Michael Jackson About Hollywood: A Spiritual Message and Power Demonstration from Spirit © ArchangelMichael777

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Everything Michael always wanted to say and expose about Hollywood, is coming out in masses. This is why we began on Saturday, 21st February, to celebrate and Michael said after making me post Announcements of the Hollywood Article, change plans and only “make Hollywood´s Oscars a little Side Note”. And then, after they took place, he proved to me and Business Partners and Friends all over, how he “got Control over Hollywood spiritually”. He kept saying, that “now he directs Hollywood itself from above, not just a little Movie and that is what they get for their Racism and discriminating against him regarding Film Career Plans”.

Archangel Michael Jackson Hollywood Visions and Spiritual Power from Beyond - Analysis Oscar News 2015 News Links
Archangel Michael Jackson Hollywood Visions and Spiritual Power from Beyond – Analysis Oscar News 2015 News Links


He said I should not make any comments, and only post a few good News links as a truth speaking for itself. Michael let this time just spiritual action speak for itself; read back on our last year begun DANGEROUS KNOWLEDGE SERIES, which is a very strong Twin Soul Magic exposing the Truth. The Power of the Mind in Action.


Elvis Presley has spent many years working on Movies in Hollywood, even to a degree where he felt his Music is being neglected. He had contracts, forcing him to make over and over Movies in which he saw no deep acting opportunity, and he was willed to someday win an Oscar Award for Best Actor.

He planned to make his own Movies, directed by him and his Visions before he passed in 1977.


Michael Jackson planned with a very serious determination to start a New Career as a Film Director, and earlier Actor as well, and kept experiencing Interference and Racism, Manipulation and even Theft of his Film Company Ideas and Visions by People in Hollywood. That was especially around the time when Michael released his DANGEROUS ALBUM. Remember the Time, was his big Trilogy Film Vision, for a Movie about the Sensual and Spiritual Aspects of Ancient Egypt, and the Beauty of Black History.

Now, Michael directs Hollywood- Archangel Michael Style, without them realizing it. This right here, is happening right now:


Another rare Example that made it exceptionally far in Hollywood is Bruce Lee. Not many Asians get a fair Opportunity in Hollywood, just like Black People. It was also an Afro-American friend, by the way, that initially supported Bruce Lee´s own Martial Arts School Vision in America, when he was just starting and trying to “bridge the Cultures through what he knew best, Sports and Philosophy”.


Elizabeth Taylor might seem a Hollywood Career to many, that went “easy and she was so beautiful anyways”- but the truth is, Elizabeth had to fight hard and endured many, many Challenges she just never spoke of publicly. Her and Michael Jackson were Best Friends, like Soul Family. She stood by his like no other, because she knew how the pitfalls and sharks look like in Hollywood. Elizabeth Taylor is a beautiful Example of a Soul that endured the Shadow in Hollywood, shining her Light no matter what.

Another Insight Link into what is happening by certain People, see for yourself:

Climb every Mountain for Love


And now, without any further comment, here are some educational and interesting Links for further debate and for you to reflect on and see what Michael Jackson was complaining about to his Fans publicly years ago about Hollywood:

Note: Did you notice, the “Debbie” from Fox TV losing it over the “Muslim singing a Song at the Oscars”? First of all, she seems to be like Debbie Stefaniak´s twin as they think alike and act alike, and I am not even sure Common is a Muslim, and the Song by the way presented by them named “Glory”, was envisioned to be like “a Michael Jackson Song”. So there you go again, with full exposure of truth on all levels, through God´s Will.

I had to laugh for a long time about those Videos when I found them, like whole Hollywood, even certain Press has been directed by Michael from Spirit to show their Clownishness. I´m not sure this word exists in the English language, but it´s funny, I like it.

It´s like a big Clown Show in the meantime…everyone talking Nonsense just exposing their True Faces. That is exactly what Twin Soul Spiritual Power does…especially Archangel Michael, he is the best at “forcing the truth to show” in anything and anyone.

Roman Polanski- Karma Calling Again


Bad PR and Bad News for Hollywood all over the place, I would say. Big, big Karma wave, and everyone is becoming aware and they seem to try everything to keep up the Fake Show, but the Truth is starting show as if it was a Natural Move the whole Planet is going and nobody can stop that, because God and the Archangels can just make it happen. That is the point.

And notice, that Michael Jackson not only had an Oscars Sculpture at Neverland in his Private Movie Theater, but the Archangel Michael Painting from his Home in Neverland Ranch, is shown in the same Position as the Oscar Sculpture, holding a Sword between his legs.

Think about it.



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