Michael Jackson- Reflections Of A Twin Soul *New Notes and Updates* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Michael Jackson- Reflections of a Twin Soul *New Notes and Updates* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

I apologize for the delay with the promised follow up Articles on White Magic and the Third Eye Chakra of the Planet at Himalaya. Of course, the Himalaya Spiritual Analysis Article I also postponed a bit, as there are 3 Days of Mourning Official there in Nepal and me and Michael respect that and focus Healing and Love Vibes to the People of Nepal at the moment.

I am taking my time more now, as I enjoy the Spring and have a strict Sports Program, meaning, more time doing Sports regularly, eating healthy meat-less foods, and doing daily Spiritual Exercises like to “program always staying calm” into my Core for the coming Tasks.

Michael said, it is important to “get super fit” for the filming and acting parts of the Projects we are on, and of course dance-wise as well. This is also about “a healthy body for a healthy soul”- concept and Archangel Michael is symbol for physical strength and promotes Sports as well. I had the Archangel Michael (Jackson) Dream in 2003, and the GYM OWNER came up to me IN THE GYM doing Sports completing the Message from Archangel Michael (view detailed Story in my Book- Archangel Michael´s Wedding).

Everytime I spend less time on the Computer now, and focus on myself, moving, dancing, creating, singing, it fills me with joy and happy vibes and that makes our Twin Flame Magic IMMEDIATELY stronger and I see effects manifest positively much, much faster.

We provided a lot of Information before in Articles here, and I said also clearly including in Videos, that “everything you saw in Ghosts will happen now”.

Michael Jacksons Ghosts Message: Maestro & Maestra - What the Title Really Means - Ancient Egypt Twin Flame Magic Knowledge © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jacksons Ghosts Message: Maestro & Maestra – What the Title Really Means – Ancient Egypt Twin Flame Magic Knowledge © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

I said, Michael does of course, play himself in the Movie, but because he does so it naturally means that he also plays ME in the Movie Ghosts. And the “Twin Flame Interferers” you have watched by now live popping up to attempt misleading the public and information wars on me, talked about me the same way like the Mayor in the Movie to Michael: “You and your Ghost Story Nonsense! They don´t come to you as a Ghost!”

Whatever that means, you know. Things are moving ahead now, and I will put all I got, my whole Soul into this now, because I simply want the lies about Michael Jackson to stop, and I want to see how society recognizes his truth, our truth, and therefore his absolute innocence on all levels- until deep into his mind and soul. Michael Jackson was, is and will always be an innocent, pure Soul.

He came here to teach things, and well, obviously mirroring the truth from now to the past for you, dear Readers, you can see now that Michael was attacked by “Twin Flame Interference” as well, in his Mission as a pure, light- bringing Soul.

So, I thought of something since a while and now time is ripe to move ahead in it:

I will bring forward now Michael Jackson´s Wisdom about the INNER CHILD and healing the Inner Child in all of us. The very core things we tried to teach about and raise awareness on.

These things have somehow gone under a bit in the stinking lies and false accusations thrown at Mike. And here you already begin to see now, why they did such things.

So, factually speaking, Michael Jackson is innocent officially via a human court as well, or don´t you remember the 2005 trial verdict- INNOCENT ON ALL COUNTS? Okay, so if you forgot, look it up. That is called “a fact”.

So, we have this fact and therefore this topic is legally already investigated and cleared, point. Michael Jackson is innocent and they already know it, by facts, and have known so in fact prior to public false accusations through spying- that he is completely innocent.

And I will move ahead now with Michael´s Inner Child Healing Knowledge and we will focus on THE CHILDREN now, the Earth, the Environment Healing, and all these things that matter, and just act like the Liars trying to interfere do not even exist.

Many people are uniting now, and I have had yet few but wonderful conversations with Michael Jacobshagen, and I am really filled with happy tears to see someone like him defend Michael´s Innocence like that, and proving how a Fan can also be a real Friend to Mike. I have no doubt that Michael Jackson made him find me, by pure coincidence, and his intuition led him as he knows Michael, he already knows me too in many ways.

Here is a German RTL TV Footage showing his initial Meeting and Friendship, from Fan to Friend, with Michael Jackson:

When I talked to him the first time, it was like “I already know him anyways”- the feeling from Michael was coming through strongly. I love his Interview as a Kid back then, and notice, Michael with the Sword Archangel Style on a Poster behind his back- perfect.

It was really good to also see confirmations on how others can validate certain truth I am trying to put out. To me it is also special always, to form Friendships with People that actually met and knew Michael Jackson, they can sense our Twin Soul Aura. But, more on this when the time is ripe…

I am just very happy, reflecting on Michael´s Legacy and you know, is all about Family Bonds and healing those too and reminding adults of how to spend better quality time with their children like friends with understanding and each acknowledging the others perspective. Adults can learn from Children a lot, just like Children can learn from Adults a lot.

WHAT IF MICHAEL JACKSON WAS A WOMAN?  © (Twin Soul Perspectives)

If Michael Jackson was a Woman, and a famous female Pop Star let´s say, and spent time with Children like a “second Mother” to their own biological Mothers of course, how would you look at the situation then?

Let´s say, when society looks at Kindergarden Teachers; are there different prejudice and views depending on the gender of the Teacher? Like, if its a female Kindergarden Teacher, society looks at it as “cute, sweet woman, motherly, good potential mother”- and Guys want to marry such Women.

But, when society sees a male Kindergarden Teacher, they have prejudice more and think of it often as “bizarre, gay and feminine”. Like, Men can only do certain jobs, certain behavior, and “never show a soft side and emotions”- even toward Children! Why is that so in Society?

Think back about when you were a little Child now. Remember how you felt, thought about the World and viewed adults. Do you remember how you looked up to certain Adults? Wanting to be “like them someday”?

Many of us, female and male, have had certain adult key figures, role models, people we were impressed by as Kids wanting to spend time with them, be friends, learn, ask questions, imitate and “become like”.

Michael Jackson was exactly that “big brother” type Role Model to many Children, Girls had Crushes on him and Boys wanted to be his friend and learn from him.

For Children, hanging out with Mike was like, a “Dream Come True”- because first of all, Fans loved meeting Michael, and then seeing how friendly he was and open, inviting them to hang out like friends, well I do not hear such friendly stories about other Stars and their Fans. Michael treated his Fans like Family, because finally all of us are a big, human Family.

This is why I like to call the Fans not Fans, but Soul Family now.


Michael Jackson is a Twin Soul. It´s as simple as that. It´s the core answer to all unanswered Questions, and he was simply in public for his Job, his Mission channeling me, his feminine Side-his Twin Soul.

In private, he was more the male Side, his masculine Self.

Now the time has come, where the public will see his Truth revealed through me, Another Part of Michael. I am his other half and the One that can answer the Mystery Questions.


In the recent weeks, once again as usual, many Children have been coming up to me to talk to me. That happens anywhere, on the Street, as I am walking home and they play outside and see me, and such things.

So, the recent 2 weeks some neighborhood Kids have been greeting me with big smiles suddenly, and they asked me many Questions like they want to just know more about me. It´s always funny, to see how naturally tuned in to their Intuition Kids are, compared to Adults with their “frozen Hearts”.

We had a great conversation for almost half an hour last week. It was a wonderful sunny Day, and I just walked by and some Kids were playing, more Girls than Boys were in the Group. They all had different ages too.

The oldest Girl, asked me to remove my MJ Style Aviator Sunglasses, cuz they were curious to see my Face after asking me where I am from and I said, I am Egyptian. So, I took my Glasses off, and they were so happy, it was so cute and said:” Oh, you are so beautiful, wow…” like really innocent honest compliment, you know.

They said they love ancient Egypt and asked me “Questions about the Pharaohs”- it was so much fun. So now, whenever they see me they greet by Name and I encourage them and give advice whenever I can, also to be “nice to each other and there for each other” and like, watch for the smaller Ones when playing outside.

And just today, as I went to shop for some groceries only, a little Baby Boy in a Baby Waggon there with his Mother kept staring at me, and as I would just look into his Eyes and smile, he would start smiling and laughing all happy.

That was so sweet!

There have been many, regular situations like that, to even some tiny Girl maximum 4 years old, just running away from her Mother toward me on the Street with open arms and laughing with a big smile, like I am some Magnet to Children, my Soul Aura Light.

And, there have been Children especially the younger Babies more, that would precisely stare at me and smile, and then stare at Michael in Spirit where he stood next to me exactly, and I would see him smile at them and they would “stare in fascination precisely to where he is in Spirit standing”, and then stare back and forth at me and him, like they see him somehow or sense his Presence with me.

Children sense, that me and Michael are Archangel Michael and Archeia Faith.

So, stay tuned for more on this very important, spiritual “Inner Child” Project.

We´re sending out a Major Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

Michael Jackson- Reflections of a Twin Soul *New Notes and Updates* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson- Reflections of a Twin Soul *New Notes and Updates* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

3 thoughts on “Michael Jackson- Reflections Of A Twin Soul *New Notes and Updates* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

  1. Hello Susan,
    Thank you for your posting.
    I too have connected with Michael’s soul and have been blessed with visitations from him.
    I have reached a point in my life now, where I need to join him….
    I just wanted to reach out to you and express the purity of my love for Michael, which has surpassed nearly 50 decades. Our natures are identical, from the heart and mind to being so softly spoken; both of us naturally shy, yet, when performing, dancing on the stage, are released of the reticent aspects of our natures.
    God Bless You.
    God Bless Michael, whose purity of heart, his deep love for children and humanitarian soul will never be equalled…
    I love him, purely and for eternity.


    1. Dear Deborah. Please let me know, what you mean when you say “I have reached a point in my life now, where I need to join him…”- I am here if you need to talk and thank you for reaching out to me.

      And thank you for your Love for Michael. I am sending you a big hug. All Humanity is embraced in Archangel Michael´s Big Soul!

      Please feel free to email me anytime with subject “To Susan Elsa” at:


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