Susan Elsa: About being a Woman in the Entertainment Industry and Business Ethics © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

Today comes an Article specifically about the Entertainment Industry and the Experiences that we Women make in this Business. It is really revealing, how Michael Jackson and me experience the same “Interference and Arrogance” from People in the Industry.

Women of the World Music Business and Ethics Article © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Women of the World Music Business and Ethics Article © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

When I was a Child, I began singing at the Age of 5/6, inspired by Michael Jackson after seeing him in the Smooth Criminal Scene in his Movie “Moonwalker” late 1980´s.

I have then for years, due to my shyness, trained my Singing Voice very much isolated, in my Rehearsal Room downstairs where nobody could hear me or disturb me. I would sing for hours, until my throat hurts, without water or food or breaks. That is how serious I was, and that is how serious of an effect Michael Jackson had on my Soul from this one Moment where I realized at such age: “Who is this man? Somehow he is exactly like me, like my Mirror of the Future. I want to do what he does when I grow up!”

Michael Jacksons Psychic Skills Confirmed: Twin Flame Soul Childhood owning Two Birds as Pets prior to Michael sensing it © Susan Elsa Property and Information
Michael Jacksons Psychic Skills Confirmed: Twin Flame Soul Childhood owning Two Birds as Pets prior to Michael sensing it © Susan Elsa Property and Information

When I became older, I got in touch with Music Producers that wanted me to go show them my Voice in a Studio Demo, and would postpone for 2 years thinking “I am not ready, not perfect enough yet, need more training”. I kept thinking this, until I was convinced to go do it. I did for the first time ever in a Music Studio, without any experience, Michael Jackson´s Dirty Diana then as a Demo.

And then, the trouble began.

Countless times, in the past 15 plus years, I have been pushed around, disrespected, and it is always the same tone: People tend to be rude to me and talk to me like I am a little Child that needs to CHANGE my Vision and do as they say.

I have never done that and would never and all I publish is simply me the way I am in pure Nature and the way I feel and think, and no fakery. I hate faking in Arts, and I would never feel comfortable posing with a Message or with Fashion half naked and all this stuff, or Blonde hair, just because in this Music Business it seems “system” that all must be same mass products and repeat someone else´s “strategy”- such as Madonna. Look at them, they are doing it now, with people like Lady Gaga, absolutely fake people that steal from others who do have a Vision like me, and then these People after all those 15 plus years of me fighting for my Vision, now want to “wear my Visions like a Dress” and abuse it, with the whole other stuff, blonde wigs and naked on Stages.

What an insult.

So, this article is very important, for any Artist out there that has a Vision, for any Girl or Woman reading this, and studying Arts such as Music, or Acting, or Film Directing. We Women must come together and support each other, maybe then we can change how this Business works for us.

No Woman should be humiliated based on her Gender, in a male-dominated Business. No Woman should have to take any “commands” or “change her direction and message or style of Music and ideas”- because some Man said so that works in some Management.

Nobody should ever mock any Artist´s INNER SOUL EXPRESSION AND VISION! This is a Human Right, just like everyone has basic Rights for practicing their faith, spiritual beliefs, lifestyle and all that. Just like everyone has basic rights of their Personal Data and Documents being protected, by law. Nobody should harass a Person´s Soul in the Art Fields, this is what Michael Jackson fought against hard, and you can see it in several public Speeches against Racism and “The Killing of Artistry” that he gave. Look on Youtube, there are Videos people put up.

This happens a lot.


Often, when a Woman is in an important Position in an Entertainment Project, such as the Film Director, or the Producer, or a Company Owner guiding an OWN PROJECT, People come in that are basically hired, or want to be hired in some Project and cooperate and benefit, that then start messing with the Communication because they cannot handle that “this Woman has the say and is the Boss in the Project”.

Archangel Michael Jackson exposes Hollywood: We Come Into Array feat. Bermuda Triangle Project © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Archangel Michael Jackson exposes Hollywood: We Come Into Array feat. Bermuda Triangle Project © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

They try with rudeness and particular tactics then to undermine the female Authority in a Production Process, and tend to have respect issues based on Gender. Mostly, they passive-aggressively start with disrespectful tone and manners to talk to you, and “test the boundaries”, and if you are tough like I am and insist on the boundaries and respect, they lash out at you at some point showing their true face and insulting and harassing you.

I remember a private Home Video recording from Michael Jackson I saw once, but I can´t find it anymore. In this footage, he is in a living room, I think, in Encino, and some guy is holding the Camera totally close into Mike´s face and he gets angry, saying “Back up, okay, THIS is how you back up!” and he stands up physically showing the Guy how to back up with the Camera Zoom off his Face. He then explains that “people tend to be rude to me”.

Maybe you can find it, and let me know so I can post it here for the Readers to view as well or on Facebook Page.

Michael told me of a lot of disrespect and racism in Show Business, especially in America. That is a fact! You will never find such extreme racism and corruption ANYWHERE like in Hollywood.

But additionally, to Michael Jackson´s situation as a man in this Business, for me as his Feminine Counterpart it is somehow a bit worse, because I am a woman. Look at the condition of the World we live, look at “how much respect” women generally, have. Look at how women are being treated nowadays in India! Look at the rape culture around us, like we are all “sex objects for men only”- ENOUGH!

Women of the World Project 2011(MJ Birthday Release)- by Susan Elsa and TwinFlame Soul Michael Jackson in Spirit © Channeled Dance and Art Works Twin Souls
Women of the World Project 2011(MJ Birthday Release)- by Susan Elsa and TwinFlame Soul Michael Jackson in Spirit © Channeled Dance and Art Works Twin Souls

For all the Women in the World and  great, talented Business Women that are not being treated right and respected, I am here to fight now.

I seriously had enough of the ongoing disrespect everywhere toward Women, it is an additional issue to Racism in our World Society which only makes things worse, and it blocks the Feminine Healing Spirit from rising to heal the Planet, that carries a feminine Title “Mother Earth”.


When I started in the Music Business, meaning, going the first time to sing for a Producer at age 16/17 years old, I was not ready yet when it comes to having an Entourage, a Team of Lawyers or even one Entertainment Lawyer by my side. It enabled many Music Business People to take advantage of me, to push me around in my Art and try to manipulate me, and then when I would insist on MY VISION and reject their ideas they want to change my Art with and its Direction, my Fashion, MJ Dance Styles and all this (do it more like Britney, sexy, more naked clothes, Lolita)- they would SERIOUSLY HARASS ME AND THREATEN ME if I do not “do as they say”. I would always end up fighting and demanding my artist and human rights.

Twin Soul Mirror Image Visuals MJ Susan © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official
Twin Soul Mirror Image Visuals MJ Susan © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

It would go as far as receiving text Messages from such People, saying to me things like:

-“You think you are Michael Jackson, you will never make it without us, we were too human with you already anyways!”

-“Stop this Michael Jackson Dance Style, or Janet Style! Do it more sexy, like Britney, Lolita Style!”

– “Make your Hair Blonde, it gets you more attention!”

– “You act like you are Michael Jackson! You are nothing without us and our Management!”

-“Those Songs that you wrote are not yours, they are ours! The Producer gets Copyright that makes detailed Instrumental Production, not the Songwriter!” (Duh)

-“You are too much like Michael Jackson, or Janet Jackson, change that!”

Is this, how anyone in some Music Business about innocent Arts for entertaining People, should talk to a Girl age 17, age 18, age 19? I don´t think so. In fact, nobody should harass and bully any Artist like this for using their Freedom of Opinion and Free Will to make their Art how THEY WANT, being the public Face then, and not “giving into what the Management or Record Label demands”. This is our Face, as Artists, our Privacy that goes lost, this is solely our Decision how WE PRESENT OURSELVES IN PUBLIC, not any Record Labels or Managements.

Good Managers are like an extended Arm of an Artist, not a Slave Master. I understand the job of a Manager is to “manage things”- but that does not contain anything in the job title for “decision-maker” at all. It is MANAGING the Artist.

Also, the Record Labels did not MAKE Michael Jackson. God made Michael Jackson. And his Success and Talent came from God, and was not “made” by some Human Beings that worked with him. To say so now, is blasphemy. And shows how these Set worshippers in Hollywood think they can twist Mike´s public image after his Passing over the years, until everyone believes “oh he was also part of these so-called “Illuminati”- Satanists and he wanted out so they killed him”- bullshit. Those people WANT YOU TO THINK THEY HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE A PHENOMENON LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON, when fact is, he worked with the opposite Energy: Light and Love.

Michael fought these types of People from the Beginning and had to fight his way into being respected by the Industry, as an Artist. They do not respect him though, still, as a Human Being. That is clear by now.

This is EXACTLY my own Experience and worse, as a Girl, in the Music Business. I lost years fighting this petty crap, for basic respect as a Human Being. Everyone constantly tried, from the Start, to manipulate me, attempting to interfere in my artistic Vision and NEW IDEAS:

– This is a risk for Record Label, better go with the Numbers. This and that sells, so you do that too!

– Why don´t you sing a bit more, like X and Y, and not Michael Jackson?

– This too hard vocals, like Michael Jackson Style, better do it Lolita style, sexy, breathy, like Britney Spears (yes, this was back then said to me a lot).

– It is definitely good, interesting, but what guarantees us that it will sell? Better repeat other´s stuff like Britney, we make “the New Britney Spears” with you.

– Sex sells (common comment in Show Biz about all you see those Others doing such as Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, everyone is selling their body and making some Porn-Pop).

This is a simple insight, there was much more I cannot talk about here. But as you see, think about those Names and how People in this Music Business when I started, would try to manipulate me “away from the Jackson Style” to the “Pop Whore Style”. I would feel insulted, and reject it very loud and say:“Then fuck off, I will only do what I believe in, in my Art. This my Life and my Face that will be out there, and I must be able to like what I published and be in tune with it! It must be real, real art, not faking and pretending to be someone you are not, the public senses that, its never successful like real Artists that stay true to their Heart and inner Vision!”

And certainly about any “stop doing this and that like Michael Jackson”- I would be replying ice cold turning away from them “You are idiots, everyone wishes to have anything like Michael Jackson, he is the best, and you want it off my Style? You think Britney dances better than a legendary Michael Jackson? How dare you! You will see someday, I am right and not you!”

Now, these fake Industry Devils are all stalking the Vision I kept fighting for, my Art, me, as the feminine Counterpart to Michael Jackson. I am that, by nature, in my Soul, as his Twin Soul, it CANNOT be removed ever from me and all my Art will always be in tune with his, because I do my artistic expressions only from HONESTY AND SOUL CORE.


Obviously, certain “Role Models” come into the Scene of the Music Industry, and the Industry ends up promoting them worldwide with lots and lots of Money, to “shove them down the public´s throat”. Once you seen someone repeatedly over and over and keep hearing, sometimes daily, from these People, they “get into your mind”. Some do that at first Sight, cuz THEY GOT IT, like Michael Jackson. And then you see from left and right “jealousy reactions” showing in the form of biased personal tabloid attacks and lies, defamation and serious reputation wars in public, total clear jealousy. Others, you see many People saying they aren´t that good really, but the Press is biased toward them and “hypes them up” out of nothing.

Such as Lady Gaga, that is a fake package all over and was sold based on “bla bla” in daily tabloids, not DELIVERING anything of her fake words, trying to be someone she is not.

“She will never be half of me, and she should feel threatened by me”, Michael says.

The Music Industry, and the Public, the Women of the World, do NOT need “another Madonna” or anything of this Type that seems to be the “System worldwide in the Music Industry”- either you “whore around” or, if you are a serious Artist focused on the Art, the Work, you are fought unfairly and with jealous interfering rage?

That shows you some deeper, serious truth. The Oppression of Women is NOT over yet, in Western Society, in fact. And what they sold you as the “Freedom of Women” with this Madonna stuff, is certainly not anything else but repeating the same old Clishee Roles that Oppressors would want to see Women in.

Nothing else.

So, what we, the Women of the World, need now more than ever is obviously a Real Female Leader, a real Role Model that respects herself in her Femininity and does not let People humiliate her without saying a word or standing up for her Rights to be respected- without having to undress!

If you think about REAL LIFE SITUATIONS, where Women find themselves in Life sometimes, such as when someone offers you a Job if you sleep with him, I think we all agree that it is NOT morally okay or ethic, or respectable, to say “yes” to something like this.

I want you to be honest to your own Mirror now, facing these Questions. Finally, we all would respect a Woman that would REJECT such a nasty offer and make her own Success and “teach them Respect”- much more, am I right?

Or, if two Women compete for one job, and one sleeps with the Boss and gets like that the Job, would you give Awards to such a Person and applaud her, or would you be angered at the unfair treatment toward the other, innocent Woman applying for the WORK with SKILL?

I want to ask also my male Readers now a Question:

If you could chose, between two equally hot looking women, but…

1. One is stalking you, and wants to control you and tell you what to do, who to meet, is jealous and not confident, and denies you sex when she is trying to manipulate you, or sleeping with you only to make you agree to something as a form of “mind-will game” etc…

and the other is

2. Respecting your feelings and decisions, and not pushy, leaves you alone when you wish so and does not disturb you until you contact her again, and has normal discussions with you if she has another opinion and and and…

Which one would you prefer, be more comfortable with, have more Respect for?

The first example I gave would obviously be a person operating more from a “Fear” basis, and the second example of Women would operate more from a “Love” basis.

What do you want to see, in the Future, in Pop Culture, in Pop Music? What do you want your Kids to grow up with?


You make your own decision with your free Will.

We´re sending out a Major Love Ray,

Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael/Osiris) ©

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