Michael Jackson/ Archangel Michael: HIS Story – The True Meaning for Past, Present and Future *Special Article* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

MICHAEL JACKSON’S HISTORY TEASER: Reference Insights and Deep Reflections by MJ

Dear Readers

This is to me very unknown information fields, as I never actually liked or knew much about Politics and Wars and things related to War. I guess Boys like those topics naturally more than Girls.

Michael Jackson: Archangel Michael- HIS Story Special Article on Past Present and Future Meaning © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson: Archangel Michael- HIS Story Special Article on Past Present and Future Meaning © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


Michael though, was totally into these things. I mean, totally. He was typical-men in these topics, and also for reasons I myself only understand in the meantime, he really had a Passion for History and read and educated himself about the most rare Human History one can find, all over the World. Michael was like a walking Library- something others say often about me as well, but I felt Michael is way ahead of me often. Only in psychic matters such as doing Tarot Card Readings, I was obviously very trained and Michael loved these things about me. But he too had of course his Twin Soul Psychic skill shared with me, but I cannot say more on that here now as it is his privacy and he prefers that I speak on these matters now. That’s my job, to reveal these parts and complete the whole Message, finally.

SOME RELATED SYMBOLS OF THE RED ARMY (Rare Insight into Personal HIStory Teaser Notes) © Information Private of Michael Jackson´s Work Notes

“The red army is being credited as being the decisive land force in the Allied victory in the European theatre of World War II. During operations on the Eastern Front, it defeated 75%-80% of the German land forces (Nazi Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS) deployed in the war.”

The so-called Red Army was an Army originally formed by Workers and Peasants (Farmers).

And it is absolutely strange, how the tabloids would end up “critizing” Michael Jackson for this very Video Teaser, claiming “it is somehow anti-semitic”. That does not make any sense, at all, and is completely untrue.

The HIStory Teaser is using certain history references and symbols to give a personal message, Michael’s HIStory in the midst of all this.

The Nazis were racist, the Red Army defeated them.

Apply this to Racism to Black People, Arabs and Muslims especially, Jews and all other forms of Racism that exist- and you see the deep general message Michael Jackson meant to express with that and what he meant to be fighting. Michael is seen in an obvious Battle Costume and Positions, with a Military Array.

Michael Jackson´s HIStory: The Array © Copyrighted Term New Project Contents
Michael Jackson´s HIStory: The Array © Copyrighted Term New Project Contents

You may read for general education more yourself into the Red Army History and Battle Details, start of it and how it ended up and see for yourself individually the Message in here.


Now here come some detail that probably most of Humanity up until now seems unaware of and never really thought about.

Archangel Michael was in Spirit with the Red Army, supporting, protecting and watching over especially when they ended the Nazi Regime.

It is to me sometimes funny, when People today in modern times pretend that “Archangel Michael was in that and this battle in Spirit present some thousands of years ago”- but then more recent events like World Wars he was somehow not present you think?

People generally tend to think it seems, that Archangel Michael is some Myth, some Legend of some Unknown Dimensions, some Illusion far away never perceived!

Michael Jackson´s HIStory Teaser: The Blue Ray Twin Flame Soul Announcement? ©
Michael Jackson´s HIStory Teaser: The Blue Ray Twin Flame Soul Announcement? ©
Michael Jackson´s HIStory: Archangel Michael Celebration Symbols after Battle Party ©
Michael Jackson´s HIStory: Archangel Michael Celebration Symbols after Battle Party ©

Don’t you remember Michael?

This last Saturday, May 9th 2015 was the 70 year anniversary of the Red Army over the Nazis and Hitler.

Michael told me these things, and he told me of his personal Reflections regarding the Making Of the “HIStory Teaser Video”.

I myself honestly did not know prior what it all meant in depth. I thought, it is a creative, nice, very confident “idea”.

As you can imagine, this topic carries so much history, human debates and questions, emotions and all that, that still needs healing. The mass human consciousness is what has to be healed now. The Red Army Victory Symbolism over Hitler (and therefore Racism and Discrimination), is just a symbol in Michael’s work. Michael’s Message goes much deeper.

Let us take a look now at the deep spiritual layers of meaning here.

Archangel Michael´s Heavenly Army/Legions ©

In Michael’s HIStory Teaser Video, after the Military type scenes under a clear Arch Construction and many Angel Pillars surrounding the Formation of Soldiers (of Love)- the whole scenery leads to the “Masculine Statue of Liberty” Symbolism where Michael Jackson is seen in a confident, Leader type, ready-to-battle pose with a cover on his right arm. Think about Boxers and how they bandage their fists before a fight.

Not only clearly are the Fans seen (Soul Family), but the whole crowd is mixed: Black & White united in celebration, happy and aware now that Michael, the Archangel, rescued the situation once again.

It depicts the happiness of each once oppressed people, fought people, hurt people, healing and being free. It is pure Victory symbolism.

Archangel Michael’s Battle is for the whole Planet Earth, not just one people or one location. It is about the whole Humanity, and the Planet and all other living Beings here as well. That message, as we said in prior articles here, is reflected in Michael’s Earth Song.

You have to understand, that when it comes to Michael, he never did superficial, shallow Lyrics and Musical Messages. I can’t even say Music or Lyrics only, because the visuals and each little detail were part of Michael’s WHOLE EXPRESSION. To us, Art is a Tool to express a certain “Spiritual Communication/Soul Language”.

For Michael as a very obsessive Perfectionist, every detail mattered. He liked to have his exact inner mind vision, his fantasies, put in the most exact same way as in his mind, onto paper and sound and visuals, as well as dance moves and the whole energy surrounding the moves. He could see all that in detail, before any Video or designing Stage Concepts.

Now, through our Twin Flame merging within our shared Soul, Michael can channel these types of Visions into my Head and “inner eye”. I can sit back and he shows it to me like a film moving in front of my eyes, in all fine details.

And then, his strong mind focus is so magnetic, I have to get up and then this dance and movement channeling begins, and I feel the energies moving around me while I dance.
This is very complex now, but this is about Tai Chi (best example on Earth Studies).

Here is a Video for educational Purpose:

Tai Chi Chuan by a Shaolin Monk in Nature – Zenitude Experience

We will provide soon something new and helpful for the whole learning of these matters. We call it “Archangel Michael Tai Chi” ©, so stay tuned!

In the HIStory Teaser Video, you see these many Soldiers with ancient Druid Runes on their Wrists. Those Runes were also a basis for some European Languages, by the way. So this is an element from “the Past” as well. When they move, they make Formations but they are never seen fighting in that Video. They march. They make Choreography, as one united Mass.

This is all about “aligning the Masses with Archangel Michael’s Mission for Planet Earth”.

When you have some own experience maybe with Tai Chi, or Reiki, you might have felt before the energies around your hands, arms, back, legs, head, when you move so consciously and breathe consciously. In Reiki you actively “channel” and work with these pure, universal source energies for healing yourself or others. You feel it like a “slight resisting material, fine and thin but there”, when you move your hands above someone’s chakras, let’s say.

Michael felt these energies stream off his hands and fingers, feet and whole body when he would dance. He did literal energy work, with his artistic work. So, when he would make these fast, energe-tic moves, it was really filled with lots of spiritual energy and the Fans felt it. I am sure every fan that met Michael in Person or attended his Concerts will agree on that and add the dots now together. You felt his Aura.

This is now leading into the Future MJ Legacy, as his Legacy ultimately is eternal. Michael has an even bigger Spiritual Legacy than anything earthly the World knows of him. He says often “I’m not done yet.” And he really means it.


In the past 2-3 weeks, Michael has been talking a lot about these memories. This weekend I could see the shared Over-Soul Memories, like we were going around after the Victory of the Red Army seeing the Soldiers party and drink, a lot of Alcohol. I saw images of certain Persons in detail, the clear Faces, but did not know them like from this incarnation to identify anything. It was many, many, some sat on the floor after long hours of drinking, singing together, others were dancing wildly with women and really happy, feeling strong.

Me and Michael were both in Spirit in that time, together of course, and I remember seeing also female Soldiers celebrate there in these many locations I factually did not know. I also knew they can’t directly see us, but some did pray a happy thank you to God.

You can’t win any battle or challenge, without FAITH. Faith in yourself. In your skills, in your fellow Man and Woman.

This is the feminine Side of Archangel Michael is also an aspect many Human Beings do not think about or see in the whole scenario.

The whole Red Army reference, is only a hinting toward a much bigger, broader Message. Michael liked Military History, something I never even thought of as a Girl.  A lot of what Mike did was very Military style influenced, especially the Fashion Styles he wore for his own Solo Era. For the previous BAD History Teaser, for example, Michael’s first Solo Tour, he was shown with many Men in Uniform in a Video Collage. All this, again, is Archangel Michael Symbolism as some say “Archangel Michael is the Patron of Soldiers and Officers” and so forth.


Now, the more important part of Michael’s work here is not the old history references, but the symbolic Message for the Past, Present and especially THE FUTURE.

The goal would be that Humanity learns from past mistakes in history, makes things better in the now and in the future therefore, and that People realize what really matters: The Soul inside.
Not the skin color.

Not the ethnic background or cultural background.

Not the educational background or job (People working in cleaning jobs for example are looked often down upon by society, but everyone wants clean environment and no appreciation goes to these workers!)

Not the gender, or age.

What should matter is the soul, meaning, how someone behaves, how a Person is inside really and individually, if someone helps another in need or walks away from the responsibility, if someone is loyal to people they love or not, these things should matter when People make up opinions on other People.

And, one has to know actually someone to know all these things, right? So, prejudice on another without knowing this Person is also a very wide spread society habit that needs to be healed as well here.

The things that cannot be faked, bought, and are shown in daily human action.

Michael Jackson passed without any interruption when he ascended. I mean, free path, everyone bowing in respect on the side of the pathway as he ascended back to Heaven. He was declared PURE & INNOCENT BY GOD, and no human court can overrule that or mess with it, or you are challenging directly God and sending harassment to a Soul now with God, not in your reach.
So, things happening right now where tabloids and People make up AGAIN NEW LIES about Michael Jackson are a very sure way of getting you into serious trouble with God directly.

Especially after reading anything of my information, that I make so clear, and then you can’t make the excuses anymore in front of God when he judges your Soul, that “you weren’t aware” cuz you read my words loud and clear, heard my Music Messages channeled with Michael and so forth.

I am meaning here mainly the Hollywood peoples that think it’s okay to aim now at me for deception and manipulation in the same manner they did with my Michael, not even knowing me or my spiritual skills.


Beyond Space and Time, where the Past, Present and Future are one, I have already judged your Souls and me and Michael have already judged the Devil as well. This famous Story known of Archangel Michael, HAS ALREADY HAPPENED beyond this Space and Time Earth Dimension, and is now only “in the progress of manifesting the results” on Earth.

Well, Michael came here, especially for Humanity, letting himself get exposed to jealousy attacks real hard, extreme global lies and disinformation wars on him, an open on global TVs visible “Archangel Michael Hunt” they did. He came to “live as one of you amongst you” in human form, with a huge sacrifice of his real home and dimension, lifestyle there of purity and immortal bodies, bright light and no duality where evil rages like on Earth it did the past few thousand years.

All that we did only for all of you.

And personally speaking, I wonder often where the “thank you” from humanity is to Archangel Michael and the other Archangels and Angels doing very hard and heavy amounts of work for humanity…

Now, ask yourself seriously what situations on Earth would make it necessary for the Archangel Michael to come down here personally?

One pre-planned reason is certainly the general “Earth Blueprint Plan” God made in the beginning of creating “Time and Space”. Evolution always keeps evolving, upwards, and at some time the Quantum Leap must happen and the next Level begins.

The other elements of the timing of this, is the condition on Planet Earth, and that is determined by the sum of all free will use of every single Person on Earth. The Mass Consciousness, and the Actions of Human Beings like damaging Nature and the very cycle of the Environment we are relying on for this Life Form here.

Mass abuses of children worldwide, hidden and censored and inacceptable.

Wars and Racism and manipulation of whole Regions or even Continents. Monitoring of all Humanity, private talks and photos, personal Information and economically usable information and data. That is like “removing the individual finger prints of each human being and personal identity and privacy on all levels”.

Think back to the ancient Stories, where for example a Setian Pharaoh sent “for all babies to be killed” cuz of a Prophecy foretelling the Birth of a Boy that would “end his reign”.

We cannot have such technologies like today, and abuse it. That won’t be accepted by God, you know. It’s going too far, and into areas controlled by God and the Angels, not some Humans that want to abuse other Souls for their Purpose and personal Moods.

Think about all the possibilities of abuse of such technologies, and all the things we hear by now daily in the News happening in the World.

Think about the Media, and Hollywood, and how these things affect public opinion to a large degree, culture and “what is cool and what is not”.

YOU, the Media, have put the devil Set on a Pedestal, and insulted Archangel Michael straight into his face when he came here.

So, now is the time to change, or you won’t make this Quantum Leap.

The Devil has only brought you doom and destruction, can’t you see that?

Look what happened to the Planet, when you listened to this Devil!

Remember Archangel Michael, because the Devil IS NOT available anymore – he is done.

You have free will, so you chose:

Eternal Life


Eternal Death?

Do you want Love

Or Jealousy and Hate?

Do you want to be happy

Or angry and enraged all the time?

Do you want to still exist after this physical Body you got right now is done, or do you want to have a limited life and “punish yourself”? What for?


This Quantum Leap underway on Planet Earth now is about an in depth healing, once and for all. Things will rise to be seen fully clear, bad and good, hidden and known, so everything is on the Plate of the Public. That is fair, so each can chose the shadow or light path and see both.

That alone balances the “duality concept and nature” again. The shadow followers have no right and never did, to “try and hide the light and try manipulating it”- that again is an attempt to directly battle God and his orders of his Creation, interfering in other Living Beings Energy Field.

Many Souls have prayed to God in these dark times, and from these Souls many have also called on Archangel Michael, Gabriel and more for Intervention.

Michael Jackson: HIStory in the Making under the Blue Ray © Twin Flame Information
Michael Jackson: HIStory in the Making under the Blue Ray © Twin Flame Information

And Michael Jackson’s HIStory teaser, with all the Archangel Michael ultra-clear symbolism, is just the answer. Here is the Original Teaser Video, watch closely the details and white feathers falling into the crowd at the end:


“Esperanto (/ˌɛspəˈrnt/;[5] [espeˈranto] About this sound listen ) is a constructed international auxiliary language. It is the most widely spoken constructed language in the world.[6] Its name derives from Doktoro Esperanto (“Esperanto” translates as “one who hopes”), the pseudonym under which physician and linguist L. L. Zamenhof published the first book detailing Esperanto, the Unua Libro, on 26 July 1887. Zamenhof’s goal was to create an easy-to-learn, politically neutral language that would transcend nationality and foster peace and international understanding between people with different languages.”

Take a good look now at this Link, please read as much into it as you can:



Now, the basic idea initiated here by Mr Zamenhof is a very good spiritually pure thought. And therefore, something the Angels really like, so Michael placed this element as another layer of a Message symbolically here, because what he was doing with his Music, Dance and the “colorless global language of art” is exactly that as well.

Now, for a nice conclusion for this Article with the promise for more soon, take a good listen again into Mike’s HIStory Song from the same Album:

“He says one day you will see his place in HIStory, he dares to be RECOGNIZED, the fire is deep in his Eyes”- Archangel Michael Jackson-

"He says one day you will see his place in HIStory, he dares to be RECOGNIZED, the fire is deep in his Eyes"- Archangel Michael Jackson-
“He says one day you will see his place in HIStory, he dares to be RECOGNIZED, the fire is deep in his Eyes”- Archangel Michael Jackson-

We’re sending out a Major Love Ray,
Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/ Osiris) ©

10 thoughts on “Michael Jackson/ Archangel Michael: HIS Story – The True Meaning for Past, Present and Future *Special Article* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

  1. Susan I am astounded by this beautiful article and commend you on your efforts to raise awareness. I am starting to post quotes by Michael on my own Facebook page so that family and friends read them to get a glimpse of the man he was, not the King of Pop personality. This is just one very small way I can help spread his L-O-V-E. Thank you.

  2. Michael came to me in a dream some time after his death. I was never a follower. In 2012 he revealed to me he is an archangel and I have been following and telling others about his mission to heal the world. I also have been prepared for the coming quantum leap. Thank you for this valuable confirmation.

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