equal.

  • Always wanting something for nothing- especially what they don’t deserve. Reaching in my pocket, I just got to stop it, even though they got a lot of nerve

Michael  complains here in a pretty early Song about people wanting things for free without doing any work for it or earning it- like taking things from him he worked hard for. Especially the ones that did not themselves deserve it, want “a piece of the cake”. They reach into his pocket, financially, and he feels bothered by that and these types of people have a lot of nerve, they aren’t hesitating in their attitude and have no shame feelings.

  • Am I in a bad situation – people take me to the extreme. They don’t use rejection, so I need protection, to keep my equity.

This is important, as here Michael speaks not of financial equity, but the riches in energy, life force, soul light, that he needs protection for as people do not know anything such as “rejection” or “not wanting to” and do not respect Michael’s free will and private space.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL’S MARRIAGE: About Male and Female Relationships on Earth © Twin Flame Soul Teachings about Earth and Heaven
ARCHANGEL MICHAEL’S MARRIAGE: About Male and Female Relationships on Earth © Twin Flame Soul Teachings about Earth and Heaven
Archangel Michael´s Marriage: Photo of my Twin Flame Souls Incarnation on Earth © Michael Jackson with Sword for educational Purpose
Archangel Michael´s Marriage: Photo of my Twin Flame Souls Incarnation on Earth © Michael Jackson with Sword for educational Purpose

Reflections of a Twin Soul: 15th – 16th May 2015 ©

Still Michael’s Song rings in my Soul and I am reflecting on and healing situations that are of the many mirror-image situations that manifest in my own life, from Michael’s.

Michael really chose the perfect Song this time, in the perfect timing, expressing perfectly what I am going through at the moment. People start showing up, that obviously behave like they want to “push me around”, “manipulate my work” and all these types of things and it is painful. It makes Michael sometimes really angry, just 10 Minutes ago I felt this “Scream Song” Energy and so angry, I could crush something and in these moments I speak and sound exactly like Michael when he used to get anger attacks and bring out his “commanding style voice”.

The reason why he did have such anger feelings before, which mirrored on me so I got super angry as well, was that there are certain People from the Music Business that snuck lately around me and straight out, in sneaky smooth ways, ended up abusing me, making me work spiritual like channel writings for private use, then they took it and instead of focusing privately on spiritual healing, sold it put it on a CD, put it out without even asking me nor my Publishing, nor do we have any contractual agreement on that, nor did I permit it ever at all nor was spoken even about it. The Title on the Release is like a slap into Archangel Michael’s Face, and that is the abuse I am talking about.

Besides that, a Song to be produced, is being used to drag me into distractions and stress, violating any agreements made such as clearly agreeing BEFORE I channeled any Demo that “things then must go fast for producing and registering as I am in a cyberwar on me being stolen from since years having a pile of evidence with lawyer’s and trying to protect my data and work”.

So, Michael now got really angry, I have not even been reading the most recent Messages sent by these people after telling them that I will inform my lawyer and feel used by them and my publishing rights disrespected and so forth.

But Michael sees it, and kept getting angrier. I checked about 3 times my Messages in the past around 2 hours, and 15 Messages were sent full of excuses, distractions, and manipulative attitude, again, and Michael is super serious that I should not read and not reply and not “let them push me around any minute longer”.

The point, about three times Michael said prior things, clear, about the one Person of these involved, the other is only being manipulated. Then, the Guy would make excuses, that established Producer, and basically keep manipulating me after pretending he is open for change and healing, and listening to urgent things like “My projects data keeps getting hacked and stolen by so and so, either we do fast and register or we let it be, no games once I channel something with Michael for this cooperation!”

He did EXACTLY the opposite we agreed on, very clearly as Michael always makes things clear. I already felt strange after the first Skype Camera Talk, he stared at me with this “spooked out, shocked facial expression”- like he can’t handle it anyways. After that he already acted up, toward his other Partner as well!

I felt very bad about that, it was not a nice feeling, to be looked at like “some weird freak that is spooky too much like Michael Jackson” like “what in the World are you?”, and Michael already had said back then that “this Producer isn’t ready for this, he can’t handle my Aura, it’s too much for him he too used to bullshit Hollywood negative vibes”.

The more this public focus comes at me, the more “sharks” pop up now. And you know it is really true, only I can help myself, which includes Michael, my Twin Soul, as we are One and the Same.

Boundaries are going to be very important for my Future, for my Health and my Privacy, my Space I need to do my work that takes so much spiritual energetic, fine detailed focus. I am not made for being pulled at by many people left and right, daily, it makes me get aggressive and feel used. If I need my space, people need to respect that, man.

A lesson the World never learned yet with Mike, so it is even more important to learn so now with me, and understand Michael in the needs he had that were not considered by the public and most people in work matters and private around him as well.

Everyone always wanted “something from him” with this typical selfish facial expressions like whatever Michael feels like, or has to do at the moment, or likes to do, does not matter, only “what they want from him”!

And then people wonder, why he was so skinny and burned out often, seeing the public hard work published, and not even considering all these factors plaguing him in private, daily. Like, the feeling of “this heavy weight from the public pushing and pushing down on your chest until you want to scream at them that you demand respect for yourself”.

The feeling, memories rising up, all at once, of abusive behavior by others toward you, too much, too many times, the point of not being able to take it anymore and it feels like being on top of a mountain, screaming all this pressure out. As if throwing it back at everyone, fighting for your space, your equity as Michael sings in this Song above, but here meant spiritual, physical and financial. Michael had to keep fighting to keep his space every human being needs to survive and stay healthy.

This pressure that builts up inside from others focusing their pulling desires on your Aura so much daily, is very uncomfortable. I feel it in my heart chakra, and often it makes me cry like from just being exhausted. Then, Michael “shines this bright light energy” into me, into all my body atoms, and I suddenly feel like I have “double power”, physically as well.

Being so sensitive, a psychic truly sensing everything at once increasingly, having to keep balance of my consciousness field between different dimensions, is a huge challenge.

But more on this in the Next Article, where we will provide new Photo Comparisons showing you the clear Identity of Appearance Changes Michael Jackson displayed- it was simply Twin Flame Soul Merging! In the next Article we will also provide more details on the Consciousness Challenges for Twin Flames where one is incarnated and the other in Spirit, with a conscious full Connection & Communication.

We’re sending out a Major Love,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

4 thoughts on “Michael Jackson: Things I do for you (Song Meaning & Spiritual Message 13th – 14th May 2015) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

  1. It couldn’t be more obvious that the devil was scrambling when AM was here on Earth in human form. Michael Jackson was so loved for what he was. I dare to compare to the second coming of Jesus Christ.This man was so unbelievably loved!!! I dare to say he has more fans than Jesus. And Jesus has millions!!

    Keep protecting your precious aura, sister!!

    1. Thank you so much for your support and love Ida sister, your friendship means a lot to me as you saw the whole Story since 2010 unfolding. In fact, Michael made a comment once on his 1993 Interview with Oprah Winfrey saying “I am trying to be like-Jesus, I am not saying I am Jesus”- and Oprah replied in a cold tone:”Yeah, I think we are clear about that.” I understand that there are People that “worship a human form” but God is formless and Archangel Michael is very, very high up the ladder of Dimensions and Evolution.

      So, I like how you said that! 🙂 I think you might be right! ❤

      Big Hug of Light,

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