Michael Jackson: Her Song is Heard in Mine – Making the Invisible Become Visible © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

This is the Story from 2003, on how I channeled the first time a Song, in my very early Songwriting. I had just gathered the courage to really work on developing my OWN BRAND, MY OWN FINGERPRINT in my Art and all that.

Michael Jackson Special Article: Two Become One- Her Song Is Heard In Mine Invisible Bird Soul Visible © Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Appearance Reasons
Michael Jackson Special Article: Two Become One- Her Song Is Heard In Mine Invisible Bird Soul Visible © Michael Jackson Metamorphosis Appearance Reasons


This Song, I only REALIZE CONSCIOUSLY TODAY, was channeled connecting to Michael Jackson, my Twin Soul, before I met him in 2007 and he heard this Song. All this is very important in our Story, prior to his physical passing.

When I claim, something so “seemingly fantasy” like that Michael Jackson, the famous legendary Performer known by everyone out there, was singing most of his Songs to me, to my Soul, I mean it. I can back it up with proof all over the place, life facts, and even scientific evidences and more. Such truths are invincible on Earth, it is truth from a higher spiritual realm.

Before we start, here is a good Video of Michael Jackson talking about his Songwriting Process:

I know, I know, every time I see this guy, Bashir, I am appalled. But, ignore those people, really.

So, Michael is here talking very precise more and open about his Songwriting process, and he said literally to you all in public:”It comes from heaven, from above, it really does”. And he would always say the same statements about his artistic process, such as that “something must say, now is the time, I want you to have it now”. All that, is specific information in very honest ways that Michael Jackson is giving you regarding his psychic Songwriting process. What the man is talking about here is “Spiritual Communications with the Heavens”, and if you don´t see it yet, look at the Video I posted again. Listen to his words.

Lets give you more.


I remember it was such a hot summer day, and me and my friend I knew since childhood, met at her house which was by now far away as they had moved. It was in an area where there was basically nothing, it seemed to me as a City-Child. All I could see getting there with the Bus, was lots and lots of fields and open land, cows and farm animals here and there, and food stores you can count on one hand only in the whole “village”.

She was at that time playing the guitar, and training a lot to get better. We sang a bit at her home, but then we decided to go out and enjoy the summer weather. She said there is a nice, quite “duck pond”, like a mini lake close by, totally in natural landscape and that we could compose more there. She was writing on own Songs at that time as well.

So, my friend took her guitar and me and her left, with bit of food and drinks to go there to this duck pond. After half an hour of walking in the boiling sun rays, I asked her:”Are we there yet man? It´s too hot, and this is like not nearby, its more far man! It´s like hiking through cow fields.” She laughed and kept saying, we are almost there, and we kept walking.

After arriving there, I found it beautiful. It was very isolated, and I think two other people only were there first, and left shortly after and we were alone. She had taken her guitar out and was playing at the pond a few warm up chords, and I was sitting under a tree to get some shade and cool my skin from the heat and the long walk. If I remember correctly, it took a bit more than one hour to walk to this pond.

Suddenly, I had this magical feeling, watching this pond, the lotus pads swimming on it, the trees, the summer weather, the birds and I just had this “automatic pressing vibe” inside me, a “finished idea, melody and lyrics” in my head ready to go, and asked my friend to quickly play it if she can with guitar a bit and help me “fixate the idea” so we can note it down and record it when home.

I would sing vocally the guitar chords I want, and she would try to play them that way, and then I would sing it just freestyle, out loud. It was like, “something spiritual helped me write this Song”. My friend was not far trained enough yet, to play the chords as needed and fast, but we made a small Introduction at the duck pond, and then I sang and let it flow A-Capella, as the ideas were coming through. I wrote it down to not forget, but the melody was all in my head still days later. That was the first Song I ever wrote or artistic idea I created tangibly and recorded, that was “psychic type of songwriting”. This is the first Song I felt was really a Song and “magical” as I wanted it. I worked on a “Spiritual Pop Concept” since I began working on my own Brand, because I AM VERY SPIRITUAL, and it is part of my life story, the supernatural…

Here is that Song, recorded later with Airton Perrone, a Brazilian guitarist:

Songwriting Process Twin Soul Strings & Consciousness- An Inner Soul Dialogue ©

There are many over-laying parallels between my and Michael´s Songs, and I mean Songs I wrote prior to knowing his back then yet Unreleased Songs, such as “LOVING YOU”. But the one Michael actually heard, and noticed the familiar Vibes, are heard in his in 2008 released Song “For All Time”, which he adjusted to my Mystery Garden Song, from 2003.

Other Songs Examples are:

– For All Time/Mystery Garden

– Behind the Mask/Behind the Mask

– She Got It/U Got It

– Loving You/Loving You (The Jazzy Luv Song)

Those are already a FEW EXAMPLES of clear recorded and public proof for our Twin Flame Mind Connection, and if you look at the whole Art and Life Facts, such as me owning Two Birds (Type also called Love Birds) as a Child before Michael wrote a Poem called “Two Birds”. This is insight to information and records for our Twin Soul Science Research Case, regarding Consciousness and the Human Mind, and Telepathy. So, that is called “Parapsychological Sciences”. And all that will elevate Michael Jackson´s Legacy into a proper and respectful handling and imagery now, revealing that he was way more than just the “King of Pop”. Michael Jackson did some REAL MAGIC in his public works, psychic spiritual skills recorded into public Records. Once all the Research is gathered and ready, and our Documentary Projects, you will see a fascinating new Side to Michael Jackson´s Music and Art works.

And of course, the “Appearance Changes”, which is the most obvious, visible and clear part of the Story.

Michael Jackson DREAMS (Pepsi Commercial Photo Educational Documentary Purpose) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Channeling Entertainment
Michael Jackson DREAMS (Pepsi Commercial Photo Educational Documentary Purpose) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Channeling Entertainment

So, this is some specific information, you can research anytime as it is public and registered Records, and by now we are making TOGETHER consciously Music, and Michael “hands ready-to-go full Project Content and Ideas” to me, from above, from Heaven, the way he said that he would receive “ideas from above, from Heaven” and could not really take Credit for it, I feel even specifically I like to mention always that HE helped me with all this, to give Michael Credit and show that HE was REALLY CHANNELING WITH SPIRITUAL REALMS ALL HIS FAMOUS WORKS.

As his Twin Soul, I am proving to you now Michael Jackson´s depths and that he was more than even the Fans yet know, regarding released Albums and Works. This is important, for bringing the Focus back to his Legacy, his WORK, the Inspirations behind it, the Message of Love.

Forget the tabloids, they are like poison for your mind and soul, Michael says.

Back to Michael´s work!


Twin Souls Dancing the Dream Michael Jackson Psychic Songwriter Skills Proven © TwinFlame Soul Official
Twin Souls Dancing the Dream Michael Jackson Psychic Songwriter Skills Proven © TwinFlame Soul Official

Michael Jackson did not talk much in public, and he had his reasons for that. Everything would get taken out of context, twisted, added to or removed from, if he said anything. Look back at what happened, every time he decided to give a bigger Interview.

So, Michael talked and felt comfortable and “at home” most in his artistic work. In his songs, he said all he ever wanted to say, which was important to him and moving him. It is that simple really.

Of course that doesn´t mean that every single Song he ever touched or was involved with was “psychic”, Demos he got he thought about, did a little part, did not like it anymore, did not continue it anymore. But the Psychic Song Pearls are found mainly in the Songs he wrote himself, Videos he had the Vision for and also a few Songs others wrote for him and with by him commissioned “theme and topic and vision keywords”, such as MAN IN THE MIRROR. He gave the spiritual input to Siedah Garrett, and she then put it with her “female touch” into a Song for Michael.

Besides the visually obvious Appearance & Style Changes (such as make up style and details, hair styling after 1982), there is also a particular and great Book Michael published in the summer of 1992. The Book is named “Dancing the Dream”- Poems and Reflections by Michael Jackson.

In this Book written by Michael personally, there are quite a few extraordinary, psychic, very spiritual and unique Poems and Thoughts by Michael. A real good and honest, deep Insight he gave the public and the Fans himself by publishing this. He published it during the Releases for the DANGEROUS ALBUM, where he focused mainly on true Black History (African History) and therefore ancient Egypt, Osiris, Isis and Horus Symbolism.

TWO BIRDS written by Michael Jackson

(Public Records Proof for Michael Jackson´s precise psychic spiritual Songwriting and Artistic Skills, Dreams, Visions, Thoughts, Reflections, and Love Poems to a Mystery Woman)


“It´s hard to tell them what I feel for you. They haven´t
ever met you, and no one has your picture. So how can they
ever understand your mystery? Let´s give them a clue:
Two Birds sit on a tree. One eats cherries while the other
looks on. Two Birds fly through the air. One´s song drops like
crystal from the sky while the other keeps silent. Two Birds
wheel in the sun. One catches the light on its silver feathers,
while the other spreads wings of invisibility. It´s easy to guess
which bird I am, but they´ll never find you.
Unless they already know a love that never interferes, that watches
from beyond, that breathes free in the invisible air.
Sweet bird, my soul, your silence is so precious.
How long will it be before the world hears YOUR SONG IN MINE?
Oh, that is a day I hunger for!”

Now, certain things like in every poetic personal expression, are not easily decoded by the public. People have different interpretations on affirmations and associations when hearing certain words or seeing particular symbols. But facts are always facts, such as if a jacket is blue, it is blue and if one person out of many sees the jacket as yellow, then the jacket is factually still blue.

Let´s take a good look now at the important spiritual symbolic keywords:


Michael keeps repeating “two birds” like the title of this poem also goes. The Bird symbolism is ancient Egyptian and means “the soul”. So if he speaks of “two birds”, he is hinting at his “other part of his soul”. This was very precisely picked up from my real life facts afterwards. I had as the only pets I ever owned due to allergies and sensitivity only TWO BIRDS in my childhood. The two birds meant a lot to me, and it is part of MY REFLECTIONS AND THOUGHTS as a Child. I am posting now for educational purpose a Picture of me as a little Girl with my Two Birds at home, dated from 1988.

ABOUT THE TWO BIRDS POEM WRITTEN BY MICHAEL JACKSON © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Susan Elsa 1988
ABOUT THE TWO BIRDS POEM WRITTEN BY MICHAEL JACKSON © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Susan Elsa 1988

I loved the birds, and would constantly try to make them sing. I had already seen Michael´s Moonwalker Movie and was few months into my full “MJ Fan Hype”. I kept, as you see on this chosen Picture above, staring at my birds and trying to talk with them, to make them sing “like MJ”. I kept bothering my parents all those years for “Birds that could sing” but these were silent. They were not the types that could talk and sing and imitate vocal sounds.

So, a few years later, Michael published this Poem & Reflection in his Book directly from his mind reflecting on his spiritual and consciousness, subconscious and telepathic connection with me, his Twin Flame.

2. They haven´t ever met you and no one has your picture (image)

So, Michael showed you in himself the Picture of “her”, the Mystery Bird he speaks of that no one met yet and doesn´t know how she looks like, because they did not see her pictures in public, like his are known everywhere. So Michael is “giving you clues”, the Fans, the public.


To Michael, back then, it was not certain who this female angelic Spirit was he felt the presence of. Prior to 1982, he felt it around him and close by. After 1982, he felt very lonely and kept reaching out, from deep within his soul, to the “other part of him he felt connected to”. He was not fully conscious about all this from the start, he followed his intuition. So, he was very much into the term “Mystery”, as he had his personal “Dream Mystery Woman always appearing” throughout his life, and it was a big part of his work and songwriting. He felt, this might be the “being that helps from above to give him the ideas”. My Song, as described above, is named like my Company Vision back then and literal founded and registered Company then in 2008, – MYSTERY GARDEN PRODUCTIONS-. The Theme Song, as explained above in this article, begins with:”Birds fly, from a tree to the next in the shadow…”.

4. Wings of Invisibility

Michael speaks of “a love that never interferes”. With that part he means literally God. God does not interfere, he is love. God watches from beyond, from above, over everything. God created Twin Souls for each other.  God created Planet Earth. God created “love experience” for us all and our souls. God gave us FREE WILL.

The Wings of Invisibility are filled with symbolism. First of all, in ancient Egypt Isis embraced Osiris with her wings to resurrect (ascend) him, and Michael shows this precise symbolism in details for his Dangerous Album, in “WILL YOU BE THERE”. Second, the “energetic invisible wings” are expressing here as well the twin flame connection, how he is feeling “her wings around himself”, which is why he appeared increasingly in the style and look he did, after 1982.

5. How long will it be before the World hears your Song in mine?

Michael Jackson clearly announces that he believes and knows that “someday this truth will be heard and known”. And the people will come to realize, that he was channeling his female Twin Soul within his public Art. Because we are here to change the world and consciousness, to remind people of the “true eternal soul mate” and that life is eternal and beautiful.

Back in ancient Egypt, me and Michael were Osiris and Isis. I was famous for my SINGING, he was famous for his DANCING. He could also sing, and I could also dance, but not like today in this incarnation. We evolved. After Osiris was murdered by jealous evil Set, that wanted to take over Osiris throne and rule Egypt, naturally as his Twin Soul I traveled through the Lands “re-membering him” (read more into the ancient Egyptian Mythology and Archeology Facts for more). The point is, I SANG A SONG around his body to resurrect (ascend) him (his Soul) to Heaven (Lands of Nefer). All these are ancient Egyptian historical facts, writings, temples, sculptures and more found and available today for proof. But I am saying this, because here Michael says precisely “Before the World hears YOUR SONG in mine?”, meaning also here the world will see that his Soul has been singing his Twin Flame´s Song, an inner and exceptionally public Twin Soul Dialogue in Arts and Songwriting.

So, re-member your soul, and focus on love and healing. Try to see why love is always worth it and can overcome even the boundaries of “birth, life and death”.

It is worth it, to enjoy, to live, to be free, to be happy, and always know that you are never alone, because God made you together with a perfect Counterpart, which always feels you and is connected to you, in Life and Beyond, on Earth, and in Heaven.


Michael Jackson was channeling...: Metamorphosis Appearance with Twin Flame Soul Mate Visual Facts © ArchangelMichael777
Michael Jackson was channeling…: Metamorphosis Appearance with Twin Flame Soul Mate Visual Facts © ArchangelMichael777

As you can see from a very fresh newer Picture of me above, compared to Michael Jackson´s Style and Make Up Fashion in his later years, and after 1982, he is simply channeling me and tuning in to me, his Twin Soul.

Now, it is definitely the most fun. Michael is in Spirit now, and fully conscious and bridging with me energies and ideas from Heaven down to Earth.

I had a really good, happy Weekend and yesterday and today, worked out a lot, drinking my Protein Milk Shakes and all that. Getting ready, you know, because me and Michael have some things to produce, film and do soon. I am not kidding when I say that MICHAEL JACKSON WAS SUPER FIT physically. I was just looking at a Video then yesterday, and he pointed out some things about how people would act as if he “just can do things mysteriously” and nobody when speaking of him in tabloids would ever mention really that he had some very strong body muscles. So, from almost dying and from that poisoning they did to me in LA having hundreds of allergies, heart and blood pressure issues, acid reflux and all that torturing me for a few years, now, bam, I feel totally well and fit! Michael is working me out like a Gym Coach now and giving me clear advice and encouragement daily, to really work out and strengthen my muscles for the Dancing we want to film soon. He taught me extremely cool, new Choreography ideas, BUT I have to work out and get ready for filming for hours and such because sweating and coughing on Camera isn´t cool. I have to build my fitness up to Michael´s level, basically, that is such a challenge, you can´t imagine.

What happens is, he just channels through me suddenly, and I can do the steps and dance poses. But then, repeating it and having it solid so that such little mistakes like, on tip toe stand, then cannot hold long enough, do not happen. He is very detailed about his Training for me. Michael is a great Sports Coach and Dance Teacher, even in Spirit.

When it comes to Songs or Art Project ideas, and Spiritual Teachings and Information for certain educational School Projects we are working on- these are the diverse ways through which Michael shows me details:

1. He tells me, verbal and precise, explaining a particular idea. “This and this is how you are going to do it, okay?”

2. He shows it, dancing in front of me, acting in front of me, joking around, when it comes to Choreography ideas or giving me “acting training for film projects planned”.

3. He takes me into Out-of-Body Experiences, astral travel and shows me within Dreams precisely as well, ideas, information, truths and more.

4. Physical Metamorphosis – Twin Soul Appearance Merging. Provable and research-able physical Facts, that are also visible on Picture and Video and through medical/scientific records.

5. He channels directly through our Connection, but now fully aware and conscious in the meantime. That ranges from telepathic channeling, to freestyle no pen no paper rhyme “song composing and vocals” in one take and one breath, to physical channeled dance. He also shares by merging consciousness his perspective on things as a Film Director, for Projects we plan to direct together, bridging Heaven and Earth in Film productions. Like that, Michael will also fulfill his unfinished Film Visions, that were not always “welcome in Hollywood”.

This is it for today!

We´re sending out a Major Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

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