The Twin-Light Zone: About Karma… © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

This is an Article, about “Karma Science” and Karmic laws, teachings and what the actual term “Karma” means to begin with.

We have Nivi Ranjani contributing today as a special Guest Author as well!

The Twin-Light Zone: About Karma... © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Twin-Light Zone: About Karma… © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

This came up yesterday, as I was talking with a friend regarding her Twin Soul, and Michael stepped in to let me know certain things to tell her and protect her, from a chaotic influence by another male person. Michael was being very serious, and very gentle at the same time, signaling first things with his facial expression to me, then speaking very clear and strong on details from this other Friend´s life, advice for her he was giving, and then this subject came up, parallel on TV, by some Comedian I noticed that moment making a stand up joke about “Karma”.

So, as a practical advice and important spiritual information, we will explain a bit more on what that Karma actually means, how it is built/created, how it is healed and balanced and also, how it works specifically regarding Twin Flames. Especially when it comes to others doing the so-called “Twin Flame Interferences”.

So, yesterday, Michael spontaneously opened up this channeling, and in certain parts I typed live to my friend, he said “copy and paste it into a draft for an article right now, start the article now with dated draft, then leave it and continue tomorrow then…”. So I did.

Now, after I began continuing it, Michael suddenly gave me the assignment to write to my Indian Spiritual Sister, Nivi Ranjani, that he wants her to write a guest author contribution for this Karma Article as well. Now…


Note Term: The word “Karma” is used throughout the World now, and originally comes from Indian Spiritual Culture and Teachings. When People in Western Societies use it nowadays, everyone intuitively knows thought what is meant with it. A spiritual energy, which is created by own action, and “returns to the creator”.

I want to give you an insight here therefore, on the original Indian term and what it means there, and then give you a new perspective or additional details from Archangel Michael´s views.

Just found for you this beautiful Website, Original Source LINK:


“As you sow, so shall you reap” is a common phrase in life which concisely sums up the law of karma.

Karma is the universal Hindu law of cause and effect which holds a person responsible for his or her actions and effects. According to one’s good or bad actions, Bhagwan rewards or punishes. The word ‘karma’ means human action or deed; we are constantly performing karmas whether physically, mentally, or emotionally. A person’s karma is responsible for good or bad consequences in his or her life. Nothing in this world happens accidentally or coincidentally; there is a reason behind everything though it may not be clear to us at that time. Good actions produce happiness and bad actions lead to suffering and misery in the present or next life. A person’s past actions govern his present, and his present actions have an effect on his future. This means that every person is, to a certain degree, the creator of his own destiny.

All of our karmas are performed in one of two ways. The first way is called nishkãm karma, when actions are performed without any expectation of material gain, ego, or material desires. Nishkãm karmas are only performed to fulfill one’s duties and please God. The second way is called sakãm karma, when actions are performed with an expectation of material desire or purpose. Bhagwan Swaminarayan taught the ideal of performing one’s karmas without the expectation of material gain. He stressed the need for an aspirant to have one desire – to please God even while performing nishkãm karma.

In Hindu Dharma there are 3 types of karmas:

  1. Kriyamãn karma are karmas being acquired every moment. The fruits of these karmas can be attained in this life, the next, or after many births.
  2. Sanchit karma is an accumulation of karmas containing the sum total of all a person’s karmas from one or many past lives. The fruits of these karmas are being experienced or have yet to be experienced.
  3. Prãrabdha karma is a part of one’s sanchit karma that is being experienced in this birth. For example, the attributes and conditions of one’s physical body and mental capacities are due to one’s prãrabdha karmas.

– End of Excerpt- ( ©

Michael Jackson: Dreamy Fan Pop Art created by Indian MJ Fan Nivi Ranjani ©
Michael Jackson: Dreamy Fan Pop Art created by Indian MJ Fan Nivi Ranjani ©


Here I’m willing to write about “karma” from what I’ve come to know & understand based on life experiences & some advices I heard from the dear Lord Krishna .

Karma is a simple universal fact that can be really understood with an open flexible mindset.
It’s the concept of what & how we attract consequences based on our intentions, will and behavior .

We’ve often heard a lot of people say “what goes around , comes around .” & I found it to be very much true so far in my life. I’ve myself seen how karma works.

Being a women who lives in a country where there’s too much of gender bias & no equal liberty for women , it wasn’t easy for me to trust & deal with closed minded and less evolved people who all think it’s ok to suppress and abuse feminine human rights. Many people wanted to control me & my life so badly that they did not want me to shine as a strong free-spirited & an independent young girl. Such people wished to see me as an ordinary stay-home kind of girl as that’s how the people here consider to be the standardized status of women. As frustrating as it sounds it did really get on my nerves & pushed me and motivated me to stand up for all innocent female beings & fight for their rights and freedom.

So anyways on the other hand as I surrendered myself to THE GOD / THE ALMIGHTY & knowing that being an innocent soul I let out all my worries and grief to him hoping he sees my situation & helps me out in some way. Miraculously pretty soon I have to come to see that people who were bothering me were seemed to be stuck in the kind of crisis they wished for me. It made to realize and understand very well about how serious God is when it comes to The Universal Law of Karma.

One can never get away from his negative intentions & bad actions that cause suffering for other beings.

We always got to treat everyone the way we want to be treated.

Whatever you give is what you get . You give good & and you receive good ; you give bad & receive bad. As simple as that.

Lord Krishna said that when we’re hurt & abused by someone, we have to let go of that pain and suffering by willingly sacrificing the wounded feeling to the healing light of God & think about innocent people who are going the same crisis like us, consider their feelings as ours & fight hard to bring justice for them all. That’s the right way & that’s a good karma. Rather if we hold on to the pain & let the hatred build up inside us it’ll become our hell & it’s a bad karma. One must never think of having revenge & instead the affect person must try to bring only justice for the actions.

Thinking only about our own problem & seeking revenge is a negative karma but thinking about every good people & considering their issues as our own problem & fighting for our common justice is good karma.

Also generally karma is not actually a bad thing. Everything happens for a reason & only we are responsible for what we attract ( be it good or bad) . Karma helps in the growth of our soul. It’s a kind of lesson to sharpen the discipline of our doings. Karma will lead us to have an open mind, to have a higher level of understanding & to become more empathetic.

Krishna says if a person accepts his karma & lives according to it then he’ll succeed in evolving. Instead if the person tries to escape from his karma & let his ego play him off then that person will be loaded with more karmic weights till he accepts & finally it becomes  too heavy for him to handle ! He cannot carry them further.

In Bhagavad Gita (The Holy Hindu text) , there’s a type of discipline called karma-yoga which is the process of achieving perfection in action and it is said to be the most effective way to progress in spiritual life.

Sure we all have free will to do whatever we want but we have to remember that God’s will of bringing justice for his innocent children & protecting innocent souls is much more stronger and powerful.

However we make use of our free will in the end we MUST deal with GOD’S LAW OF KARMA accordingly.

Here’s a quote from Bruce Lee on karma. I found it in his book ‘Tao of Jeet Kune Do”:

“The way to transcend karma lies in the proper use of the mind and the will. The oneness of all life is a truth that can be fully realized only when false notions of a separate self , whose destiny can be considered apart from the whole, are forever annihilated.” – BRUCE LEE –

Thank you dear Susan & Michael for providing me with the opportunity for writing my views & understanding of The Karmic Law.


Nivi Ranjani


Thank you, dear Nivi for your sharing from your perspective, as an Indian young Woman. I think this is really important, and I felt Michael wants to give Nivi the chance to share a few things as well, because he cares a lot to heal India and the situation that Indian women face.

Michael would often say, back in the day when he had just released Thriller, that he is “from India”- joking because he felt he looked Indian. And he really did. Take a look here:

The Twin-Light Zone: About Karma... © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Twin-Light Zone: About Karma… © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Here is an Astrological Chart based on my and Mike´s personal Birth Data. Please click link below to read that Analysis.

Michael Jackson: Astrological Chart shows Link to Ancient India Past Life ©


Michael Jackson: Authentic Twin Powers – Witness Report & Documentations-

These are just a few chosen previous article links, to focus on the subject Ancient India and the Girls and Women of India today in modern time and their healing and empowerment in society and the World.

Now, I will show you the Text that Michael dictated to me for this Article:

The Twin Light Zone: Twin Flames Ying/Yang Energies and Merging Dynamics © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Twin Light Zone: Twin Flames Ying/Yang Energies and Merging Dynamics © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


© Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris)

When you think something, you trigger the starting “spark” of that energy to manifest into matter (dense matter). On earthly terms this happens in a slow motion, dense and material world, unlike the rules of the spiritual realms where I am at now.

From here, it is easy to see those energies that are created by thoughts, emotions and actions of people on Earth, and we can see the very “manifestation path” in all details and how over here or there, it will “start showing or manifest and do harm or help”.

From an earthly perspective, in the limited Human Consciousness, you aren´t aware nowadays on focus and staying aware of those things. I have always reflected on these matters, in my mind, in my heart, and in my songs.

This is another aspect of the message from “The Man in the Mirror” song, as it was a deep reflection I had throughout my life, this message. This moral concept, this spiritual loyalty and motivation to make the best out of myself and all my environment as best as I can, for God. That´s how it looked like, in my heart, you know.

Now, if you hear the word “karma”, what do you think of?

Some people think it means generally “negative karma”, as in spiritual consequences manifesting, based on prior actions in the past. Then others know more and understand that the term itself it only a neutral one, and describes this particular energy that emanates from thoughts, emotions and actions.

Life is eternal Creation, you know.

And as you live, and walk and breathe, talk, feel, decide inside in your mind in which direction to put YOUR FOCUS, you create, you give out energy, you send out rays of energetic matter that can either pinch or embrace another.

I really mean it, on all levels.

– Thought

– Emotion

– Action

It is not enough, to force yourself basically to not take action, but you feel bad things and have bad thoughts toward another. Of course, we are talking here about having such thoughts or feelings as in “jealousy, envy” – well, and those two emotions and thought forms alone can trigger a whole list of other negative emotions and thoughts. That is then like, a shadowy energetic matter that is emanated, instead of light and bright energetic matter through positive and truthful thoughts and emotions.

The shadow energy created, then goes out and starts manifesting, on many finer levels you aren´t even aware of. It can hurt others, it can sting auras and energy fields of other human beings and animals, nature and the consciousness of a person, a group or humanity, the more it spreads. All of humanity´s mass consciousness is connected, and then again all are connected to Planet Earth, and Spirit. All is one, you know, with God.

And because there are karmic laws in place, nobody can twist or get around, here comes the tricky part:

If you do such things and create shadow in the world, yourself and others, this creates that “negative karma” for you and that means, your created energies you made with your free will, thought, emotion and action. This naturally, as it is your creation, and therefore part of you and your doing, thought etc., it “comes back to you” no matter how far you try to push it. It is part of you, and taking spiritual responsibility and working on facing your mirror honestly, and healing all that, changing and correcting how you think, feel and act, is the better way to go.

It is always worth it, to be a good person, believe me. It doesn´t matter what situation you are in, what others think, do, or feel about you. All that matters is you. Do not take on others bad energies when you live on Earth. When people bully you, for example, at school, do not let it get you down and start “taking in their manifestations and shadow energies” and then re-create more shadow yourself, again. This is the cycle we are trying to heal and educating about is the first step.

When you think, feel and do things in tune with love, the light, you are always safe no matter what. I say this, because often the first reaction from people who are living in the shadow side of duality on Earth is to be jealous, envious, attack and interfere if they see you “raising and brightening your light”. They sense that, like hunters looking for their hunt. So, know, that is all just them, keep it away and keep the focus on what you are doing; Expanding your self, and your love-light.

When your thoughts, emotions and actions emanate always from a place in your heart, where there is love, nothing can go wrong. It can manifest in the needed ways, energy to protect you and your surroundings from “shadow energies” and it can create miracles, happy situations, and wonderful unique experiences, opportunities, gatherings, healings and more. It is limitless, what the human mind is actually capable of.

I always tried to show that vision to the world, to people. To “take you there”, to this place where there is real magic, dreams, a deep, deep dream of humanity to be able to overcome the physical limitations of this human World. This is a natural part of each of us, and a call from our own Souls to ourselves.

It is always better to enjoy, than to suffer. Always better to love, than to hate. It is always worth it, to chose love over fear.

All these things are very important for you to know, and stay aware of. There are many things, on these levels, undergoing a change right now led by Spirit, meaning, God determined and the Angels follow and are working on it. Those energies could even be measured, in scientific ways, but the methods aren´t really developed yet actually on Earth. But some devices and things are around to test such “quantum particles moving energies” being created by thoughts or emotions- think about that and research!

It is time for all humanity to remember these things, to become more aware so that it may be a natural loving, compassionate society in the future on Earth.

I hope I could make you feel my care for you in this message and I hope you still remember all I stood for and fought for. It is important. Love is all we have, especially after we ascend to heaven, you know. Love is what really makes life worth living and why one would want to live forever- to be able to love forever.

I love you all from the bottom of my soul,

Your Michael

I A.M. MICHAEL (Spiritual Pop Art 777) © 2013
I A.M. MICHAEL (Spiritual Pop Art 777) © 2013

By the way, here is the Text part that Michael channeled yesterday during this Chat, giving advice to our friend:

“Meaning if you have a phase, where you kinda loose your path, you constantly every day create “energies and things” and then all that, if you get out and balance your life, wont just be gone overnight, but the balancing and healing itself is a process where karma is healed then…

You take spiritual responsibility for all you do and create, by emotions, thoughts, actions, decisions, publications etc etc”

I can´t even add much to all Michael already dictated so wonderfully, so I will leave it at that and when the time is ripe, we will dive deeper into ancient and modern India, with focus on Spirituality and a lot more.

We´re sending out a Major Love Ray,

Special Soul Family Guest Author- Nivi Ranjani


Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

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