HAPPY EARTH DAY 2015 – A VISION FOR A HEALTHIER WORLD – Special Article – © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

I am still recovering from the energy works we are doing intensely right now, and having a little cough but much, much better than few days ago.

Which directly leads us to the important Themes we chose for today´s Earth Day Statement and Vision Article. I am going through things, reflecting on the Voice and Heart of Mother Nature, as I tune in that way and connect through this intense energy work, and I sense how Mother Nature feels very strongly now.

HAPPY EARTH DAY 2015- A VISION FOR A HEALTHIER WORLD - Special Article - © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
HAPPY EARTH DAY 2015- A VISION FOR A HEALTHIER WORLD – Special Article – © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


“Heal the World- Make a Better Place for You and For Me”- Michael Jackson Heal the World Official Lyrics Excerpt-

I have been reflecting on these Lines from Michael since yesterday, for this Earth Day. I thought about all the things I have gone through, with sensitivities toward the environment, and allergies, and Michael´s physical sensitivities as well, and how all is so parallel between our Life records.

The Planetary Body is like “made in the image of the Human Body”- meaning the following simplified:

1. I had seen once about a year ago reports somewhere on increasingly more and more “house pets developing allergies against their owners”.

2.The more sensitive an empathic on a psychic-spiritual level someone is, the more they are prone to physical sensitivities symptoms and allergies, migraines and so forth.

3. Earth can develop “allergic reactions” to human beings as well.


The physical human body, when sick in any way, has the classic symptoms of sneezing, stuffy nose, runny nose, coughing, fever, or feeling like freezing.

The same thing you can apply to the Planet Body function. The storms are like sneezing, the volcano outbreaks or earth quakes like “the earth is coughing”-the floods, like the runny nose and sweating, heat waves in summer, and freezing and too cold winters.

Everything Michael speaks about in his very important and central Spiritual Message Songs, such as HEAL THE WORLD, and EARTH SONG, or WE ARE THE WORLD, or WHAT MORE CAN I GIVE?, speak of the same repeating Message. Michael tries constantly in his work to bring attention to these matters, and no children rights, women or men rights, animal rights count anything if the Planet we all are at home at right now, as you read this, get´s out of balance and “shakes off” humanity for it´s own protection.

If the air we breathe, the food we eat, all the basic necessary things for survival, get out of order and endangered, we cannot even begin to speak of children´s situations and twin soul reunion, and even “a future”- on this Planet.

This is why this is so important.

The biggest priority here, first, is the Planet we walk on right now.

And then, as I spoke with my Partner on the Phone, summarizing these insights I am drafting into this article before, I got into the whole Earth Song Vibe again.

And I always loved this Song, it is one of my favorites. So much, I took quite some time when I was younger, and worked the melodies arrangement by ear on my Classical Piano.

The hook line, the Chorus of the Song that goes like just “Ah, ahhh, uh uuuh”– is priceless. To me, I suddenly realized how Michael was channeling my “resurrection singing vibes mourning style”– like I did for him as Osiris back in ancient Egypt, when doing the famous Ancient Egyptian Resurrection Magic.

This time, he was singing that Song, and that for me, and in the same time, for the Planet, her, for MOTHER Earth.

I know, that many Fans keep discussing till now I guess about his comments seen in the released Movie “This Is It”- regarding the remark “we have three years to get it right, or else, we are done”.

Well, Michael was feeling the urgency of the Planet. It was a lot of pressure therefore, as this includes worries of wars, abuse of human rights, spiritual matters.

Michael was saying this as a message to “humanity”- to the people, speaking in “disguise as one of them”.

This is all about Mother Earth, and the effort to avoid that “backlash from Nature”- if Humanity does not correct course and change.

Those things were known and openly recognized in human societies back thousands of years ago. The ancient Indians, the ancient Egyptian, the ancient Chinese, the ancient Africans in general, the ancient Druids, they all knew about “that spirit and physical must remain in tune and balance”.


Written for earth Day by Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

It is actually simple: Remember each Day how much you appreciate the blue skies, beautiful natural views, trees, outdoor activities and sports, and remember that when you are at home, that home is again, at home on the Planet and this is why it is our all general home for this earthly journey as long as we are here.

How do you want to have your home?

If your house, lets say, had a big garden with trees and animals and such, like literal part of nature as part of your house, how would you want it to be? What efforts would you make to keep it well and balanced, and healthy?

Cleanings is important, water, air, sunlight, and a lovely touch. Right?

So, all that can be done now and everyone, as said in one of our previous Articles about the Earth Song Message, can do an active spiritual energy work to support the Planet´s Healing.

Here is the Link to to that mentioned previous Article with all Details:

Michael Jackson’s EARTH SONG and Ancient Twin Flame Magic for Planetary Healing © The Soul Mission


Michael Jacksons Earth Song: The Spiritual Vision beyond and Twin Flame Archangel Michael Summoning Happening Now © 777 Susan Elsa Project
Michael Jacksons Earth Song: The Spiritual Vision beyond and Twin Flame Archangel Michael Summoning Happening Now © 777 Susan Elsa Project

Michael touched every subject in the matter in his Songs and Videos, ranging from Spiritual Emotional Rights to Animal and Children´s Rights. He always stood up for protecting all these Creations on Earth, Trees, Forests, Villages and Indigenous People, Children, Families, and Twin Flames.

To me, I share this vision and all those feelings associated with it. The Planet is very beautiful, it is just hidden in a way and we have the key vision to unlock a new view on this earthly home- and create a Heaven on Earth. That means, life here could be healed and become so “heavenly” as if we are almost in Heaven here, manifested Heavenly spheres experiences.

And even though it is the most simple and clear Message here, it is the one that challenges the most and takes “a unified humanity movement” to really make a change here. And that is exactly what we work hard for and make all these efforts for- to unite Humanity and “bridge gaps”- then to hand in hand do this together and heal the World. Heal the Children, the Youth, the Adults. Heal Men and Women, Heal Animals as well. Heal Forests and Oceans, protect Nations and People. Heal Family Bonds.

All these things take place ON EARTH. So, as you see, the Earth is our magical Home for this Journey and all beautiful, adventurous, challenging, happy, and bad things we experience in duality happen right here, on this Planet Earth.

Bitter and sweet, as Michael says, the opposites of duality is part of what makes this Planet actually so interesting and important for Soul growth experiences and learning/spiritual evolution. It is also an important step for Twin Flame Couples to go through, and to work through the earthly Experiences and Reflections, together, parallel, then together again.

When Allergies and Health Problems increase around the World, in Human Beings AND Animals, the time has definitely come even for the “most ignorant deaf soul” to hear this Message, the Voice of Mother Earth.

I remember seeing all these Hollywood Movies, where “Nature or some form of Natural Phenomenon” would be portrayed “as the enemy” and stories would be written for these film scripts where the People would get together to try and go AGAINST NATURE, as if it´s the enemy.

Far away by today is Humanity from any thinking, understanding or intuitive, compassionate feeling of the Planet´s needs. In ancient Times, Folks used to GO WITH NATURE, and things worked much better and such “increasing health problems in human societies worldwide”- were not existent yet in such wide-spread ways and to this degree.

That needs to be changed again and brought to awareness, everywhere globally. This is a Planetary-wide Issue and Topic of Discussion.

Photo Description: Susan Elsa in the Botanical Garden Aswan/Egypt (November 2010)- while channeling the Album “I REMEMBER” ©

Michael Jacksons Earth Song: The Spiritual Vision beyond and Twin Flame Archangel Michael Summoning Happening Now © 777 Susan Elsa Project
Michael Jacksons Earth Song: The Spiritual Vision beyond and Twin Flame Archangel Michael Summoning Happening Now © 777 Susan Elsa Project

When we think of the Planet as a “Mother”, more with emotional attachment that way and in ways we can identify with, it becomes easier to care and stay aware than when People think of it as “a Planet”- not using this term in general in ever day life and not being aware of “Planetary Consciousness”.

I want to show you here a beautiful, spoken Poem by Michael, about Planet Earth- all our “Mother Planet and Home” for the Human Journey, and learning for Beyond:

PLANET EARTH POEM- by Michael Jackson

Michael is showing in this Poem the emotions and aspects of the above explained association between “A lover and the Planet”, speaking directly to the Planet´s feminine Consciousness, as if he speaks to me, his Twin Soul. That is how he tends to speak often, when doing this “Odes of Love” as he likes doing often, when “poetically talking me into sleep” to relax me.

If you could see what I and Michael see, the Vision, the Utopia type Earthly Society as we have said often before, you would instantly feel better inside already. If you have a nice dream and wake up, you tend to feel good like the dream vibes are still with you.

This is similar.

So, for this special Day today, it was just good to remind you, dear Readers, of these beautiful works by Michael Jackson, and these important reflections and thoughts.

For this Day, try to note down your Vision, personally, and reflect and meditate with relaxing Music, for example, on these Topics we have touched on today. More will come on this very central Subject of course.

Try to make a drawing/sketch, write down a Poem, or a simple Note of your Thoughts into a Diary. Keep your Vision up and alive, and keep the happy vibes from your Visions in your Mind.

Take a walk through Nature and enjoy the fresh air, having your Visions for the “Perfect Earth” in your mind and heart, emanating love and light to the environment. All this can support and help the Healing of this Planet, and gives each Soul Blessings when helping “Mother Nature” as a spiritual energy healer anyways.

Wishing you a wonderful, fantastic, joyful, light-full, music-full, healthy HAPPY EARTH DAY 2015!

We´re sending out a Major Love,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

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  1. I wish Michael jackson were here with me I am all alone I just can’t stop loving you I need you hold me close and to tough me and put your hands on me on my body

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