Astral Super Precise Insights with Michael Jackson in Spirit – Out of Body Experience Saturday 18th 2015 © TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

This will be a pure Text Article, without any Images, as here it will be important to use your Inner Image-ination, to see what will be described here. It is non-physical Energy, and simply another, second type Sight on things for Society and modern Humanity as well.

Last Night, was strange. I was still recovering from that cold, and did sleep very late. Then, I got up very early and the whole time it felt like, “Michael is angry about something but does not want to say to not hurt me by knowing what he saw”.

He does that. When he saw something, and he always does from Spirit, very clear it´s impressive- he would usually hint only and warn to “stay away and not read”, or he would straight out command me “do not read this bullshit, they talking shit about me, ignore it, please. “He would be very serious and I always listen to Mike, as he was ALWAYS right, even when I did not listen to him…some rare times.

There is, in fact, a lot coming up and well, we shaking up the whole Energetic Worlds Archangel Michael Style, so it also means “we are releasing now all Ghosts, our Ghosts”.

You can view it literal, as in we command all Ghosts in all Spaces, because WE ARE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, or you can view it as a Metaphor for “Karma mirrored back and released at the Ones that originally created it”.


Michael then just made a very unexpected, and huge move as it was so vivid and physical and precise, I still can´t fully believe this.

And then, I guess it was just him being angry and then he channeled so much Energy into me I felt so strong and protected! And then, he took me on a serious, serious Out of Body Travel, and I saw so clear, I still remember the precise vivid visuals now like sights seen by the physical eye and recorded in the aware physical brain. I could draw it, I could FILM IT.

I fell asleep, really asleep and deep, as he took me out of Body, and we were constantly hand in hand. We were in some strange place, I remember it, like a house “stationed in a close by dimension for work”- kinda like an Archangel Michael midway stop over pause house.

I know it so well, I saw it many times before! Same house, same location. But before, it was very spooky around it and felt like a “Ghost Town” and nobody was in the House across and the other House on the other side I could see. Only sometimes I would see some light there, like this 4th Dimension (right above the physical the closest spiritual dimension to here)- was very abandoned.

I somehow did not like this house. It felt strange, as I only started visiting this place after Michael had passed in 2009. So, I think it is obviously a Place he resides in, when traveling here around our Dimension doing hard spiritual work as the Archangel, and it is really logically his place.

This is NOT the Heaven Home I had described before here and in my Book as well, this is ANOTHER CLOSE BY DIMENSION. So close, from there “the Angels can observe things on Earth in detail and close up very precisely”.

So, after being in this House, Michael guided me to a Window that always used to show this “dead Garden” type sight and behind it another House that seemed totally empty of any life or beings. I visited, astrally in Spirit, this place many times.

But now, he said “look through the Window”- and as I did I saw the Garden totally blossoming and it was so sunny and a nice energy and all healed, and the House across felt so positive and alive and like People are inside of it now, or someone.

I was surprised.

Then, he took me to a totally different Place, and it seemed like it´s “Hollywood”, and literally back in Los Angeles, those typical LA Streets and Street Lamps I remember and the Hills where you see all this typical Hollywood View from the Houses.

He took me by my hand very fast, and we almost ran to this Street, it was sunny and BROAD DAY LIGHT, and right there positioned and ready stood two Camera Men with the Movie Camera pointed at something and ready to film. They pointed the Camera Lens at a Direction to the right down this Street, but a Fence was covering my view and Michael ran with me there so fast, I had no time to look at the Fence much.

Then, as I stood there and walked into the Camera, with my Back facing the Camera of “these Hollywood People”- I looked straight into the View they were nervously wanting to film and record.

I was shocked, shocked. In broad day light, down this View there behind that Fence, they aimed at filming PURE DARKNESS. I looked around it, and it was like “a Black Hole”, and those People “expected me to walk for them into this Darkness so they can film and tape it”.

I saw the detailed, precise “particles of dark energy” and was shocked to see so clearly on the energetic level, what energies “Hollywood is putting out”.

Then, my Mother called me and woke me up, by “mistake”. She did not call until I picked up, it was like 2 rings by accident- and then a Text Message “sorry”. Michael was right there, and said, he influenced her to do so “to get me out of there”. I saw what I had to see. I know everything now, on levels no human being ever saw this precise, like, how Michael sees it – NOW.

I realize and see fully now, what he experienced. It was like this…I can´t believe this.

From what I understand, Michael was tricked. It was all very hectic, and he was just focused on “his job” and giving all he got and his mind was totally flooded with creative ideas and thinking- over thinking, focusing, hectic, and then suddenly as he was “walking to begin filming”- he was surprised to see that they had “prepared for him to walk into darkness”.

This is not so funny for me, and I am having still a few questions for Michael, which we will discuss in private and take our time.

But I am very happy, about the House where the Garden and all was so well and filled with love energies and light, peaceful and healthy, and so that means, we already made big progress- in the 4th Dimension.

Now, it is, I think, all about “anchoring the energy of healing to manifest”- from the celestial “double” dimension to the physical 3rd dimension (manifested 4th Dimension).

I am still trying to grasp all this, and recovering from my cold and all that.

More on this, when the time is ripe and Michael says to.

I wish you all a wonderful Weekend, with a lot of Light, Love and Joyful Happy Vibes!

We´re sending out a Major Love Blue Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

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