TWIN SOUL MYSTERIES: About Heaven and Beyond – PART 1© Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

On this special magic Sunday, we introduce the Series with the Information on Heaven and Beyond. This is about the NEXT LIFE FORMS, and nothing earthly really. It is the direct account from my Twin Flame, Michael Jackson, from Spirit, showing me and reminding me so I can remind you and share these Details and Stories as a “spiritual awakening trigger” with you for healing and awakening your Souls to your own Twin Soul Mysteries.

TWIN SOUL MYSTERIES: About Heaven and Beyond - PART 1© Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
TWIN SOUL MYSTERIES: About Heaven and Beyond – PART 1© Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


This is all very complex, and diverse material we are moving into now, but our Team is working hard to make the information more structured for easy access and finding topics, so please be patient. Back in ancient Egypt, the Mystery Schools of Osiris and Isis provided exactly that; A multi-dimensional Teaching about the Secrets of Earth and the Secrets of Heaven.

The Big Vision is being built and we are excited to move now into the promised and worldwide “First Digital Draft of Heaven”- Project announced in 2011. The Official Title we chose is KEY TO HEAVEN PROJECT, based on the Official Michael Jackson & Susan Elsa Twin Flame Song “Key To Heaven” from the Special Twin Soul Pop Introduction Edition of Real and Raw Channeled Songs “ARCHANGEL MICHAEL-Secrets of Heaven 777” (13th July 2010 © MGP Publishing).

ABOUT HEAVEN AND BEYOND © Key to Heaven Project/Osiris Left Eye Mystery School

As an introduction, we begin here at the basic re-entry from the earthly, limited Dimension into the Spiritual Realms and Bodies. What that means is THE CONSCIOUSNESS TRAVELS, from Body to Body, and “becomes active in another Body”- a Transformation and Transition.

The Physical Body on Earth is a temporary Avatar, you could say. Used by the Soul for a certain Life Mission, for Learning and Teaching, Healing and Experiencing.

Depending on in what Level your Soul´s Evolution is at the moment, and if we speak of Souls that were here already, how you behaved and what Karma you carry and Blessings, determines to begin with WHICH TYPE OF BODY you can access after this earthly Experience.

Let us take a closer Look at the Main Consciousness Bodies/Life Forms that come after the Soul has completed this Earth Stage of Evolution and Learning and Teaching.

THE BODY CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE SPIRITUAL REALMS © Key to Heaven Project/Osiris Left Eye Mystery School

When we are on Earth, and we stand up, we sit, we walk around, we run, or we dance, we have a “Body Consciousness”, a physical Feeling, right?

In the Spiritual Realms there is a Body Feeling, a Physical Consciousness too. As we keep our Focus here on giving more Details behind the Song Message regarding the “White Fire Body”, we write today here only about this eternal and most important Body. The Light or White Fire Body can travel to any Dimension in the Spiritual and take on any Shape or Form actually.

It is the Core of our Eternal Soul Consciousness, the Eternal I AM Consciousness. Compared, as an Example for you to imagine it better, to our human Physical Body, the Body of Light is not so limited and can “dissolve and re-manifest at Will into different Appearances”- regarding Hair Color, Clothing, and, Gender within the Twin Soul Consciousness.

This information is very basic and important for any Spiritual Readers reading this, as the deeper Questions about your Life and inner Soul are deeply linked with those Topics, and the individual Life Plans of course, and what your Soul wants to learn and so forth.


– Did you know that blind People experience themselves as seeing within their Dreams?

– Did you know, that People who are paralyzed and can´t walk, experience themselves walking and even dancing inside their Dreams?

To understand how the Body of Light feels, and that you can integrate now already and “anchor in the physical Human Consciousness”- you have to think back at the last Dream you had where you felt conscious and emotional and maybe had a fast run, or a flight inside the Dream.

For example, imagine this familiar Dream Scene: You are standing somewhere, you look to a far direction, or you are running away from something. Then, you think “fly”, and by the thought inside the Dream, you take off and literally starting flying like a Bird. You can see details of the ground below you, you can rise higher and fly faster by simply THINKING IT. Right?

The CONSCIOUS THOUGHT gives the Order to the Spiritual Body, just like the physical, but with more abilities and skills such as flying and running very fast and more.

This is not just some Fantasy thing that all Human Beings in common dream alike. That is also factually not anything that is related to THIS HUMAN PHYSICALITY, and has nothing to do with “memories from daily routine and incidents and psychological digestion”. The Consciousness cannot imagine something that is NOT possible with the flesh, human Body – and then all Humanity has Dreams about Flying and all that alike.

That is Insight into other Realms, spiritual Dimensions. The Truth is, when your Human Body sleeps and rests, the Soul wakes up and wanders around. This is even confirmed in most Religions and ancient Faiths as well. All in tune throughout Human History and Scientific and Spiritual Records.

Dr. Carl Jung, a very famous Swiss Scientist and Dream Researcher, has said once that “there is a part of the human being that is seemingly not bound to space or time”. Scientists have been researching cases like of People that dream of future events which then take place and all these things, and there are tons of Science Records to work with regarding this Subject, for further Expansion of Dream Sciences in Connection with Twin Souls Experiences.

Also the Subject of OUT OF BODY Experiences is very interesting scientifically, as it is always connected often to Twin Flame Experiences, because the Twin Soul is at all times just One, the same Soul shared by two People.

ABOUT THE WHITE FIRE-LIGHT BODY © Key to Heaven Project/Osiris Left Eye Mystery School

The White Fire Body, as I like to call it, is very interesting. It is not really made of fire, but also. It looks visually like it is made of a combination of white fire, white bright light, glittery light particles like “starlight” and sparkles somehow. It was very overwhelming to see Michael Jackson in that Light Body that he has now, when he returned to me in Spirit in early 2010.

As this eternal Body and Life Form is made of LIGHT, this Body can “move in the speed of light”.

And with the Will and such fast Movement, it is possible for this Light Body to visit literally all Dimensions almost there are. Of course this is only as far as I am seeing, because Michael is there, and not because this is it. There is always more, always Evolution in Eternal Life, and it always keeps going and going. Upwards, there is no Limits.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL ABOUT THE NEXT LIFE FORM © Key to Heaven Project/Osiris Left Eye Mystery School

When reaching the next Life Form, it means that you have concluded all your Lessons on Planet Earth and do not need to return for learning or karmic reason anymore. This is the point where God reunites your Twin Soul into Completion and afterwards, here too the Experiences of seeming Separation are not necessary anymore and the Twin Soul remains at all times complete and merged in the next Life Form.

At some point, you and your Counterpart, can create your own Space in the Spiritual Dimensions, and you can create Children. It is a different process than you know from Planet Earth, and can more be compared to “Giving Birth to Souls”.

All the Angels and Archangels have Children, many many Children. The pregnancy process doesn´t take long like in earthly Matter on Planet Earth, and the 9 months are not needed. Rather, the Twin Soul can create “Sparks of Light” that then are already the newly born and created “Baby Soul” and there is no “physical delivery and birth process with pain” needed at all.


Sex is a natural part of the eternal Twin Flame Connection, and used for many purposes in the spiritual Realms of the Next Life Form. You could almost view it as a form of “food for the Twin Soul”, because the energy exchange keeps going between the 2 Counterparts, back and forth, reflecting, mirroring, “fueling each other”.

You can compare it a bit to the earthly technology of Electricity and how the cycle of electricity goes from the TWO POLES back and forth building the “energy cycle”.


I A.M.- Twin Flame Consciousness Merging in channeled Pop Music with Michael Jackson © July 2010 Susan Elsa
I A.M.- Twin Flame Consciousness Merging in channeled Pop Music with Michael Jackson © July 2010 Susan Elsa

Here comes a special Meditation Song we channeled together in a Live Version, a Meditation Version compared to the Pop Version we had released in 2010 prior.

This is the I AM Chant for Meditation Purpose, and you can begin by simply chanting and singing as if breathing: “I AM, I AM, I AM LIGHT, I AM LOVE, I AM OPEN FOR THE LIGHT, I RECEIVE THE LIGHT, I AM ETERNAL, I AM (Your Name) and so forth.

At the end of the Instrumental Track I am giving an Example of my own individual Freestyle Soul Chanting, so you do not have to do it exactly like me, it is just to give an example how it should be done and how “relaxed and out of your mind” it should come out. Let your soul sing, not your head or thinking at all.

LET YOUR SOUL SING AND CHANT ” I A.M.” and give it lots of breathe as you like, or do it more rhythmic, it´s all about YOUR OWN SOUL VIBE. That is individual like fingerprints.

I A.M.- Special Live Chant 2011 by Susan Elsa (2011) Released: 2011.
Special Live Meditation Version of Original Song from Archangel Michael- Secrets of Heaven 777


Try now to listen to this, and chant your thoughts, feelings, and your inner Soul emotions that come through, regarding melody. Keep the I AM LIGHT, LOVE, BRIGHT, ETERNAL, HEALTHY, positive affirmations and words going. Only positive words please.

Visualize a bright Light spark in your Heart Chakra, expanding and expanding like a Sun that becomes brighter. Keep it expanding as much as you can, but do not pressure or force it if it feels too exhausting. Your Aura needs time to be able to hold a wider Space- the wider the Space your Aura fills the more you will “pick up and sense other´s energies and thoughts, emotions and karmic situations”- that is not an easy thing to handle I can tell you.

But the more you learn to do this, the better you can “emanate Light like a Sun/Moon onto other People” and that helps them heal and break bad energies.

This is just for a side note about how you can use such pure spiritual energy to help heal human Society and the Planet here.


I chose two personal Experience with Michael Jackson, my Twin Flame, to give you examples of these other Dimensions. The consciously aware and awakening Twin Souls of you, dear Readers, will see familiar and similar experiences in these, which confirms for you what you are going through spiritually. It is funny to note here something before I move ahead: My friend, which I know for a very long time, that has stood as a Model for the Atlantis Magic School Teacher Character in our Cartoon Film, “MADE IN HEAVEN: I Remember”- had told me of a Book Author years ago that “has similar experiences more on my level”. I was seeking back then, when I was younger, confirming information and others who experience such strong spiritual things.

The Author´s Name is Mr Neale Donald Walsh. My friend then brought me a Book from him to read, and as I was reading I kept thinking:” Oh my God, confirming, confirming, confirming” it was really special for me and I love the pure, light energy in his Writing style and Books. I can really recommend them.

Here, as my friend is a big Star Trek Fan owning the whole DVD Series, we had discussed Neale Donald Walsh writing in one of his Books a Quote regarding Star Trek, that “God sent the idea for the Production to Gene Roddenberry”. That and Michael´s taste in these science fiction, space style Productions made me more interested in watching it as I never prior liked or watched any “Star Trek or Star Wars” and due to Star Wars, I would think wrong of Star Trek and imagine it is like “some space aliens shooting around guns in space and Darth Vader”- all things I do not like honestly.

But when I began watching it with my friend, the first Part I saw was of the Series “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, with Captain Picard. We watched the first one, each part is about 30 Minutes long, and I was slowly getting into it.

Then we watched the second part, if I remember correctly, and there was this Guy with longer blondish Hair, and he had this thing going with the Psychic on Board, Counselor Deanna Troi, played by Actress Marina Sirtis.

STAR TREK- NEXT GENERATION: Psychic on Board, Counselor Deanna Troi, played by Actress Marina Sirtis - PHOTO EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY-
STAR TREK- NEXT GENERATION: Psychic on Board Counselor Deanna Troi played by Actress Marina Sirtis – PHOTO EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY-

IMDB Link for Profile of Actress Marina Sirtis:

He hands her at some point this Rose, that is like lit and changes Colors, and in the Part this Guy is seeking a Woman that he saw in Dreams and kept drawing Sketches of! I was shocked actually, watching it with my friend for the first time, and seeing confirmations for personal spiritual Twin Flame Experiences with Michael, in some “Star Trek Fantasy Story”- and it was clear to me that in fact, this confirms also Neale Donald Walsh´s Writings, he is right! I think God really did inspire Gene Roddenberry for this Star Trek Vision.


About one year prior to watching Star Trek and seeing this “Color Changing Rose” detail, Michael had given me a “Color Changing Ring that is made of different Colors of Flames”. It is so beautiful, I cannot even describe it! He placed it back then, in 2010, on my finger and it is not only a decoration thing, as this is spiritual eternal truth. This Ring contains very special Magic.

It is symbol of a romantic Bond of Souls, yes, but it is much more than that. I call it my “Archangel Michael Wedding Ring”. The different colored Flames all have a Purpose and can be extended and intensified with this Ring in combination with my Emotions and Mind Power, connected with Michael´s Emotions and Mind Power. It cannot be stolen, seen by the naked physical Eye, nor can it´s energy be accessed by anyone else but me and Michael.

The Twin Flame Ring is only a humanized visual, that the Twin in Spirit hands to the other Half as a visual symbol of the inner Soul Marriage, the Twin Flame Bond consciously “refreshed and remembered”. It is also a Memory of the first Moment when Twin Flames are created, and bonded forever in a “Twin Flame Wedding”. That happens long before any Incarnation on Earth, in fact, this Planet Earth did not yet exist when “Twin Souls were born”.

Besides that, Michael would guide me to many Rings for symbolic reason, and decorative reason, on Earth, like the big Blue Glittery Flower Ring shimmering diamond-ish I am wearing in the Women of the World Video from 2011.

Archangel Michael Symbolic Rings in Videos & THE COLOR-CHANGING TWIN FLAME RING © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Archangel Michael Symbolic Rings in Videos & THE COLOR-CHANGING TWIN FLAME RING © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


In Summer to Autumn time of the year 2011, Michael was showing me still more and more of our Heavenly Home. He would mainly do this in Out of Body astral Travels when I am sleeping, or then, in controlled out of body travels with the soul body, that he guides, at anytime.

That could be also during meditation with nice calm Music, as he sits or stands behind me and then he would “gently guide my soul out of body and show me places in remote viewing ways”. That is as best as I can describe it, it is very hard for me to put in words, especially in English too.

So, one time, he was showing me our Bedroom in Heaven, to say it simple. It was our “Sky Castle” as we like to call it, the true Home where the Archangel Michael resides usually in Privacy.

It was so unique, this place. Michael looked really special, he was dressed like some Prince or King, in this what I like to call “typical majestic Archangel Michael Style” of Fashion, and he had a white glittery Cape on his back too. I asked him, why he wears this cape, if he really has “wings on his back” like people draw it and make Angel sketches on Earth and such.

He explained to me, putting me down on some Royal Blue Bed, that he does not have “animal bird wings” like human beings draw him, but that the wings are a symbolic expression of the “power to fly like an Angel”.

I was looking around and asked him, why it is so dimmed. He said, he wanted to make some romantic atmosphere for me and that it is sunny outside. I then looked and saw sunlight coming through the curtains. Michael then got up and showed me a new Fruit, he said:”I created it, for you, it´s your Fruit, you can try it out when you are back home here. I am preparing many surprises for you.”

I saw it, but I could not really eat it as I am still in the Human Life Form and can´t eat “Heaven food directly”. Now, this fruit is “my fruit” meaning, this is very complex spiritual science, and Michael created a “perfect nutritional fruit adjusted to my individual soul” and with a look that fits what I love to see as well visually.

Photo: Susan Elsa filming Video for “Women of the World”- 29th August 2011 ©


More on this Topic Coming Soon!

Have a Wonderful Sun-Day!

We´re sending Out a Major Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

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