Michael Jackson: About the Planetary THIRD EYE CHAKRA – Himalaya Region © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

As announced, we are moving now more into the BIG WHITE MAGIC Vibes, right after.

And as I am writing on that Divine Light Magic Article currently, Michael urges me suddenly today to write a short few important words he wants to say about the Earth Quake in the Himalaya Mountains, felt to Mount Everest, India and Pakistan. For me, it is difficult to write this Article, but I do as Michael instructs when I put out spiritual Information from him.

Usually, I do remain publicly silent often when such incidents happen, and do my thing in private like praying, mourning, or when it is good news, celebrating and enjoying giggly happiness about good developments with Michael.

Michael Jackson: About the Planetary THIRD EYE CHAKRA - Himalaya Region © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson: About the Planetary THIRD EYE CHAKRA – Himalaya Region © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


But as I had put out recently, and more than a year ago channeled for the “777 Summoning of Archangel Michael” the Earth Chakras Map through Archangel Metatron, it is my duty to explain a few things from a spiritual Perspective to help the People heal and understand and find faith and hope again.

Archangel Metatron, as seen in our on the Project Website published channeled Map, has told me that “the Planetary Third Eye is in the Himalaya Mountains”. This has been published on the Summoning of Archangel Michael Project Website since around one Year.


777 Earth Chakras Map from 777 Summoning of Archangel Michael Project Website © www.777summoning.com
777 Earth Chakras Map from 777 Summoning of Archangel Michael Project Website © http://www.777summoning.com

Some of these Earth Vortexes, or Chakras, are spanning very wide areas, others are more local, and the Bermuda Chakra for example, has the potential to “activate and fuel all other Planet Chakras with Light”- because it is the Planetary “G-Spot” as Michael loves to call it.

Important Spiritual Note:

***This Article is written from a Spiritual Perspective as a Voice Speaker for Planet Earth. So, the Priority in this Article will be neutral spiritual Understanding, from the Planet’s Perspective, and less the Human Perspective in the Situation that is clear to all of us. It is very challenging, emotionally, physically and spiritually***


The Rome/Vatican Energy Work was very heavy, challenging and powerful already. And prior to that, and afterwards still, the Light is expanding extremely on an energetic level around the Globe, from within the Womb of Mother Earth and up to the Sky as well.

But, as said before “things will come up”. I explained for the Earth Day in my Article too already, just like in the Blogtalk Radio Interview early April with Ambassador Andrew Williams- many things about what is happening on the Planet.

Now, as I AM FAITH, Archangel Michael’s Twin Flame Soul, I can start more openly lead you through these challenging Changes as the Planet heals, through the Light of your Hearts. This Light can bring you through any “dark tunnel” until you reach the bright side and step into the light.

So, in the past few Months actually, many things have happened which you can read back on this Blog, especially starting around Halloween 2014. Read back into those months a bit and you will see confirmation for things I am about to say here, now.

There was an important Moment. After I discovered that there is seriously a “Temple of Set” right there in Santa Barbara, and that people in Hollywood as shown before who have interfered copyright and film rights infringement style into our Past Life Twin Soul Story Cartoon on Osiris and Isis in ancient Egypt from 2013/2014- just like right in our and the public’s face- have prepared their “plagiarism bs” in Santa Barbara as well, was that Moment of no Return Archangel Michael Style.

That was too much, and then we “sent out the Magic Eye”, a very secret absolutely powerful thing I cannot say more about, and since then it is like on a Chessboard where the “Shadow Figures” are falling very fast like on a Bowling Game. In fact, Madonna fell literally on Stage and everyone saw it. Because after I put out a hand to her for her Mother in Spirit asking me and Archangel Michael to help her daughter’s soul, Madonna went ahead and took some things instead from my Publications and added in harassing, insulting, typical ways as she is things from Michael Jackson’s patented signature Dance Poses and Moves like the Lean and the Toe Stand Signature Pose. Besides that, she tried to decorate her whole “Rebel Heart Album” with hypocrite style “Black History elements” moving into our Dangerous Album Information put out here for Michael and his Message on BLACK HISTORY, AFRICAN HISTORY AND THE ORIGINAL BLACK MADONNA ISIS, AND OSIRIS AND HORUS.

And did you know? Rebel is actually the modern English term for Satan, which means in ancient Latin just “opposer” or “rebel against God”.

Madonna’s Mother was absolutely right and on time, when she suddenly came to me and Michael to ask for help, prior to Madonna publishing this crap.

So, the whole point is, the Focus has been the past weeks on the Planetary Chakras, and especially the THIRD EYE, as when this one heals, Humanity begins to see Truth more and the Lies cannot go undetected or deceive any longer. This is Mass Consciousness of Humanity, the Planet’s Consciousness and the Archangels tuning in for this big Healing Task.

So, now all these things we spoke about before regarding the “consciousness energy that humanity creates on Earth” is starting to show very clearly.


The last week, as Earth Day was approaching and I felt more and more tuned in to Nature, speaking of the possible “allergic reactions of Planet Earth to Human Beings”. I also explained recently the healing process effects and symptoms that might show and manifest on Earth as the Healing progresses in the coming weeks and months.

It is no mystery and no secret thing or “question” anymore, you see openly now what we speak of happening on Earth. So, now is the time to remember Michael Jackson’s Message, before it is too late for Humanity and the Planet “can’t handle human beings on it anymore for self protection”.

All the things Michael fought to protect and raise awareness about, like Children’s Rights, Minority Rights, Black Rights, Women and Men’s Rights, Artist Rights and more cannot exist without the Planet we all walk on!

The Planet is absolute priority Number One, and all other things are within the Mother Earth Home here.

Now, things have been going on in my Chakras, that are tune with Mother Earth by now strongly, as me and Michael do our Healing works. The past week I noticed this “surge of energy” in the Third Eye Chakra, that felt like “pressing air/water pull type streaming of energy” like the Chakra is expanding suddenly much more.

That moment was also, like consciously knowing and experiencing what Michael was channeling through me. I cannot describe this any better by text, but a few days later the Planet’s Third Eye shook heavily…


From a human perspective, people view this incident as “only sad and negative”. It is understandable, the pain and sadness of the people locally affected there and relatives watching the news.

But from the Planet’s perspective, as I said, this is only more reason to start listening to the Planet’s voice again. As I had described in articles before, earth quakes, floods, storms and heat waves/cold waves can be compared to the Human Body symptoms when let’s say having the flu or being sick generally.

The situation is getting serious and urgent by now. The Planet could just “shake humanity off” and I have said it before and warned about such effects. Certain regions are known already for being “dangerous and prone to quakes or hurricanes”- or volcano eruptions like in Chile. But also, getting back IN TUNE with the Planet is the only way to handle these matters better.
Imagine, Animals sense Earth Quakes prior before they happen, right? Have you heard of this phenomenon before? That is because Animals are still naturally connected and in tune with Nature, the ground, the trees, the vibrations and “heart beats” of the Planet. So, they sense it, it’s a natural skill Human Beings have too and just forgot about.


The information provided in this Article on the supernatural (natural really) skills and effects of Twin Flames on the whole Planet Body, is very rare and stems from Archangelic Consciousness Levels and Clarity of Knowledge.

Many people tuned in to the Planet and intuitive Light workers have already understood that the Volcano Eruption in Chile, the Earth Quake in Nepal (Himalaya Mountains Region) and more other forms of signs in society are all connected and give insight into “manifesting changes”.

Mostly though, you have to search a bit to get to the real people online and pages, but there are wonderful light workers, star seeds and spiritual medium community pages, where there is a rich, open information flow on all these matters, and different spiritual people. That again helps you learn to differentiate between real and fake spiritual messages and teachings, when you have both in one big community, I think.

The other side is the active spiritual energy healing work that Twin Flames do.

This Twin Soul Light can affect any Region, trigger natural Healing Phenomena and change People’s Consciousness.

Here are is my newest  “Earth Show 777” Interview I have given, with Mr Andrew Williams Jr., on the HIStory Teaser Meaning, the Dangerous Album, Black History and Black Consciousness rising…



Like I said, and the wonderful MJ Soul Family Website we also mentioned and referred to, we just have to focus concentrated Prayer, Love and Light Vibes. Each of you now, can take five Minutes even only, and just focus your mind, prayer and good wishes to locations, communities, a certain individual under attack, and send “a spiritual hug” that energizes and protects and helps the healing process.

“There are many things going on right now in the World, and whenever turbulent times arise, it is always a sign that things are moving and potential for healing is given. Let us focus all our love, light and good wishes to these people and locations where it is needed. The Matter of Love can really affect the physical matter and bring calm and peace and healing, as well as justice and truth in smooth, gentle ways.
You might also do this in fun ways, sitting on a Tree like Mike and focusing Healing Vibes from your Heart to things that affect and touch you in the World.”
You have much more potential, skills and power to help us together change the World, heal Humanity, and form a new peaceful Bond between all Living Beings. It really is all about Love, finally.


Human Tragedies are sad, like the many People that ascended through these heavy Earth Quakes, left behind families and loved Ones mourning and I am the first Person to relate to such losses, really.

But there is another perspective in the situation as well here, and I hope that I am formulating things clear as I wish to express them. If the Planet somehow gets damaged too much, anything happens to this very Planet then many more Human Beings would suffer, and ascend, if not all in a worst case scenario.

So, the Planet is the priority when looking at the Big Picture. It helps to keep a certain detachment to focus on positive thinking, and continued light vibes for Healing purposes. In any given situation locally, on Earth, you can always chose to think a certain way, and see things from a certain perspective. You can see the big picture, or focus on a small part detail of it, which is also part of “discovering and understanding” the bigger picture.

Finally, these things happen as it is a physical cleansing of the Planet, and the results are (even if not always seen immediately) more clean air, cleansed regenerated earth and fields, like a rebirth of things. So, once an area breaks down, houses are gone, people are gone, it is first a destruction phase, and afterwards in few hundred years or much less even, you see the region of Kathmandu totally blossoming and revived again. This is of course, if people learn to be in touch and in tune with Mother Earth more again.

This very region itself IS THE THIRD EYE of the Planet. It is not an area made for Human Beings to remain at constantly, in times where it is “unloading energetic charges” or being in an “third eye awake” phase, one should avoid certain areas at certain times. Animals sense these things prior , by the intuitive communication and connection with Mother Nature. Human Beings almost lost all these senses, as they never train them or even often not even acknowledge they exist.

For meditation the location is great of course, and I understand people living there since hundred and thousands of years. I can assure you, once the karmic planetary energies are healed and balanced, the Planet´s Third Eye will be absolutely in harmony with Human Beings again and such things won´t happen so extreme, and so by people living there unexpected.

The more we can create “Heaven on Earth”, the more the Planet´s whole Body will ascend and as it heals, the “symptoms of sickness” will become a past memory only. Yes, Nature is always powerful and to some degree, Earth Quakes and Hurricanes and all these natural Phenomena are always going to happen here, but much much more softened once the Planet is healed.

The more physical, spiritual, emotional (etc.) pollution is created on Earth, the more such things become more aggressive as Mother Nature fights then harder for self protection and keeping the basic survival of the Planet itself going.

More in Depth Information on the Planetary Changes very soon!

We’re sending out a Major Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/ Osiris)

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