TWIN FLAMES REUNITED © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear World

This is one of our channeled, free-flow Articles again, where Michael sits right next to me and we discuss live, what he wants me to write into this Blog Article. No editing, no faking, a similar and new Concept to how I did our New Music Genre, starting with “Spiritual Pop Concept” until it became TWIN SOUL POP. The Method is clear: No Pen, no Paper Rhyme. Directly into the Mic. Freestyle from my and Michael´s Mind. A Lyrics Part we always say and that is part of our Brand and Copyrighted Song Catalogue (MGP Publishing Song Catalogue), published and unpublished Material to be published soon.

TWIN FLAMES REUNITED © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
TWIN FLAMES REUNITED © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


It is interesting, as there is so much faking and lying out there regarding Michael, regarding “psychic and supernatural information” and “about ancient Egypt and its symbolism”, that this is a welcome and refreshing way of cutting out all the nonsense and fakery. That is the Purpose of our Concept, and the whole CONSCIOUSNESS MERGING Effect, the benefits I got from that in early 2010. I published things officially and copyrighted, that demonstrate the live consciousness merging in the earliest phases.

Some people might see those Songs now, or Videos, and think “oh it doesnt sound like professional Pop Radio stuff or MTV stuff”. That is right! It does not and if you put anyone of those “Wannabe Witches” seen on MTV and heard on bribed “Pop Radio Programs” int front of a LIVE OPEN MICROPHONE AND TOLD THEM TO IMMEDIATELY FREESTYLE SOMETHING THAT FITS AND HAD A TO THE MUSIC SPONTANEOUSLY FITTING MELODY – AND- HAD A SPIRITUAL MESSAGE/MEANING, no single word would come out of their lips, and certainly not within a few seconds.

Do you see what I am saying? This is not about “Classical Forms of Singing and Songwriting”, this is ALSO NOT ABOUT FREESTYLE RAP OR HIP HOP, even though it has certain things with Freestyle Rapping in Common!

Here is a Complete Freestyle Song I published, after seeing nasty Tabloid Lies about Michael in 2010, and then “channeling my emotions into a Song for him” and focusing back on our Twin Soul Connection ignoring the Negative Tabloids. That´s how I felt on October 15th 2010, here:

In this very early Video, for educational Purpose to show our New Music Genre Concept, you see how it is literally happening, a Song. This is not how a Final Studio Production sounds, this is the FIRST BREATHE OF AN IDEA RECORDED LIVE AS IT COMES THROUGH FROM MICHAEL INTO MY HEAD!

Even the whole uptightness I had, regarding Dancing and just, letting our my inner Self, was gone and I was “automatic, systematic, tuned and channeled to Michael´s vibes”.

And now, Michael says:” At the DROP OF A COIN- She comes alive, and she is really going to blow your mind!”

This is the type of stuff he was pointing at back then in early 2010, and he would adjust little details that the original Songwriters did not and could not know, like singing this to me but saying “At the Double of a Coin”, “At the Double Face of a Coin, you see, like the same Coin, but two Faces like me and you baby”, like he is having just lots of fun with us being together. And THIS is what he really did with me, like I am this Robot Girl that is a symbolic Name for the NATURAL AUTOMATIC TUNED IN TWIN SOUL VIBE. The Mirror. Even literally sitting at the TV, seeing Michael dance, and then getting up to do the same. Precisely like it took place when I was 5 years old, and I switched first thing into the Smooth Criminal Dance Scene in the middle of the Movie and had not even seen this Intro Robot Part yet when I already had had this “Mirror feel moment and decided to do the same as Michael when I grow up, because he felt exactly like me, like a Mirror of my Future”.

Did you just notice? The Robot Girl is doing the Moonwalk. Now, another thing, the Smooth Criminal Song, begins in the Movie Moonwalker with THE DROP OF A COIN. 😉 Besides that, he ends this famous Song with the signature vocal gimmicks saying “Dogon it baby, Dogon Baby”, like the Dogon Girl and the Dogon Girl is Mine, the Song he was recording while I was being born in 1982. Smooth Criminal, the Song, is my favorite by the way, as it was this first Moment I heard his Music in this life. I connect this important moment that changed my Life with that Song. And it is the Main Song to me, from Osiris to Isis, after he got killed, asking if I am okay. Read up on the ancient Egyptian Story of Osiris and Isis, and you will see if you do not know already, that this is the most famous part of the Story in fact. Osiris worry about Isis, and the whole reason behind WHY he was allowed by God to impregnate from Spirit so I could have my Son, Horus. Only after he felt it is safe enough to go rest in Spirit as back then he was not allowed to stay and would only visit, and I was totally losing it. That is the foundation of the personal Story of Archeia Faith, Archangel Michael´s Wife. I fought hard and became invincible in this Quest for Justice and Protecting Osiris and therefore my own Soul, my Twin Soul, from evil Set (the Devil).

Michael says so much funny wordings now, I have to share he says:

In the Opening Scene of when he enters the Club 30 before starting to sing Smooth Criminal, he throws back his Jacket exposing his pocket and looking like “he is about to attack”- and the people go like “watch him!”, pulling their guns at his unexpected move. Michael symbolically walks right into “the Club” see it like a symbol for Hollywood, for the Entertainment Industry, or for the Powerful few on this Planet. He walks right in, and then, he THROWS A COIN, that activates the Music and his main Message.

Here is another Dot Michael wants to connect. He says:

“Remember the Song, Rock My World, where I sing about my Girl changing my life and the way I talk, walk and that I cannot explain? Then go way back to the Video my Brothers did without me, where my Voice is on the Song though like as if I am a Spirit symbolically- TORTURE. Watch the end of the Video and look closely, at the Girl kissing me as a Skeleton and then the Skeleton seen moonwalks backwards. Think about that one. And don´t forget to compare regarding the work I did in Captain EO, and, the Torture Video. Then, add ancient Egyptian Remember the Time and you have a very good Dot connection happening completing an important Message, the big Picture. Thank you for your attention for these subjects and care. Love, Michael”

And that is my Introduction to you for this special Article, about Twin Flames reunited and the complete Soul acting as ONE.

Original MJ Twin Soul Story Facts: Twin Flame Key Archangel Michael Jackson July 2010 by Susan Elsa © Copyrighted Music Releases and Lyrics Messages
Original MJ Twin Soul Story Facts: Twin Flame Key Archangel Michael Jackson July 2010 by Susan Elsa © Copyrighted Music Releases and Lyrics Messages

I AM COMPLETE- Becoming One © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

I remember, when I lived in Los Angeles, how my friends that did produce a bit of Hip Hop and rap themselves, tried to “make me rap”. It did NOT work out, it was more like a clownish attempt and I kept giggling as it simply was not possible. I could not THINK SO FAST as to come up with freestyle English words to rap, like real Rappers do. I was generally more “stretching vocals in singing and with lots of vibrato endings”- long.

I tried a few times, but my mind would get blank and I had no immediate words or ideas in my head to rap in such a fast rhythm, in English. I grew up with German and Arabic, so to me, this was even more, neurologically and scientifically, impossible it seemed.

I never trained rap, or tried. This joking with friends was the only rare events where anyone asked me about rapping and if I can do it, and to try doing it.

VERY funny CONFIRMING Video I found, adding it here for you:

So, after Michael Jackson, had passed (read my Book for more Details as its a complex story)- he had returned in March 2010 to me in Spirit, carried by Angels left and right. He then stayed and many things happened within those first 5 weeks. At one point in those initial 5 weeks in March/April 2010, Michael informed me of this, that “I am his Twin Soul and will never be alone again”. Here is the exact Quote from back then, he said many things but this was the Core thing that really was reinforced by him like his Voice was so clear like echoing after he said the words “twin soouul” through my whole freakin Apartment.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE by Michael Jackson- More Information COMING SOON! :) <3 Quote Michael Jackson to Susan Elsa March 2010: “You are the One. I looked for you all my life. I love you. You will never be alone again. You ARE my heaven! You are my Twin Soul!”
YOU ARE NOT ALONE by Michael Jackson- More Information COMING SOON! 🙂 ❤
Quote Michael Jackson to Susan Elsa March 2010: “You are the One. I looked for you all my life. I love you. You will never be alone again. You ARE my heaven! You are my Twin Soul!”

Michael began to show me the deeper Connection step by step, by just demonstrating it, not talking. He would just take my Body over, like my movement and “steer me into Dance poses and moves I could never do prior”. Then, the Dreams, he would just take me into controlled Out-of -Body Experiences and Travels, and show me vividly things and, well, spend lots of quality time with me, in Spirit. I would wake up and it would be literally like “coming down into a heavy, pressuring and limiting dimension”. He would be still there, smiling at me saying things like “Good Morning my love”.

Then, he said he would help and all that, and I opened a Song file naming it in German “ja und jetzt bitte hilf”. Like, “and now please help”. Lol, I know I can be a funny, direct Girl. But me and Michael are like that together, all open and honest ways.

And then, he did. Within 5 to 10 Minutes, I had an Instrumental draft, and he said very fast “press record, now”. I did, then he took over my mind like in a “twin soul consciousness dance and communication”, as if two lovers are singing a song together, and he stands behind me and somehow, he thinks words, and transmits them very fast into my Head and I just sing them out loud only realizing what I sang afterwards, not before. I would not know what comes next, and he would guide me and I would just trust him and let him steer “where the Song is going to”, in which Message, Rhythm, Melody or Words for Lyrics.

For the first time ever in my life actually, I found myself repressing the “sudden spontaneous urges to grab my crotch area and dance while I am singing”. I used to NEVER move physically when singing, and focus on as perfect vocals as I can, and stand absolutely still to not be distracted!

I am not kidding, and I am a shy person, I would never even think and never did grab my crotch area in any way, man. This was totally obvious power demonstration from Michael, as he was demonstrating the Twin Soul power to me this way. I remember also how it felt, “to be him”, meaning, he showed me in those initial Weeks and that Summer also, how “it felt to be Michael Jackson personally”. I literally had a “time travel emotions tuning in” to his past, as he felt being this famous guy and all that, like, from his Eyes, from within his Shoes and from his Personal Emotions. It was unique. Honestly, I felt so powerful, his masculine Energy is super strong, of course. He is the Archangel Michael, and I felt it. I was like “wow, that´s how you felt?”, he was not that shy inside, he was so confident about his public Role and all, even though he was attacked so much. I never felt this before, I was always shy, hidden, and did factually have no public fame experience or any of that. So, Michael was sharing this with me, and it was helping me tune in to his ascended, strong, confident, healed Energy and that would heal my physical Body from the near Death I almost experienced being his Twin Soul, because I almost died with him, physically.

So, he was like healing my Soul Part through his Soul Part after his Healing and Ascension from all the Earthly Battle and Pressures and Sadness, and my physical Health. I could sleep again, and he would in the beginning especially work on healing my sleep, by just every single Night being there and telling me wonderful things from other Dimensions, or mainly, just make Love, make Love, make Love, like after that, it was so physical, he would just do that like in the Physical, you know. After that I would be so sleepy like I did some extreme sports!

The difference between the physical and spiritual Body that Michael has now, is very clear. The spiritual Body is like, emanating much more Energies, it is generally much more intense not less, it is more intense than any physical “love-making”.



Here as censored as I can, as usual, I can just say read back on my Articles and in my Book what Insights I gave about Michael Jackson, in the physical World. It is in the concept, the same concept as “kissing” for example, energy teachings wise. It is already in the physical very different with your Twin Soul than with any other Human Being possible in Friendship, Trust, Connection on all Levels, Love Relationships and literally is like “facing yourself in your fullness bad and good” not able to hide anything from each other. It is also very painful actually as somehow, the physical as it is is not made for that, and when like you meet, and then have to go again, to work, to some appointment, or whatever, it literally hurts and I did not understand that back then when Michael was here in the Physical.

In the Physical, obviously, not many Twin Souls meet nowadays. In fact, I am pointing out something with Michael, that is like our Spiritual Archangel Job to OPEN THE GATES for all to re-member their Twin Soul. Michael Jackson was a on Earth incarnated Twin Soul, with me being born in 1982. Take a look at his Unique Achievements, how worldwide Masses of People would try to analyze him, spy on him, want to know everything about him, find him bizarre and “androgynous” and then LOOK AGAIN AROUND, and see for yourself how many such “Twin Soul Expressions” you can find. I am honestly not seeing THIS PUBLIC any other Twin Soul but me and Mike, and I find it despicable how certain People try to inhumanely play devilish Misinformation Games now about this Subject with Innocent People´s Souls looking for correct Information, as ME AND MICHAEL, ME AND ARCHANGEL MICHAEL ARE DOING HEAVY SPIRITUAL WORK TO OPEN THE MINDS IN THE MASS CONSCIOUSNESS. Anyone that dares to interfere in our Spiritual Work, like we do it, and then you come and try to cut into our Channeling Energy Line between “Heaven and Earth”- Michael will crush you just like he crushed the Devil.

Here, I stopped writing yesterday, removed a part too honest and open, that Michael said, he does want to keep only between me and him, and then he wanted me to sleep in time and take care of my Skin, putting on lotion and such.

I then received today morning, a Screen Shot from a wonderful Reader, a Screenshot from this Person´s Smartphone, where Google had marked all my Search Results, Twitter, this Blog, Youtube Channel with a huge red mark “SLOW”.

Strange, huh? After I got this, I informed my Partners, including one that witnessed just this last Days how our “seemingly private chat content” was suddenly used, by the same Person that keeps stalking and impersonating me, at the Oscars Event! That was already a clear slap in my and Michael´s Face, by the FILM PEOPLE IN HOLLYWOOD WHO STOLE LOGOS, AND COMPANY AND FILM IDEAS FROM HIM, MICHAEL JACKSON.

And me and my Witness, we laughed actually big time about this. It only proved now that the Oscars and the Hollywood Brand has sunken low, and is also pinned down by Michael, yes, Archangel Michael Jackson in Spirit. He is NOT DONE YET WITH HIS FILM PLANS, and you held him back and interfered sneaky and devilish in his Film Career Plans and Movie Production Visions for over 20 Years! You are certainly not going to abuse me, a at your Los Angeles, your Hollywood Town educated Film Director, only because I am on Michael´s side and know information from private Relationship.

I can make a Movie anytime, about you, and my Archangel Michael Truth Film Directing would embarrass you, so think, reflect, mediate quietly on this and ask yourself in your Mirrors now, if you want:




Those things show you, my dear Readers, that these People in Hollywood we mean, are Souls who decided for the Shadow side of things. We are here in Duality, we have Day and Night, Good and Evil. Right? Anyone can make an inner decision anytime, and it has zero anything to do with Race and Ethnic Background and all this superficial things. It is about the inner Soul truth, which usually only God and the Angels see clearly and know with certainty about. We might have Individuals who can read minds and emotions of others and more, psychic gifted People that God gives such Insights and Skills, but factually, no Human Being knows those things. Archangel Michael does though. He was here, as a Human Being, called Michael Jackson. He checked them out. He went right into the “Belly of the Beast” and finished the Devil from the inside so to speak.

After I informed my Partners and my Lawyers about the strange Google search mark in red “SLOW” thing, it was as usual, “corrected suddenly”. They always do these, to name it direct, Twin Flame Soul Interferences to us, when nobody is looking there and here, and as soon as you see a new evidence, a new detail of their unlawful competition tactics, and SPEAK UP to lawyers or publicly, they instantly remove it and put things back to normal order. Then, do it again, do something new, almost daily it seems by now. It is unbelievable.

Now, this is specific MICHAEL JACKSON TWIN SOUL MIRROR EFFECT, and it means that in a very short time after he came back to me in Spirit early 2010, informing me that I am “his Twin Soul” and all this and started to literally complete our Soul with such a heavy merging and I could channel his energy directly, his Dance, his ideas, everything, they began within a record-time of only 2-3 months, to “lay down the same spying and interference grip” on me like they precisely had on Michael Jackson himself before.

I was not keeping up, it happened so fast back then. I did not understand, did they know I know him from Los Angeles on, or did they only hear me mention tiny little things on Skype in early 2010, or how did they know that he is IN SPIRIT WITH ME HERE?

One thing is clear from that: There are some evil, and rich people out there, that know about Twin Flames, and do everything to “control Soul´s Evolution on this Planet, Careers, Information Flow” and so forth. They reacted too fast, with ANCIENT EGYPTIAN BLACK MAGIC ATTACKS ATTEMPTS, on our Twin Soul Strings/Chords. Can you imagine this? I seen them, I saw where, how they were dressed, who, how they did the Ritual, and felt physical Pain almost dying, and Michael told me “this and that Person, they prepare to interfere with her in our work, in your work baby”. And, MONTHS LATER, they published and did what he said they are planning, and he knew 7 months prior to them going any public with the “Impersonations and Copyrights Abuses” etc.


This is a serious Twin Flame Information, realistic, and authentic. Not some wishy washy made up “love movie” story to fool people. This whole Twin Soul thing has nothing to do with “earthly society today and how people think”- in fact, it is very insulting to apply the “fake earthly prejudice” on this Soul Connection. Also to make it seem to people like “anyone can meet in the physical their twin flame” and all that, and claiming to be with your Twin means “all is only positive and no anger and no challenges” are liars who never had any Twin Soul Reunion yet.

Yes, okay, maybe you can say, me and Michael Jackson, are not a common Twin Soul Couple. That is a fact that I am aware makes everything more challenging and complex to begin with. But I am trying to make you see here, that it does not matter, because to BEGIN WITH all that Michael Jackson came to Earth to do and show you, is exactly about that:

If you and your Twin Soul are here incarnated in 2 Bodies, then you will experience similar things like the example Michael Jackson gave you. You will experience a very heightened psychic intuitive skills, be faster than others in certain tasks, you will get jealousy reactions heavily and that in obvious ways more than others around you. Those type of things, it is very complex, but I hope you see how I mean.

If you are a female, and seek your male Twin, then you have to know also, that if you get together in the physical, many forces “suddenly jump out of the bushes” to attack you and try to interfere, heavily. Unlike any other relationship, this is like a huge spark of light, and suddenly, like “hell breaks lose and tries to interfere and attack from all sides”.

I can talk and talk about the FUTURE PLAN and how it should be someday here, or how it is in the Spiritual Realms where Twin Souls are always united, but that is not practical and won´t help you, dear Readers, to really grasp the truth behind Twin Flames and how to find yours and shield yourself. Be prepared. Only the truth helps in practical terms.

So, in the earthly, it is extraordinary to meet your Twin Flame like I met Michael Jackson. I mean, who meets Michael Jackson “coincidently in some Sandwich store” anyways! I am convinced that the way we got together was guided by Angels and God, because God decides when it is time for Twin Souls to meet and reunite.

It is very intense, on all levels. It challenges you to your deepest core in many aspects. It triggers your true self to show suddenly more, you literally can find out who you are in Spirit and your whole Soul memory, if reuniting with your true Counterpart in earthly Dimensions.

The chances that both twins also die precisely together, is not the norm. And I can only tell you that it is the hardest thing ever, to experience your Twin Flame passing from the physical, into the Spiritual form, and you go through everything as if it is your own Death that happened, internally. It is all very different in reality, than how some Authors and Bloggers, Vloggers and all those present it to you online, and 99% are false Teachings and made up Stories.

It is typical for how these Souls that are filled with envy and disrespect toward Souls behave:

They see PEOPLE, the masses, being WON OVER BY ARCHANGEL MICHAEL IN HIS HARD WORK, and then, they think, “oh so people tuning in, lets talk false to them then about the Information Archangel Michael tries to guide them to!”. They think this is okay!

They think, “oh seems like this twin flame thing is the popular thing now, people like it” so they try to MAKE MONEY off of it, and arrogantly talk on Videos and Blogs, even publishing Books, trying to “sound like a Scholar” and tell people false information on Twin Flames sometimes on purpose, sometimes out of stupidity letting the “Manipulation idea from the Devil” enter them and they go with it.

The Devil is DIRECTLY involved in all Twin Flame Interferences. He feeds off of it, he tries to steal light to compete with the Light, it is nonsense and insanity, it is dumb and disgusting, and it is literally everywhere on this Planet. The Interferences have gone so far, that Archangel Michael had to personally swing his Ass down to Planet Earth to break the Deceptions and force this Twin Flame Truth and Memory back into the Public Knowledge.

And of course, the little Devils on the Planet that follow their Devil, are not silent. They keep interfering, and try EVERYTHING to throw Garbage and negative Energy at “THE MESSAGE AND THE MESSENGER”. As in this case, the Message and the Messenger are one. You can´t talk about Twin Flame Reunion in PUBLIC to the Masses, if you DID NOT REUNITE WITH YOUR TWIN FLAME YET AND HAVE NO RIGHT OR POSITION TO TALK TO OTHERS ABOUT AN OBVIOUSLY ABSENT EXPERIENCE. If you do such things, it causes bad, bad karma for you and your Twin…Please don´t do it, nurture your own Soul and focus on your self to evolve and heal rather.

The Earthly Mass Reunions of Twin Souls in the flesh, is a thing that was existent on Earth thousand of years back, and will come again and has already began by now as you all see and sense, feeling it in your own soul. But, it is NOT common yet, because of the things I explained above using my and Michael´s example. God does NEVER reunite Twin Souls, and both in the flesh at the same time meaning the complete soul together, if they both are not ready AND the circumstances on the Planet are DANGEROUS for Twin Flames.

Take a look again, at Michael Jackson´s DANGEROUS Album Cover and all our “Dangerous Knowledge Series Articles”.

Twin Soul Light Bulb Ancient Egypt Knowledge Osiris and Isis Twin Flames- Image of Michael Jackson´s DANGEROUS ALBUM COVER Art Works Symbolism- for educational and documentary Purposes
Twin Soul Light Bulb Ancient Egypt Knowledge Osiris and Isis Twin Flames- Image of Michael Jackson´s DANGEROUS ALBUM COVER Art Works Symbolism- for educational and documentary Purposes
Twin Soul Light Bulb Ancient Egypt Knowledge Osiris and Isis Twin Flames- Image of Michael Jackson´s DANGEROUS ALBUM COVER Art Works Symbolism- for educational and documentary Purposes
Twin Soul Light Bulb Ancient Egypt Knowledge Osiris and Isis Twin Flames- Image of Michael Jackson´s DANGEROUS ALBUM COVER Art Works Symbolism- for educational and documentary Purposes

This is at the Temple of Dendera in Egypt, Birth Place of Isis, Osiris Twin Flame. Remember the Time? 😉


Well, that too I know is more a rare happening right now, speaking of a fully open veil and conscious awareness of a Reunion. The Twin Flame is ALWAYS there with the other Part incarnated on Earth, in Spirit, guiding, helping, sending thoughts, ideas, energy, but MAINLY SILENT AND NOT MANIFESTING VISUALLY OR PHYSICALLY OPEN IN ANY WAY.

We are talking here about a CONSCIOUSNESS STATE, so bear with me to understand the complexity beyond this:

1. The Way it is (IN ETERNITY)


In point 1, we mean the eternal reality that twin souls are always connected, always mirroring experiences, feelings, energies onto each other, always “spiritually present with the counterpart”. In point 2, it is about the consciousness state and condition you are in at the moment, and the way you perceive it.

So, if you want to take our Story as an example, it would have to be formulated like this; When I met Michael Jackson in person in the physical, early 2007, in Los Angeles- THAT WAS OUR OFFICIAL TWIN FLAME REUNION.

When Michael passed, came back then in Spirit, and taught me this conscious term “Twin Soul” and began channeling directly through me for Entertainment Productions, Dance, Songwriting and all that, that was for me the BECOMING CONSCIOUS AND AWARE of who we are for each other in full soul depths. He saw it in all clarity, shown by God, after he passed and ascended, and then came back to inform me of it all.

In order for Twin Souls to be able to be brought into direct conscious Communication by God, between Physical and Spiritual, it takes a very evolved soul able to endure heavy attacks and not be weakened or give up. It takes a very faithful Individual, on Earth, in Human Form, to be able to uphold the Challenges that arise from such a strong Connection, between Dimensions, between this earthly Life and Beyond, and keep your Consciousness ON EARTH AND IN HEAVEN AT THE SAME TIME.

You have to be very strong and evolved far enough, to be able to stay anchored on this earthly Reality, and able to see very different Spiritual Realms, and then switch back and forth as needed. You have to be able to hold and carry the Emotions of all in between, as when a Twin SOUL, ONE SOUL, is STRETCHED FROM HEAVEN TO EARTH, all in between and all the energy fields basically, are “touching our Soul” and we perceive very far and wide by now.

You CAN reunite consciously and merge Minds and Emotions, Insights and all that, but you have to be ready for all that comes with it. You have to first of all, understand that this “re-membering” and completing the Soul, as if putting it back together again, is what finally this so-called “Twin Flame Reunion” is. It is only you remembering, like you had amnesia a bit and then remember your own husband or wife that was there the whole time but you did not recognize him/her temporarily.

That is the good news, no limits! Your twin soul does not HAVE TO BE incarnated in the flesh with you right now, when I say this is not the norm as of right now, it does not mean any “bad news” at all in fact and is a protection to shield your overall complete Soul. Only one part comes mostly here, the other remains in Spirit to guide and shield the other in the earthly Journey. In fact, if your Twin Soul is in Spirit then you can reunite in some aspects easier than having to find the twin on Earth. Just look at all the hard work and battles Michael Jackson went through, to find me…

This is by the way, why in most of his Videos where he walks after a Brunette Girl (without Exception, Brunette always)- he is seen in “competitive situations and fights with evil Figures that try to keep him away from the Girl”.


Well, that is for most people too far fetched to imagine right now. But let me still say a few things, as people who have experienced the Twin Flame Relationship consciously between Physical and Spiritual as in Example Number 2 above, have some Glimpses and Insights on these things too automatically.

The shared Consciousness, when merging, when one is right here on Earth and the counterpart in the Spiritual, reflects like a Mirror both experiences to both. Meaning, the Twin Soul on Earth will get insights and glimpses, see things, experience in astral travel things, WITH the Twin in Spirit. It is Spiritual Logic. By the way, a new word I just came up with, because me and Michael were discussing today how much Nonsense is being said out there and how some people really believe it.

Such as “A twin soul doesn´t have to look alike or be identical”. Then, why is it NAMED TWIN soul, hmmm? So, we introduce now here a new word, a new term you will be hearing from now on more often:


Okay, so here, again, it is simple spiritual logic, that if both are one and the same, if half if in Spirit, and one Half still here in Human Form, the one here would have insights into the dimensions where the Counterpart is and the forms of life.

Please do not forget to apply this SPIRITUAL LOGIC we explained now, to all claims you see by people, as it will help you to differentiate between False and Real Twin Flame Stories and Information, and also LOGICALLY, helps you in your own Twin Soul situations as desire and emotions can be very overwhelming. I can´t even imagine, how it is for people to hear about the Twin Flame stuff, but have not yet just naturally experienced it directly PRIOR. That I imagine, can be very misleading and confusing, this is why me and Michael are here, to protect Twin Flames and all Souls that seek TRUTH.

More on this topic coming soon!

For now, we wish you all a wonderful Day and send you a Major Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©



Time we began writing this Article and before publishing some strange Search Terms appear in Statistics as if the Spies try to publish our Move before us…early Morning European time, 24th February 2015, we typed half of this Article, here is editing proof from within this Blog. Just to make sure, Michael said to post it. I never look up things, no idea, but they enter insulting keywords, click on my Blog on purpose few times, and then it shows in our Stats and that is their last resort to “force their crap into my sight and attention”. It´s pure stalking and harassment.

Time we began writing this Article and before publishing some strange Search Terms appear in Statistics as if the Spies try to publish our Move before us...
Time we began writing this Article and before publishing some strange Search Terms appear in Statistics as if the Spies try to publish our Move before us…

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