Michael Jackson Past Life Memory Series – I REMEMBER – First Twin Soul Incarnation in Ancient Egypt © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

In this Article here, we will explain in depth the Evolution of Twin Flames, from the first Incarnations (long time ago), to modern Time. We will explain in depth also, from a genetic and biological, scientific perspective, how over the Incarnations, the Cycle of Birth and Death, the dynamics change WITHIN THE TWIN SOUL.

Michael Jackson Past Life Memory Series- I REMEMBER- First Twin Soul Incarnation in Ancient Egypt © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson Past Life Memory Series- I REMEMBER- First Twin Soul Incarnation in Ancient Egypt © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


Of course, this subject is very broad and deep and needs more than just one small Article. But this is why I started this Blog, on August 28th 2011 (while working on WOMEN OF THE WORLD- Project) to be correct, “with the first spark of unpublished channeled writing”- and officially opened it on 11-11-11 (11th November 2011). This is the Archangel Michael “Enforcement of Truth, the Will of God and Light Protection”- Blog, ArchangelMichael777.

I realize, every time I see People seeking real Twin Flame Information and Teachings out there, that the situation on this Planet is very unfortunate. I remember in ancient Times, People openly knew about Twin Flames. People taught babies, small Kids already openly about that. We could be ourselves, we could live freely and evolve more openly regarding spirituality and inner soul work. I just came to the concluding realization now, that it is my duty to be more open and help inform the public about all these things. This is why the last few months I have been displaying all those “tons of information channeled into tons of Articles in a short time”. Because me and Michael have the spiritual duty to speak up, when certain forces on dualistic Earth spread false Twin Flame “teachings”.

Twin Souls are not something “bound to this dimension” at all, and you are simply NOT ALLOWED to pin “dualistic energies toward any twin soul”, as the COMPLETED TWIN SOUL is something of a higher vibration, our true life form in Heaven so to speak, and it is an eternal truth and “beyond duality”.

Archangel Michael- The “Dragon Slayer”- look closely at the background, and look on top at the Golden Music Instruments above Mike´s Head. Beautiful Frame for this Painting by Mr David Nordahl. I love, love, love Mr Nordahl´s Style. I see why Michael loved working with him.

Archangel Michael- The Knight (Photo for educational Purpose) © David Nordahl
Archangel Michael- The Knight (Photo for educational Purpose) © David Nordahl

This is Insight into Archangel Michael´s Evolution, including Spiritual Promotion. Being crowned holding a Sceptre, being initiated and becoming a Knight, and holding the Sword made out of Light. This is all Archangel Michael Symbolism, bold into the public´s face. The Royal Ancient Egyptian Cobra Symbol coming out of his Shoes (middle), the Mirroring Double Style, the big M in the middle of the Frame below, marking it. The “fleur the lis” in the Background. The Warrior Helmet held by Michael on the right side, in gold, with white Feathers on top, and two Golden Wings as if “held up”. Now, imagine this Helmet on his Head, his Eyes looking willed and angry for battling injustice, and open your Eyes; You can´t deny that this is all 100% Archangel Michael Elements.

Archangel Michael- The Knight (Photo for educational Purpose) © David Nordahl
Archangel Michael- The Knight (Photo for educational Purpose) © David Nordahl

Now, look at a tiny detail in the original Frame Mike had hanging at Neverland:

Archangel Michael- The Knight (Photo for educational Purpose) © David Nordahl
Archangel Michael- The Knight (Photo for educational Purpose) © David Nordahl

In the upper right, and upper left corners of the FRAME, are Two Angelic Faces, mirroring each other. Have you ever considered what it actually means, to build into buildings sculptures and faces that are “in doubles on left and right side looking like mirror images”? Ancient Egypt was very big on Architecture and has inspired many of these things, together with other ancient Cultures.


Each Twin Flame Couple makes the Blueprint for the Life Plan prior to Birth. Sometimes, it is one half that comes to Earth for incarnating, while the other half remains in Spirit to guide and help with the temporary earthly learning journey. That is how usually Twin Flames come to Earth, now.

It has not always been that way. The conditions on Planet Earth now also determine, if both CAN INCARNATE SAFELY TOGETHER, or not.

So, just like individual finger prints each Person has, each Twin Soul and each Soul Half in the Complete Masculine and Feminine Counterpart- Twin- Soul, is UNIQUE.

The Soul in the way it has been created, is originally in basic matter the same, for each “being”. Then, add FREE WILL on it, and you have the Evolution basics.

Over eons and eons, in time and space, and beyond it, free will “shaped each individual Soul´s Self Consciousness and Evolution stage”.

Examples of Twin Flame Couples Diverse own and unique Experiences:

– Some decide to be born as parent and child, or grand-parent and grand-child

– Some decide to be born as brother and sister

– Some decide to be born as friends, and do earthly work together only

– Some decide to be born to experience a far distance connection-training, without ever meeting (yet)

– Some decide, to experience gay relationships perspectives on the own and other´s perspective (strengthening male, or female energies in the whole)

I would like to show you here a really great Student Article from the University of Berkeley, by Shruti Koti. Here is the original Link:


TWIN SOUL MERGING- THE PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE ASPECT (Time & Space)- Continued in Depth Information © ArchangelMichael777

Michael Jackson Past Life: How He looked like as Osiris (Example) © TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson Past Life: How He looked like as Osiris (Example) © TwinFlame Soul Official

This, as shown in the Insight in the previous Article today, is how Michael Jackson looked prior to 1982, which is the “spiritual twin flame birth phase” where many things changed for Michael.

That is the best visual example, from modern Photography which I can provide you to describe how he looked as Osiris. I chose this one, as Osiris did not wear a big Afro, it was hot and ancient Egyptians would actually shave their head a lot (for head dresses to fit better also), or keep it short and trimmed. At least this is how men would do it, but also quite a few women.

I have a good question for you here, to ask yourself now:

Have you ever seen Nefertari (Nefertiti some think is her Name) depicted without a covered head?

Now, Twin Flame Merging knows no time or space, and happens always and constantly. The whole ETERNAL LIFE ITSELF is constant “twin flame merging” for the two halves of the same soul. Of course it is very different once going TOGETHER AS ONE into the next life form. But still, the energetic dynamics, like in electricity with positive and negative poles forming “the cycle of energy”- it is like the breath of life, spiritually. This is energy study of twin flames I am giving you insight on here.

Me and Michael are planning working now with wonderful, educated Scientists and Engineers for a Project about the Dendera Light. Will keep you updated on this extraordinary Science Research. Of course, it needs funding and science research and experiments funding, I´m no expert but I do not think it is easy. But this is so good, I am optimistic it will happen.

The following things are still today said and remain from the ancient Stories:

– Osiris and Isis were “brother and sister”

– Osiris was black and had a special Title amongst many Titles for his beautiful black skin; The “Black King”

– The darker the skin color, the more ancient Egyptians believed that someone would have “spiritual strength”- all these things remained for a long time after Osiris had lived in Egypt.

– Osiris was also known for his exceptional Dance skill. He created special own signature Dances, which would be performed at ceremonies in front of him by others to honor him, or performed also until much later times reaching even into modern Africa. (Just, today nobody remembers the original meaning of the traditional dances…)

The pointers in the information show you here clear parallels to things known publicly about Michael Jackson as well.

Now, we are moving into the Twin-Light-Zone, where its all about merging on all levels, including physical and in appearance.

The Twin Light Zone: Twin Flames Ying/Yang Energies and Merging Dynamics © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
The Twin Light Zone: Twin Flames Ying/Yang Energies and Merging Dynamics © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

The Twin Light Zone is all about the Merging Zone and Tones, where the Two Masculine and Feminine Twin Flame Energies and Consciousnesses interact and “unite”.

Some Information on my Ancient Egyptian Appearance © Susan Elsa

As some of you, dear Readers, might have read in my Book, “Archangel Michael´s Wedding”, I had this challenging situation and suddenly Anubis popped up, manifesting and looking like the famous ancient Egyptian Depiction of Anubis. Long Story short (read more in the Book on this)- Anubis ended up “putting my face through the veil of time and showing me full memory of my past life as Isis” – and the first visual memory I saw, was that my literal consciousness changed as I pushed my face more beyond this veil. I felt, how my “nose felt bigger and my skin was darker, and my lips fuller”. I also felt “some magical ancient Egyptian huge eyeliner line type make up” conscious memory, on my face. It was so special, and I will never forget all the memories returned, once you remember, you remember the time, you know.

In the Introduction Part 1, of our Animation Project, where me and Michael will do channeled Film Directing together, we will reconstruct our Past Life Memories and Twin Flame Story in Details.

Here is Part 1, which function like an internal Demo Reel as well for planning the technical Style of the Production and more. I am trying to create a completely new Spiritual Cinematography.

As you saw in the Cover Image, for educational Purpose, of this Article here, Michael has these widely known Photographs from the Making Of for “Black or White”– the revolutionary Video with Video Morphing Technology applied the first time.

Michael Jackson´s Black or White Message (Spiritual)- Twin Flames Merging and Channeling in Art Expressions © ArchangelMichael777
Michael Jackson´s Black or White Message (Spiritual)- Twin Flames Merging and Channeling in Art Expressions © ArchangelMichael777

In this Photograph, you see the often by Michael ripped white shirt, under a black shirt. This symbolizes “contrasts, black and white, different ends of the same equation”, merged inside Michael as he had vitiligo in real life, and digested it in a perfect artistic expression here, for peace and love, unity and compassion for every human being out there.

He tried to use his own personal life experiences, reflections and thoughts that way, to share what he learned and concluded in his mind: It doesn´t matter if black or white, all that matters is the soul.


Revealing only one breast, is a very ancient symbol from Isis with son Horus, breast feeding. It is also actually, even older and from the beginning of time on this Planet, when Mothers existed and breast fed, human and animals, this “one breast symbolism” expresses the “motherly nurturing of the child”.

Michael was intuitively, partially aware, partially just natural and not fully aware, channeling with me, his Twin Flame Soul. Anything he did after 1982, is connected with me, no matter how or from which perspective you look at it.

MICHAEL JACKSON´S “FEMININE TWIN FLAME ENERGIES”- Channeling the Twin Soul © Copyrighted Information

So, in ancient Egypt, Osiris (Michael´s Past Incarnation) was famous for being “the King” and “a unique Dancer with a certain Magic”. Music and Dance was very important to ancient Egyptians, and actually, Music and Dance still is today important to Young Modern Egyptians.

I, was known for my Singing and “Magic Songs”, because Music and Sound was a big part actually of Ancient Egyptian Magic Methods.

We looked alike, in ancient Egypt as well. All those “twin-features” are not something that ever changes. In fact, we, all of us meaning now, do not change that much between incarnations. The soul essence, of the same soul, remains always that same soul. The essence doesn´t change; it remains in constant vibration, rooted in the eternal Self, and is only re-formed and re-shaped at Will and Experience, which is why Human Beings are HERE. It is a training phase, for the Soul.

At least, that is the original Plan for this Planet.

So, when Michael reincarnated then, I was still in Spirit and had no physical Appearance at the “linear moment on Earth”. I was with Michael, in Spirit though.

He reincarnated, again, as a Black Man- showing how the once African Kings were suddenly in this new country, having to work their way up in society, with really hard work and determination.

Osiris´soul power symbolism, the deeper timeless message, is really important for every Black Man reading this. This is the root of your true History, and Potential, which Osiris, the first Black King in ancient Egypt, introduced actually like as in “Civilization, Law, Farming” and all.

And in a first Twin Flame Incarnation, where both really are parallel here and unite in the flesh, it is a new and profound experience for the Soul. Something that is always remembered, for all eternity in fact. It is the first spark of this earthly stage of evolution, where Twin Flames learn and grow, for higher life forms that come after this one here.

I best try to give you a theoretical educational example here, Michael says:

Imagine, a complete Twin Soul is born, both halves, man and woman, onto this Planet. The male is Chinese and lives in China. The female is, Irish and lives in Ireland.

They obviously, at first sight for the physical eye, might not seem to look alike at all. Let´s say, the Irish female has light brown hair, and a European genetic make up (flesh body), and the Chinese male has black hair, and an Asian genetic make up (flesh body).

If in this example, we are talking about Twin Flames, they STILL will share the “twin features”- such as the Chinese male looking more “Irish” than other average Chinese Men, and the Irish female looking more “Asian” than the average Irish Women. The shared experiences, mirror effect, parallels in life in emotions, skills, visions, dreams, all that is always the same and spiritual rule, if we are dealing with real Twin Flames. This example is based on a True Twin Flame Story, but it is not mine to tell or decide to tell and I respect this other Twin Soul Couple deeply.

Meaning, it does not matter, if Black or White, so to speak, as in Michael´s Song Message, the Soul Truth always shines through and real Twin Flames can make the impossible become possible, and are simply NOT BOUND TO RULES OF DUALISTIC EARTHLY PHYSICALITY.

In my and Michael´s case, he was as described from spiritual perspectives, reborn as a Black Man in America, and I reborn as an Egyptian in Europe.

All that has spiritual reasoning, to help the Planet, and you will see it for yourself as we move ahead and reveal, heal, show and teach, and entertain.

Still, Michael had twin-features with me, prior to 1982, and my Father looks like he could be one of the Jacksons, with an Egyptian-Mexican Look. My Dad was walking around, in the 70s, with a big Necklace with his Name on the Medallion (M), and with an Afro as he has the super curly hair for it. My Mother on the other hand, has milky-white skin and looks like she could be from many different places and ethnicities, hard to guess, just like me.

This is the modern Incarnation, and “after Thriller” Michael Jackson underwent a public Twin Flame Merging Dynamic, with me, and he showed it to you in Melodies and Lyrics, “Odes of Love” as he likes to call it.


When Twin Flames are both born parallel, in a time line where they could meet on Earth, in some cases they are “not there yet”, and in other cases where they actually meet, both show PRIOR clear merging signs and clear signs and symptoms showing in body, mind and soul that a “male/female soul dynamic balance” in manifesting.

So, Twin Flames do not have to look identical extremely at all times, as explained because every Soul is unique and can make own life and incarnation plans for their Souls- BUT, when both ARE READY AND GOD REUNITES THEM TO MEET ON EARTH THEY ALWAYS LOOK LIKE TWINS. The Body shows the Soul inside, in that case, as both are one and the same Essence. It can stretch and bend, but this rule never breaks. At all times, Twin Flames look “like the same soul essence made these bodies” even if “seemingly completely different races and from different spaces”.

This topic is so huge, and deserves clear scientific and biological studies and guest writings by real experts from the physicality aspect, and me and Michael bring in the spiritual Knowledge, even a Math Formula we are working on to help Science develop a reliable, scientific method to research the subject “Twin Souls”.

Once this is established, all Twin Flames will have a much easier, smoother path. This is the ultimate function of the Archangel Michael, and he came here, fought and battled injustice, sang about the important matters, transformed in front of you and made the whole Planetary Globe focus and pay attention, and discuss and debate. And once this, scientifically, is established and the doors open, generally meaning, for Twin Flame Research and acknowledging this as an integral, core part of every human being- the Planet will be different already in vibration and consciousness.

The Truth is rising through the Blue Ray of Truth and Protection, and hopefully soon, Humanity will see their own FULL POTENTIAL, all the beautiful forgotten aspects with which God created each and every single Human Soul.

This is it for today, I am taking off the Weekend and wish you all too a magical Start of Spring 2015!

We´re sending out a Major Love Blue Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

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