About “HOLD MY HAND” by Michael Jackson: Some Unknown Information and Questions © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine´s Eve, and spent a lovely time with your loved One, or loved Ones. I do think it is not only about this Hollywood Cliche Romantic Celebration between Man and Woman, but certainly also for Friendship and Family Love, a special Day to remember and honor that.

This time of the year is always very personal and special to me, as Valentine´s Day is on the 14th February, a Day before that is his Son´s Birthday, Prince Michael Jackson. I hope Prince spent a wonderful Birthday.

Then, the big Anniversary of the Passing of my beloved Grandmother Bedur, and my disabled Sister at only age 19. They both passed together on the 22nd February 2009.

This Article is more short, and connected theme-wise to the following, second Article with which I will start the Official BEDUR METHOD Series, in dedicating to my beloved Grandmother, “Teta” Bedur Barakat.

About "HOLD MY HAND" by Michael Jackson: Some Unknown Information and Questions © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
About “HOLD MY HAND” by Michael Jackson: Some Unknown Information and Questions © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official


The spiritual Basis in my Life was there from Birth, but the first and only Person to actually give me real answers and prepare me, in practical ways, was my Grandmother, a real Egyptian Psychic and Special Soul like I never seen. I never knew anyone that endured so much, and stayed SO CALM AND BALANCED. My Grandmother had her Inner Child healthy and alive until Old Age.

She was my Best Friend throughout Life. In a way, very similar to Elizabeth Taylor, in Aura Energy, and in her Humor that always stayed with her even faced with heavy Life Challenges.

Growing up, I would always watch Michael Jackson´s Videos or Concerts if they were aired Live on TV or so, together with my Grandmother often. It was so funny. She  would drop comments you never forget again. She was a Side-Show to what was going on on the TV Screen, like a Comedian.

But more on that later, now I want to only give Insight into late 2008, when I saw my Grandmother and little Sister the last time, on Earth. She was very sad over some things, especially over the Loss of her beloved Son, Fahmi, my Uncle which Soul I had to help as a Medium for years, starting in my Childhood when he passed.

I remember how I told her, about Michael Jackson, and that he “became a Muslim”- that made her so happy, she was crying and said like a little happy Girl, with this innocent tearful Happy Look in her Eyes: “Really? Oh, you made me so happy! Bring him to me, bring him here, I want to have him here like my Son…please.”

(Note: This is a factual conversation content I had with my Granny back then, and whatever People discussing out there about Mike´s personal Beliefs or so, finally the Man was SPIRITUAL all his Life and loved God, in all ways. And whoever Michael dated and chose for being with in private Relationships, doing so maybe for, is a Private Situation not important for Fans about his public Work and global Peace Message. Michael loved everyone the same, also, never forget this and his Messages throughout his Life. Please no Religion-discussions here, thank you.)

I was kind of surprised, she said that, as I had not said anything to her about something romantic between me and Michael Jackson, only superficial few things. She did for me her special Bedur Method Card Reading, and it was so serious, more on that and details in the Next Article. She was, as usual, right with everything. All she said, came true. And it happened as she had announced: “Trust me, you will see someday, you will say, Teta was right!”

Not only did she see the Challenges I was about to be experience, but she ended up helping me herself, from Beyond…


In that time, I shared with Michael my 2003 Dream I had, about him being the Archangel Michael. I was not seeing it as that back then, honestly, I thought it is “dream symbols” trying to tell us something different.

It´s also in my Book, Archangel Michael´s Wedding, but let me re-write it for New Readers here again:

On a random  summer day in 2003, I was not experiencing anything special and had a more boring day. Prior to that, I had 2 Dreams already, the first starting off with Michael Jackson´s Death Vision, that God showed me directly and why and how. But that was months ago.

Suddenly, I was dreaming a third Dream, of the same Storyline. As if God is sending me those Premonitions in Dreams, as clear as possible, step by step, like a Mini-Series of Films.

In this one, I was laying in a Bed, it felt to me like it might be a Hospital Bed as I felt so “tired, exhausted, broken and sick”. I felt so weak, and was like crying and totally broken or something. That is how it felt, inside this Bed inside this very psychic, vivid Dream.

Then, in the lower Corner of this Room, Michael suddenly appeared. Literally like a Ghost would appear, meaning, manifesting, like he did not open some physical Door and walk on the Ground, he was floating above the Ground. I felt Angels left and right of him, that were making themselves “invisible” but I felt their Presence. He had a very serious facial Expression.

I then reached my hand out to him and it took all my physical strength it seemed, saying with a shaky weak voice “Michael!”. He then was floating toward me to as I kept reaching my hand toward him, and I knew the whole time, that he is Michael, meaning, the Archangel. Very familiar and clear, in this Vision.


I woke up and thought to myself:”What in the World am I dreaming about, what is this?” It seemed random and funny to me, made no sense,  I thought. I thought, hey, what do I know about this Archangel Michael? Why am I suddenly dreaming of him and why did his face look like Michael Jackson´s???

I repressed the Dream and ignored it to myself, putting it away as some random “Fantasy”.

This same Day, later in the Afternoon, I went to the Gym after Work to train my Muscles.  I was doing regularly sports back then, had no Asthma and none of that which happened only later and I wrote about in my Book and on this Blog. But, in this Dream it had shown already. Just a side note.

Archangel Michael Jackson Dream 2003: Eye Witness from Gym and Ex Police Officer (2003 Talked about Dream and Artistic Ideas) ©

The Gym was owned by a Mr Elsener, an Ex-Police Officer and Sports Enthusiastic that had built for himself a great more small Gym, with a great Atmosphere.

I knew of course, nothing about the Man´s Private Life, nor did he know about me. They had a few other Sports Coaches there, that would do the weight settings on the Machines for you and control that you train your Muscles right and healthy, with the right movements and all.

So, as I am working out my shoulder/arm muscles on this Machine where you push up and down your Ellbows, like Wings-movements, this Owner walks up to me as if someone told him to tell me something and he said right away:

“Archangel Michael wants to help you! But you are so stubborn, you have to ALLOW him to help you, he cannot do it against your Free Will…”

I was so shocked, I stopped working out and took my arms down, asking him:

“How can YOU know what I was dreaming about last Night? Archangel Michael just popped up last Night in my Dream!”

Willy Elsener looked at me like it is no surprise to him, and said: “Yes, he is very strong.”

My Mother was with me there, working out. She went home then alone and I stayed longer, to do some extra work out and me and Willy had a special Spiritual Conversation suddenly. I had no idea, he knows about such things even! He said, he is studying “Parapsychology since 22 Years”.

He shared with me many Ideas I had never been confronted with before in this Lifetime, regarding the Power of Thought and how no Disease and nothing can “get to us” if he think positive and keep the “mind shielded”. I remember complaining to him, about the emotional Challenges I was enduring with this full psychic Sight on things, I suffered heavily from seeing Visions especially of People´s approaching Deaths, and then it would happen, random People I did not know often, and then things would show suddenly in the News Headlines or such and I would get confirmation and be under shock.

Willy said, there is “no positive or negative really, in the true higher spiritual realms.” He said, he “wished he had this Insight that I have” and that I am blessed. I asked hi: “But what am I supposed to do with this knowledge? I obviously see often things I cannot stop or help those People so, why do I see it prior then? What for?”

He said, its not about having to do anything, the knowing itself shows me that there is more than what meets the eye, and that I have to overcome thinking in “dualistic terms”. And that maybe if I see my gift as something negative, I attract and “focus on looking only at the negative aspect” when there is always positive aspects too and I decide from which angle I look at things, and all that.

And then, I asked him what kept bugging me inside: “But, why did Archangel Michael in my Dream look like Michael Jackson???”

I was totally confused about that Part. Willy said, he does not know why he looked like Michael Jackson, “maybe because he wanted to appear in a familiar Form to you, something that is close to you personally?”

But we both had no idea factually, and this Question remained open.

This is the Way I shared the details then in a private Conversation once with Michael Jackson, a few years later in 2007 when I got into personal Contact with him.

The Scene with the Bed and him floating toward me as some Major Archangel, while I reach my Hand out to him to hold it, really impressed Michael a lot. It felt very personal to him, he said, as this holding hands thing always was a special thing for Michael.

After I had left LA, in 2008, and was not well healthwise and having lots of Allergies, had developed Asthma and all those strange things, in fact, only after Michael had passed in 2009 then- I saw this Song suddenly: Michael Jackson- HOLD MY HAND (feat. Akon)


I knew immediately, of course, why Michael had decided to record this Song and work on it, with this Akon guy. There are some Questions I have regarding this collaboration, but we will see then what comes out. The truth always comes out.

Here is the Song, listen to the Lyrics and it´s clear Message, that many Fans felt with our TwinFlame Heart as well, our Soul Family:

Your heart will tell you the truth, as Archangel Michael is right here and never left this Planet Earth behind. He is there for me, and for all of you. That is the simple truth of Michael´s Soul and my Soul.

And if one is here when the other left, then it is as if we were both still here…

We´re Sending Out a Major Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit ( Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©


“I never knew my Grandmother´s Birthday Date. I always wished I knew. But she also did not know herself, as back in her Generation in Alexandria, Egypt, there was no Birth Records for all Citizens, and many Babies would be born by Midwives at Homes.

We all never knew her real Age as well. We guessed.”

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