Michael Jackson: What the ancient Egyptian Resurrection Magic really means… © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

I am so relieved right now. I was going through cleansing up the last “twin flame mirror reflection worries” regarding Michael´s Transition and all I went through with him in that time, the past 2 weeks, not showing my inner pressure to anyone but Michael. After years of not going much to Doctors and taking care of regular Check Ups, especially about Cancer after the Poisoning and all that “Twin Flame Mirror Effect Worries”.

Before making the appointment, Michael insisted, he said:“Go make this cancer test, if you need it emotionally and mentally to calm down and believe me. I am telling you, everything is okay, you are fine. I am protecting you.” I really needed this now, for a conclusion of the heavy challenging twin flame transition when Mike passed in 2009. Yes, all this time I was healing and adjusting to OUR ASCENDED TWIN FLAME CONSCIOUSNESS.

Michael healed all food allergies and sleep problems and those major issues I had, like I was NOT sleeping AT ALL, walking around night after night in 2008-2010. The anger, was so much, over the injustice done to Mike, done to me, my physical sleep function somehow was “deactivated completely”. I experienced very traumatic crimes in Los Angeles, I will never be able to forget how I fought to survive and keep breathing during this Poisoning in this freakin BEDROOM DAY IN DAY OUT, laying there dizzy, throwing up into my hand, not able to take any food in, crying, freezing, having black spots like “death signs” appearing on my LEFT BODY SIDE. Having serious asthma attacks, trying to avoid serious traffic accidents in this crazy LA traffic. I will never forget how me and Michael were attacked and struck smooth criminally. I knew, I knew when I leave Los Angeles, Michael is “not safe anymore”. I felt it in my soul, but I was dying and poisoned, thinking I have pre-cancer due to FAKE AMERICAN DOCTORS TELLING ME THAT, AS A STUDENT THERE, AND MAKING APPOINTMENTS FOR BIOPSIES CLAIMING: “COME ON, MAKE ANOTHER APPOINTMENT, WE WILL GIVE YOU DISCOUNT IF YOU MAKE AGAIN”.

I knew right then, compared to Europe, that there is something deeply wrong with the American Health Care System, and several different Doctors like Allergy Specialist etc tried to put all kinds of crap meds on me, and I was going with my intuition luckily and rejecting to “sink in prescription meds”. I think, honestly, all this also took place in my life, 2-3 months after MEETING MICHAEL JACKSON THE FIRST TIME, because then we connected in these months then more and bam, I was suddenly dying and having physical issues left and right, because of the twin flame mirror effect and merging.


I remember the first time I had ever in my life a serious anger attack, there in Los Angeles, and I was shocked over myself. It was new. I was always shy, calm, would not even speak up if someone bullied me or hurt me in the past, all that changed when my life was under attack there. And it was after Michael had an anger attack, in front of me. Few days later. I remember I was in the back yard, and had this “masculine anger attack” and was screaming around and crushing chairs in the back yard, while this “inner fighter awakens”.

Then, waiting for the cancer test results, I had those traumatic Los Angeles Memories rise up and I found myself, aggressive yelling at some People (that is how I behave when hurt or afraid, I hate showing weakness). I would have nightmares, and wake up sweating, and kept thinking and panicking heavily about Michael´s Health Problems they keep talking about publicly, and how I will die someday. Michael really stood by me the last weeks, so much, he is a real Angel. You know, I am trying all I can to be strong at all times, for Michael. But I was going through some serious “Twin Flame Fears”, especially about his Skin Cancer issues, nothing major, but still. He kept saying:”No Susan, don´t worry, this is NOT going to happen to you, I had Vitiligo, that is different. Its what made the Skin Cancer (harmless mainly) happen here and there, from exposure to the Sun, as it removes the protection in the skin via pigments. You don´t have that, you are fine, you are okay! Trust me, not all things you have to go through, not all things reflect on you baby. Don´t worry, you will get old and be healthy, you just trust me and follow my Guidance, okay?”

Then he explained in all depths possible, that BECAUSE HE ASCENDED NOW and is in the eternal, immortal light body, and literally “cleansed from all earthly energies”- what he projects NOW on me is pure Healing and, like, super physical strength, I am surprised sometimes.

Well, as usual, Michael was right. Cancer Check Up after all those years afraid to do it, all good and healthy!

I AM 100% HEALTHY! I am so happy, thank you God!

The biggest challenge, I ever had, from back in ancient Egypt to now, from Osiris and Isis, to Susan Elsa and Michael Jackson- I finally overcame it. I am absolutely and to the core healed of the crisis and trauma my Soul went through, starting from when this meaningless evil jealous Set murdered my Osiris. What all those Interference Devils attempted, to HOLD BACK MY HEALING, has failed.


And I will show you now, how “to really rise like a Phoenix”- ancient Egyptian style of course.

You know, imagine this:

In such moments and phases in my life now, it is also more unbearable how some People harass me over my Twin Flame Connection with Michael Jackson, in public, claiming I am some kind of joke and all those serious traumas from LA are like, “funny to them”. They speak with this fakeness about “Justice for Michael Jackson´s Death”- and wish Death on me in the same Breath, his Twin Flame Soul! THESE PEOPLE DO NOT LOVE MICHAEL, see through this and you will see some Major Truth about the Man and the SOUL Attacks they done against HIM IN PUBLIC.

That is how they make it feel, like, me and Michael went through so much, and some arrogant People who have no idea about how it is to go through so many things, you feel like you being pulled apart left and right and try with all soul strength to survive, talk publicly harassing nonsense like stalkers. Can you imagine, how it feels, to go privately through these SERIOUS Twin Flame Mirror Effect Worries after a Near-Death Experience already, and know “out there is noise and everyone talking and judging and pretending to know how it is to have twin mirror effects with Michael Jackson”? Do you even know what you are saying? I had HALF MY BODY (LEFT SIDE) DYING BASICALLY, while staying alive. Michael had also one-sided body symptoms at THE SAME TIME.

People like Debbie Stefaniak are criminal and evil. She wrote me last year threatening that “I don´t know what she is capable of” and then she went to make a public defamation, libel and slander war inventing lies about my Copyrights to mislead the public. She wrote me things like “I had enough of you, I am going to MAKE YOU STOP, this is not a game, this is serious business“. Now I demand justice for this harassment and her lies, for interfering in Michael Jackson´s situations like this, and yes, attempted deadly poisoning and other crimes, documented and inflicted on ME there in LA with Michael starting in 2007, are very serious and certainly not a game for Debbie Stefaniak to falsely pretend publicly, that I must be stopped in speaking up. That is the very definition of falsifying evidence, in public, to cover up what happened to Michael, and the Girl he was attached to. Debbie Stefaniak thinks, that it is okay to sexually harass and stalk women, that it is okay to harass a near death victim over criminal attacks on her life, publicly, to “blog about MJ and get attention”, this person is the last scum on Earth and seriously mentally ill, and Maurie Pressman belongs actually in Prison for real, for public support of such a harassment of a crime victim and trying to “pretend they somehow were affected by some strangers death and not the crime victim and attack her, steal copyrights, impersonate, then lie”. That is raping of someone´s soul. I have now given all documentation to my lawyers, to get her for this public abuse and harassment. These types of demons and soul energy vampires are the worst, and the core reason why there are the issues today in the Planet that need to be healed and addressed, right away. Those people are not even realizing, how their reactions toward my and Michael´s Aura Light (Archangel Michael Light) exposes the very tactics of twin flame interference in detail, and will automatically always turn into their faces. So since then, I tagged “Archangel Michael Battle Style” all things he kept saying, and I am pretty sure that the truth is clearly visible now, until a court takes down her plagiarism and harassment bullshit.

Then, there are other people that aren´t that extreme of a stalker, but still, as well, just certain uneducated people, and others plain evil energy vampires, that steal things here and there, from our publications, and it seems all systematic, many of those imitations. But hey, so what, in a way, this already established on a court evidence level, who Mike´s Twin Soul is, and confirms my Story. Because Michael had that, people kept stealing, borrowing ideas, signature moves, fashion ideas, and imitating Michael Jackson. We all know that. In the meantime, HALF HOLLYWOOD has stolen property from me, via Hacking and more to be seen in detail in the Lawsuits then soon.

It was the biggest challenge for my Consciousness, I FELT like a Ghost, like I died with Michael, and could not get into my head that I am still here and will stay and am healthy and okay, after all those confusing false Diagnosis from American Doctors in LA, trying to cash off of me. Don´t you think for ONE SECOND that there were´t tons of Doctors swarming around Michael Jackson to CASH OFF OF HIS HEALTH CARE, including giving him all kinds of crap he never really would have needed.


The Fans know, that Michael said over and over:

“Nobody will ever understand how it is to be in my shoes”.

The only statement that he was actually wrong about. Of course, in a way also right because my life plan is not to become “an American Music Star and tour around”. I complete our work, I am the Film Director more, and Michael would NEVER allow me to tour extensively, because he cares more about my Health and said, he already did that “for us”.

Nobody will ever be able to imagine how it is to be us, you know. Because everyone, every Twin Soul is unique in a DOUBLE ASPECT, and this is a very core reason why creation as we know it on Earth as well, shows you just that- including each human being having completely own and unique finger prints.

When someone talks bad about me, on any Blog or Social Media, bullying and lying, I feel it. I AM CONNECTED TO MIKE´S ALL-OVERVIEWING EYE NOW. I sometimes even wake up, seeing their Energies, angry Faces in Dreams and feel the wave of “hate and jealousy” they focus in my direction. I do not have to READ ANYTHING. You understand? This is why, I do not like anyone talking crap and lies about Michael, or me, we are One, and you will show Respect to Michael, and me, if you like it or not. This is OUR BASIC RIGHT OF THE SOUL, and God will enforce it, you know. Michael sees things, I share his views. You say “I hate Susan!” somewhere in a Forest in Canada, without me knowing factually of it, and MY SOUL FEELS YOUR HATE. People have no idea how it is to be psychic like this, and spiritually open with an ascended Twin Soul. And certainly, people have no idea about the personal relations of the Archangel Michael. I think we all agree on this fact.

Nowadays, I am reflecting a lot on all this, especially when I am doing Sports, just like the first time in the Gym in 2003 after I had that Dream with Michael Jackson being Archangel Michael, and the Gym Owner walked up to me telling me “Archangel Michael wants to help you, but you are so stubborn, allow him to help”. I remember back then doing exercises, on the treadmill just running or walking fast, and “rooting myself in Earth and stretching up to Heaven”. Mr. Elsener had called that “the Silver and the Gold Spheres”. I will tell you more on his Knowledge he gave me advice from back then, in a later article.

It is absolutely precise and shocking, to me to look back, how everything really took place. And the actual experiences were “repetitions”- as I had known and seen it all in Dreams prior to things manifesting. I was sick in this bed, that seemed like a hospital bed to me in that Dream, and Michael popped up as the Archangel floating toward me with his full royal Archangel Michael Aura to “hold my hand”.

And now, we are really in that time, we have arrived in the phase in time where you will see how Archangel Michael helps me, as I am allowing him to work through me and heal me and merge with me, you know. He is my Husband, this is why he came in so strongly first through a direct Twin Flame Dream Connection showing me our truth slowly and preparing me (as he was still in his human incarnation as Michael Jackson)- and same Day through this Gym Owner a SECOND TIME THE SAME MESSAGE.

The Message itself and all everyone knows about the Archangels and Angels is, they respect free will and do not force themselves on people, which is why most people here don’t even believe in them as they rarely show themselves like this. So, you ask yourself logically, with spiritual logic, why THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL would come to me like this and show me PERSONAL SOUL TRUTH, that he is AT THAT MOMENT INCARNATED AS MICHAEL JACKSON (2003). Archangel Michael would never do such a thing, except with the Twin Flame, prior to his Ascension, to prepare…

I am thankful today like I haven´t been for a long time, I mean, emotional, but relieved, and I feel like I can breathe totally well right now. I feel so much pressure taken off of me, and I am just realizing how much Michael took on, to actually protect me from it. He went through much harder things, than I have to go through. That is how I view it, and I have the deepest respect for Michael´s courage and strength. He deserves that everyone now also gives him this type of compassion, love, understanding and does something, for him, like he done for Millions of People on the Planet. He gave, gave, gave. I know, he was just like, he was giving and not really taking much, and he though deserved the most love, really.

I want to make some special Projects now, for Michael, to “give back” and I would be really happy to invite the Fans to join and put in all their Love Energy for Michael too, so he feels and sees it all in Heaven. I will keep you updated on the planning of this Project.

Let us join in peace and just celebrate life, and actually live it. This Planet could be so much better, for everyone, and peaceful. It´s not a game, and not a joke. It´s your all lives too, and all our souls, the animals, the wonderful miracles of nature here, all that is why it is worth it to keep moving and keep fighting- Archangel Michael style- to heal this Planet.

We´re sending out a Major Love Blue Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

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