Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley: TWO POWERS COMBINED FOR THE LIGHT © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear World

This is a special Article with Spiritual Messages, fresh, from Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley together. I have published a Book for Elvis prior as well, named “The Spiritual Side of Rock & Roll: Elvis´Message from Heaven”.

In this Book, I am literally only being the Spiritual Secretary to Elvis in Spirit, and have channeled all he felt like he wanted to say and talk about. Many things I never knew, and then, my Friend, Darrin Lee (a very knowledgeable Expert on Elvis Presley and Book Author)- had confirmed me that all I was told by Elvis in Spirit is true and correct.

Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley: TWO POWERS COMBINED FOR THE LIGHT © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley: TWO POWERS COMBINED FOR THE LIGHT © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

The Manuscript for the Book was all written in the Summer of 2010, right after Michael Jackson, my Twin Soul, brought me Elvis Presley in Spirit for this Spiritual Cooperation. I guess, in a way, it was automatic, as Michael and Elvis met in the Spiritual Realms after Mike ascended in 2009, and then typical Michael, he obviously talked to Elvis about “joining into the effort” and brought him- bam, just like that. That was on May 1st 2010.

In July-August 2010, I additionally to this Book Writing, channeled Rock & Roll Song Demos, Drafts merely, for an Animated Film Project Elvis described, working Title “The Spiritual Side of Rock & Roll- Elvis Presley´s Arrival in Heaven”.

Here is one of these Songs I channeled for a Male Vocal Actor and Singer to do for the Film Project (someday I hope to make it happen for Elvis, maybe with Lisa-Marie…)

ONCE MORE (Channeled August 16th 2010) © Live Recording

(A Spiritual Cooperation between Michael Jackson & Susan Elsa (Twin Soul) with Elvis Presley)


Elvis now wants to be more active again. He is not a big talker and has never given many Interviews, but he wants me to share Insights regarding Exercise and Nutrition with People, to help and give good guiding Information for Improved Health. It is a topic Elvis cares about personally a lot, and has had many personal Experiences with.

Like I said in the Book, Elvis said clearly that his main issue was lack of exercise after having done Sports all his Life, and Depression and Over-Eating Habits, and unhealthy fatty Foods. This was happening due to the Defamation War on his Persona and Reputation, which hurt him psychologically a lot and angered him so much, he was not able to sleep anymore, and had serious digestion problems over time building up.


At the moment, if you look around the News, a lot is happening. I myself prefer to shield myself from these “poisonous News” daily, as I am a spiritual Person and Michael is in Spirit, and UPLIFTS me in many ways where such horrible News daily would only have a stronger Effect on me making me depressed and angry. I do not like in general, how when you open TV, all you see is this “repeating cycle of NEGATIVE words and headlines” – all the time. Sometimes, I am cooking in the Kitchen let´s say, and I forget the TV on as I had just finished watching some of my favorite Series or a Comedy Show or a Good Movie- then you hear things suddenly as you are in the Kitchen like:

EXAMPLES (Made up)

“The corpse of the little Girl was found there and there, like this…”

“The Man raped the Girl in a Forest and then killed her, buried her there…”

“Bus Crash killing 25 people, all of them were young and still had life ahead of them…”

“Crazy Man shot whole family and then himself…”

“Car crash killed little Child…Mother survived”

Why would ANYONE in the right, healthy mind, want and LIKE to read such News Headlines DAILY?

I am already feeling stress building as I write only these few examples out, so this is how it goes. If you are the type of Person to leave TV and Radio on regularly around you, I would suggest you try to observe this and it´s effect on you and your emotional State, Psyche and Spiritual Condition (if you are spiritual). But even without the Spiritual Aspect, this has a destructive effect over time on your Mind and your Psyche.

Your Psyche and Mind are filled daily, with such “Keywords”, and one thing is for sure; There are certain Topics that the System of the News World focuses on more than any other Topics, MORE THAN ANY OTHER TOPIC, no matter what is going on in the World and in the many different Countries around the World. What would that be?

Typical News System Favorites:

– Murder

– Rape

– War

– etc…


So what do we learn from this Situation? You know, we, as common, unknown People have one situation, but then there are also People like Michael, that have lived plagued by the News and Tabloid Headlines for many Years.

The only way Michael would endure this so long and stay sane, he said, was to IGNORE their Talk and let them just talk their mouths wound, until Tabloid Gossip would just get boring for them over time. He knew, they also do this to PROVOKE him, an angry emotional reaction from him in public, which then, they would pick up AGAIN and mock. So there is no Winning, and there is no humane Conversation possible with the “Press”- because the PRESS IS NOT A PERSON. It is not a Person with a Brain or Soul you can talk with, that feels. It is not ONE GROUP.

Michael Jackson once said: “What you think, you become…”, and he really was saying some deep spiritual Truth right there. What you FEED YOUR MIND DAILY, affects who you are, what you become and evolve towards. It affects your emotional State, your Mind, even over time possibly your Habits and Beliefs. Here is another famous and important Quote from Michael Jackson to be reminded of:

“The more you repeat a Lie, the more People start to believe it.”

Everyone has the Right to form their own Opinion, and spend time reading this or that, or spend time with a nice Hobby, loved Ones, Children and doing good, positive things. It is really a personal Choice based on free Will.

But if you try to shield yourselves for a while from this typical News Cycle and Tabloid Energy, and also Social Media and Internet often, go out into Nature, have some Pick Nick with Friends and loved Ones, you will start feeling different. More balanced, calm, focused and positive Thinking.

Then, try again as you like, to turn the TV and Internet regularly on again, meaning Forum Debates, Facebook, Social Networks News and general Tabloid News around, and you will feel clearly how this “Tension creeps in”- compared to the balanced, positive Mind-Focus prior.

Try this Experiment on yourself, anytime, and you will see the Impact and Power of the Media and Online Social Networks.

Can you imagine, if there was Internet at the Time when Elvis Presley lived here and was going through serious Tabloid Lies attacks on his Persona? It would reach much more, through a Smart Phone, Facebook, Social Media, Blogs, not just Press, but People with envy toward him in their Heart, random People, would too “join in the tabloid bullying” and open Blogs and all to insult him and all that. Luckily, there was no Internet back then like today, used by everyone, and he could shield himself more from the Print Tabloids.

Can you imagine, if there was Facebook and Internet at all Homes like today, back in 1993, when they began this horrible Defamation war on Michael Jackson´s Reputation and Persona? Pretty much like they do now with me today, they would hack, spy on digital Data and Work Files, New Song Ideas, Books, Personal Information and Chats, Photos, spy through his Smart Phone and make up fake Profiles to sent him bullying Messages and Insults online, pretending to be “common People who dislike him”- it would reach much more. Luckily, it was not the time of the Internet yet so much, back in 1993, and Michael also was able to shield himself from SEEING or HEARING Bad News filled with Lies about himself.


As you all have seen, Movies, and also Music Albums or Songs, have sometimes Age Restrictions on them. In Music they call that “Parental Advisory Warning”, and on Movies they call it Age Restrictions, giving a certain Age such as 16 plus, or 18 plus years that you have to be to watch it. I can imagine this might also vary a lot in different countries, based on the Culture and Laws.

Many Horror Movies have an Age Restriction, just like Movies with sexual Content. In Europe, violence in Movies especially raises the Age restriction for a Film, but Sexual content does not. In America, it is opposite; Sexual content is censored, and violence is shown more.

Now, WHY would there be such Laws and defined, clear Age Restrictions on MOVIES & MUSIC RELEASES?

Because IMAGE AND SOUND have an effect on the Human Psyche. There have been numerous studies and scientific evidence for how an image, visuals, a sound, can affect the Human Psyche even to the degree of “being traumatized”, or “relieved and uplifted”- an effect certainly known to Michael Jackson Fans very well, and to Elvis Presley Fans equally.

Michael Jackson emanated POSITIVE LOVE VIBES in his Music and Performances, in his honest Personality. Elvis Presley emanated POSITIVE LOVE VIBES in his Music and Performances.

Here are two good Examples:

Elvis Presley: You can hear his gentle Soul in his Voice.

IN THE GHETTO (Live Performance)

Information on Song: Elvis Presley grew up very poor. He loved his Mother deeply, that was very spiritual, in fact Psychic and would dream about things that then take place. He has a Twin Brother that passed at birth, and would always remember him throughout his Life events, and visit his Grave to share Experiences with him and “live like for both of them together”. He always wished that his Twin Brother would have been there to share happy Moments especially, with Elvis. That´s how spiritual and gentle Elvis was really, in his inner Truth.

This Song, is from his personal Views, as well as relating to his thoughts on the Ghetto in Memphis, where he would go often, even if it was rumored to be “only Black People there”. Elvis never cared about such Stereotypes or Racism, that is the honest truth.

Now, connect the dots, between IN THE GHETTO, and Michael Jackson´s MAN IN THE MIRROR- Song Messages.

Here is Michael Jackson´s MAN IN THE MIRROR: The Archangel completes the Soul Family Message…(Notice? Michael sings literally UNDER AN ARCH SHAPED STAGE DECORATION WITH LIGHTS ON)

Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley: About the Spiritual Side of Hollywood ©

The following Text is going to be written free Flow, Elvis Presley is left of me in Spirit right now, and Michael Jackson as usual on the right Side as he loves looking at my “Twin Soul Cheek Mole”.

Michael Jackson: Increased Psychic Skills as a Twin Flame Soul Sign of Evolution and nearing Reunion © Rare Reliable Info
Michael Jackson: Increased Psychic Skills as a Twin Flame Soul Sign of Evolution and nearing Reunion © Rare Reliable Info

Hollywood is a very general wording here, but we all know that Hollywood stands for a certain Association, related to Glitter and Fame, Fashion, Beauty and Social Power, symbolically. At least, this is how many, many People think when hearing the word “Hollywood”.

Often, the term is also used to refer to American Stars, from the Movie and also from the Music Business. Elvis Presley obviously had a lot of Hollywood-Film Experience, and in fact, felt “stuck in it” increasingly, wanting to focus on other Projects and make his own Movies with his own Script ideas and directing. But of course, the People around him would “manipulate him into not moving ahead with those Plans” and distract with offers and other Projects coming in, binding Contracts and all those Games.

In Hollywood, there are  TWO (2) Types of Spirituality, summarized: The People who are driven by their Fears, and the People who are driven by their Love. Love and Fear, are summarized the Two Opposing Emotions related to basic Spiritual Direction.

Many Individuals in Hollywood are filled with Insecurities and Fears, Bad Life Memories and often even, some consciously turn toward Black Magic and Occultism (Dark Spirituality). They think this can “fill the gap they have in life” or inside of them, or lack of offers, Fans or whatever they think can be achieved with such Energies.

For that, these People go very far. They are the Minority in Hollywood not Majority luckily, but still powerful and everywhere, linked in their Network.

The Rare Special Souls, the REAL STARS, that are chosen by God to become a certain Role Model in Arts or bring Joy and Happiness to People through Music and Performance, are like I said, RARE.

I want to list a few of these Special Souls related to the famous term “Hollywood”, so you get a better idea of the Situation, spiritually speaking.

– Michael Jackson

– Elvis Presley

– Elizabeth Taylor

– Bruce Lee

– Marilyn Monroe

– James Brown

– Jonathan Brandis (unfortunately he did not have really a Chance and wash crushed by the Evil in Hollywood…)

I am on purpose only listing what I know with certainty, as I had spiritual Communication and Visits by all those mentioned Souls, and I cannot speak of the Soul-Details of People that are still there in Human Form as it is their Privacy.

The mentioned Names are perfect Examples, of the Soul-Power an Individual can have and bring to this Planet, and to this Society, that impacts People and the Masses of Crowds deeply and spiritually.

Now, there is the many Wannabe Artists and Actors, Actresses, Models and “Musicians”, Songwriters and “Performers” that completely lack this SPECIAL SOUL LIGHT, compared to the Light-Ones I listed above. They are the Ones that copy and imitate, they are the Ones that seek Attention in all ways very hard, and usually do funny things and take off as much Clothes as possible to “grab the Public´s Attention”.

Some of those, a rare few but serious few, are completely lost in this “Black Magic Hollywood”-stuff. Meaning, they read up on Spells, they do certain and very disgusting Sexual Acts to “try and capture Other´s Aura Energy” and all such things. I have experienced and seen it clearly myself, as I am VERY GOOD at seeing vivid and clear with my Spiritual Sight. I also do see very far now, merged with my Twin Soul Michael Jackson, that is in Spirit truly the Archangel Michael himself and can see from above many things those People plan ahead of time, and shield me.

When we open our big Project, the virtual TWIN EYE Mystery Schools, we will in detail teach and reveal all those things, from Black Magic Tactics and how Attacks show and feel, to Protection Magic and True Light Magic with God´s Blessing only. All this, is very important Spiritual Knowledge for these Times the Planet is in right now, as once the Secret Knowledge is stolen and abused by the Wrong Ones, all People must know the full Story and Knowledge and then, the Deception and Illusion on which the Evil One´s “Power” is based are gone and exposed.

Both, Elvis and Michael were attacked heavily by the same Manner and Tactics. There were even false sexual Accusations against Elvis Presley once too! I did not know about that for a very long time, until actually Darrin Lee told me about it. Elvis did not like telling me of certain details of Lies he spoke about, and would focus on describing other things to me than details of “what these liars said”. He wished in fact HE never knew of those lies, and would not want me or his daughter or actually anyone, his Fans too, to read those Lies and possibly believe them. Unfortunately, many Lies about Elvis were in the meantime “established” and many Fans seem to just accept them as Truth.

This is why, now, and so late, much after Elvis´ passing, I was asked by him to do this Book Writing and publish it.

And also, today, a few years later in 2015, I am seeing new things in the situation. I see, how Elvis Presley actually helped ME TOO in my personal Situation with Michael Jackson, so I know we are not alone and there are others with us that experienced the same jealousy attacks and spiritual attacks like that.

In fact, everything Elvis told me, also the many things not in the Book we published, are precise and show me now, how the SAME OLD TACTICS are being applied on Michael Jackson and his Public Reputation and Persona. They try to “establish their Lies as Truth now”, by bashing innocent Michael- one sided obviously and inhumane after he passed, and continuing the brainwashing cycle of lies to “fixate it into People´s minds”.

So, I am very thankful, for Elvis´personal support for me and Michael in this way, and really see it´s deep meaning more now. Back then, I was just channeling, doing, taking action and doing as Michael and Elvis say. I am a very precise spiritual Channeler, and very much a Perfectionist in my Spirituality. I view it like a Science, a Soul Science I constantly strive to perfection. I have always been that way, regarding my Spiritual Side and Psychic Skills.

That is also, I guess, one of the things obviously that Elvis meant to encourage me about. I did not know ANYTHING from his personal Life or Story, I did not even know most Songs and thought as a Child once, that he is “an Actor” not a Singer. I knew a few famous Songs only, such as Blue Suede Shoes, Jailhouse Rock, Love Me Tender, Are You Lonesome Tonight, and Teddy Bear.

So, for me, to show my raw Manuscript to Darrin Lee, that knew all those things I did not factually, about Elvis Presley´s Life, was a very important step for me to authenticate and confirm my “preciseness and readiness to channel for the public with my skills” and that I really done good work for Elvis, as a “Spiritual Secretary”.

See, finally, so many People in Hollywood, and back into their Childhoods when they were dreaming of “becoming a big Star someday”- they all seek the same thing even if they are unaware sometimes:


Everyone seeks love, every single Musician and Performer and Actor, seeks this Feedback, this Recognition of their Craft, their Effort that involves so many Emotions and Soul. Some People, as described, in Hollywood, do not know themselves, their Soul, or even their true Skills. They fake and do cheap things to get attention, they sell their Souls basically via precise Black Magic to Set (ancient Egyptian Devil and Brother of Osiris).

They think this will “manipulate a magical Aura around them to pull in People and make them interested”. Come on now, if People are not interested, it should not matter to you if you really stand behind your public Works and what you put out there!

A Real Artist does not make the Art only for the Audience, but also really loves it, really enjoys THE ART PROCESS ITSELF, feeling alive and happy doing so. And this then emanates from the Work into the Audience. That is how it works- only through YOUR OWN true Soul Light.

Real Art, real Soul, real spiritual Light and Joy, CANNOT be faked. It has to be earned, through the inner Process of the Soul, the Mind, the Heart, and your Free Will. You shape that inner Light, by every Action you take and every Emotion you send out.

Think about that, until we continue soon with more on this Topic.

Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley: TWO POWERS COMBINED FOR THE LIGHT ©

“Once upon a time, there where ancient Kingdoms, all over the World. Memphis Tennessee, Memphis Ancient Egypt; Two Powers combined for the Light.”- Lyrics QUEEN OF MEMPHIS 2010  © by Susan Elsa, Michael Jackson & Elvis Presley in Spirit-

The strongest Spiritual Connection obviously I have with Michael Jackson. He is my Twin Flame Soul, my Other Half, we literally share the Same Soul in Masculine and Feminine Counterparts. That is what a “Soul Mate” really is, but with specific Terms giving more a descriptive, precise Term: TWIN SOUL.

Just like the physical Twin Babies, a Twin Soul is of THE SAME ESSENCE. Like, one Egg, but not a physical One here in the Womb of a Woman, but an eternal Spiritual Aura Egg that contains both Twins inside of it. This is why Michael changed into my Appearance, after I was born in 1982.

Real Twin Soul Metamorphose Story Michael Jackson Susan Elsa © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Real Twin Soul Metamorphose Story Michael Jackson Susan Elsa © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

And let me state here clearly: Michael Jackson did not have over 100 Plastic Surgeries, stop this Tabloid Nonsense Lies! Here, take a look, at my Facial Metamorphosis very visible as well. You can also look on this Blog in our IMAGES Section, where you see many Photos of that Process.

I also have bigger Eyes now, different cheeks and facial lines, fuller Lips and a female and male combined Soul Expression in my Eyes now. This is certainly not a “Plastic Surgery Story”- and I want to make clear that much of Michael Jackson´s Physical Appearance Changes (seemingly) where natural Changes due to Age and Diet, AND the Metamorphosis Effect with me, his Twin Soul. Look at the Pictures, and you will see that his famous later Looks are precisely how I naturally look…including the Egyptian Style Eye Make Up…

Now, the Tabloids seem totally out of control. They think, just because some famous Legend has passed, they can talk whatever they like now about Michael Jackson and exaggerate more than ever before. There is no common Medical Explanation for our Metamorphosis, because it is NOT of this World or something common to be aware of today in modern time. We are still working on the Science project of proving scientifically, what a Twin Soul is and how it all works. But Science is simply not there yet, else, me and Michael would have had since years an open, supportive Guidance regarding this spiritual Situation.

Can you imagine, how difficult this Consciousness Changes and different Body feel and all that, felt for Michael, not knowing for certain who or what is causing it? I was not visible, I was not famous, or even an adult yet back then, and he had no way of knowing for sure that I really exist. I was more like a Spirit around him, and in Dreams a “Mystery Girl” as he would call it. He only knew in early 2007, when we actually met. He really seemed shocked at first, I could tell from his facial Expression. He told me on the second Meeting after then, that he “saw my face in Dreams before and tried to draw it”.

So, yes, maybe some Surgeon would look at some Pictures and be fooled visually, and think:” Oh, well, this is bit different, this too, so he must have had surgery”- NO! That does not automatically mean, that Michael “must have had surgery”. I am telling you and showing you also very personal Insights here, on the real Existence of Twin Soul Metamorphosis, physically, visible, mysterious and yes, not easy to grasp by those People that think so limited.

Well, we are here to expand your Imagination, your Mind, your Consciousness. We are here to make you BELIEVE in that everything is possible, again. Because God can make ANYTHING possible, for Truth, Justice and True Love.

We´re sending out a Major Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) © – and Special Contributor Elvis Presley in Spirit

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