About Michael Jackson – A New Video Message by Susan Elsa about Twin Flames © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

We are entering a special, happy Weekend as this last concluded Week marks a very “quantum leap-ish” celebration vibe. It was really a great Week and things are moving super well, once you “shut out any Interference” and focus on what really matters and what is of good and lovely, light-filled vibes only.

I recorded today, just spontaneous as Michael said, a Video for you to watch as it is easier sometimes to just freely talk about things than write. Here you can watch my Message , talking about Michael Jackson my Twin Flame Soul (Soul´s Counterpart) and his Music, his Legacy, Humanity, Spiritual Healing Knowledge and more.

New Video Message by Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official © Susan Elsa and Michael Jackson in Spirit
New Video Message by Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official © Susan Elsa and Michael Jackson in Spirit


When you finished watching the Video, continue here as I would like to add in written form a bit more rare and helpful information for Twin Flames /Twin Souls, Soul Mates, Soul Family, Indigo Children and all spiritually interested Readers out there.

We are doing a lot of Planetary work at the moment, on the energetic and spiritual levels, and it is manifesting stronger now increasingly. People are waking up and they seek more and more “Twin Flame Information”. This is because your Souls are literally “waking up” and not asleep again. You are not your Body, you ARE the Soul inside that Body.

New Video Message by Susan Elsa about Twin Flames Information and Michael Jackson (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

A Few Words by Michael Jackson from Beyond about Twin Flame Souls ©

“Twin Souls have the spiritual Energy to make Heaven felt on Earth”

I am sending you all lots of vibes right now, so you can get used to feeling me in the spiritual realms now. I am still here, and I am not going anywhere as I am always here, and in Heaven, at the same time. It is a concept that is hard to imagine for the human limited mind, but if you approach “imagining it with your soul” – you can grasp it. All this takes a lot of work, a lot of evolving and learning, you know. When I was in Human amongst you, I always longed actually for the state that I am in now again, as this is my true Nature. Heaven is my true Home, you know, and it will always be that way. I chose to incarnate and do this whole stuff that I did only to bring this truth back to your memory, to your hearts. Love is all that matters.

When you are on Earth, living a human life, you know good and bad days, light and dark as in day and night time, sadness and happiness, all these opposites, you know. But once you ascend, you are out of this and not “living within the earthly Dimension´s rules and body” anymore, but in another body, another form, a tangible and real physical form, but on another dimension. There is no fear and all that negative stuff, up here, in more fine tuned, higher, spiritual Dimensions. There is ONLY LOVE here.

The final goal of every Soul going to Planet Earth, is finally in real truth to re-unite with their other half, to “be complete again” and ascend together to the next life form. It is not so clear though to us, when we live a human life and are basically guessing and wondering, having to examine, explore, discover, learn, and follow our best instincts we got. Do the best that we can. We feel lonely, we seek something we often cannot describe or name specifically, like “something deep inside feels missing”. That reflects on your self, how you feel and how you see yourself too.

I really had no idea for a very long time, that my Twin Soul is REALLY on Earth and exists, and this is why I felt very lonely. I had that more complete, strong, unified inner feeling before 1981/1982, and then once she was born into a separate physical Incarnation on another continent on Earth, it tore me apart. I felt like the lonliest person in the World, and I kept thinking that and saying that. It was not that I was literally lonely, I had in fact too many people around me most of the time and barely time for just relaxing. That became a problem increasingly, this whole pressure from the public position I am in and how I was treated. I kept wondering, why, why me? How come, I work and work and do good deeds meaning well, meaning to give others and help others, and get attacked for it and hated? I kept asking myself this, over and over, especially in my personal Relationships with women. I honestly always loved and adored Women, but most of my life I would be the guy to say “women, you can´t live with them, you can´t live without them”. And I knew things are complicated to begin with, because of my job, my public Persona and this whole pressure from tabloids and People who can be very malicious and on purpose try to take you down and “crush your Business” and all that. I took my Business really serious, this is why I worked so hard. I like working, I like creating, always. I can´t sit still and just be bored. I hated that. I had to move, do something, do something to change and better the World. I was conscious, I felt things, I always have been very spiritual and had God in my heart and mind every moment, in good and bad times.

But, still, my experiences with women often made me feel as if I am seemingly the only one that is having “such bad luck and is not being appreciated or really loved just used”, if I would look around and see other people who are famous, got money and all that and are not having such extreme difficulties with women. I didn´t get it really, and it bothered me a lot. I like one woman, she does only like me as a friend. I like another woman, she only wants me for fame and money. I like another women, she only plays games with me, with my feelings, and I end up realizing she wasn´t serious. Most of the time, I had to first of all like in a court room, “prove and convince” every woman almost it seemed, that I am not into guys and only into women, and certainly not gay at all. It became a habit, and all these public lies would be heard by many people, including many women. So, can you imagine how hard it actually was for me to get a real date when I wanted to bond with someone for a serious partnership?

So, all this changed when I met my Twin Soul. I did not name it like that back then, I was not that aware yet, but I lived and felt it in all we did together. One glance is all it took for me to really and absolutely know “this girl is mine, get out of the way everyone” *giggles*

I am saying that, because when she told me that she was born on April the 14th in 1982 I was actually first shocked, and fascinated at the same time. Everything between us fit, it was not “stressful and hard work”, it was not “having to explain myself for days and nights” like the experience I had made with other women that did simply not understand me truly. I then shared with her this special memory about my first recording day for the Thriller album.

The truth is, twin souls can experience a lot of challenges in romantic relationships especially, in work relationships, in many aspects of human life and the self reflections as well, and that is what and why the twin soul meeting is so profound and moving, because it is simply “it”, that “it” everyone truly seeks in someone else. You see the clear differences between how other woman treated you, and how your twin soul treats you, and it is absolutely different. It is absolutely clear, and does not need any names or words.

I am truly sorry, from the deepest of my Soul, for putting my Twin Soul through these challenges now, with all the troubles and pressures that are surrounding the work I left behind and my Legacy I worked so hard for. I am also sorry for the pain and sadness that my Children had to endure, and my Family. I am always here, and never really left. I am with you.

And of course, I am also truly, truly sorry for what the Fans had to endure and watch unfold in these challenging times. I never really left you either. I am here. I see you all as my Soul Family now, as I am in Spirit and in Soul with you, and my Twin Soul is in a Human Form with you as well bridging energetically for me so I can reach you all from Spirit better.

There is much to be sad about, but there is also much to be happy about. I do not like to see any of you sad and crying, I always hated that. I´m a man, and we men have that protective instinct in us, and when we see someone cry, especially a Female or a Child, we want to run there and protect and help and shield. It´s a fatherly instinct, and I still have that even more strong now for my Children and I will always be their Father and watch over them from Spirit.

So, what I am meaning to express here between the lines too, is that Twin Souls are true friends. Twin Souls are Lovers, Best Friends, like Parent and Child, and like Brother and Sister in all ways. My Twin Soul means everything to me, and all the challenges I thought will “someday break me” did not, because of her. Because of her I did what I did.

It´s because of her that I had the courage to follow my Dreams.

It´s because of her, that I fought hard for healing Humanity.

It´s because of her, that I sang my soul out in front of everyone, just so that she could maybe hear it.

It´s because of her, that I changed a few things and “gave in to this wonderful soul vibes” I thought are some female Angel around me, like a Secret Friend. I wanted her to be everywhere around me, and inside of me, and intuitively dressing a certain way makes you feel better and more comfortable. And that intuition led me to “adjust my Appearance” to hers. It was like having her around me at all times, like am embrace where I am safe and this public tabloid pressure and dangers on Planet Earth cannot hurt me or even “get to me”.

The more I felt attacked, the more I longed for this “completion of my self”, the partner that would be on my level and really fit to me and be able to handle me and understand me. So, I guess I was mainly married to my work, because my work is my Twin Soul. I could not really bond the way I wanted to, with anyone else as this vibe was just too strong in my mind and my heart. It affected me very much, especially those Dreams. Very often sensual Dreams, over and over seeing bits and pieces of this Woman I did factually not know from “awake life”, but when I would sleep she was always there. Always there, always connected. She would appear and disappear, giving me like unclear blurred blinks and riddles visually. I knew some details, I tried to run after her in my Dreams over and over to reach her, but she kept running away, hiding, giggling, singing, it was all so magical I just HAD TO put that into artistic expression.

So, when you physically see and meet and can touch this “being you always felt connected to somehow” prior, you KNOW IT. I knew it right away, she needed more time. But I understand, because it was not easy for her to handle that I am who I am and so public. And with all the challenges she had and the weight on her shoulders as well, she never mistreated me or made me feel bad or “not loved”. Even if she would get angry at me and we have a more heated discussion, she would still clearly show how much she cares about me. I never had the slightest doubts that she really loves me, it was like a known inner fact between us and we both knew it would always be that way.

I also found myself behaving differently, more bold with her. She just affected me so much, I could not even think straight anymore and after she left town, I could not sleep and not eat anymore and I was suffering. All this pressure from all the work and projects, comeback plans and film plans, was too much without her. I did not understand, and so I really decided I have to fight through this and be with her real soon again.

I ended up ascending, in 2009, and this is where I was shown by God and the other Angels everything in full detail. They even showed me the personal moments of my Twin Soul, alone, from Birth to current. I was shown precisely how, when and which decisions I had made affected her life in which way, and often I felt I would have made other decisions if I knew aware this whole time this soul truth and that what I do literally affects someone else this way. With all the connection I felt and seeking, I still never thought about that my actions could be affecting “this female Angel presence” that I felt and dreamed about.

I had to come back to her, I just had to. There is no reason for me to be in Heaven, without the other Half of my own Soul. So, being in “Heaven” means automatically “being with the Twin Soul re-united for all time”. That is what she really means to me and what Heaven means to me. My Heaven is to be with her, always, and always enjoy this love I fought so hard to find, again. I am happy as much as is possible.

So, the moral of this story is, that you should always THINK TWICE before taking any actions, or making big decisions about your self and your life, because the second thought should always be about your other half. You share everything, even if the Twin Soul is not incarnated, the effect and spiritual consequence always takes place. So, remember, THINK TWICE.

Then, if you follow this, you already are working on your self, your conscious self and reflecting on your inner truth, and that automatically as in my case, leads you closer and closer to your Twin Soul. You may also write a Poem, or a Song, a Love Letter to your Twin Soul, and let this with trust rise up into the Universe and attract that it happens soon. May that be in earthly form or in spirit, you know, it doesn´t matter and shouldn´t because Love knows no boundaries.

You are the compass to find your other half, and only you. You look at you, you reflect on you, you live your life and do your work and try to better yourself, work on relationships, be nice to everyone, try your best, and that automatically leads you someday to your other half, when God sees you became ready and have learned what you needed to prior in the “separation illusion experience”.

There is no such thing. Love is always, it is eternal, it is like your Soul´s Breath and your Soul breathes and vibrates eternally.

Everyone must make their own individual twin soul experiences, but also leading up to that, you must make your experiences with other Souls. You meet human beings, friends, partners, lovers, spouses, you have Children, you have Pets you love and feel connected to, all that is part of the “Road leading to Reunion with your Twin Soul”.

I love you all from the core of my being.

With all my Love, Michael”

Note about the Channeling:

That needed so much energy to follow these memories, emotions, words Michael kept dictating, I need a food break now. I am sending a big hug to all my dear Readers, enjoy the first Spring Weekend!

We´re sending out a Major Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

3 thoughts on “About Michael Jackson – A New Video Message by Susan Elsa about Twin Flames © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

  1. My name is Jewel and I am a twin flame also. I developed a gift. I recently did a reading on Micheal and would like to share with you. Thank you.

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