Michael Jackson – “Twin Soul In The Mirror”: Merging Memories, Emotions and Knowledge © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

I woke up today, and saw outside the Windows a lot of rain and clouds and misty, cold early Spring Weather. So far, the Day has been very quite and I love to reflect and think, write and read when it is very rainy.

After waking up, Michael was already talking about many things, joking around, dropping comments I cannot say here, of a private nature. Then, even though I had announced next the Analysis of the King of Spain Portrait and Michael Jackson´s Portrait in the same Pose, but with different small Details, well Michael said we “drop another Article first” and then this other one. So the Art Analysis comes next! I just follow Michael´s Guidance.

I just sat at my PC, not connected to Internet for Data-security to protect Copyrighted and Personal Property from Interference (as it keeps happening since Summer 2010!), and opened a word doc, and my Photo Program where I make the Article Cover Images. It is very time-consuming and stressful at times, to go such lengths to protect our work and privacy. But more on this below, regarding the Merging Process of Twin Souls. It is a natural part of it actually, and I accept that now as well in the meantime.

I had no idea what is coming, and Michael just said “take this picture, yes, put it here, and this one over there, now look, you like it? This is our *Twin Soul In The Mirror* Science Research Title, and you know me, I want you to also make a second Artistic Project around that Truth, I will let you know more soon” and so forth.

Then this was the Result of the Photos Michael chose for this:

Michael Jackson Twin Soul In The Mirror- Insight Science Research Article and Merging Levels © Copyrighted Physical & Intellectual Property
Michael Jackson Twin Soul In The Mirror- Insight Science Research Article and Merging Levels © Copyrighted Physical & Intellectual Property

This is how he saw, felt and experienced things symbolically inside. He said, the Man in the Mirror PR Photo in the middle, reflects his inner Thoughts around it in the Visuals.

This is literal, as Michael Jackson proved our INNER TWIN SOUL MERGING in his Appearance Changes, fully public and a topic still debated and wondered about, by the public.

Clear Physical Changes Example Michael Jackson Famous Appearance Adjustment to Twin Soul Flame Looks © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Clear Physical Changes Example Michael Jackson Famous Appearance Adjustment to Twin Soul Flame Looks © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Let´s look at the aspects beside the visible, physical Biology now.


Well, this more an obvious topic we have published many things about, especially the I REMEMBER channeled Music Album in Egypt, from 2010. That was like a Birth of the Part where me and Michael report about our Memories, but not only in this Lifetime, back to ancient Egypt to our first Incarnation as well.

But today I want to talk a little bit about Michael Jackson´s memories, from this lifetime not our past life. Of course, I will have to keep it on general terms as best as possible, as me and Michael do not like to put out unknown very private Information. Michael did not go through this huge battle to protect his Privacy, for no reason. We like having Privacy too, you know.

Michael has a lot of happy memories, but also a lot of memories that contain anger to a degree, only a real Archangel Soul could handle it without being shattered into pieces, trust me.

Usually, the EMOTIONS would be felt by me first, and I would have some difficulty in the beginning to “differentiate between if it is his or my emotion”- it would suddenly wash over me, naturally. After the MEMORY to the emotion would come up more, and I would notice and suddenly realize: “Oh I see, this is your Memory Michael!”

One of the most emotional memories he merged with me is about bathing little Prince as a Baby. I saw it, I felt it, I “remembered it” as if it is my own Memory, but knowing it is of course Michael´s Memory as a Father. Michael always had very fatherly, protective instincts and could live that fully when he became really a Father for his Children. He loved being there for them, feed them, make them smile. I felt how he felt in his heart, during these moments, and I could not repress the tears, but happy tears more mixed with melancholy feelings.

Therefore, I do feel motherly feelings for Michael´s children, and I always will. I always, just like Michael, had very strong natural motherly feelings, toward adults AND children.

Michael felt “motherly and fatherly” as he raised his Children, and such memories he will keep forever. In fact, Michael says, it is not always all what it seems ON EARTH, and that IN SPIRIT Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket are his Spiritual Children for Eternity, and all will meet again…

When it comes to the Women Michael had relationships with, he also shared memories with me. I have to admit it took me some time to be really open toward that, because I generally don´t like the feeling of seeing anything of him and another woman, especially sexually. But we shared during this relationship trust building process, and the later merging when he ascended, all that to a degree you can´t imagine. I saw some sexual memories he has too, and we talked about it, in details. He explained to me, how “men feel during sex” and many such things, I will take to Heaven and never publicly speak in detail about, of course.


As a start, going from the Memories aspect to the Emotional Aspects of the Twin Flame Merging, things are very intertwined here. Memories are attached to Emotions, and therefore sharing Memories with Michael also at the same time brings in the Emotions he has attached to his Memories. This is a process in the Soul of letting more of the Masculine Twin Soul´s Energy flow into your Being- that is what the Merging Dynamics are and they keep merging and uniting and being two, uniting and being two, being one and two at the same time, in Consciousness.

As mentioned above in the Memory Merging point, here is some attached Emotions to the things Michael showed me his Memory from. I will just tell of my experience and hope you understand the example and what I mean to express:

I have never been the envious type of Girl anyways, and always appreciated seeing Beauty, in Men and in Women. This is a purely human thing, to acknowledge “Human Sisters Beauty and have Respect for each other”. Being attacked by Jealous Girls, this became a very important, central thinking in me from early on.

When I would see Girls talking gossipy about another Girl´s body or such, I would feel totally turned away from them and not want to be friends with them.

I had often mostly male Friends only, and almost no female Friends except for a few very unique type Girls. Over the years, I developed a bit of an “anti-Diva” attitude and would bring out the masculine side in me more, to not be “like these Girls at School bitching at each other for no reason”. Like chickens running around, over some Boys attention and fighting other Girls and comparing constantly and such nonsense.

Still, what happened after Michael passed and now after this Full Twin Soul Merging – is to me very strange in a funny way.

Before 2009:

I always thought of other women as very unattractive in general terms, as I am zero Lesbian and only like Men. Even if I had this special attitude against Jealousy and trying to appreciate generally all Human Beings around, it never meant I would look at a Woman and think:” She´s hot somehow”. I would view fashion, hair and appreciate and such, superficially, from a Girl´s Perspective and THINKING only.

After 2009:

Now, because Michael is always with me and present, when I walk around the City or see anything like on TV or in any event, sometimes Michael´s thoughts come through and obviously they come through into my Mind and I would get a bit put off first, like asking him “Hey Michael, what you looking at this Woman for huh?”

I would immediately know and feel, when he “perceives any other Person where I was locally at the time”. He would just giggle and tell me totally straight and open a reply, like:”Well, that´s a nature of us Men, we love seeing Beauty, look I´m showing you exactly how Men think and feel. Look this how we try to see this and that without that the Woman notices…”

That is such a unique Experience, I love how Michael shows me all about Men I always wanted to fully understand. It´s so interesting, and really I understand now all I always reflected on and wished to understand about Men, and the Secrets of True Love.

Me and Michael are Twin Souls and romantically, sexually connected, yes. But we are also Best Friends, and like Brother and Sister at the same time. We are by now kidding around together often, and I point at Woman to him saying:”Yeah this is the type of Girl you would have tried to pursue”, and we comment like Buddies about things. There is no Jealousy INSIDE the Twin Soul Connection, you know, it is always very certain and clear to both that no other Being could ever “compete with the Twin Soul Partner” anyways.

Jealousy is generally a bad thing, a bad energy. It is always good to try and stay away from it as far as possible, especially if you are a Spiritual Person, dear Readers.


Often now, for whatever reason I guess, I catch Women in public, just staring and staring at me, and when I look and notice, they look away in a strange shy way, not in a diva style way like prior to 2009.

I have a funny example here, from one of my Best Friends. She knows me for years, since we were around 12/13 years old. I am straight, she is straight, and married.

After I shared the Twin Soul information a bit with her, she started acting really funny in a serious way. First, she has been a huge MJ Fan as a Teenager, and had explained to me that back then she “had to cut because she felt she is becoming too obsessed with Michael and pulled in”. And she was very Christian, so this is like “idol worship” and so she cut it, and actually had given me all her Michael Jackson Fan Collection as a present back then.

Now, she was like fighting to “not get pulled into Michael´s very strong sexual Aura”. This especially was really bad, in a funny way, when we watched together the first time after buying it the “BAD Tour” DVD in HD. Michael was kissing my Neck, on my right side in Spirit, she sat on my left side watching the TV Screen, and the more he kissed my shoulder and neck, she was like feeling it “in the air” and suddenly said:”Okay, I need a break, can´t take it anymore, his energy too strong!” I did not tell her, what he is doing, and then started giggling and told her after she said that. We stood in the Balcony in the fresh air, and she said:”Well, can´t you tell Michael to turn it down a bit, it´s way too intense!” and we laughed.

In that time, as she was getting used to it all, my increasing Twin Soul Aura and always Michael´s Presence when she spends time with me in person, she visited me once and told me that Michael showed her a bit of “how he feels toward me”. She was in the Office working, it was sudden and typical Michael surprising moves. He likes teasing and surprising.

After, she said, she had difficulty not getting pulled in and started feeling like his feelings toward me, worrying “that she could jump on me when she sees me” in a sexual way. I laughed really hard about all that with her, she was complaining in a joking way that Michael “needs to cool it down a bit”.

Note: As I am writing, Michael suddenly said “look up the Song *Turn Back Time*, I will show you something fun”. So I did, a few different ones popped up and he pointed at one from a group named “Sub-Focus” and its on an Album named “TORUS”, like HORUS.

Take a look!

Michael is funny. Like he knows more than I do about what is being published EVERYWHERE on Planet Earth! That was a sudden Surprise, right now as I am writing this Article.

Okay, let´s continue on the merging Emotions. As you see, this is a very clear hint from Michael he means to express with pointing at this particular Song; He wishes on many things he could turn back time. Because it is natural, that Twin Souls want to live together, always. Also, he did some things in his life he consideres “big mistakes” and those things reflected karmically and negatively on me, which I had to deal with being totally innocent.

For example, so we do not have any misunderstandings here: Michael worked hard, very hard. He really exhausted his physical body, and that Twin Flame Mirror Effect it could have on me (another Person for real) he was NOT aware of back then. He was not aware, that if he hurts his right arm, for example, my left arm might be hurt through any event via the Twin Flame Mirror effect.

Then, of course, many of those Twin Flame Challenges were not his doing, but aimed at him from outside forces, and then that would have a Twin Soul Mirror Effect on me and my life. I am still in that “Echo Twin Flame Mirror Effect” which means, very strange things have manifested such as being regularly hacked and having to go extreme lengths, MJ style, to protect as best as I can any Productions or Privacy I have. Not because they want to publish it though, but because they want to cover this Twin Soul Truth up and confuse, mislead and impersonate. It is typical, typical Set, the same exact thinking and desires he had toward me and Osiris back in ancient Egypt, wanting to steal our Throne and Osiris place basically, and heavy Interferences with our Twin Flame Soul Situations and Balance, Health, Truth, Rights and so forth.

But it was very challenging to get used to being spied on this way, and I did not notice any spying back in LA when I was physically with Michael, I did not notice any hacking signs or spying signs when he passed also, it only began after he came back in Spirit and informed me that I am his “Twin Soul” and we began channeling and releasing the channeled Materials in Music first, in April 2010. By June/July the Interferences were VERY OBVIOUS, and deeply disturbing invasion of privacy. I could not believe it, and Michael was often being very cool about it and relaxed, as I was insecure, feeling harassed and angry. He would calm me down, and in the meantime I got used to all this, and I accept and understand that I cannot expect to be Michael Jackson´s Twin Soul, and be left in peace by the same forces that bothered Mike. It´s obvious.

Many things regarding our Twin Soul Story have arose in the meantime, and you can look it up online yourself what these interference forces are trying and doing publicly. That will show you even more, live, the Twin Soul truth as the merging means also, that “certain mirror situations will manifest that Michael had to deal with as well”- like public defamation tactics, racist games and doing everything to distract from my Music and Film Releases, and so forth. Especially my Book, of course, a Book with the Title “Archangel Michael´s Wedding”, with me and Michael Jackson in Spirit on the Cover holding Archangel Michael´s Sword of Truth, is NOT anything these forces like to see. *Big Smile*


Well, I will be here absolutely open now: I never felt like I can write Songs, well enough, so it would really get my Body moving. I could write Songs like “Mystery Garden”, more feminine energy, more slow singing and melodies.

So, with all those Emotions from Michael inside me now, he can like “remotely control my physical Body” and my Mind, this is the TWIN-LIGHT ZONE, where we consciously merge Minds for a certain task. That is what I call “Channeling” and “Channeled Songwriting and Film Directing”. We do it together.

It is not like Michael is “somehow floating in presence around” only, no. I SEE HIM, and then he is right next to me holding my hips for example from behind, and then like from his Mind into mine, like through this all-levels connection we have, he just “merges his Mind into my Mind as One” and I just get into this automatic channeling mode and it all just flows out, I can´t hold it back, or edit, or think even, it happens so fast!

Everything me and Michael are, is in my Arts now. My Soul.

When I dance now, or sing, or create any Movie project and so forth, me and Michael are dancing in “Colors of Memories, Sexual Union and Eternity” vibes, that is how it feels.

Also, when it comes to subjects like History and Experiences, of a Black guy here, we have this “Knowledge Merging” and I often more than ever feel for moments like “I´m a black guy/girl”. I feel like “from an inner experience” how it is to experience for example “racism directed toward you because you are black”, or “how it is to be so famous and this energy from the Fans they share”- its very interesting, unique and I really enjoy this journey with Michael a lot.

Also, when it comes to especially Romantic Relationships, I have always been able to give good advice to People and People would seek my advice, always, female and male. But now, I REALLY UNDERSTAND and have the KNOWLEDGE about the Truth of Love between Woman and Man. All the things I always reflected on and sought to understand, I do now, about the secrets of a happy marriage and sex and all these things which I felt before I did not fully understand yet.

The Twin Flame experience helps here to see through and give good advices to anyone, may it be other Twin Flame couples, or general earthly Relationships as all Relationships are valuable and beneficial for the Twin soul Evolution.

BLOG TALK RADIO INTERVIEW WITH AMBASSADOR ANDREW WILLIAMS JR (LOS ANGELES): Here is a Video that was made of my Interview from Saturday after Earth Hour, many important Topics we touch for further focus, healing and reflecting, please share for Mother Earth ❤

What A Twin Soul Really is in VISUAL TEACHINGS and Soul Energy Expressions ©

What A Twin Soul Really Is in VISUAL TEACHINGS and More © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
What A Twin Soul Really Is in VISUAL TEACHINGS and More © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

If you look here, you see that you have the “same soul auric energies expression”, but Michael is more masculine OF THE SAME SOUL, and I am more feminine OF THE SAME SOUL. Especially if you look at the Eyes, as they represent a Window to the Soul.

And what it does to the Appearance, is MAKING SOUL TRUTH PHYSICALLY VISIBLE. Look below, some Insights:

2009 PHOTO

Susan Elsa 2009 before Physical Merging with Michael Jackson and Channeling Merged Union Truth © TwinFlame Soul Official
Susan Elsa 2009 before Physical Merging with Michael Jackson and Channeling Merged Union Truth © TwinFlame Soul Official


Susan Elsa New Picture and Videos 2015- Update on Biological Appearance Merging with Michael Jackson © TwinFlame Soul Official Infomation
Susan Elsa New Picture and Videos 2015- Update on Biological Appearance Merging with Michael Jackson © TwinFlame Soul Official Infomation
Michael Jacksons Magic: Spiritually Channeled Meditation Stories for MJ Fans- Soul Family © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jacksons Magic: Spiritually Channeled Meditation Stories for MJ Fans- Soul Family © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Through the PHYSICAL BODY EXPRESSION you can see the inner masculine and feminine Twin Soul Dynamics “merging in an eternal Dance”.

Twin Flame Key Archangel Michael Jackson July 2010 by Susan Elsa © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Twin Flame Key Archangel Michael Jackson July 2010 by Susan Elsa © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Sometimes Michael appeared more masculine, sometimes he channeled more of my feminine Energies, as I sometimes appear more feminine, and sometimes I channel more of his masculine Energies.

I understand that when people do not remember and therefore know anything about these inner soul depths, that they might have thought Michael is gay and that I am some “tomboyish Girl so I must be a Lesbian”. But that is completely NOT THE CASE HERE!

We are not gay, we are A TWIN SOUL, one “twin is feminine”, the other “twin is masculine”, and together sharing A SOUL = ONE SOUL.

More on this Topic soon, until then, enjoy your Spring Start and the Magic of Mother Nature!

We´re sending out a Major Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©



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