12 thoughts on ““FALSE TWIN FLAMES” – Do Not Exist: Either You ARE or you ARE NOT © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

  1. I’m happy to tell you that for once, I agree with, false TFs never existed, it’s all bs, the most of my Twin Flames friends doesn’t understand this. Too bad they focus on the wrong way 😊❤

  2. Personally. ,i don’t believe. in t/ fs. its commom sense true love doesn’t. run away. from each other. it takes two too tango. ,ive read these forums sites i can’t believe. ppl believe. this theory. if u meet someone. Attractive. to that person. if the other person u like doesn’t. feel the same way. yeah their goin run. u can’t put claim on another. persons soul, if its meant to be it will be. relationships are hard enough without this so called t/ f. label. ,I’ve read forums. ppl in love with the other person some are married. they get to readin all this t/ fs stuff on the net start believin it. its called adultery. if they let it go too far. a sea without a shore ,but some ppl want to hav their way. it comes back &bites them in the butt ,i got to readin something. last night. this lady was talkin to a married. guy. she. sounded pompous. in her messages he’s my t/ f. i don’t care if he’s married. i goin to hav him blah blah i got to thinkin u know she might be supprised if him &his wife had a open. relationship. she didn’t know. some ppl out there do but they are not goin to get divorced. well the joke might be on her. i thought. This concept. if taken too far isn’t good on the psyche. delusions. set in back chatter. our minds can be our best friends. or our worst. enemy. it depends. on how we think. everyone. wants to be loved. but we hav to love ourselves. parents kids. pets. that’s what counts I’ve known ppl my mom. known ppl who has never been married. i rember she told me a real story her mil told her this old man went to his wifes. funeral. he was cring out one eye &winking at out of the other at other old women. lol. hey ppl its meant to be it will.

    1. thank you very much for your comment, agree 100%! This is why we try to raise awareness with HONESTY about the topic and expose the false information which does mislead people and has nothing to do with the pure twin soul connection. In real cases, it is always automatic, both feel the same, not just one. It is a very rare thing and not “like mass pop culture” type thing, where suddenly everyone “knows what a tf is and projects human lower ideas onto the concept”.

      Much Love & Light to you!

  3. I am legit confused. I know this woman felt the same thing I felt about her the first time we met, but our live circumstances made us push each other away. She shares the EL in her name like you do, and her exboyfriend was Michael who she loved very much but was very confused about. We were born the exact same day, share similar interests, talk the same, and have the same mannerisms. When I looked up her full name once on youtube, a little girl that shared her entire name sang the Michael Jackson song, “Man In the Mirror” but was removed due to copyright. When I found out she was in a relationship I was devastated, and right away a had a vivid dream of both of us together with both our families and we were very happy. I could see her voice. I’m trying to be the best person I can be, but I’m very confused and she is now married to the guy that I was devastated about. I keep getting a lot of syncs that clearly point to her direction and this journey is really confusing to me. I found out where she lived by complete fluke by finding an ad that was offering housing and it was registered under her last name. I got sick and am trying to walk again, which is going along nicely but I don’t know how to proceed. She left me because I overwhelmed her with the paralysis I experience and the abusive people I was living with, but she entertained the possibility of reconnecting again. Now that she is married I don’t know what to think, but I still feel her calling me out and the love in the heart doesn’t go away. She knew me when I was a happy and healthy youngman.

    This has been a difficult journey for me, and I understand this is about unconditional love and letting go of ego. I’ve improved my life significantly by focusing on things that bring me closer to God, but I still know that this person is me in another body.

    Thanks Elsa for telling me about there being no such thing as false twin flame, but she ran away when I been overwhelmed with negativity and she was ending her relationship with Michael. Can twins run away from each other if their lives are out of balance and chaotic? Can it be reversed by coming closer to God?

    1. Twin Flames can go through external attacks and challenges, interference and sabotage, but between the two halves of that Twin Soul is NO separation or running away, because it is impossible due to the type of connection and always being “one soul”, pulled to become unit again. It is not possible for a Twin Flame to run away and start a relationship with someone else, and definitely not possible to go on that way, coming closer to God is always good as it clears your sight, finally, you have to focus on YOU, and nobody that doesn’t appreciate you or leaves you, should be worth your thoughts and you putting your twin soul energy to them, when nothing comes back. I also dont know what this mention of a first name without any clear specifics “Michael” here means, because certainly you aren’t talking about my Michael, because if you are, I can’t help you you believe anything anyone says to you and let them play your soul. I have no idea why you think this person is your other half, they would always behave in resonance if that was the case! They would hurt hurting you, or couldnt sleep and suffer distancing or not talking to the Twin Soul, she played games with your head, forget her and work internal on the inner child, your SELF, because this is what its all about finally, not “romance fantasies” only. Its about evolving YOURSELF. The Twin Flame Reunion can wait, it will never go away and you are always connected, at all times. I think your Twin might be in spirit, like almost every person’s twin on this Planet right now. It is an absolute rarity for both halves to be incarnated, and this won’t change until the situation gets safer for Twins on Earth…Wishing you all the best, a happy 2018 and lots of healing and reconnecting your Soul into Fullness again! Love & Light

  4. Finally ! Finally someone speaks the truth. You are absolutely on point.
    Thank you. I hope you spread this message as much as you can to make people more aware. I am currently in a bad situation because my twin flame thinks I am a false twin flame and I am pretty sure she must have heard or read on YouTube about false twin flames from the people who are making it a financial business by giving false hopes.

    1. Very sorry to hear, that such confusing, false information is brainwashing your girlfriend, but keep up a light shield around you and her, and talk to her about that it is always best to be honest, and if she feels the same way, she should be honest to herself and see where fate leads her, better than taking generalised lies online and deciding on important personal relationship decisions like that. Everyone is individual, and each couple’s story is unique.
      Wishing you much Love & Light!

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