BIG WHITE MAGIC ARTICLE: About Light Magic/Protective Magic/Truth Magic and Divine Love Powers © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

Just like in the previous “cold water jump” type introduction Article on Black Magic, now we bring you the in depth information on the opposite side of Magic, as “Magic itself is neutral” and it depends who, what for and how anyone uses it/applies it.

BIG WHITE MAGIC ARTICLE: About Light Magic/Protective Magic/Truth Magic and Divine Love Powers © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
BIG WHITE MAGIC ARTICLE: About Light Magic/Protective Magic/Truth Magic and Divine Love Powers © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


Please read the Black Magic Article, especially the Introduction, to have a better understanding of the matters as we get into this on many levels more complex one on White Magic.

Important Excerpt from the Previous Article:

“This is an exceptional Article, as we do rarely publish outside of our Digital Member Areas and the TWIN EYE Mystery Schools in Progress. This is all about preparing for in depth, real, authentic highest knowledge spiritual teachings, ancient Egyptian style.

As you see in the Title, the way too simple and “colored” term “Black Magic”- is not really the best, most perfect descriptive term to give to such meant “evil magic”.

Terms more descriptive here of the layers involved in Black Magic would be: “Manipulative Magic”, “Interference Magic”, “Out of Tune with Nature and Spirit Magic”, “Jealousy Magic”, “Devil Magic”, “Shadow Magic”, “Hate Magic”, “Dishonest Magic” and all that, always describing the core Persona of “Black Magic”.

Then, on the other hand to compare and show here clearly the differentiation, we what is widely called “White Magic”- the “good magic”. Or “Divine Magic”, or “Truth Magic”, or “by God, Spirit and Nature blessed in tune Magic”, or “Karma Magic” as I like to call it in some aspects of it, or “Twin Flame Magic”, or “Archangel Michael Magic”, or simply said also “Love Magic” or “Light Magic”.

And what all that means in depth more now, and practical every day life, as well as in spiritual realms, we will get into now. This is one of our MAESTRO & MAESTRA Articles Series Part. We have a DUAL-INTRODUCTION, and follow up tomorrow then with the BIG WHITE MAGIC ARTICLE; About Light Magic/Protective Magic/Truth Magic, and we will then soon follow that up again as planned with the BIG ARTICLE OF TWIN FLAMES MAGIC VS. INTERFERENCE MAGIC.”

So, here, we have the also very simplified term “White Magic” as explained above, that has its own “Energies and Persona” as well.


As explained in the Black Magic Article, here we speak not of the basic Dark Matter in this physical dualistic Dimension, but the opposite energy-the Light. The basic light matter is here like a “light in the dark” so things can be visual and show and be seen and be physical reality. That in physical duality dimensional terms would be the Sunlight, the Starlight, and artificial lights created by the cycle of positive-negative electric cycles.

Then there is the SPIRITUAL SHADOW & LIGHT ENERGY. Creation is multi-layered. The shadow energy comes of lower dimensions, and the light energy comes from higher dimensions and activated own soul light, through Twin Flame Merging.

This is, compared to the basic Black Matter which you can see in the Universal matter around the Planet is not really having its source here, and is always of higher spiritual energy sources.
This basic light matter, like the Sunlight, is very important for the physical human body and the Planet on many levels. It has, as described a bit above, a “heating, energizing, empowering” effect, and even improves sleep functions (sunbathing). The sunlight also helps keep the human bones healthy, giving the physical body Vitamin D through the sunlight rays.

These things, by the way, were known precisely and in details by the ancient Egyptians.
On a hormonal level, sunlight can also help “activate women’s sensual energies” and literally makes them more attractive in aura energy for men. Did you know that?

BIG WHITE MAGIC ARTICLE: About Light Magic/Protective Magic/Truth Magic and Divine Love Powers © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
BIG WHITE MAGIC ARTICLE: About Light Magic/Protective Magic/Truth Magic and Divine Love Powers © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


White Magic is when someone or some “conscious being” is given by God’s will and decision bright light matter to work with for Planetary and Humanity Healing, as well as personal Healing and spiritual Growth. It is the correct use of “light matter and energy” for “healing, authentic, in tune with Nature on Earth and in Heaven” – Magic.

It is divine Magic that never can be even accessed by any Souls or Beings without God’s direct approval and “being chosen and ready for it based on own previous evolution and right choices having a pure karmic record”.

It is used by Archangel Michael, the other Archangels and Angels, Beings of Light/Ascended Souls and evolved Spiritual Masters. Regularly applied in higher spiritual Realms but more rare on earthly Spheres.

For such reasons as: Protection, compassion, love, respect, caring, nurturing and healing. It is also used by the Angels to reunite Twin Flames, by many efforts that go prior to the actual Meeting and Reunion on Earth, or in other realms after both ascend, or one half of the Twin Soul couple.

So, the well meant, pure and honest motivation behind ever Thought and Emotion, determines here where the Energy is being pulled from and directed to- meaning, if it is Black or White Magic.


For all these reason we mentioned now, the beings on the other side of duality, the shadowy side, try to regularly fight and battle to “get to this higher sources light”- which they are banned from access to.

This is the basic reason why they do these Twin Flame Interferences- to feed off a bit on others light and try to “steal power to get stronger”- as they fight the light.

Shadow energy is weak, on a low vibration and slow. Light energy is powerful, bright and fast and vibrating on a much higher frequency.

These things have a certain effect on Body and Soul Bodies, and obviously when it comes to Spiritual Battles between Shadow and Light on this dualistic Dimension here, the Light has the advantage and is way stronger, powerful, hot and bright, while the Shadow is by nature much weaker, cooling, dimmed and slow.

Imagine it like this:

If you have a tiger, that can run very fast and is flexible, and a turtle that crawls very slowly, then you have a good visualized example of what that means and physical effects of these matters as well.

These are just insights, superficial yet, as these energy studies take much more to understand and learn to handle in depth, naturally.

BIG WHITE MAGIC ARTICLE: About Light Magic/Protective Magic/Truth Magic and Divine Love Powers © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
BIG WHITE MAGIC ARTICLE: About Light Magic/Protective Magic/Truth Magic and Divine Love Powers © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


Being Michael’s Twin Soul, as he said to me himself in Spring 2010, when I had heard this term for the first time ever from him in SPIRIT, not prior when we hung out in Person in LA, has been quite a journey and expansion quantum-leap style back then, regarding my psychic skills and spiritual insights.

My abilities basically increased extremely, overnight.

Michael Jackson is a unique Man, and always had this special Soul Light which is why all these sharks kept surrounding him, like parasites being pulled to a bright light. They wanted to feed off of him, and he knew it and was aware of it. But when you have so much to give, you even overlook many of these things until you can no longer, because you realize they really want to “cage you” and “control you and your free will” and such a thing is inacceptable to Michael Jackson. He simply had balls in all he did, and never backed down in the face of discrimination, manipulation and power games on a global scale.

The joy in such a light is very “pulling and attractive” for others. The Fans know this special Aura Vibe very well, especially the Ones that actually saw Michael live or met him face to face. I wrote a lot about this prior, you may read back in this Blog and find many “Article Pearls” about this Information.

Back to until 2003, I remember seeing Michael’s Soul Light, when we started this intense spiritual, channeling type Merging Phase back then. He had switched from being, prior to Ascension in 2009, a “shadowy, like sad and turned off Aura” to “rejuvenated, aware, happy and strong turned on Aura”- a huge auric Light that contains Light, White and Blue Fire, Starlight and a literal Milky Way in his Aura.

I have described this in details in my Book, Archangel Michael’s Wedding. You can read more on that and the 2003 Dream seeing him as the Archangel with this same precise Aura, as a preparation sent by God. I had dreamed of his coming death back then already, and was shaken by this certain inner knowledge telling me Elvis-lookalike Guy about it on the Phone the day after this Dream.

In that initial Dream, “Black Matter” surrounded Michael and kept getting closer like “a rope around him” and then he ducked down and put his arms up around his head like a protective pose, like in a fight, and then disappeared in that “ultra dark shadow circle”. I felt its consciousness and it was literally like the spiritual shadowy cloudy emanations of the Devil, with all seriousness now.

So, this is now very revealing regarding these Energy Articles we have been putting out to inform on Spirituality beyond “Mainstream Knowledge and Teachings out there”.
This is the Archangel Michael Official Blog.

After Michael Jackson really ascended in 2009, everything from these prior Dreams was suddenly manifesting, for real. My Childhood friend, that had these issues in 2003 with being possessed by the Devil and this spiritual, obvious, real life heavy paranormal Battle that suddenly stormed into my Life, she had a Dream on June 24th 2009 about “Archangel Michael and the Devil fighting”.

Things are very obvious incidents with witnesses, and these documentations of facts, dates and circumstances are around, we can prove these facts anytime and publish more in the Future, step by step guided by Michael as we are in the process of establishing his Soul Truth on Earth, now again being the ascended, fully fit Archangel Michael.

If you look at his situation on Earth as Michael Jackson (Incarnation)- you see how much and obvious and public he was battling, spiritually, factually and visibly. Now, after his Ascension, you see even more clear how “the energy vampires try to suck on his Legacy”- because it means for them to “steal a bit of his Soul Light”- trying to control his Spiritual Message and Mission by now, fully public and interfering in obvious ways.

•    Increased Physical Energy
•    Increased Creativity
•    Increased Thought Speed
•    Increased Sight on close and far distance Situations (Merging with Spiritual Overview Mike has)
•    Channeling of Energy in Form of Music, Film and Writing (Books, Blog)
•    Physical Metamorphosis (Appearance Merging)
•    Access to Heavenly Dimensions and Energy of Light of Higher Realms

This is a brief summary in point to show the different strong effects of the Twin Flame Merging. The Light Strings between Twin Flames are held together and formed by God’s Light. God protects the Complete Soul of Male and Female Twin Soul Halves and keeps the basic Survival Energy up at all times. Nothing and nobody, nothing of God’s Creations could ever interfere really. It’s a false myth.

They can disturb, slow down, harass, interfere in INFORMATION and education in front of the public lets say, they can lie and bitch that is all really. Real Power is only in the Truth and the Light, not the Shadow and Jealousy Interferences and “fake posing”.

True Twin Soul Power is not something of this World, it goes to strength levels and natural magic beyond. The Truth is anchored in Real Twin Flame Souls, and when let us say, outside forces try to interfere in the above mentioned ways, a certain “Mysterious Magic directed by God” takes place, always exposing the Interferences and upholding the Core Truth of the Twin Flame Soul Couple.

Space and Time also do not matter for Real Twin Flames. Because the Soul is within itself always one SOUL UNIT at all Times, logically, and that means logically at all times even within the seeming “lens of duality creating an illusion of separation experience for learning”. The Past, the Present and the Future is always measurably parallel and similar, mirroring and completing in real Twin Soul Cases.

All these things are literal, basic principles of Physical Reality- neutralizing elements, showing insight into Real Twin Flame Soul Power.

BIG WHITE MAGIC ARTICLE: About Light Magic/Protective Magic/Truth Magic and Divine Love Powers © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
BIG WHITE MAGIC ARTICLE: About Light Magic/Protective Magic/Truth Magic and Divine Love Powers © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


When you experience the pure light from your Twin Flame connecting to you on all levels, it uplifts you into heavenly mind forms and perceptions, and your consciousness becomes “pure love and joy”.

When that happens, you can focus together with your Twin Soul and share this light with any Being as you focus your attention on them. This is in fact, as you might understand now more clear, the very core reason why “energy vampires” try to get you angry, distract, insult and all these types of efforts of interference to GET YOUR FOCUS AND ATTENTION ON THEM.

What you focus on and give attention “connects” and they can suck on your soul light that way, so you decide. Really, I had been challenged and all and by now, me and Michael are so strong I do not let these things get to me anymore and do not give them much focus.

I wish, these Lost Souls would just start looking back at themselves and put the focus on their own core in their soul, so they can re-active their own light and expand it and heal, and share and be love and joy again.

But the shadow energy, and the emotions attached to it like jealousy and envy, self doubt and loss of sense in life and mission, simply makes them fall into this “devil cycle” where they keep stalking other souls that do their thing correctly and have lots of own soul light.

That’s not smart.

And part of the mission of the light teachings are to remind even the darkest souls of that truth again as well, because preferably it would be nice to see everyone happy, healed and whole.
But of course, it is a personal decision based on free will and free actions of each single soul in this duality dimension. Unfortunately, some souls and beings decide to remain and sink deeper into the shadow and this is like finally “getting swallowed by a black hole”.

And the light “gives you wings” and can literally transform you into an Archangel at some point, working on any assigned World and Dimension under God’s Will. The light is always the better choice, the right choice. It helps you grow, evolve and become the True Best You that you could ever imagine being. It is literally like made out of Love, really, this spiritual light we are speaking of here.

It is filled with fantasy, childlike care, fun, joy, eternal youth, eternal love and this light as soon as it touches you, or gets even into your core, causes “uplifting, healing and freeing” emotions, thoughts and vibes in your Aura.

I can shield you from the worst, most aggressive spiritual attacks. It can transform your views on yourself and others, and the World right here we are residing in. It can give you access to akashic knowledge and past life memory, for “completing, evolution purposes and healing”.

The light is part of God and the best thing we have here in this Duality Dimension. Once you learned that, you are on the best way to become a Spiritual Master, a Maestra or a Maestro!

Astral Super Precise Insights with Michael Jackson in Spirit - Out of Body Experience Saturday 18th 2015 © TwinFlame Soul Official
Astral Super Precise Insights with Michael Jackson in Spirit – Out of Body Experience Saturday 18th 2015 © TwinFlame Soul Official


This whole energy study goes very deep, and is complex. The evil side, conscious beings up until the 4th dimension prior to 2009, have been trying to “interfere and cut off light streams for abusive purpose”. There are different “spiritual fire elements”- many more than you could ever imagine with a human consciousness.

The red fire is of “aggressive, brutal force”. It is the lower vibration, physical dimensional fire element, which is mirrored into lower spiritual dimensions. Then there is the water element, the earth element, the wind element and all those are lower vibrational, physical elements but with “doubles mirrored” into the dimensions from 1st to 4th, back in 2009.

In the astral realms me and Michael actually battled, while being incarnated both on Earth prior to 2009. I will not yet go into details, but Michael too reported to me about certain very obvious, revealing Dreams he had.

I published about this before, years ago and in my Archangel Michael Wedding Book as well, but would like to remind of this one “Elemental Dream”, a vivid lucid, conscious astral out of Body type Dream I had once years ago.

In that Dream, I was walking by foot and it was a European type landscape, but like in the middle ages not modern time I was actually in body in. Like about 500 years ago.
Suddenly these women with ultra red hair came at me, on horses, very aggressive, killer style, and they shot at me from their eyes this “mind focus controlled” red fire.
You cannot imagine, the vivid consciousness, very strong clear “mind war” this was. I still remember it so clear now, I can reproduce it into a Video, animated and all.
I had to focus back on them, with my mind, like fighting their aggressive, stabbing fire ray off. I did it first by using the same “element” and shot back red fire from my eyes at them.

But that was like “arms wrestling back and forth” and felt like too risky, so I suddenly thought of how I control all elements and they do not, and surprised them. I changed into the water element, cold and frozen and simply froze their fire ray. It shot back into them then and they froze, literally, and were done that way.

I have not yet seen the Disney Movie Frozen, but I think I should check out what they did in there, regarding the Story. But then again, this is the power of the mind of twin light.


When Twin Flame reunite and merge, especially after a big challenge such as one of them having to ascend into spirit, then a huge spark of light is given birth, that can affect the Human Mass Consciousness. Intuitive People, and also Energy Vampire Types, can sense and pick up certain energies, thoughts, and signs that “it is coming”. Without any contact in physical terms or even being aware necessarily, and this is the core reason why so many people are affected by Michael Jackson’s Aura, our Twin Soul Aura. Clearly the public Perceptions and Attractions to Michael Jackson have also changed by 1982, the Twin Soul Birth Year from which on we were both here, our whole Twin Soul Light and Mind stretching across the Globe, enfolding all of you in this Mind Light and Joy Vibes.

That is the whole point here, of being Archangel Michael and Faith, and coming into this World Incarnation to bring this Light closer and into anchored, physical reality. Everyone is connected to Archangel Michael, because everything is connected in all of God’s Creation as a whole. This is how its even possible in basic terms to “read minds from distance” or “communicate with other dimensions”- spiritual logic!

BIG WHITE MAGIC ARTICLE: About Light Magic/Protective Magic/Truth Magic and Divine Love Powers © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
BIG WHITE MAGIC ARTICLE: About Light Magic/Protective Magic/Truth Magic and Divine Love Powers © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


Take a moment and breathe deep and calm. Try to repeat those deep, conscious breaths not too hectic, just relaxed, until you feel “calm in your center and heart”.

Now formulate the following conscious free will decision-meaning you must really mean it inside, not just verbally say it- feel it, mean it, decide truly in your core for it!

“I ask my higher over-soul complete self, to align with my human consciousness and physical body. I accept the gift of light, and value and appreciate it, knowing that I fully deserve this love. I am at home in the light. My mind is filled with light. I AM THE LIGHT.

I thank all light beings and God for blessing me with the Divine Light, Love, Protection and Guidance”

You may make your own, positive affirmation type formulation for this “Mind Mantra”. You may speak it, sing it, or think it. But speaking at least is good to anchor through the actual power of the word the light energy in your core.

Try it out, try different more simple, then more complex affirmations, and Mind Mantras. See what feels best for you and resonates, but be always aware that the fine details of the formulation and how you direct your mind matters a lot here. If you do these things in a way, like focused on other Souls for abusive, interference purpose, you create yourself horrible karma you do not want to have for a time length longer than this lifetime.

Try to always uphold the basic main rule: Keep your Mind Pure and filled with Light.

Keep your Emotions on Love, Compassion and Healing.

Try to focus and “train” these emotions, this is what the purpose of such a Mantra finally is! It can help you for “spiritual Mind Training” and following these exercises regularly will expand your skills and your consciousness, and can only strongly benefit Twin Flames approaching Reunion, or wanting to work more on themselves to soon Approach Reunion.

Every individual Being is like a unique finger print. And this is why it is always important and worth it, to make your own personal experiences.

This is it for now. More on this important Topic soon!

Wishing you all a wonderful Spring Weekend

We’re sending out a Major Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris)

11 thoughts on “BIG WHITE MAGIC ARTICLE: About Light Magic/Protective Magic/Truth Magic and Divine Love Powers © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

    1. I need to know if this person is the right one, I need Michaels guidance and answer. Please.

  1. Hi susan! Its me again, I don’t know how to say this but the guy from my dream? I chatted with him from April 11-may 1 2015 we ended the communication, I don’t know if this person is my twin soul, I’m still confused does that mean does dreams and sign are merely coincidence? We ended it today this morning, Idk but I’m not that hurt but somehow I feel empty inside, but my soul wants me to be cheerful instead of crying. Idk if I’ll chat with this person again, I never met him in person, my cousin just introduced me to him online, I hope you can help me clear things out.

    1. Hello Patricia. I do sense that this was a good experience on the way, to tune YOU in more to your twin flame focus, but I do think it is important to wait for that first physical touch in such case, because soul family mates can feel very familiar too. The empty feeling is because you invested emotionally and spiritually a lot in this Person, but your Soul tells you clearly “dont be sad, the best is yet to come”.

      Focus on really, for real I mean, trusting in God and the Angels that guide these matters. Give yourself time, do not hurry. Center yourself in your core and learn more about yourself, do meditations on your “masculine side”- it will happen when you least expect it in the perfect timing. And until then, your twin soul IS ALREADY with you, maybe not face to face physically, but as you are one soul your twin soul is naturally always connected to you, in thoughts, feelings, life experiences, dreams and even your physical body through the shared twin aura.

      I hope these answers could help you a bit in your situation. It is okay to be sad, to appreciate what you had with this Person. Remember it and take the good lessons from it with you on the further journey ahead.

      Big, big Hug!

      1. Thank you Susan!!I feel down that this person is not the one, but I’ll try and look forward to what will happen next.

      2. So in a way this person who is in my dreams, is not my twin? Like my twin soul over shadow him in my dreams? Or is he in spirit form?

      3. And my cousin his best friend’s girlfriend said she had a dream of us, him being gentlemanly and sweet to me, and her boyfriend his best friend had a dream of us, okay I’ll just say their names Jean is my cousin Michael is her boyfriend and Thomas (the one in my dreams) is his band mate. So Michaels dream was he visited our home back in the Philippines all my relatives were there and he said thomas was looking for you by phone, he asked calum if he wants to talk to me he said no. I have the feeling he wants to forget as much as I want to forget him.


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