Reflections Of A TwinFlame Soul: Updates, Thoughts & Merging Reflections – 30 April 2015- © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

This is a New Reflections of a Twin Soul Note, as we recently started because I am going through so much emotions, sharing, situation merging and thoughts in the past weeks with Michael. This is an easy concept to just freestyle write Diary-like Notes on these Thoughts and Reflections onto this Blog for you, dear Readers. I think it helps to tune in to the Twin Flame Mind and therefore can only benefit any Readers seeking Information on Twin Flames or having own Twin Soul Experiences and confirming “typical dynamics and parallels” to our Story like this.

Reflections Of A TwinFlame Soul: Updates, Thoughts & Merging Reflections - 30 April 2015- © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Reflections Of A TwinFlame Soul: Updates, Thoughts & Merging Reflections – 30 April 2015- © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

I have been having some time lately, focusing on Sports and Relaxation, and just spending a very calm, relaxed time with Michael discussing many things. Just to make clear for new Readers, we are meaning here current conversations with Michael Jackson in SPIRIT.

I am at a point now, where I´m gonna have to prove my Business skills, just like Michael did. He says, we can make lots of money and re-invest all that then into helping People and building that Hospital he always dreamed of, and Children´s Shelters in poor Countries. That is our Plan, many such things. But this needs lots of money, and without it, you cannot do anything for People in need.

Michael was able to feed like, literally half of the hungry People on this Planet. It would only make sense that it is my duty to find a way to eliminate the other half of the hunger worldwide, as his other half, his Twin Soul. That would really make me feel like I done something that matters.

I never cared about money, you know. I have a very complicated relationship with money, to be honest. To me, it has always been something “bad”, like something that changes many People into worse human beings and causes families to fight, and lot of abusive situations for Women as well when the Guy has Money and thinks this gives him the right to “control the woman” with his money.

I therefore also always disliked the very idea of being “a simple housewife”- like totally depending on the Man´s income. That could never fulfill me, and I would feel bad if my life was ever that way.

I always stubbornly wanted to work and make my own income, no matter what even if with the richest Guy ever. It is okay, I would think, in a relationship to make presents like for a Birthday and such, or Valentine´s Day. But not generally, like a Woman should especially have her own Money to buy Clothes and nice, private homely Clothes to surprise her Husband. Not have to ask him for money to surprise him with things like that…

To me, Michael Jackson´s money NEVER mattered, at all. Not to me, in how I saw him and what I was interested in, in Michael. Neither did the Fame matter, it mattered of course in practical terms like panicking over loosing my Privacy and getting “into these troubles he was battling”- but I guess that is normal when you are a private Person, shy and never had anything to do with this whole Public Circus.

I thank God for having met Michael in a pure coincidence, totally private. I still think it was impossible and only took place that way, because God guided this meeting, for us as Twin Souls to meet before he ascends.

I made very clear to him from the Start, that I am not interested in any money from him or even “help in any Music Career”, and just want to be his private Friend and really just value this unique Connection and get to know each other. I was being so serious, he found it somehow funny and giggled saying:”It´s okay, I believe you…” like in a calming way.

He saw right through my truth, I was being maybe a bit exaggerating but I wanted to make a point. And we discussed few things regarding my privacy, my culture and things were clear and there were never any stupid Games between me and Michael. No lies, no deception, no questions, no doubts in trusting the other, like a natural thing.

And the funny thing here is, he had some serious trust issues with OTHER PEOPLE surrounding him, and told me much about it. I cannot publish these things, this information, because it is very private and he also never said certain things to the public and I keep it that way as well. Some things are private matters, others are okay to talk about publicly.

Michael also shared a few things about his medical situation, in full open honesty. I was shocked over some things, but after calming down I appreciated his honesty. He never lied to me, never.

We also talked a lot about the False Child Molestation Accusations…

It was definitely the thing that hurt him the most, and it made him super angry. He had definitely developed anger issues over these harassing, public and very false accusations. I knew long before we met, that this was a psychologically, emotionally and spiritually damaging thing done to him- I myself have had anger attacks in the past just seeing these things, this witch-hunt on Mike on TV and Tabloid News.

I told him then about my Dreams, and how I saw prior to the Search at Neverland in 2003, exactly 4 Days prior that “he will be attacked by evil forces” and all these things. He was not even seeming so shocked, he totally understood! He said, he knew prior to the Search after obvious “threats of revenge” that they might come to attack soon. So, we agreed that I might have picked it up from him, on distance via a spiritual connection.

I told him that God showed me that he is innocent and did not do these things. He was super happy about that, it seemed he thought everyone else has doubts in him and it tortured him really extremely. He did not do these things.

He told me then the craziest things about these evil People´s tactics, and said he knows he is being heavily spied on and followed and we must be super careful, for my protection. He told me how horrible it was, when he was with Lisa Marie Presley, and they started these accusations and would therefore like, humiliate her with him too with such public defamation. That was like sexual harassment on Mike and his Wife back then. He said, some People were furious about him being with Elvis Presley´s daughter, also because he is a black guy…

He was never disrespectful at all in his tone and wording toward Lisa Marie Presley, no matter what we spoke about, he always had this fair attitude toward her and admitted also mistakes he had done to me, in the relationship with her. Totally honest, and fair and respectful. I loved that about him, because it showed me that he is generally someone that when having been with someone in such intimate relationship, he always keep respect afterwards and cares still, and does not throw away ex-partners like “there was never any bond”. That´s important I think.

When People were once so close, they should be able to somehow remain friends after a break up, don´t you think?

Michael was generally very caring, like a Power House caring for many, many People around him, including the Family. He would also call up his Ex Girlfriends and regularly ask if all is okay and if they need anything. He was that nice and humane, and protective.

More on these Reflections, Memories and current Consciousness Merging Notes soon.

We´re sending out a Major Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

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