SPECIAL PART of 7 TWIN FLAME SIGNS OVERVIEW (Videos) – Space Time Veil Full Cycle Merging – © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Susan Elsa explains from a Personal Experience and Knowledge the most important summarized Twin Flame Information Oversight- Personal Experiences of her and Michael Jackson, Signs and Symptoms, Skills, Biology and more.

© Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official (Susan Elsa) / MGP Publishing


Twin Flame Key Archangel Michael Jackson July 2010 by Susan Elsa
Twin Flame Key Archangel Michael Jackson July 2010 by Susan Elsa


In our channeled Songs from the Twin Soul Pop Debut Album (just Special Edition with 4 Raw Original Demos)- we have a Song named “Archangel Michael´s Blue Fire (The Dragonslayer Song 777)”.

This is the strongest Song of the channeled Twin Flame Songs back then, and the one that was MOST HACKED AND CYBER-INTERFERED WITH- still inside the Music Software. I was recording it at home all cozy and relaxed, with Michael just doing our thing not talking to anyone yet openly about it, not even own Family and Friends. And bam- because of this Song the Cyber War suddenly begun against us- so what does that tell and show you, dear Readers?

Back to very ancient Time, there have been Spiritual Master Societies around the World, especially in ancient Egypt, where once a few very evil-minded People tried to “access heavenly dimensions without permission”- via black magic methods. Of course, it did fail miserably and is generally not possible.

The point is, these types of People still exist, that attempt such things.

This is why Archangel Michael and the other Angels are guarding these “Gates in the Metatron Cube” and this is exactly why these demonic Forces try to fight with and attack constantly Michael and the other Angels.

This Song symbolizes Archangel Michael´s Exorcism Powers, through the Blue Ray piercing Darkness and penetrating the Matrix-Matter around this World, to “fuel it with light and transform it”. Imagine, his Sword reaching from the highest Dimension of Light, down to this Planet and piercing every “Dragon/Devil”.

More on this Topic coming soon…

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